How do I add more Memory to the 2 open slots in my iMac - it is 4GB now

How do I add more Memory to the 2 open slots in my iMac ???  It is 4GB now and I get the spinning beach ball often when several Apps are running.
Does the Apple Store sell and install???
Please advise if you have upgraded your iMac memory

Go to a website such as OWC or Crucial's, determine which type of RAM your computer needs, and buy it from that site. They provide installation instructions on the site.

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  • How can I add more memory to my iPad?

    How can I add more memory to my iPad?

    Memory refers to RAM, and can't be increased.
    I asume you mean storege space (like 16GB, 32GB, etc). It also can't be increased.
    There are some wireless external hard drives that can be used with the iPad.
    The Kingston Wi-Drive, which costs $50 for the 16 Gigabyte, and then $30 more for every 16 gigs more. It works by you turning it on and then accessing the files on it from an app that you download on your iDevice. You can access music, movies, and other stuff. No connections or anything, it works like a WiFi connection, you connect to it from the setting on the iPad under wireless networks.
    Then there is the Seagate GoFlex, which some would recommend over the Wi-Drive. But this one costs $199 and had 500 Gigabytes of storage. It works the sameway as the Kingston: no wires, runs over its wireless connection. You can actually fit up to 300 HD movies on it.
    Another option:
    Expand your iPad's storage capacity with HyperDrive
    On the road with a camera, an iPad, and a Hyperdrive
     Cheers, Tom

  • How can I add more memory to my iPod touch

    How can I add more memory to my iPod touch?

    You are not able to add memory to a iPod Touch.
    The only way to get more memory is to buy one with a larger capacity.

  • How do I add more memory to my Imac, I only have 1GB of memory and need 2GB to download Yosemite!

    How do I add more memory to my Imac, I only have 1GB of memory and need 2GB to download Yosemite?

    This is why the question rkaufmann87 asked about your model is so important:
    [click chart to enlarge if needed]
    The list covers the early iMacs with Intel processors that shipped with either OS 10.4 or 10.5 and have only two RAM slots. As you can see, some have limits to what version of OSX you can install. If the step rkaufmann requests does not narrow down your model, you can do one more thing.
    While the "About this Mac" window is open, click the "More Info..." button at the bottom of that window to get this (assuming you are really running OS 10.5.8 as shown in your profile):
    The code I've indicated with the red arrow corresponds to the codes in the second column on the chart. Post the code your computer reports--again don't post a serial number.
    If your iMac shipped with only 1GB RAM, I fear it is one of the earliest models that cannot be upgraded all the way to Yosemite.

  • We have a 32GB IPad 4.  how do we add more memory?

    We have an Ipad 4 with 32gb.  When downloading it tells us our memory is full.  How can we add more memory?

    I think some needed clarification is in order.
    With iDevices, the storage amount ( 16, 32, 64, 128 GBs) is a fixed amount.
    The only way to obtain more storage on an iDevice is to sell your current iDevice and purchase a larger storage version.
    If you want to store your iPad data (like music, movies and photos) offline and off your iDevice, you can move the data onto wireless WiFi hard drives from Seagate, Western Digital and LaCie. The data can be access by the iDevice over WiFi as these wireless hard drives generate their own WiFi signal and the data from these style drives can stream the data from the drive to the iPad.

  • How do i add more memory to my imac

    I need to add more memory to my imac and how do i go about it.

    Append the last three characters of the iMac's serial number to , load the page, and look up the required specifications and installation instructions.

  • How do I add more memory to my macbook

    I have a Macbook Pro Mid 2009 (unibody) it looks like it only had around 130 do I add more and how much does it cost.

    I'm surprised, almost shocked that Clint didn't start gushing about all the wonders of a modern SSD; he's quite crazy about them.
    Well, yeah... but right now I'm gushing over my new LaCie 4TB 2big Thunderbolt RAID with two 7200 rpm drives. I 'un'-RAIDed it and formatted as JOBD, so I've two new 2TB drives. Right now I'm copying one of my Time Machine backups from an 'old' 2TB FW800 - it's going surprisingly fast. Instead of using Pondoni's Finder copy method, I chose block copy in  Carbon Copy Cloner. Waiting to see how that turns out - it should be finished in another 2 hours...
    But now if the OP asked about SSDs, you know that I'd be ready to gush!

  • How do I add a shortcut to the home page of my iMac

    How do I add a shortcut icon to my homepage on my IMac ...... Not a bookmark but a shortcut

    No offense intended ..... I just give up ... That's all ...... Learning Apple specifics sometimes (most times) not worth the effort .....  Also .... I never spoke to your intelligence ...... and said thanks for your time ..... So again .... Thanks anyway ..... It's not that important to me to solve this insignificant riddle ..... I am glad this forum is here though ..

  • How do you add more memory to a macbook circa 2007

    how do you add memory to a macbook mid-2007?

