How do i connect a video camera to my macbook pro

how do i connect a video camera to my macbook pro

Here is an image of the side of a MacBook Pro:
The FireWire is directly to the left of the Thunderbolt/ MiniDisplay port. There are two USB ports, they are directly to the left of the SD card slot.

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    How do I connect my Cinema Display to my MacBook Pro???  I have the dvi to vga display port thing and nothing works.

    What model (year) MacBook Pro?  Depending on the model, it may have DVI, mini DisplayPort, Thunderbolt, or HDMI video connectors.
    What model (yeasr) and size (17", 20". 22" ...) display.  Depending on the model, it may have ADC, singlre-link DVI, dual-link DVI, or Mini DisplayPort connectors.

  • How do i connect three external monitors to a macbook pro?

    How do I connect three extrenal monitors to my Macbook Pro?

    I have a USB to DVI adapter from kensington. I use to use it to power at 14" display.Moving windows around had some tearing and lag. Typing lagged, but it was use-able. It was fine for displaying diffrent stats. The OS treated it as it would any additional display.
    But I found it undesirable for any thing tha requires lots dragging and clicking.
    Every so often the device would lock up. At witch point the computer would get stuck trying to detect the USB display. I would have to unplug the adapter, cycle the power on the adapter. And then it would be good for a couple more months.
    Also some times after a reboot, the adapter would stop working. I would have to unplug it, and login, and then plug it back in.
    Coping file to my USB 2 harddrive seemed to cause more lag to the USB to Video Adapter.
    About the idea of dasiy chaining 3 Thunderbolt display tgeother. Apple Thunderbolt Display (27-inch): Connection options for Thunderbolt Macs states the most the current MacBook Pro 15 & 17 inch can currently drive is 2 Apple Thunderbolt Displays.

  • How do I connect an external microphone to a Macbook Pro with Retina display ?

    How do I connect an external microphone to a Macbook Pro with Retina display ?
    Alternatively how do I connect an audio input at a level that would normally have gone into a 'line input' socket ?

    Plug it into the linein/headphone jack if there's just one.  It'll switch between the two modes automatically depending on what you plug into it.

  • How do I connect an external video camera to my MacBook Pro.

    Our school has an indoor graduation ceremony and has a live video feed of the proceedings brodcast from the gymnasium to the overflow seating in the auditorium. I want to connect a video camera that has RCA outputs to my MacBook Pro, have the video show on the screen, mirror it to Apple TV in another room of our school and project the picture onto the auditorium's movie screen. I know that I could just hold up an iPad for two hours, but it would be nice to have a better zoom and a smoother pan than a handheld device. Any ideas of what I would need to connect a video camera with RCA outputs to my MacBook Pro?

    How about this?

  • How do I connect two video cameras to my computer have them both show up on the desktop at the same time so I can see and capture both images using a screen capture program?

    I am a teacher and want to make some videos to post online for my class.  I would like to have it set up so that I have a powerpoint presentation going, a video camera pointing at a piece of paper I can write on and another video camera pointing at me.  How do I do this?  I have seen several solutions but they seem to be for switching between videos whereas I want both video images to be on at the same time.
    Also, is there a screen capture program you would recommend?

    Go to System Preferences - Sharing and change the computer name there. You can also, optionally, change the name of your hard drive to further clarify the origin of your backups. Click once on the "Macintosh HD" on your desktop, then click its name to allow you to edit it.

  • How do I  connect my digital video camera to my MacBook Pro?

    I just bought a new MacBook Pro and I would like to do some video work.  The only problem is there is nowhere to put my DV cord.  Any ideas?

    Hey mate!
    Odds are you're probably gonna need an Adapter, unless your camera has a USB interface.
    Checkout the Apple Online Store for adapters that you can use.

  • How do i connect 7.1 speakers to my macbook pro

    Hi, so i have some 7.1 creative gigaworks s750 speakers
    I used to have them connected to a soundcard which slotted into my old laptop about 2 years ago but havent used them since. I am not overly great with technology and I was wondering if anyone could tell me how i can connect them up to my mac and play the quality of sound i know they are capable of.
    Any help would be much appreciated, Thanks

    Either read the user manual that came w/the speakers and/or contact the manufacturer for instructions.  You need to determine first, if the speakers are compatible w/your current model MBP. 

  • Video camera compatible with macbook pro

    Can anyone recommend a mid-priced video camera that is compatible with a macbook pro? Will be used for family videos with iMovie.

    Visit the online Apple Store and any online store that sells Mac products.  You will see a lot of goodies to choose from depending on how much you want to spend.
    I personally have a Kodak EasyShare camera which I purchased from MacMall.

