How can i run multiple instances of Photoshop EXE at the same time on windows 7

Alright. You may ask why do you need multiple ?
Assume that i have 10000 PSD files in 10 different folders
I have a script that just save as them as PNG
And these files are each 3000x3000 px
My computer has 8 cores and 1 photoshop exe is only using 1 cpu core
Also i have SSD raid system it has 750 mb read write per second
So right now i am wasting my time with running only 1 photoshop exe instead of at least 4

I'm not aware of a way to run multiple instances or different versions of photoshop at the same time on windows.
Assuming of course they are all installed on the same operating system.
On mac versions you can running two different versions of photoshop at the same time, but i don't think that's possible on windows where it
appears that only one version of photoshop can run at a time.

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    hi alayna,
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  • How can I create multiple versions of a video within the same project?

    OK...this is a probably a very basic question but I'm not sure how to word it clearly.
    How can I create multiple versions of a video within the same project? What I mean is that I have a bout 50 minutes of video and I want to make two DVDs using different clips from this original 50 minutes of footage. It would be a real pain to have to re-import the video AGAIN for the second DVD. I suppose I could drop anything I don't want to burn to DVD back into the clips pane but that would wipe out all my transitions wouldn't it? I want to save each project in their “raw” form so I can burn additional DVDs later otherwise I would just do them one at a time and not care about one of them being destroyed.
    Wow...that was a mess. Does anyone understand what the heck I’m asking? I hope so.

    How can I create multiple versions of a video within the same project?
    You can't. You make separate projects using the same or different clips, segments, transitions, titles, etc. You can even duplicate the first project and then modify/make the desired changes in the duplicated project. Each project can then be burned as a different DVD or as different titles on the same DVD if there is enough room.

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    If I understand you correctly, when you enter a date in the Adjust Date and Time window, the picture does not update with the date you enter.  If that is the case then something is wrong with iPhoto or your perhaps your library.
    How large a date change are you putting in?  iPhoto currently has an issue with date changes beyond about 60 years at a time.  If the difference between the current date on the image and the date you are entering is beyond that range that may explain why this is not working.
    If that is not the case:
    Remove the following to the trash and restart the computer and try again:
    Home > Library > Caches >
    Home > Library > Preferences > (There may be more than one. Remove them all.)
    ---NOTE: to get to the "home > library" hold down option on the keyboard and click on "Go" > "Library" while in the Finder.
    Let me know the results.

  • Can I run a podcast and an app at the same time?

    Can I run a podcast and an app at the same time?

    Yes for most.  You can run a regular app with an audio podcast.  I do not know what could run with a video podcast.

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    I've been trying to find the answer in the user manual, but no luck so far.
    I did find how to open 2 projects at once, but I can only see one image at a time in the viewer and I have to keep going back and forth between projects to compare images. (These are scans of old photos and I want to eliminate the ones that are poorer quality, so need to compare numerous images from 2 sets of scans)
    How can I view an image from one project at the same time as an image from another? I know that it can be done in the same project by apple-clicking the second, third etc image, but this doesn't work if the images are from different projects.
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    Thank you again Tony
    I've now created an album, independent of the projects, and dragged test images into it and it does just the job I needed. Now i just need to keep my brain sorted with which ones are which while i'm working

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    Use IMAP Mail e.g. Gmail

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    Are you loading those videos as Flash or HTML5? It is possible to prevent videos from playing until you click something with Flashblock for Flash or Stop Tube HTML5 for HTML5. You can also stop the commercials with Adblock Plus with an Easylist subscription.

  • Can you pass multiple files to Business Catalyst at the same time?

