How come i can edit in google sites on my iphone but not my mac?

I was given access to update a specific page on our local high school google site, but the page is only open to "edit" when I access it from my Iphone.  If I go to the same site on my IMAC it does not open the "edit" feature of the page.  Anybody??

Two different operating systems. iPhone runs on the iOS, your iMac the OS X.
Features used on your iPhone may not be available on your iMac and vice versa.

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  • How come i can sign into my youtube account on safari but not the youtube app?

    i had an old youtube account i was using on my iphone, but i created a g-mail account and instead of merging the two i created a new youtube account using my gmail account. now i can sign into youtube on safari, (after i used the 2-step verification on my gmail account) but i cant sign into the youtube app now with my new account

    hello, please also make sure that in particular & are allowed to set cookies (at least for the session)...
    [[Give certain websites the ability to store passwords, set cookies and more]]

  • How come my ipad diary is syncing to mobile me calendar but not to ical on my imac desktop?

    How come my ipad diary is syncing to mobile me calendar but not to ical on my imac desktop?

    On your Mac open System Preferences > iCloud
    Deselect the box next to Calendars & Reminders then reselect it.
    Do the same for Notes
    On your iPhone and iPod. Tap Settings > ICloud
    Switch Calendars off then back on. Same for Notes.
    Give iCloud a few minutes to sync data.

  • How come I can edit/delete certain messages on Skype?

    so as my question states, I can delete some instant message on my Skype but not all of them (I don't want to completely erase the entire thread but just certain messages). when I delete messages, I just hold my finger over the message I want to delete (I'm on android aka mobile Skype) and on certain messages, it gives my the option to either "quote message" and "copy message". and on other certain messages that I send, it also gives me the" edit/quote message" option but it gives me the alternative to "edit message" and "delete message". how come I get the "edit/delete message" choice on some messages but not all.

    Looks like you can only edit/delete messages for an hour (60 min) after sending them. You can still edit them from your computer, just not from a mobile device.

  • Gmail Facebook Mail Comes to my iPhone, But Not My Mac

    For a few days now messages from people in a couple Facebook groups (and there are a lot of them) come to my iPhone, but not to my Mac or iPad. And they are all using the same router to get to the internet. And all other mail, before and after these messages gets to all three devices.
    Sometimes mail to my Mac (in both the Mail application and using Safari to access gmail) is delayed. I'll be sitting at my Mac with gmail showing I haven't got a message in hours, and notice on my iPhone I've gotten a dozen messages. I'll try to refresh on the Mac and no luck. Then maybe 15 minutes later they'll appear. Don't know whether this is related.

    Hi neil43,
    If you are not able to send or receive mail on your MacBook because you are being prompted for a password that is then rejected, I recommend trying steps in this article:
    OS X Mail: Troubleshooting sending and receiving email messages
    Tip: If you see a sheet or dialog that states 'Enter the password for user "email address'", this indicates that the email service provider is having an issue with the password being sent by Mail, or there is an issue with the email account. Contact the email service provider for support. Choose Window > Connection Doctor click "Show Detail" then click "Check Again". The information displayed in the "Show Detail" drawer may include details from the email service provider about what the issue is. Look for headers that start with "[ALERT]".
    The article continues on to walk you through using Connection Doctor, and based on the results, how to troubleshoot further.
    - Ari

  • Why can I open attachments (pptx and PDF) on iPhone but not on Mac?

    Why can I open attachments (pptx and PDF) on iPhone but not on my MacAir (OS X 10.9.2)? Generally, I can open PDFs on my Mac, but in this case, I opened on iPhone, and not on computer! Also pptx file from one sender opened on iPhone, and not on Mac, and the same pptx sent from another person wouldn't open on either! Help!

    Hi there.  I think as far as PowerPoint files go (pptx) you will need a copy of Office or some other compatible software (e.g. Keynote) to open it on your Mac.  On an iPhone there is a viewer built in just so you can take a look at most common attachment types.  If you have a copy of Microsoft Office on your Mac you should be able to open the pptx files in PowerPoint.
    OS X definitely has a PDF viewer, it's called Preview.  I think you can also load Adobe Acrobat if you want but I've stayed away from it for years as I find Preview faster and better.
    If you still can't open a PDF file attached to an email message on your MacAir by double clicking on it, could you let us know what error message you get, or what happens?  That will help people to help you.

  • How come my ipod will let me download Temple Run Two but not Temple Run One?

