How do I upgrade from OS 10.5.8 to OS 10.6 with broken dvd drive?

Hi I have a MacBook from 2010 and I still have OS 10.5.8 on it but most applications won't work now (like I can't download a new itunes) because my OS is so outdated. I want to put the next OS on it but my DVD drive is broken. Is there a way I can get and install a new OS on it?

In theory it is possible to use the DVD drive on another Mac.  The 2 Macs must be on the same local network, then you need to use a 3rd party control panel called "Secrets">
and then use Secrets to enable "Show Remote Disc" on the Mac that has a broken DVD drive.
On the Mac that has a working DVD drive you use System Preferences -> Sharing to enable DVD sharing (if you do not have that option, it can be enabled via Secrets).

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  • Upgrading mac mini from tiger to leopard with broken DVD drive (long)

    I have a macmini (1.42PPC) with a broken DVD drive running tiger on which i would like to install leopard (from scratch). I have a retail DVD of leopard, and a macbook. Other equipment includes a PSP and an 8Gb memory stick duo, usb cables, a 40Gb ipod with firewire cable. Wireless keyboard and mouse.
    I've created a bootable image of my leopard DVD onto the 8Gb memory stick in the PSP using the macbook. I can plug the PSP into the macbook and the memory stick mounts as the leopard install DVD. I run InstallOSX and i'm prompted to reboot. Upon rebooting, my macbook boots from the memory stick in the PSP attached via USB and the language option menu of the install process appears. So far so good. I shutdown the macbook.
    I then take my bootable image of my leopard DVD and plug it into the macmini. It automounts, i run InstallOSX and i'm prompted to reboot and the macmini restarts.
    Unfortunately, the macmini reboots from it's internal HDD, and not the memory stick attached via USB so the installation fails.
    Is there a way i can force the macmini to boot or reboot from the USB drive? I only have a wireless keyboard. Does the macmini in fact support booting from a USB device at all?
    I don't know much about the firmware shipped with the macmini, and can not access it during startup to take a look as i have a wireless keyboard. Can i access the firmware from the booted macmini to change the boot device, like i can with a Sun Solaris box (eeprom)
    Could there be another solution that wouldn't involve playing with the firmware?
    I don't have the option of buying additional equipement.
    Any thoughts on this problem would be welcome.
    best wishes
    ps. I added (long) to topic subject, not to phish, but to save others' time, as it's quite a long and boring post

    thanks for your advice, however this is all but impossible as i have a wireless keyboard which doesn't permit me boot into anything but the OS, as the keyboard and bluetooth drivers don't load early enough in the boot process.
    however, i did find a firewire cable, so this is what i did:
    booted the macmini in target mode and added a 10Gb partition to it from the macbook, onto which i restored the leopard DVD image
    booted the mac mini normally, and it mounted my new partition. I just ran the install from there et voila

  • HT1444 Upgrading from 10.5.8 to 10.6+ without an operating CD/DVD Drive?

    Hi there, I own an iMac Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66 GHz 4GB 800 MHz DDR2 SDRAM, Early 2009 model, on OS X 10.5.8 and I definitely need to upgrade it to at least 10.6, since many things such as Flash Player, YouTube and several Apps are not running on my system. My CD/DVD drive has stuck a long time ago. It is neither a software issue, nor I am sure whether it is a hardware issue exactly as the CD has stuck in and it wont eject because the case has been harmed outside and it will not let the machine pop it out as it does not go out through the "hole", it bumps on the metal. I guess this requires a more specific repair which I cannot afford at the moment for such an old machine. Is it possible to upgrade using an other way? I do have the Snow Leopard setup disc but I cannot insert it! Maybe via an external CD/DVD drive? Please help! It will be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance!

    Use an external drive which is capable of starting up your Mac model.

  • How to install leopard on G5 with Broken DVD drive?

    The DVD drive on my Dual 2.7 GHz PowerPC G5 went bad. I have a MacBook Pro running Leopard with a good internal DVD drive. Can I put the leopard install disc in my MacBook Pro then put the Macbook Pro in Target Disc mode, connect it via firewire to my G5 and install Leopard on my G5 that way?