    >If you have a Mid 2007 MacBook, that can use up to 3GB RAM.
    Since that model can use an odd number RAM capacity upgrade, with
    a total of 3GB between two memory slot locations, you could put one
    piece of RAM of 1-GB in a slot, and in the other, a 2-GB RAM chip...
    Maximum Memory:    3.0 GB (Actual) 2.0 GB (Apple)
    Memory Slots:    2 - 200-pin PC2-5300 (667MHz) DDR2 SO-DIMM
    •MacBook: How to remove or install memory
    >If you have a Late 2007 MacBook, that can use up to 6GB RAM:
    Maximum Memory:    6.0 GB (Actual) 4.0 GB (Apple)
    Memory Slots:    2 - 200-pin PC2-5300 (667MHz) DDR2 SO-DIMM
    Recommendations have been to check the spec and model computer
    against the on-site parts suggestions for the computer model identifier
    at OWC, or check into for specific match
    based on their information. OWC tends to be an easier way if you know
    the MacBook model identifier, and if yours actually is the Mid-2007 vs
    another different one. The Late-2007 can use up to 6GB RAM.
    •The identifiers for Mid-2007 MacBook 13-inch:
    Introduced    May 2007
    Discontinued    November 2007
    Model Identifier    MacBook2,1
    Model Number    A1181
    EMC    2139
    Order Number    MB061LL/A (White), MB062LL/A (White), MB063LL/A (Black)
    •The identifiers for Late-2007 MacBook 13-inch:
    Introduced    November 2007
    Discontinued    February 2008
    Model Identifier    MacBook3,1
    Model Number    A1181
    EMC    2200
    Order Number    MB061LL/B (White), MB062LL/B (White), MB063LL/B (Black)
    {as you may notice, some identification numbers are recycled; for confusion sake}
    Hopefully this helps somewhat.
    Good luck & happy computing!

  • How do I add more memory to integrated video graphics on Satellite L30

    I want to allocate more memory to my video graphics.
    How do I do this?
    I'm using Vista Home OS.
    Many thanks.

    My laptop model is SL30 (PSL33) and I'd assumed it was shared graphics.
    I've maxed the RAM to 2GB, but since upgrading to Windows 7, I keep getting video graphics error messages for games I could play before in Vista.
    Toshiba doesn't seem to have an updated graphics driver for Windows 7 yet, and I'm guessing this is the problem.
    Does integrated graphics simply use all the RAM you have available or do you have to manually increase it?

  • How do I add more memory to my internet settings on a Mac G4?

    Imac   Mac OS 9.2.x  
    Recently, I have been getting an error message when going to certain internet sites (for instance, the site) and the message states "there is not enough memory to open "Shockwave" adding additional memory to the internet may help."
    How do I go about this? Dumb question I know, but I am not very computer savvy and would appreciate any help.

    Hi, Hobo -
    It's easy to do. This Apple KBase article describes the procedure -
    Article #18278 - Assigning More Memory to an Application
    Adding 20 or 30 thousand to a browser's original Preferred amount is not excessive; if you have sufficient RAM to support it, more is better.
    Repeating some info from the article -
    • The program must be Quit before you can change the allocation.
    • The Get Info must be done on the icon of the program itself, not on an alias to it nor on the icon of the folder it is in.
    If you use an alias (such as one on the desktop) to run the browser, a quick way to get to the program itself is to select the alias (click on it once), then press Command-R (or choose 'Show Original' from the File menu). The folder containing the program will open directly (no matter how deeply it may be buried) and the program will be highlighted, ready to do a Get Info on it.

  • How can I add an application in the "Open With..." menu?

    Hi, I'd like some help here. I'm downloading citations that are plain text file, so when I open them I have to browse all the way to the Endnote folder to find the app, since Endnote is not in the short list of programs that Finder proposes for opening the text files. Is there a way to add Endnote to this list?
    Merry Christmas!

    In my limited knowledge there is no way for a user to add an application to this list. You might try one of these two options.
    1. Use a utility like Cocktail or Onyx to reset the launch services database. This is the database that decides which applications get launched when a file is double clicked. It may be that the Endnote application didn't get recognized. However OS X decides what applications to add to the list based on files types.
    2. The easier solution is to select one of the files you wish to open with Endnote. Right click on the file and select Get Info. Under the "Open with" menu select Other... and navigate to the Endnote application and select it. Now click the Change all button. From now on when you double click your citation file it will automatically open with the Endnote application.

  • How do I add more memory to my MacBook Pro?

    I have 320 GB but it's not nearly enough and, ideally, I'd like to add another 500GB.
    Is that possible, how do i do it, and what are the risks?
    I mentioned it in passing when I was in the Apple Genius Bar on something else and they suggested they might help (which surprised me, as I presumed Apple wouldn't necessarily endorse doing it).
    Thank you.

    I have a number of external hard drives but I carry my Mac with my quite a lot so I want a bigger hard drive within the computer. Any UK users recommend somewhere to buy from and what brand?

  • HT1423 How do I add more memory to my imac 5.1. Lion is requiring 2gb of memory and it only comes with 1 gb of memory

    I already have snow leopard.

    Hello, Sadly you have to pull those & install bigger ones.
    And go for at least the 3 or 4 GB kit, & that while satisfying the minimum, isn't really enough for 10.6.x

  • How do i add more memory to my mack book

    need help

    First you need to know that all Mac's are very very picky when it comes to Ram.  Most users attempt to purchase Bargin Basement or CHEAP ram and then they have issues.
    I would let them scan your computer, they will tell you exactly which Ram is right for your computer, and the cost.
    or you can purchase from Other World Computing.
    Both of these sites deal with top of the line in Ram and you cant go wrong.

Maybe you are looking for

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