How do I get a new icloud account for my phone when it was setup with my wifes account?

How do I get a new icloud account for my phone when it was setup with my wifes account?

Go to Settings>iCloud and sign out. Any synced data, such as calendars and contacts, will be removed.
To get a new ID: go to and create a new ID - you will need a different non-Apple email address from any ID you already have.
Then go back to Settings>iCloud and sign in there, enabling any data types you want to sync in the list there. You will be asked to create a new address when enabling Mail.

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    Click here and order replacements. Alternatively, if the machine shipped with 10.6.2 or earlier, you can buy a Mac OS X 10.6 DVD from the online Apple Store, but it won't contain iLife or the Apple Hardware Test.

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    You need OS X 10.6. Make sure your computer meets the requirements and get it here fir $19.99

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    You mean the LCD Display and your back panel? Contact apple and see what they can do. I doubt they will really help you. It's more of a niche thing rather than technical difficulty.

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    Settings > iCloud > Create Apple ID. If you are already signed into an account you'll need to delete it first.

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    I have moved out of US and want to use my 4S.
    ATT has given me the device unlock #'s but before I can use them I have to turn off "Find my phone"
    When I try it asks for icloud password.  I am trying to use the Apple itunes password, because
    I do not ever rmrmber establishing an icloud password.  The password I use does not work.
    Also, where can I find the operating system for my phone?

    There is only one password per Apple ID. The same Apple ID can be used for iTunes, iCloud, this forum, etc.
    If you have forgotten the password: If you forgot your Apple ID password - Apple Support
    If you have multiple Apple IDs and have forgotten one of them:
    The version of the iOS operating system currently installed on your phone is displayed in Settings > General > About.

  • Got new email address. Changed the address on itunes on my computer but can not change Apple id on my phone. keeps asking for password to old Apple ID. How do I get my new apple ID on my phone so I can purchas and update phone?

    Got a new email address, changed my account on itunes to new email address. which changed my apple id and password. Works fine on computer but My phone is still asking me to sign in with old apple id. I can not figure out how to change apple id on my phone. I have sync'd my phone twice and still hasnt changed account info on phone. Any Ideas on what I need to do?

    Start with the Settings app
    Settings > iTunes and App Store > tap on your Apple ID and then tap on Sign Out
    Then sign in with your correct Apple ID and password.

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    Try this link Hope this helps!
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    **Clicking on the Kudos! white star is a nice way to say thank you on any post that helped you or resolved the problem.**
    **Selecting "Accept as Solution" for a reply that solves your issue helps others who are searching the web for an answer**

  • Can I create a new apple account for a product that is already associated with an existing account?

    I have had an apple id account for a few years that is shared by myself and my family. It includes 3 ipod touches, 1 ipod nano, and 1 ipad. All of the devices are synced to each other and settings keep getting changed around between them, which is becoming an annoyance. I would like to create 2 separate apple id accounts, and keep my existing one, is this possible? Will I and my family be able to sync the devices to new accounts without having to reset each product? any advice and/or suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks.

    Couldn't agree more... the folks who are getting penalized for this are the early adopters of .Mac/iCloud dating from the days when the only way to implement a "family" account was to use aliases. Now all my kids' / my wife's name aliases sit in my account, unable to move. I guess the good news is that if I delete them nobody else will get them, but this seems a pretty poor consolation.
    Would it really be so difficult to implement a "move this alias to another iCloud account" option that requires the "sender" and "receiver" to exchange some sort of code to implement the transation in order to prevent fraud?

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    You do have photos in adobe revel. You can login using the same credentials you did with (your email and password). I see an account that uses the same verizon email as you do to sign in to this forum. You have photos in "david's library" but your " library" is empty. Try logging in with those credentials and let me know if you have issues

  • HT4436 How do I get a new iCloud email address ?

    How can I change my iCloud email address to a new one?

    Once you have created an iCloud account and chosen an address to go with it you can't change the address (short of creating an entirely new account).
    However, all is not lost. You can add up to three 'email aliases' - these are additional addresses (not accounts) which deliver into the same inbox as the main account. (In fact it's a good idea to give out alias addresses, rather than the main address, because if they attract spam you can easily change them.) (New aliases can only be ones; addresses cannot now be created.)
    You should be aware before you start that once you've created an alias you cannot turn that address into a full iCloud account, move it to another account, or reactivate it if you delete it.
    More information on aliases here:

  • How do i get a new text message to show up when i am on the slide to unlock sceen

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    1patiot1 wrote:
    someone please tell me how to fix this. I cant access any apps or anything because my old apple id keeps showing up on my phone and wont show the new one.
    You created a new AppleID?
    Why not simply update your old AppleID so you have only one iTunes account?

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    If you took the time to register Lightroom with Adobe then you can log into your Adobe account and get your serial number from there. If you still have the old computer with Lightroom installed on it the serial number can be retrieved from C:\ProgramData\Adobe\Lightroom. Open the lrreg file using Notepad and you can read the number. Note that the ProgramData folder is a hidden folder. It will be necessary for you to change so that your system browser will show hidden folders. If you are on a Mac the path is /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom.

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    I bought a 14" iBook years ago new from an Apple Store but somewhere along the line I lost my restore disc. Well the thing has locked up and needs to be restored. Is there some way I can go about getting a replacement disc?

    You can get replacement System Install & Restore CD/DVDs from Apple's Customer Support - in the US, (800) 767-2775 - for a nominal S&H fee. You'll need to have the model and/or serial number of your Mac available.

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    My new iphone (5) cannot connect to server when I am at home.  Nothing is available if it requires a server connection-the "wheel" continuously spins.  When I am out of my residential range connections are made and phone seems to operate better.  How can the home server connection be corrected?

    reset network settings, As well as power cycle router.

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