    Most Macs equipped with Firewire 400 or 800 are capable of booting into Target Disk Mode (toggle under Sys Prefs-> Startup disk OR hold T when starting the computer).
    When plugging a target disk mode running mac into another mac via firewire, the mac's drives (all hard drives and all optical drives - if media is inserted) will show up on the recipient mac. Therefore, use the good computer with good optical drive to put the disc media in, then start it in target disk mode. Finally plug it into the G5 with firewire cable (prefer 800 if your MBP has that). You will then see the drives and DVD, you can even restart the G5 holding down 'C' and it will boot from the CD drive of the other mac (it will try its own first - if available).

  • How can I install Vista on my mbp with broken dvd drive?

    my internal dvd drive in my macbookpro is broken and I need to install windows vista on my mbp for educational reasons.. Anybody can give me a hand? (i cant afford a new internal drive)
    Ive got a LG external DVD drive - i used it to install snow leopard but it doenst launch the vista dvd...
    lookin forward to ur help.
    Its an mbp late 2007 i think.. - lg drive is gsa-e10n
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    you should be able to boot off a usb thumb drive. there are lots of resources on the web for doing this. i've also found a thread to enable you to decide which device to boot from, including the USB drive by holding down option while starting up...

  • How do I upgrade from ITunes 10.6.3 to ITunes 10.6.8?

    How do I upgrade from ITunes 10.6.3 to ITunes 10.6.8? Unable to find a download? I need to get to the point of ITunes 10.6.8 so I can then upgrade to ITunes 10.7 so that i can sync with my iphone 5.
    Am i on the right path or do i need to upgrade my software which is OS X version 10.5.8?
    Any help is appeciated.

    All these programs levels are a little confusing ..... you currently are on OS X 10.5.8 and want to upgrade to OS X 10.6.8, so you can download iTunes 7.
    You'll need to call the online Apple store, which in the US is 800-MY-APPLE, and buy OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, from the legacy products list. You'll use the DVD they send to install the new operating system, then run Software Update several times until there are no more updates. At that point, you'll be at 10.6.8 and can download iTunes 7.
    PS. Be sure and have a system backup before upgrading your operating system.

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    I have called the BT help line every day since and have been told today that it has finally been escalated to the BT Openreach Engineering Dept. I am told that an engineer will visit me in 3 days time to fix the problem. Why has it taken a week to do this and why can somebody not do something quicker? Is BT Infinity so bad that all the engineers are running around trying to get it to work. People always go on about Microsoft getting customers to test their products, I think BT are doing the same thing with a product which is obviously not suitable for it's task.
    This is absolutely awful customer service. Seven days for a succession of "support engineers" a few thousand miles away reading from a prepared script is not my idea of looking after customers.
    I cannot express how this has changed my opinion of BT.
    A few years ago I worked for a major supplier of satellite communications equipment. BT were one of our first big customers. We had to jump though so many hoops before we installed the equipment it was unbelievable. The system was tested to death before it entered service. What has happened to this level of quality control?
    To reiterate the subject heading - how can I upgrade from BT Infinity to 56K dial-up?

    Hi Satcomman,
    Welcome to the forums! I'm sorry to hear of the problems you're having with your speeds. If you could fill out our contact webform (you can find the link in my profile under "about me") and include details of your home network setup, I'll be able to run a few checks and hopefully find out where the problem lies.
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  • How can i upgrade from iphoto 7.1.5 to 8.1.2 on an older iMac running OSX 10.6.8 ?

    How can I upgrade from iphoto 7.1.5 to 8.1.2 on an older iMac running OSX 10.6.8 ?

    With the above listed config that I have (iphoto 7.1.5 on an older iMac running OSX 10.6.8), how can I move my iPhoto library from this old iMac (2006) to my NEW iMac (2011) that is running iPhoto 9.5.1 ?
    To open an iPhoto 7.1.x version in iPhoto '11 you need to run the iPhoto Library Upgrader. See this Support document:
    iPhoto '11: About the Library Upgrade
    Download and install the upgrader,  then run it on your iPhoto 7.1.5 library. After that, iPhoto will be able to open your library and upgrade it to version 9.5.1. And you will be able to merge the libraries with if Library Manager.

  • How can I upgrade from OSX 10.7 to 10.9 on my 2012 mac mini? (2.3 GHz, 4 GB, 500 GB SATA disk) I don't want OSX Yosemite.

    How can I upgrade from OSX 10.7 to 10.9 on my 2012 mac mini? (2.3 GHz, 4 GB, 500 GB SATA disk) I don't want OSX Yosemite.

