Hi speed USB via an Advanced Port Replicator for a Tecra 9100?

I have the same issue with a Tecra 9100 and upgrading it to hi speed USB as an earlier post where the suggested solution was to use a PCMCIA card.
(see link: http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=24103)
I had an idea but i don't know if it will work and need some advice?????
Can you buy an Advanced Port Replicator that has Hi Speed USB 2.0 ports on it (like the APR II PA3082U which works with the Tecra 9100) instead of the PCMCIA card.
If the Port Replicator docks into the motherboard will it give you Hi Speed USB 2.0 or is the Tecra 9100 constrained to USB 1.1 via the hardware within the laptop itself and the port replicator won't help?
Also if I go down the Port Replicator route do i need any drivers for the Hi speed ports of the Port Replicator to work on the Tecra 9100?
Or to ask the question another way - what does the PCMIA USB 2.0 card have in it that the Advanced Port Replicator with hi speeed USB doesn't have?
Many thanks in advance

Hi there,
the Tecra 9100 has NO usb 2.0 and thats a fact. Since the port replicator has these USB 2.0 ports does not mean that your machine, when docked to the Portrep, is able to handle USB 2.0 devices. The portrep is just like an usb-hub and behaves like. So if your machine doesnt have it then thats it.
And the explanation to the PCMCIA/Cardbus solution:
The pcmcia card has USB 2.0 Chipset, thats the reason why it IS a USB 2.0 device (roothub).
I hope that was clear for you :)
Just purchase that card and you will have USB 2.0

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    I have found the same info. Under options for this model there is listed Port Replicator with part number PA3082U/E-1PRP.

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    On the Toshiba driver page you will find all necessary drivers and utilities for Portg M300.
    There you will find also the installation instruction document. This document shows the right installation order.
    You should simply download all drivers and follow the installation order. Thats all

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    I have visited the Options & Accessories area on the Toshiba European site and as you already said the Portg R200 is not listed in the list of compatible notebooks.
    So I presume the Advanced Port Replicator III plus (PA3474E-1PRP) does not support the Protg R series.

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    Thanks for this.
    I have reinstalled the Common Modules and now when I undock the Fn F5 key works K to toggle between screens. I guess this is disabled when docked?
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    Hello Andrew
    I found some nice infos about the unit which is compatible with your Portege S100.
    Check this link:
    Hope, I could help

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    Nick is absolutely right. It can not be connected to port replicator. All units that can be connected to port replicator have expansion port at the bottom side.

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    Please run through this guide for general troubleshooting tips:
    If you are using Windows 8.1 please see this guide:
    To help us investigate the issue, please download this tool:
    Please run it and select "Gather Support Information"
    It's also worth trying the "System Compatibility Check" to see if anything is flagged up.
    Please send all results to technical_enquiries @ displaylink.com with a mention of this thread.

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    Moderator Note; p/n added to subject line

    Dear Customer
    Welcome in lenovo forums
    Can you please go to the BIOS and open the Boot tab and send USB boot as a first priority
    Please let me know
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    Nick is absolutely right. It can not be connected to port replicator. All units that can be connected to port replicator have expansion port at the bottom side.

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    Does any USB thing show up?
    Of not...
    USB reset...
    If your Firewire or USB isn't recognizing any device.  A solution which has worked for some whose hard drive became invisible in 10.4 was simply to follow these four steps to reset the Firewire/USB bus:
    1. Shut the machine down.
    2. UNPLUG the power lead to the computer and any firewire/USB drive or devices.
    3. leave it for 10 minutes.
    4. Connect back up and reboot.

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    Thanks... that's interesting...
    So this Dynadocking station looks good (unless someone can point me to potential drawbacks). It leads me to believe that I can ditch the idea of buying a new Toshiba laptop and actually buy another brand and use the new laptop and my old M5 with the same Dynadocking station.
    In that case, my remainder question is: I have internal drives that I swap in/out both my M3 and my M5. *Has the internal hard drive interface changed as well with the M9?*

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    Go to Solution.

    Sorry, but I have one more question.
    Are you SURE the 4337 will fit ????
    What is the difference between the 4337 and 4338 please ?
    I have a 170W adapter
    Edit: I just bought a 4338

  • Port Replicator III+ very high cpu when moving usb mouse only in W2k

    Tecra M2 with a port replicator III+
    It's set to dual boot into XP and Win2000 (yes I know it's getting on a bit, but I've got a lot of stuff installed in win2k that is difficult to get hold of these days).
    XP is 100% fine, but with win 2000 if I use my *USB mouse* on the *port replicator* ports and waggle the mouse around - the *CPU* jumps from 0 to *70+%* usage (the system process which I think indicatates as IRQ problem). If I plug the mouse into the laptop ports (when the laptop is docked) - it's fine, at most 5% cpu usage. It's a basic microsoft mouse. I definately think it's a usb problem of some kind, because the cpu even jumps a bit if I type quickly on my usb keyboard (only a couple of %). It happens with all the replicator's usb ports.
    Any ideas? I don't really want to plug in my mouse in the morning because it kinda defeats the point of having a docking station in the first place! I've got the mobile extensions installed. All the other aspects of the replicator are fine

    Huh it will not be easy to find good explanation for this.
    At this time when Tecra M2 was offered on the market as compatible port replicator Toshiba has offered Toshiba Advanced Port Replicator III (not +) and at this time both supported operating system was tested with it.
    Later Toshiba has designed Toshiba Advanced Port Replicator III+ and confirmed compatibility with Tecra M2 but obviously with newer (at this time) WXP.
    So now you have follow situation: you use newer port replicator but with much older operating system so I presume there is maybe some compatibility problem with W2K.
    I cannot imagine you use it so often with W2K and if yes it cannot be so problematic to connect mouse directly on notebooks USB port.
    Sorry but I dont think there is anything you can do about it.

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