    I need to pass information from a client. The infromation is split into several files. I can not access the files to combine them to send as one document to BC. Can I send the two files over even though they do not full fill the necessity of all the user information. File 1 is the personal information and has no other details. When this fill crosses over BC accepts with no trouble. When the second file goes across the personal information is not there but the form details are and this file wipesout the DB. Going through debug when the first file executes I see the data on the BC side. When the second file executes the data is all gone. I cannot combine both files to create one document. Files do not have the same number of users so import of file with file helper would not work since it needs to meet certain requirements to process correctly everytime. By combining the two files would give a different number of tabs than what file helper is looking for and by that matter the data may not be in the correct order. Retrieving the data from the file also would not work since I would have to retrieve from both files at the same time and there would be issues if the user does not occur on both files.
    Please help.
    Thank you,

    Wilderness08 wrote:
    To save time with videos that are not critical, can you capture one video to Premiere Pro at the same time you are authoring to Encore a previously captured video?
    The short answer is yes.
    I have just done that and I am happy to report that it worked like a charm.
    I captured from a DVCAM tape via firewire using PPro CS6 while authoring a Blu-ray disk in Encore CS6.
    No frames were lost during capture and my test blu-ray project was completed without a hitch.

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    I would like to run multiple instances of an app in netbeans, this is essential when making GUI changes and you want to compare them with the older version.
    Thanks in advance,

    It is still true that Netbeans cannot launch the same project twice, even with the latest 7.2 and JavaFX Beta version. When trying to "run" the second instance, Netbeans tries to rebuild the project jar file but can't delete it because it is "locked" by the first instance.
    For JavaFX projects, I start one instance by double-clicking the jar file (in the project's dist folder), then use Netbeans to launch the second instance. For comparing your app's old vs. new screens, save the old app version by copying the project folder to another place and use the double-click jar to launch the old app, then proceed to revise the new app version and launch it under Netbeans. That's how you run one version "outside" another version.

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    Select Help from the Finder's Help menu and search for "mission control."
    Mac Basics- Mission Control

  • How do i export multiple full resolution movie files at the same time in final cut pro 6?

    I've been using Final Cut Pro since version 3 came out, know the program well, have even had jobs consisting of just operating the program.  I'm currently running version 6 because that's the latest one that works on my computer.  Back in verison 3, there used to be an option under Export to export a "Final Cut Pro" movie, which was really a Quicktime movie but appeared with a FCP icon and defaulted to opening in FCP, but the important thing about it is that it was a full resolution copy of the movie with no compression.  Now, that option seems to have been changed to "export Quicktime movie."  In my opinion that change is kind of stupid since it is so much less specific and is even less of an implication that one is exporting a full resolution file.  But in fact you are.
    One also has the option of using Compressor to export a version of a movie, and therein there are so many different options that if you are not confused by it I think there's something wrong with you.  Moreover, it would appear that there is no equivalent of exporting a full resolution version of a file in Compressor.  Fair enough: a full-resolution file involves no compression so is not appropriate for "Compressor."  BUT, suppose you want to export multiple uncompressed, full-resolution movies at once.  When you use Compressor, you are able to create batch lists and export many things at the same time, for instance, lists that will take many hours to complete so you can go to bed and get the results the next day.  But as far as I can tell there is no way to do this at full resolution without compression.  Instead you have to sit at the computer waiting for each one to finish and after each one, manually go to the next and select "export Quicktime movie."  Even if there is a way to do this I would complain that such an obviously desireable thing is so unaccessable.  In fact, the only reason I've typed out my question at such length is because I'm stuck here waiting for each one of my movies to export.
    Anyway, all my complaints aside, anyone know how to do this?

    what you're missing to export multiple files is the batch export command available in the file menu or by control clicking on the items in the browser.  You can export multiple sequences/clips at full resolution with this.
    This has been available in fcp for a long long time.
    Wow, you are right.  Now that you mention it, I can't believe I never noticed that.  Thanks.
    Only if you have the 'Self-Contained' box checked.  Otherwise you'll end up with a reference movie.
    Correct.  That box is typically checked by default.  There are other default settings you could change that would not result in a full-quality version, but what I meant was hitting that option from the pull-down menu, then changing nothing and hitting ok.

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