How can I remove a Input device from my Mac?

Hello, I would like to know how I can remove a input device from the Sound area in System Preferences. I installed Wiretap Anywhere a sound input program for my Mac and did not realize It was not supported for Moutain Lion. I put the application in the trash and then emptied the trash can. Now whenever I try to start GarageBand or a program like that it crashes my computer. In the Input tab of Sound (System Preferences) It is listed as Wiretap: System Audio.
I would like to remove this from the Input tab so I can use my Mac reguarly. Any Ideas on how to fix it?

Any third-party software that doesn't install by drag-and-drop into the Applications folder, and uninstall by drag-and-drop to the Trash, is a system modification.
Whenever you remove system modifications, they must be removed completely, and the only way to do that is to use the uninstallation tool, if any, provided by the developers, or to follow their instructions. If the software has been incompletely removed, you may have to re-download or even reinstall it in order to finish the job.
Here are some general guidelines. Suppose you want to remove something called “BrickYourMac.” First, consult the product's Help menu, if there is one, for instructions. Finding none there, look on the developer's website, say (That may not be the actual name of the site; if necessary, search the Web for the product name.) If you don’t find anything on the website or in your search, contact the developer. While you're waiting for a response, download BrickYourMac.dmg and open it. There may be an application in there such as “Uninstall BrickYourMac.” If not, open “BrickYourMac.pkg” and look for an Uninstall button.
You may have to log out or reboot in order to complete an uninstallation.
If you can’t remove software in any other way, you’ll have to erase your boot volume and perform a clean reinstallation of OS X. Never install any third-party software unless you're sure you know how to uninstall it; otherwise you may create problems that are very hard to solve.
Trying to remove complex system modifications by hunting for files by name often will not work and may make the problem worse. The same goes for "utilities" that purport to remove software.

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    how can i remove an associated device from my iTunes account?

    See, "Removing an associated device or computer from an Apple ID"  here >  iTunes Store: Associating a device or computer to your Apple ID
    Your iTunes account is the same as your Apple ID.

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    Open up your Finder and click on Go on the top menu bar. Select Computer and then double click Macintosh HD. In here delete the backup folder. Might be called backups.backupdb.

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    Remove Browser Pop-up Problems
         Adblock Plus 1.8.9
         remove adware that displays pop-up ads and graphics on your Mac

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    From the Safari menu bar, select
    Safari ▹ Preferences... ▹ Extensions
    Turn all extensions OFF and test. If the problem is resolved, turn extensions back ON and then disable them one or a few at a time until you find the culprit.

  • How can I remove Windows media Player from my mac?!

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    Drag the Windows Media Player application's folder to the Trash, and then hold down the Option and Shift keys while emptying it.

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    I did receive a police-virus on my mac. It is unusual for a Mac. How can i get rid f this virus?

    It isnt a virus.
    Force quit Safari, then restart Safari while holding the Shift key.

  • How can i remove samsungs "SPanel" definitely from my mac?

    My macbook pro has a "virus" called "SPanel". It needs almost 100% of the cpu time and shortens my battery-runtime drastically.
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    From a Google search:
    If you re-run the installer package and choose "uninstall" from the drop down menu instead of "easy install" you should be able to uninstall the files. However, the SPanel folder will remain in your root Library folder. You can keep it or trash it.
    Try it and see...

  • How do I remove Quick Time 7 from my mac?

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    How about that QT that comes with Snow Leopard, is there a real need for two versions of the software to be installed?
    QT is a "structure" integrated into the operating system. Removing it will likely corrupt the whole OS. As to Snow Leopard, there is only one QT "structure" embedded in the system. What you really have is two different player versions (QT X and QT 7) which actually access the same embedded routines. Removing the QT 7 Player would likely not cause any problems, but why bother. Simply leave it in your Utilities folder in case you ever want to use it or upgrade it to QT 7 Pro to access the extra features not accessible via any other Apple multimedia application/utility. You don't ever have to use it if you don't want to do so.

  • How can I remove a tablet device that isn't there?

    In one of our test environments we've got an Xserve running OSX 10.5.6, inside is running Server 10.5 in VMWare Fusion.
    Now, the VM thinks it has a tablet device installed, as is evidenced by the ink tab showing up in system preferences (the host does not have the ink option there). Obviously there is no tablet device installed. The VM was set up by one of our IT guys who has already reinstalled it, noting no options during setup about a tablet device.
    This problem is causing one piece of software to not work in the VM, or at least, the UI doesn't. There are thousands of console messages reading "QCocoaView handleTabletEvent: This tablet device is unknown (received no proximity event for it). Discarding event"
    Question is, how can I remove the tablet device so that this software will start working? I've checked all through VMWare Fusion's options/preferences & couldn't find anything there and Googling has turned up nothing so far.

    a brody wrote:
    Since Mac OS X Server is different from Mac OS X client, I've asked a moderator to move your thread to the appropriate forum.
    Oops, my bad, but thanks.

