How to add a calculated field in a list definition (schema.xml)?

I'm currently trying to add a calculated field to a list definition (schema.xml).
I have put the following code at the end of the schema.xml for the list I want to create. But when I deploy and activate the feature for the list, it doesn't appear in the list field.
<Field ID="{EE20EC4B-4216-4259-A84F-C478CE42B70F}" Name="EC_EventsMgmt_CalculatedTime" StaticName="EC_EventsMgmt_CalculatedTime" Group="EC_EventsMgmt" Type="Calculated" DisplayName="Calculated Time" Required="TRUE" Hidden="FALSE" ReadOnly="FALSE" Format="DateTime"> <Formula>=DATE(2009,1,1)+TIME(EC_EventsMgmt_ScheduleHour,EC_EventsMgmt_ScheduleMinute,0)</Formula> <FieldRefs> <FieldRef Name="EC_EventsMgmt_ScheduleHour"/> <FieldRef Name="EC_EventsMgmt_ScheduleMinute"/> </FieldRefs> </Field>
Could you please give me some help and explain me why it is not working?
Thanks a lot.

Hi there.
If I understand correctly, you create this list within the same feature?
If so, the list isn't available during the propagation, and therefore the calculated field can't be added.
If this is the case, then you could work around this by adding a feature activated event handler to your feature and add the calculated field programmatically in that event.
Hope this helps.
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    If you want to add extra standard fields (like one you mentioned), you can use Component Workbench and Copy the configuration and create your own configuration and make the "Available Fields" appear there.
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    Hi Subhasini - <br><br>
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    I have not added the Custom filed in the main screen and added in the Additional data B screen. So closing the message.

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    and i wanna know the websites names where i can find some brain teasing questions in abap programming.
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    Maqsood A Khan

    Hi, MAQSOOD.
    You can insert more fields in your internal table like this.
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            vkgrp   LIKE vbak-vkgrp,  "inserted one
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    you can also read the book "Teach yourself abap in 21 days"
    but that book is just about basic concept of abap and report program.
    it doesn't give a lecture for on-line program.
    you can get pdf version books(about abap, sap...things) from sap.
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    If that field which you wants to add is available in one of the structures like EKKO,EKPO then you can add that field just beside the other fields
    If that field is not there in the any of the structures then you can define a variable using define command
    /: DEFINE  &VAR&
    / &VAR&  = <some value>
    or you can write subroutines to fetch the data from outside tables and can use those fields data in the script
    <b>Reward points for useful Answers</b>

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    :p13_item_total := :p13_price * :p13_quantity;
    However, the item is not calculated. It is not and instant calculation. I mean if i modify either price or quantity, how to recalculate item total immediately

    You must submit the page to do it with PL/SQL. If you do not want to submit the page, you must do it with JavaScript.

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    Did you read the note provided in How to add this two fields AUGBL & ZLSCH in FBL3 in abap 3.1 version ?

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    in a calculated column, but there are other work around for this.Please find below link for this.
    Soni K

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