    Its so weird. I can download Temple Run two.... but I can't download Temple Run 1? I have a 4th generation Ipod and my cousin who has a 2nd generation can download the first temple run... whats up with that???

    What happens when you try to download Temple Run 1 (do you mean just Temple Run since I can't find a Temple Run1 in the USA app store)
    What iOS is on the iPod?

  • I can send emails and texts on my iPhone but not receive

    How can it be possible that I am sending emails and texts but not receiving either?

    Hi Go to Settings email accounts delete each account then add back again. Text messages are run by your network provider check with them for that problem.  Cheers Brian

  • Re Iphoto stream - how to save space on icloud by deleting on iphone but not on mac iphoto?? thanks

    Hi - be great if anyone can help....
    It's unclear to me as to how to save photostream photos from iphone to macbook if I want to delete the same photos from my phone to save space on icloud.
    Thanks in anticipation of any advice

    It's a very good idea to use an external hard disk to take load off the Main Start-Up (Mac OS) hard disk.
    BUT there are some VERY Important things to know.
    A. NEVER move via DeskTop/Finder or alter any folders named
    • iMovie Events - or -
    • iMovie Projects
    As this will result in disaster (hard to impossibly to mend)
    All moving's of Events and Projects must be done Within the iMovie Application to be done in a Safe Way
    B. The External/Second Hard Disk
    • MUST BE - Mac OS Extended (hfs) formatted for VIDEO - UNIX/DOS/FAT32/Mac OS Exchange works for most things BUT NOT FOR VIDEO - whatever program is used iMovie or FinalCut or iDVD doesn't matter - VERY IMPORTANT ! ! !
    • Should be a FireWire one as USB/USB2 performs badly to me especially when filling up. (Thunderbolt might be even better - have non to test)
    BUT when reg. iPhoto Library.
    • Yes it can be moved
    • Yes iPhoto can be directed to find it
    • BUT - iMovie can not find those out-localized iPhoto libraries (AS FAR AS I Learned up to now 12-April-03 - anyone with more insight may kindly set me into a possibly way to do this)
    So I've outsource my iMovie Event's (most important as they take space) and Projects (not so important as they are very small - no movies in them only text document conducting how the Events are to be viewed) - BUT iPhoto stays - will not touch it.
    Yours Bengt W

  • Can send email from iphone but not from mac.

    Hi. I'm using a mac desktop and the mail app. I can receive email, but not send. I checked my port and id/pswd and still cannot send. After the app tries to send, it says the server is offline.
    I am able to send email fine with my iphone.
    Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!

    I've checked this and mail connection doctor says I am connected  - think I am going to have to get someone in to help me as I have spent about 4 hours on this now :-(

  • Emails containing PDF files can be seen as attachments on an iPhone but not my iPad

    When receiving emails with PDF attachments these can be seen as attachments on my iPhone however on my iPad these appear in the body of the email and not as attachments. I have checked that the original emails were sent using HTML.

    If it's a one page PDF then they will tend to show in the body of the body of the email on an iPad. You should still be able to do copy the PDF to another app by pressing and holding the PDF and after a second or two you should get a popup

  • How come I can't open Excel files from a Windows computer on my Mac?

    My roommate created several Excel spreadsheets on his Windows XP computer and saved them. I put a USB drive in his computer and copied those files to the USB drive and then placed the USB drive in my MacBook. When I go to open the file, it indicates that the files are being used by another user and that it can't open them. What's going on?

    What happens if you copy them to the computer and eject the USB drive?

  • How come I can't compile this file in this folder,but can in others

    import java.util.*;
    public class AlphabeticComparator
    implements Comparator{
    public int compare(Object o1, Object o2) {
    String s1 = (String)o1;
    String s2 = (String)o2;
    return s1.toLowerCase().compareTo(
    this code can be compiled in any folders except
    why??? the error is:
    --------------------Configuration: j2sdk1.4.0 <Default>--------------------
    E:\java\ AlphabeticComparator should be declared abstract; it does not define compare(java.lang.Object,java.lang.Object) in AlphabeticComparator
    public class AlphabeticComparator
    E:\java\ inconvertible types
    found : Object
    required: java.lang.String
    String s1 = (String)o1;
    E:\java\ inconvertible types
    found : Object
    required: java.lang.String
    String s2 = (String)o2;
    3 errors
    Process completed.

    It looks like you have a class called "Object" in that same directory that the compiler is using when you use "Object", and then the compiler complains because it wasn't "java.lang.Object". Get rid of it -- you should have called it something else, anyway.