  • How can I remove my credit card from my account?

    How can I remove my credit card from my account?

    On your computer's iTunes you should be able to edit your payment info by going into the Store > View Account menu option and logging into your account, and on your account's details page there should be a payment link.  If you are doing it on an iOS device (iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch) then tap on your id in Settings > iTunes & App Store and tap on 'View Apple ID' on the popup and log into your account  - that should also give you a payments link on your account's page.
    Changing payment info :

  • How can I remove dropdown calendar menu from date/time field.

    I set up a javascript calculation based on the input of a date field. As long as the user enters the date manually the script works fine. If user attempts to select date by drop down menu then script will not work. How can I remove the calendar feature from the Date field?

    You may have to wire custom script to get you what you need. That would probably work on 'exit' event.
    Just you give you better Idea here is some thing I have on a date field. If user types his own date instead of picking from calendar this code checks whether it is valid date or not and returns to the same field either they enter valid date or clear the field.
    This is FormCalc script. You may get the idea how this works and make it work for you using the same logic either in FormCalc or JavaScript.
    ----- form1.SOF.Head.Table1.Row1.ReqDate.Date_ReqDate::exit: - (FormCalc, client) ------------------
    if (HasValue($)) then
    if (Len($.rawValue) == 10) then
    var S1
    var MM
    var DD
    var YYYY
    var Derror
    var D1
    var D2
    var S2
    Derror = 0
    D1 = 0
    D2 = 0
    S1 = $.rawValue
    D1 = At(S1, "-")
    S2 = Right(S1, 5)
    D2 = At(S2, "-")
    if (D1 > 0 and D2 > 0) then
    if (D1 == 3 and D2 == 1) then
    MM = Substr(S1, 1, 2)
    DD = Substr(S1, 4, 2)
    YYYY = Substr(S1, 7, 4)
    elseif (D1 == 5 and D2 == 3) then
    MM = Substr(S1, 6, 2)
    DD = Substr(S1, 9, 2)
    YYYY = Substr(S1, 1, 4)
    Derror = Derror + 1
    Derror = Derror + 1
    if (Oneof(MM, "01", "02", "03", "04", "05", "06", "07", "08", "09", "10", "11", "12")) then
    Derror = Derror
    Derror = Derror +1
    //"MM"+ Derror, "Incorrect Date", 1, 0)
    if ((Oneof(DD, "01", "02", "03", "04", "05", "06", "07", "08", "09")) or ((DD >=10) and (DD <= 31))) then
    Derror = Derror
    Derror = Derror + 1
    //"DD"+ Derror, "Incorrect Date", 1, 0)
    if ((YYYY >= 1975) and (YYYY <= 2050)) then
    Derror = Derror
    Derror = Derror + 1
    //"YYYY"+ Derror, "Incorrect Date", 1, 0)
    if (Derror > 0) then"Preferred valied date between Jan 01, 1975 and Dec 31, 2050. ", "Incorrect Date", 1, 0)$.somExpression)
    $.formattedValue = Format("MMM DD, YYYY", Concat(YYYY, MM, DD))
    if ($event.shift) then
    var sh
    sh = 1
    if (xfa.event.commitKey == 1) then
    var A
    A = 1
    else"Preferred valied date in format MMM DD, YYYY.", "Incorrect Format", 1, 0)$.somExpression)
    Good luck,

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      While populating the field catlog do the following thing to   avoid zeros.
      wa_fieldcat-tabname = 'I_OUTPUT'.    " Curr
      wa_fieldcat-fieldname = 'FWAER'.
      wa_fieldcat-seltext_l = text-023.
      wa_fieldcat-no_zero = 'X'.
      APPEND wa_fieldcat TO i_fieldcat.
      CLEAR  wa_fieldcat.

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    I tried to enter it as "none" but it didnt work. It keeps saying i need a card number and all that. But then, i clicked "same as shipping information" and just entered my name and all the adress stuff, put my credit card number as 0 and my security code as 0, put in a random date and clicked save.
    -Just a tip for anyone else who couldnt figure it out like me

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    How can I remove a mailbox address from the "From" drop down box in a new e-mail my old e-mail address continue to populate as the sender address

    Try Mail>Preferences>Accounts icon>Account Information tab>Click on the Outgoing SMTP server drop down, choose edit Server list, highlight the old one & click Remove.
    (Such convolution is worthy of Windows® in my estimation)

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