How do I change the subject line on incoming email

On my old PC I could easily start typing in the subject line of a received email.  This would allow me to search for a name later on when looking for an invoice.  I dont know how to change the subject line of an incoming email to my imac?

This site tells you how to edit the subject of a message.  I just tested using OS X 10.8.5 and it worked, without altering the time & date stamp, or the original sender info.
Steps copied below:
Drag and drop the desired message out of Mac OS X Mail onto the Desktop.
Ctrl-click on the message copy on the Desktop.
Select Open With | TextEdit from the menu.
Make the desired changes to the message source.To change a message's subject, look for "Subject:" at the beginning of a line starting from the top.  (hint, you can use 'Command-F' to bring up a search window to help you find the "Subject").
Close TextEdit saving the document.
Ctrl-click on the message on the Desktop again.
Select Open With | Mail from the menu this time.
Now select Message | Copy To followed by the message's original folder from the menu in Mac OS X Mail.
Close the message window.
Delete the message copy from your Desktop.
Optionally, delete the original message in Mac OS X Mail.  (when I tested this, the original message was no longer there.  Not sure what happened to it, but the changes worked without editing the time, date, or original sender information.)

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    When the sender inserts vague or misleading text in the Subject Line (or leaves it blank), sometimes I'd like to edit it - makes organization and retrieval of information which might be in the email easier for me.
    I've tried opening the email file with a text editor (TextWrangler) and editing the "Subject" line. That partially works: When the message is open for reading, my edited Subject appears near the top of the message.
    However, when looking a list of emails in a Mailbox, Mail still displays the unedited Subject - which defeats my purpose.
    What am I missing, here?

    Hi Gary, I think Mail is using stored info, not sure which of these two hold that, but...
    Safe Boot from the HD, (holding Shift key down at bootup), it will try to repair your Disk Directory while the spinning radian is happening, so let it go, run Disk Utility in Applications>Utilities, then highlight your drive, click on Repair Permissions, then move these folder & file to the Desktop.
    Move this Folder to the Desktop...
    Move this file to the Desktop...
    /Users/YourUserName/Library/Mail/Envelope Index

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    What email program are we referring to?

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    In the Properties panel, modify the Start Time parameter.

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    Here's what I'm trying to do. I open a mail message, then I can highlight any text in the body of the message. When I do this, the To Do button becomes enabled. If I highlight the subject of the message, the To Do button remains disabled.
    Is there any way of doing this aside from highlighting text, then changing the text?

    Open Mail Help from the Help menu. One of the main topics listed is how to create to-dos. Click on it to see what you are able "to do."

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    How do I change the font in my Cox email messages.

    If you are using Mail, you can go into your mail preferences and click Fonts & Colors then select the font you would like to use. 

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    Is there a way to edit the Subject of an email? At times the topic of conversation changes throughout an ongoing thread of emails, and I'd like to manage that by editing the Subject before filing it into a folder.

    The problem with the add-on solution is it stops working every time there is a new Thunderbird release. Editing the subject line is a fundamental feature than should be built-in. How can you possibly file incoming messages if you can't give them a meaningful subject.
    It is your data. It effects no one else.

  • Can I change the Subject line of a saved email?

    Sometimes I save an email and want to revise the subject line so it's more descriptive of what's actually in the message. I remember being able to do this in Outlook, but can't quite figure out how to do it in Apple Mail. (And I don't want o have to forward it to myself, as that changes the From line.)
    Is there a way to simply edit the Subject line of a saved email?

    Actually, MailTags will kind of do what you want. You can tag a message in a number of ways, and one of them is to make a note, and display that note as the subject of the email. For example, I have a message:
    Re: Re: Initial generic topic
    Which actually contains useful information, so in MailTags I make a note "Pablo's Thesis Results" and click "Show as Subject", and now I see the subject as
    Pablo's Thesis Results

  • How do you control the Subject Line in emails sent from RS_PREC_PLAN?

    We are using the program RS_PREC_PLAN to broadcast precalculated workbooks from a process chain.  We have entered values for each parameter (i.e. Precalc server, workbook, web template, and email addresses) and saved as a variant. 
    However, each time the program is called from the process chain the email recipient gets an email with "Test" as the subject line.  Is there any way to control what is displayed in the subject line of the email?

