How do i get mac app store for my new macbook air

How do i get mac app store?

Creating an iTunes Store, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store account

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  • How do I get Mac App Store on my computer? I have 10.5.8 OS. If I need to upgrade first how do I do that? It says that my software is updated.

    How do I get Mac App Store on my iMac? I have 10.5.8 OS. If I need to upgrade first how do I do that? It says that my software is updated.

    And once you get Mac OS X 10.6 installed, update it to at least 10.6.6 which was the first version to include the Mac App Store (the latest version is 10.6.8). The DVD you get will almost certainly be only 10.6.3. You can update from 10.6.3 to 10.6.8 via Software Update, or you can download a standalone Combo updater (Support tab above, then Downloads).

  • I'd like to get an ebook reader for my new MacBook Air. Any suggestions???

    I'd like to get an ebook reader for my new MacBook Air. Any suggestions???

    like Kindle for Mac?

  • How do I get the App Store for Mac Pro?

    How do I get the App Store?  I bought Snow Leopard 10.6.3 so that I could download Lion so that my MobileMe email account would work again.  Installed Snow Leopard and no way to get Lion because I don't have an App Store.

    You need to update to 10.6.8 to be able to get the App Store, and to be able to download Lion (10.7)

  • How do I get Mac App Store Back?

    How Do i download MAc App Store on my mac after I deleted it? im running 10.6.8.

    Manually download and install the 10.6.8 Update Combo.
    Mac OS X v10.6.8 Update Combo v1.1

  • I restored my macbook to factory settings and now i have no app store, how can i get the app store back on my macbook?

    I need help getting the App Store back on my Macbook!!!

    You need to update or upgrade it to at least 10.6.6. If it's running 10.5.8 or earlier, this requires installing a Mac OS X 10.6 DVD.

  • How do I get my Pages '09 (that I paid for in App store) into my new Macbook Air (as it's no longer available)?

    I canot use the "new" Pages 5 for the raft of reasons poiinted out in these forums. I need a robust, full-powered word processor on my robust, full powered MAC.
    I bought Pages '09 from the APP Store long ago for my old Macbook Air.
    I upgraded to Mavricks on my old Macbook Air and see I still have the "old" Pages '09 app in my Applications directory.
    Now I have a new Macbook Air I just bought on its way to me now.
    Can I just copy the app from the file right over--or will it fial to run as it was not "installed" properly?
    HOW DO I GET PAGES '09 onto my NEW Mac?

    If that doesn't work you can use Migration Assistant - of course that will move all the application to the new computer.

  • HT1772 hi guys i wanted to ask how do you get mac app store on my ibook?

    i cannot even access my own wifi from my house i could only see the neighbors but umm i really wanted to get the mac app store i dont have it on my ibook

    With a serial number from such a product, you can find more detail about the computer through a site such as this: where specifications can help you narrow down that model at the everymac page linked below, based on your iBook SN info.
    (And Everymac site does have most information in detail on nearly every Mac, incl. ones that may be harder to place...)
    Since that is a white G3 iBook made in Sept 2002, and shipped with both OS X 10.1.4 and OS 9.2.2, the specifications show it to be rather old and probably able to run an OS X version up to Tiger 10.4.11 if the internal RAM chip was upgraded to the maximum.
    Far from Snow Leopard's specs. Minimum specs for OS X 10.6.x include a minimum RAM (1024MB+) and other numbers: those are very minimal as more is recommended. And an Intel-based processor in supported hardware, which was supported in the first MacBook 1.83GHz coreduo, in about 2006.
    {And this, also depends on the size of the internal hard disk drive since OS X needs HDD free-space for the system and applications to function, as OS X has an automatic function where it uses free space as Virtual Memory. If not for that, you'd need much more RAM installed than the computer can physically (or logically) handle. Since 640MB RAM is the maximum that also puts a ceiling on the OS X version upgrade.}
    Given the serial number (SN) of your vintage product, that narrows the field considerably. This should be it:
    This unit would be light-years from being in the same league as one that could run Snow Leopard 10.6, but if it runs OK and you have the original software discs, cords, any accessories and box, it may have value. Perhap as a backward compatible unit to use older OS 9.2.2 & before applications. With Tiger 10.4.11 it would be a bit slow, and modern browsers are limited or nearly extinct. Maybe TenFourFox browser and older SeaMonkeyPPC versions.
    Usually a host will edit the serial numbers from posts, for several reasons. However given a vintage hardware item that is essentially obsolete (see database download) there isn't a great risk. But they usually remove those numbers when noticed, regardless of the model/year.
    Hopefully the upgrade and other information can be of help to make a decision on what else you need to do with it. There is not much newish software out there for Tiger 10.4.11 and that would require a 'retail install' set. If the computer does not have a Combo optical drive, the Tiger disc set would be even harder to find since there was a special CD disc set (4) of limited availability, in addition to DVD media... Those may be found at times online in ebay or other more local sources. The info from Mactracker can help find the part number for the 4-CD disc set for Tiger in their OS information section of the download offline application. Some of this may also be available at, too.
    For a look at other newer possibilites, later Mac portables appear at Apple Store> Special Deals> Mac, online; they tend to be fairly new, include a warranty, software, etc.
    For something that could run Snow Leopard, in restored repaired but used condition an authorized company that fixes them for a living & offers a guaranty, may be a place to look. A comparison site to get an idea online may be, they sell repaired Macs, too. Some may not include install-restore discs, so if you contact a reseller of previously-owned hardware, ask about all those items you'd need; then compare.
    Should you need assistance, post back.
    Good luck & happy computing!

