How do I share songs with other family members?

I would like to know how I share songs and movies with other family members who have different accounts.

- Sync them from a computer. You can sync music and videos from different computers/iTunes library manually. See the manual method  included in:
iTunes: Syncing media content to iOS devices and iPod
- You can also redownload the directly to a device if the device ha iTunes 5 or later by:
Downloading past purchases from the App Store, iBookstore, and iTunes Store
However, you may end up with the 90 day wait to. See:
iTunes Store: Associating a device or computer to your Apple ID

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  • I share itunes with other family members on my computer.  First time I synced my iPhone, I picked up all of their apps.  How can I avoid picking up their apps?

    How do I fix?

    Just change your iPhone's sync settings -- with your iPhone connected to iTunes, click on the Apps tab and choose to sync only selected apps, then choose the ones you want loaded. You can also drag and drop them to where you want them on your iPhone.

  • How do I share contacts with other users on my network

    How do I share contacts with other family members?

    Click on the Sharing button in Contacts. Several options:
    You can also select a bunch of contacts and Export them as vCards. Deliver them to the Family members via disk, thumb drive, email, Airdrop, etc.
    If you mean "share" as in Calendar sharing, then that is not possible.

  • I have been sharing an apple ID and icloud with other family members. How do I change my iphone so as to create my own account?

    I have been sharing I-cloud with other family members. How do I change my i-cloud setting on my i-phone so as to creare my own account?

    If you want to keep your iCloud data, you would need to migrate your device and a copy of the data to a new account.  To migrate to a new account, start by saving any photo stream photos you wish to keep to your camera roll (unless already there) by opening your my photo stream album, tapping Select, tapping the photos, tap the share icon (box with upward facing arrow), then tapping Save to Camera Roll.  If you are syncing notes with iCloud, you'll need to open each of your notes and email them to yourself so you can later copy and paste the text into new notes created in your new account.  Then go to Settings>iCloud, tap Delete Account (which only deletes it from this device, not from iCloud; others keeping the account will not be effected by this), choose Keep on My iDevice and provide the password to turn off Find My iPhone.  Then sign back in with a different Apple ID to create your new account and choose Merge to upload your data.
    Once you are on your own account, you can go to and manually delete any data you don't want in your account without effecting anyone else.

  • How do i share content with my family without becoming responsible for payment of everybody's purchases? with familysharing i mean, not home sharing

    how do i share content with my family without becoming responsible for payment of everybody's purchases?
    with familysharing i mean, not home sharing
    i have set up a familyshare for my parents and 3 siblings, all mid twenties. everybody is used to paying their own way. how do i make that continue to be the case and still keep the sharing facility open?
    e.g I don't want to pay for my sisters' music purchases - half of it i don't like - but would like access to it now and then.

    -> Home Sharing is different than logging into the iTunes store.
    You enable Home Sharing using one AppleID. Doesn't matter which you use but all devices must use the same AppleID for Home Sharing.

  • HT201089 if child over 18 in family sharing can they purchase items themselves? Will they then be able to share them with other family group?

    if a child is over 18 in family sharing can they purchase items themselves? Will they then be able to share them with other family group members?

    If they are still part of Family Sharing, these items will be shared.

  • How should i share file with other devices such as nokia,blackberry and etc using bluetooth

    I want to share  files between other deivce such as nokia but couldnt, could u help me tell how can i share files with other devices???

    @AKRBTN: Thanks for the reply and info.
    That is a solution, but it really isn't viable.
    It is sad that apple refuses to support this.
    A simple example: Sitting somewhere with no signal and you want to share a file (photo) with your colleague or friend, who happens to be right next to you.
    Or even if there is signal and you don't want to be paying fees or data charges.
    Or you may be in a rehearsal studio and need to share that very important file and have no time to go outside and get signal and try to send the file, which then everyone else has to go outside and catch the signal and pay fees.
    Anyway, I see that this is a dead end with apple, so I guess I will be back to carrying 2 phones around again.

  • How can I share photos with others in other places using ICloud?, How can I share photos with others in other places using ICloud?

    How can I share photos with others in other places using ICloud?

    If you have iPhoto on an iOS device rather than a Mac, you can create a 'Photo Journal', which is an online gallery hosted on iCloud: details here -
    This facility is not as yet available in iPhoto on a Mac. If you don't have an iOS device you will need to find a third-party alternative. This page examines some options:

  • How can i add songs to a family members ipod without erasing existing songs

    How can i add songs to a family members ipod without erasing her existing song list.