  • I just paid with my visa to increase the size of how much I can store in my iCloud from my iPhone but I'm noticing im going to have to pay the 27.99 price to get what I really want so I would like to know if you can stop that payment or put on 27.99

    I'm sorry I thought I was already doing that lol. Ok so I paid for more storage for my iCloud which was $3.99 but I'm releaizing that im going to have pay the $27.99 payment to get what I want I guess. So I would like to know if that payment can be stopped or forward to the other $27.99 payment I'll be making. I'm also not sure, but think I am lol, that if I were to pay the $27.99 if that applies to my iPhone and my iPad ? Or would that have to be two payments? Which I'm pretty sure its not but rather be safe than sorry. Thanks for your help. All i want to do is to able to store my music in iCloud so I can upgrade my phone to the new iOS 8.1.1 which I'm pretty sure I have room for but I'd rather just pay the $.399 than the $27.99 cuz. I don't need to listen to the radio lol

    Try assigning Queen as the Album Artist on the compilations in iTunes on your computer.

  • Why can I access files using ubuntu live cd but not my mac?

    Every since I have upgraded to Lion then to Mountain Lion I have had nothing but trouble with my mac crashing and not being able to repair the harddrive. I use time machine with an external hard drive to back up everything (also using online server to back up things as well).
    My issue is that disk utility never works ( ever ) and when I have trouble the hard drive and my external hard drive always show up grayed out and disk utility says the disk is broken and cannot be repaired. Which the disk are fine because I can access them using a ubuntu live cd no problem.
    My main question is how is this not being addressed by apple? This is clearly a bug - there is nothing wrong with my external harddrive or my macs hardrive - yet when I restart my mac I fear it will never start again(in its current state) and the disk utility just doesn't work the only answers I ever get is the hard drive is bad (which is not the case being I can access it with the ubuntu - or even reinstall everything and it works fine etc...)
    There is some major bugs and I can say I never had these problems losing my data with a windows machine (though I am not a big windows fan). Apple why doesn't the disk utility work?
    Also why when I update my mac and the mac restarts itself does it not eject my external hardrive - also why if you don't eject the harddrive it ruins the data on the hard drive or at least makes it grayed out or corrupt in my mac - but I can copy the files in ubuntu and put them back then it works just fine? These are serious issues and I am really shocked that the mac community would stand for this kind of thing - I am not the only one with these issues I see thousands of others with the same issues so when are they going to be fixed?
    If what I am saying is unclear - just google mac hardrive cannot be repaired - and set the time for the last month you will see. Also to those who have these troubles simply use a ubuntu live cd - copy all your files to the home folder then place them back to where the reside and mac will reconize them again - worked every time for me so far no thanks to disk utility.

    Your booting off a Ubuntu disk which has it's own operating system on it and on another medium that is free of issues, unlike your current hard drive running OS X 10.8.
    I really don't advise you directly installing Linux on a Mac as it's much more complicated that it appears. Also I don't advise you using Linux anything to tinker with a Mac unless you really really know what your doing.
    Since your Mac's software is broken you don't know currently and shouldn't be using Linux as a band-aid solution to your problem.
    My suggestion is you FIX your primary boot drive.
    disk utility says the disk is broken and cannot be repaired
    This calls for a complete zero erase and install of the affected area, if it's just the Macintosh HD partition then fine, it's a hold command r boot into Recovery HD and use Disk Utiltiy there to Erase with the middle secure erase feature (important) and then a reinstall of OS X 10.8 from Apple's servers over a fast Ethernet connection.
    If your GUID partition table or Recovery HD is affected, then you need to command option r boot into Internet Recovery and select the entire hard drive for the same zero/middle erase proceedure, unless you have a older MacBook Pro then you need to use option key boot off the 10.6 disks and use the Secure Erase/ Zero on the entire drive, install 10.6, then update to 10.6.8, then AppStore upgrade to 10.8 again.
    You need to only restore user files into same named accounts from a Storage Drive backup, do not use Migration or Setup assistant as your TimeMachine drive data is likely corrupted. This means all new softwre installs from original sources as well.
    Read through my many User Tips, you'll be fixing your own machine in no time. er_page=50
    also why if you don't eject the harddrive it ruins the data on the hard drive or at least makes it grayed out or corrupt in my mac
    Windows and Linux also has to "safely remove hardware" or "unmount" before ejecting a drive as well or it corrupts the data.
    I guess this feature came about so one can disconnect a drive without having to physically remove it and wear out the ports doing so.

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