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    How do I connect my apple tv box to the mac book pro and the sony tv 3LCd

  • How do i connect 5.1 speakers to my macbook pro?

    Hey, so I got a pair of logitec X540 speakers the other day, and they have three cords that I need to connect to my computer, but we only get the headphoe jack. Ho do I make them work?

    saham wrote:
    I conclude that I cannot use any 5.1 Computer Speaker sets that go with my Macbook Pro 13 and get a real Dolby sound,right?
    "Computer speakers" Basically no. They mosty are either stereo analog (for music playback) or 5.1 gaming PC speakers that are married to a 5.1 sound card for PC towers.
    You would have to have a stereo reciever and 5.1 speakers that can accept:
    1: Toslink optical inputs
    2: Decode Dolby Surround Sound
    3: The media your playing back must have a Dolby sound option.
    Most 5.1 computer speaker setups are for gaming PC towers and takes a sound card that does the processing for each channel, has three analog wires
    Wire 1: Left and Right front channels
    Wire 2: Left and Right rear channels
    Wire 3: Subwoofer and center, common ground (returns all the used electrons to complete the loop)
    Your Mac has none of these, it's just a stereo analog, 2.0, a left and right channel, common ground (three sections on the plug)
    So no you can't use a PC based 5.1 system on a Mac, unless you bridge the first two wires either with adapters or splicing the cables. Then it's not true surround sound, just two stereo channels that fills the room with sound.
    With true surround sound, you can hear people creep up behind you, bullets whizz by your face, planes flying past overhead. It's a more immersive experinece.
    So unless the "computer 5.1 speakers" has it's own Toslink optical inputs and decodes Dolby (and other) surround sound formats, has a built in amplifier to power speakers, then no. As most 5.1 comptuer speakers are designed for PC 3D gaming, thus inexpensive.
    The Mac market for 3D gaming is rather small, tiny in fact. I haven't seen any "computer speaker" setup with the required stuff to playback true suround sound.
    Mac's are used for music and video production, that's why they have the better optical ports.
    Your just going to have to buy a home theater system to playback Dolby 5.1

  • How do I connect a usb-turntable to my MacBook Pro?

    I've connected an Audio-Technica USB Turntable to my MacBook Pro (10.8.4) and can't get any sound. How do I record my vinly albums. I apologize in advance for so basic a question, but the Audacity manual is less than helpful.

    missing a driver?
    Technical support: 52251_02_usb_software_guide.pdf
           How to Record Using Audacity Software with Your Audio-Tech

  • How to automatically connect to wi-fi after turning macbook pro on from sleep (without pressing a button!)

    Hi there, I was just wondering how to connect to wi-fi as soon as I turn my macbook pro on from sleep mode
    The thing is, I constantly have to select the network i want, even though I've already set the location to automatic and even added the network to my preference list..
    What else can i do?
    I know a few friends who have the same macbook pro as me but do not have the same problem as me! And even they don't know what to do..

    you've posted in the iPhone forum.

  • How do you connect a second monitor to a MacBook Pro

    i am wanting to connect a second monitor to my MAC so i can have 2 of my pages showing at the same time. how do i do that?

    I am pretty sure the MacBook and MacBook Pro only supports ONE external monitor of any description, even though the cabling will support two.
    The short story, that Courcoul has alluded to but not stated, is this:
    All you need is an Adapter. All the software to do elegant multiple display work is already in place in your Mac, and will be activated automatically the moment you plug it in. Nothing to Install, no settings to change. Just plug in the display.
    The default mode is Extended Desktop, where the one-monitor desktop is enhanced by having the area of the second display appended to its right side (or any other side you specify). The mouse moves freely from one display to the other, and can drag windows with it, which can be resized on the other display. You can even drop things so that half is on each display, and they will scroll and update "the right way".

  • How do I connect Bowers & Wilkins speakers to my MacBook Pro via AirPlay?

    The speakers connect with my iPhone & iPad no problem but the speakers do not show under the AirPlay icon on the top toolbar of my MacBook Pro.
    When I go into Preferences > Sound > Output, I can then see the speakers but my Bluetooth speaker connection seems to take precedent - i.e. I can't change it to the B&W - I actually want to use both as the speakers are located in different rooms.
    Thank you

    The Airplay Icon on the menu bar running along the top of the screen, is for 'Airplay Mirroring' to an Apple TV. Audio is managed by Sound Preferences.
    In Sound Preferences you can only select 1 audio output device as this is associated with 'System Audio' (from Safari and notifcations).
    In order to use both the Bluetooth speaker and an Airplay speaker at the same time, I recommend using iTunes, as you're able to select multiple speakers.

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