    If your Mini shipped with OS X 10.7 Lion, then it was considered a 2011 build model, or before.
    The Mini 2012 model, is considered a Late 2012, & the last one where RAM could be upgraded.
    And it shipped with Mountain Lion 10.8, which is a fairly OK system if one had older software.
    (However mine shipped in Dec 2014, with Mavericks 10.9.0, and was built in January 2014.)
    There were a few different build versions of Late 2012 Mac Mini, the i5 or i7 processor,
    in dual-core or quad-core, and some CTO or built-to-order versions with other specs.
    You can buy Mountain Lion from online Apple Store, & use a download code emailed to you to
    get the Mt. Lion 10.8 from Apple Servers; this would be about it, since Mavericks isn't available.
    So hopefully that is an option you can exercise; in addition the computer may prefer more RAM.
    Good luck & happy computing!

  • How do I upgrade from 10.5.8 to Snow Leopard??

    My apologies if this answer can be found elsewhere, but I don't know where else to turn.   How can I upgrade from OS 10.5.8 to snow leopard so THEN I can update to Lion? Can't do anything unless I already have 10.6 or higher and I don't. Now what?  Everything on the apple store keeps pointing me to LION.  It's like they are forcing you to get Lion, however I can't do that if I don't have the previous upgrades.  Am I missing something?  Please forgive if this is a dumb question or maybe I'm missing an obvious answer somewhere. Thanks in advance!

    As others have stated... you now have to Telephone Apple to get a copy of Snow Leopard...
    Purchase Snow Leopard or Lion
    1-800-MY-APPLE or 1-800-676-2775
    Then... Before attempting any Major Upgrade... get yourself an External Hard Drive... and create a Bootable Clone Backup of your current Hard Drive...
    By far the easiest way to make such a Backup, is to use something like
    or CCC
    That way, should anything untoward happen during the Upgrade,
    you will NOT LOSE ANYTHING.
    (Get an EHD that is at least equal to your current Drive...)
    Also, Install as much RAM as your Mac will run...
    It is important to get the Correct and Matching RAM
    See Here  >  OWC RAM  >
    Lastly... with regards to Lion...
    Check here for compatibility of 3rd party Software you may be using...
    Snow Leopard Tech Specs
    Lion Tech Specs  >

  • How do I upgrade from Mac OS x 10.6.8 to Mac OS X 10.7.3?

    how do I upgrade from Mac OS x 10.6.8 to Mac OS X 10.7.3?

    If your computer's incompatible with 10.8(try purchasing it from the Mac App Store) and has at least a Core 2 Duo(not Core Duo) CPU, phone the online Apple Store and order a download code for Lion.

  • How do you upgrade from Mac OS x 10.6.8 to Lion?

    How do you upgrade from Mac OS x 10.6.8 to Lion?

    First check to be sure your hardware meets the hardware requirements for Lion.
    Backup your data. I suggest a bootable clone as the way to go.
    Then open App Store and purchase and download the Lion installer.
    Then install Lion.

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    How do I upgrade from Final Cut Pro 4.0 to 4.5?
    Please Help

    I got sorted apparently I had a recipt for the orignal 4.5 upgrade and this prevented the software updater looking for Final Cut Pro 4.5
    solution: I opened Library and went to Receipts and found FinalCutProHD4.5.Pkg I deleted this then I went to software update and bingo problem solved?
    thanks anyway

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    How do i upgrade from 6.0.6 to the latest version of iPhoto . I have a mac pro with OS 10.7.5 ?

    The latest version of iPhoto  - 9.5.1 -  requires MacOS X 10.9.x.  Is it possible to upgrade your Mac to Mavericks? Then you can buy the latest iPhoto from the AppStore.
    If your Mac does not support Mavericks, you could upgrade to iPhoto 9.4.3, see:  , but this version is no longer availbale from the AppStore. Buy a boxed retail version of iPhoto '11 from Amazon or eBay, and then update it from the support page  .

  • How do I upgrade from Mac Os 10.6 to OS X V10.6 ?

    How do I upgrade from Mac OS to OS X v10.6 as I want to use an HP Deskjet 2540 All-in-one printer?

    Clarify, what version of OS X do you have currently, 10.5 or 10.6?

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