    Looks like the subject is hardcoded...
    you can find the same in
      Form  sent_mail
    where there is :
    l_r_parameter->add( i_id    = 'DESCRIPTION'
                          i_value = 'Test'(001) ).
    what you could do is create a copy of the same program and look at passing the subject to the program...
    Hope it helps...
    You could also look at using the how to document on sending workbook as attachment available in SDN - created by Durairaj Athavan Raja,,
    Hope it helps...

  • I have an iphone 5s - how do I delete the subject line in messaging?

    In the messaging section of my Iphone, there is a "Subject" line - how do I remove it?

    There is a way to remove the Subject line!!
    follow these steps:
    go to Settings > Messages > uncheck "Show Subject Field "
    Thats it! You're problem will be solved!

  • How can we extend the subject line using SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_ATT_SEND_API1??

    I am triggering a mail using the function module SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_ATT_SEND_API1, where in the subject of the mail is passed using the DOC_CHNG-OBJ_DESCR, here the object_descr can only accomadate 50 characters.
    But requirement is to have more than 50 characters may be 100 to 150 in the subject line.Please help me to extend.
    Thanks in advance.

    Searched in the forum for the above requirement but didnt find the required info..
    Please help me in finding a solution to this
    Thanks in advance

  • How do I change the subject of an inbox and outbox in order to organize them better

    I would like to change the Subject of received and sent mails in Thunderbird. I used to be able to do this with Eudora and it helped me to organize them better especially when the subject and content didn't match!

    They are designed for Thunderbird not Firefox.
    Current version of Thunderbird is 31.5.0 and they work with that version.
    Are you using a Thunderbird beta version?

  • How do I access the subject line when I send an email?

    This never used to be a problem until recent "upgrades" but I can't put a subject for an email in the subject line even though I am constantly prompted to do so when I send an email. There doesn't seem to be any way to adjust preferences anymore either.

    There is a way to remove the Subject line!!
    follow these steps:
    go to Settings > Messages > uncheck "Show Subject Field "
    Thats it! You're problem will be solved!

  • Incorrect PO number in the subject line of a email

    Dear All,
    Our customer has implemented the PO be email functionality. Configuration is done to get the PO number on the subject line. This works fine when individual release is done. But when we perform the collective release, only One PO number is picked in the subject line of the email for all the Purchase orders.
    The following is the customization:
    Replacement of Text symbols
    Program                      SAPLMEPO
    FORM routine             TEXT_SYMBOL_REPLACE
    Processing routines for the output type : ZSAPFM06P
    Kindly let me know if somebody has had a similar problem.
    Best regards

    Goto NACE .
    u2022 Select EF and click on OUTPUT TYPES.
    u2022 Then select Output Type NEU and click on processing routines .
    u2022 In that you have to add a new entry - medium 5 .
    u2022 Then you need to assign a program, form routine and form.
    u2022 You can use the standard program i.e. SAPFM06P, FORM routine is always ENTRY_NEU and standard MEDRUCK.
    u2022 Then in PARTNER FUNCTION you need to add a new entry : medium - 5 and function - VN .
    u2022 For subject of the mail goto Mail Title and Texts. In title give PO No. &EKKO-EBELN& .
    u2022 Under General data -> Replacement of text symbols give programm as SAPMM06E and Form Routine as
    u2022 Now the subject will be PO No. XXXXXXXXXX.
    u2022 You need to maintain your email id in tcode SU01 and also the vendor's email id.
    u2022 Now while creating a new purchase order , change the medium to External Send .
    u2022 Then goto Communication Method and select CS01 . ALSO make sure that the Cover Page Text has value PO No. &EKKO-EBELN& .
    u2022 Goto tcode ME9F .
    u2022 Execute.
    u2022 Select the checkbox and click on Output Message.
    u2022 You will get a message MAII 00000000000001 generated .
    u2022 Use note no 191470

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    Try with t.code AUT10 -Audit trail using which you can see the change histories.

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