  • How can i get mac app store on my macbook, how can i get mac app store on my macbook

    hi i cant downloads applications and games on my macbook and i cant find the mac app store can someone help me and tell me how can i find it or download it thx

    According to your profile your Mac is running v10.5.8 Leopard.
    So, you need to upgrade to Snow Leopard v10.6.6 (minimum) in order to have access to the App Store.
    Snow Leopard is no longer available from the Apple online store so you need to contact Apple directly.
    1-800-APL-CARE (1-800-275-2273)
    Snow Leopard v10.6 minimum requirements:
    Mac computer with an Intel processor
    1GB of memory
    5GB of available disk space
    DVD drive for installation

  • ILife 11 from Mac App Store on a new Macbook Pro

    Hello, 2 months ago I bought a refurbished Macbook Pro early 2011 which came with Lion and iLife 11 pre-installed. I was supposed to accept my iLife bundle in the Mac App Store which I tried to do with the Apple ID with which I had registered my Macbook. But it did not complete and exited with an error which I dont remember. I didnt pay any attention to it at that time and forgot about it. But now I need to use iPhoto's iCloud functionality with my iPad but I cant because iPhoto would not update. When I click on Update in the Mac App Store it says that sign in with account with which you used to purchase it. I dont know what is happening because I have tried to use both the Apple IDs I have ever used on my Macbook but all to no avail. I even tried to update by downloading the update from Apple Support but it said that your version of iLife should be updated from the Mac App Store. What should I do? I need the iPhoto's iCloud functionality. In the future I would not be able any iLife software on my Mac.
    P.S: I used my brother's Apple ID to buy this Mac at the Apple Online Store since I used his credit card and paid him in cash, but used my own ID to register this Mac. Do I need his ID for updating iLife?

  • How can i get mac app store back when i am on Mac OS X 10.6.8

    it says it's missing or incomplete how do i get it back? because i kinda deleted it by accident

    Did you delete by dragging it off of the Dock?  If so, open the Applications folder and drag the App Store application bundle back onto the Dock.
    Or if you deleted the App Store application bundle by going into your Applications folder and deleting it there, then look in your Trash folder.  If the Trash has not been emptied, you can drag the App Store bundle back to the Applications folder.  Then (after you've dragged it to the Applications folder) drag the icon back onto the Dock, if you want the application in the Dock.  
    If you've deleted the App Store from the Applications folder and have subsequently emptied the trash, then  you'll want to download the 10.6.8 Combo updater from Apple, and apply the installer to your system.  That will reload all of the pieces of OS X that have been updated since 10.6.  The App Store will be loaded into the Applications folder and into the Dock for you.
    OS X updates come in two general formats: Delta updates, and Combo updates.  Delta updates contain just changes from the previous release.  The Combo updates are cumulative, and contain all changes from all of the delta updates.
    Get your OS X backups going, too.  Apple's Time Machine does a good job here and is both free and easy to use, though there are other options.  Either Time Machine via a directly-connected disk, or (particularly nice for laptops) via a network-connected disk such as an Apple Time Capsule.  (With Time Machine operating, you can also choose to restore any erroneously application bundles from the Time Machine backup, so long as the backups were running before the deletion occurred.)

  • HT1338 how do i get mac app store

    the app store aint in my apple botton inthe top left coner

    The computer needs to be running Mac OS X 10.6.6 or newer to have it. If it's running Mac OS X 10.4 or 10.5, this requires phoning the Apple Store and ordering a Mac OS X 10.6 DVD.

  • I love a game name Magic line on the first generation IPAD but now I can not download this Magic line on the app store for my new iPad Air. How can I transfer the game on OLD IPAD to my New IPAD Air ??

    I have a game name MAGIC LINE on my first generation IPAD which I can not find on APP store now. How can I transfer that game to my new IPAD AIR ??

    You don't say which store you are looking in but I found this in the US store:

  • How do I get an App store icon for Mac on my dashboard

    how do I get an App store icon for Mac on my dashboard

    Are you on 10.6.8 or Lion? It should have been placed there automatically during the install; otherwise, simply go to your Applications folder and drag the icon to the dock.
    If you're not on one of those OS versions, post back with your version.

  • I'm not able to download the App Store with a software update. How can I get the App Store on my Mac?

    I have some problems to get the App Store on my mac. Every time when I do a Software Update, there is no App Store to download.
    How can I get the App Store on my Mac?
    It's because I want to set OSX Lion on my MacbookPro.

    As you have 10.5.8 you need to upgrade to at least 10.6.6 to get the App Store as this was the 1st version it came with.
    A workaround is to get a friend who has 10.6.6 or better to download Lion for you without installing it. You can create an App Store account on the friend's computer I think to do this. Copy the Lion installer from that computer to a USB stick or burn it to DVD and you should be able to install it on your own computer, I think. You might have to create an empty partition on your own computer first for Lion installation as I'm not sure that it will install over Leopard.

Maybe you are looking for

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