Hi, i have a lot of problems, artwork muddled and losing tracks, cannot download latest version of itunes, unable to burn onto disc.Can anyone help, i am not great with these things!!

Hi lots going wrong with my music library, artwork is muddled up and also losing tracks because of this, also unable to download latest version of itunes and finally i cannot burn my music to disc. i have an external hard drive and a fairly large library, around 30,000 on it. Any suggestions!!

Log in to the Developer forum. You will find instructions on how to install the lastest beta. Your problem is the beta you have installed has expired. All of them did on October 5; you will find hundreds of threads discussing this. If you have a beta it is assumed that you will continue as a beta tester, so a simple update using iTunes will not work.
If you no longer want to be a beta tester install the GM 7.0.2 by restoring from iTunes using DFU mode.

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