    For future reference, since I came here for the same reason, I'd like to add to the solution.  The link was not complete in explaining how to, but then again I'll just trying to attempt to fill in the gap.
    After opening iTunes, on the upper left hand side is a small icon with an arrow pointing down. Click on the arrow and a menu pops out.  Click on "Show Menu Bar."  On the new bar(Older iTunes File, Edit, View, Controls, etc. bar at the top).  Click on View and then Show Side Bar.  There you can just click and drag new songs into your iDevice without any problems... hopefully...
    Seriously, this helped me, so if Apple finds a way to not allow me to do this simple task of adding purchased songs into my idevices from another computer, I'll have to resort to other means.
    The one idevice that's having trouble with is my iShuffle(2nd). 

  • I am the administrator of my computer with other family members having accts. One member is grayed out and no one can access that acct.  Why and what do I do about it?

    I am the administrator of my iMac with other family members having accts.
    One members acct. is grayed out and cannot be accessed by anyone except him.
    I had put parental controls on it but now I cannot access it or change anything.
    I don't have permission.??

    These are two possible approaches that will normally work to move an existing library to a new computer.
    Method 1
    Backup the library with this User Tip.
    Deauthorize the old computer if you no longer want to access protected content on it.
    Restore the backup to your new computer using the same tool used to back it up.
    Keep your backup up-to-date in future.
    Method 2
    Connect the two computers to the same network. Share your <User's Music> folder from the old computer and copy the entire iTunes library folder into the <User's Music> folder on the new one. Again, deauthorize the old computer if no longer required.
    Both methods should give the new computer a working clone of the library that was on the old one. As far as iTunes is concerned this is still the "home" library for your devices so you shouldn't have any issues with iTunes wanting to erase and reload.
    I'd recommend method 1 since it establishes an ongoing backup for your library.
    Note if you have iOS devices and haven't moved your contacts and calendar items across then you should create one dummy entry of each in your new profile and iTunes should  merge the existing data from the device.
    If your media folder has been split out from the main iTunes folder you may need to do some preparatory work to make it easier to move. See make a split library portable.
    Should you be in the unfortunate position where you are no longer able to access your original library or a backup then then see Recover your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device for advice on how to set up your devices with a new library with the maximum preservation of data.

  • HT4059 Can books be shared with other family members devices?

    Can books be shared with other family members devices?

    If you mean books purchased through iBooks, no. I beleive B&N offers that feature, but only on a VERY limited number of titles.

  • How do i share pictures with other users on my Mac without using iCloud or photo stream

    How do I share pictures woth other users on my Mac without using iCloud or photo streaming?

    Simplest way is probably to put copies into the Users/Shared folder.

  • How to share the Photos library on iCloud Drive with other family members?

    I have uploaded our family photo-library to iCloud drive (136GB+). It works great!
    But how can my wife (with her own iCloud-account, but within the family) see and use our library?

    Tnx for the reply, though I already feared this was the answer.
    Family sharing works well for keeping contact lists separated and we do not need to see all the crap the other half shoots with their iPhone.
    But as family-members, we DO want to use our communal photo-library.
    It would be great if you could share your entire library with family-members or at least select which albums to share with who.
    Also it is silly that you can share a photo only to one other iCloud-album. If I shoot a nice pic of the kids I would want to share it with my wife AND with others.
    The same would work for contacts. The family-head should be able to assign which contacts are shared and which are separate.
    I hope Apple will update the family-possibilities so that this is fixed.

  • How do you share music with other devices?

    how do I share music and videos with my girl friend's iPad?

    Greetings Hsiguy07,
    If you have a computer running iTunes you can share music and other content from it to other devices such as your girl friend's iPad when it is on the same Wi-Fi network. See this article for how -
    iOS: Setting up Home Sharing on your iOS device - Apple Support
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    Be well,
    Brett L 

  • HT2513 How do I share ical with others

    I use OS 10.6. According to the website, that OS is not compatible with icloud. So how do I share my ical with others? Especially if they are not using a PC?

    gcollett35 wrote:
    I am trying link my iCal on my iPad and MacBook pro and I am having problems is there a way to do it with out buying os lion?
    Sure, buy BusyCal instead. Or do you actually mean "is there a way to do it for free"

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