How to add password to catalog?

I wont to add my girlfriend photos to my n73 but i don't wonna that my parents or brother to see it.So i wondering is there any way to add password to catalog.Is there any soft that i cna download or buy?

You need to install a program like this if you want to securely store images that you don't want anyone else to see.

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  • Adobe PDF pack- Annual: How to add password protection to my documents now?

    I purchased the paid PDF product in order to add password protection to existing PDFs or docx, but I still don't see an option for how to add it. I tried creating Docx and then creating PDF- but never got the option to add a password or security of any kind.
    Please assist

    Hi rachel.stewart,
    In order to password protect your files, you need Adobe Acrobat. Please refer to the links mentioned below:
    Please Refer : .html A9F-EF03C6F20BB6.html

  • How to add password to pdf files in batch?

    I need add password to 2000 pdf files. each one should has unique password.

    This kind of operation can't be done in Acrobat. You'll need some stand-alone tool, or maybe a plugin, to do it.

  • How To Add Business Partner Catalog Numbers throuh the SDK (OSCN)

    Is there an SDK Object to Add Business Partner Catalog Numbers (form 993)
    I would like to use a sdk object to Add Business Partner Catalog Numbers instead of using SQL to insert into the OSCN table
    Sincerely yours
    Riade Asleh

    Hi Riade,
    I suggest that you post this question in the forum for B1 SDK.
    Best, Winald

  • How to ADD photos to catalog from a Thumb Drive?

    On 3.3 I get the options to copy to DNG and to Copy, but not ADD or MOVE.  The latter two are "greyed out."
    I want to leave the photos on a thumb drive without making a copy but have the images added to the catalog.
    Is this possible?
    Thanks in advance!

    Would you know the work around?  I want to be able to display my own personal images on a work computer.  I'm ok with cateloging them
    there but don't want to store them there.
    I'm fully backed up at another location; so, if the thumb drive is lost etc. it is of no consequence.

  • How to add password to nokia 5230 mobile?

    I have recently bought my nokia 5230. But i dont know how to make my mobile password protected, without using any external software. 
    Please provide me the steps the do it.
    Thank you 

    Menu-->Settings-->Phone-->Phone Management-->Security-->Phone and SIM Card-->and set the LOCK CODE...
    Default lock code is 12345.
    Note that if you forget the Code then you will have to get it reset to the default code ONLY at Nokia Care..and there will be charges incurred for the service. You also tend to lose all your data during this keep regular back-ups..

  • How to add passwords to security device?

    I use the firefox security device to store my passwords. It used to ask me when I entered a new password on a new site, now it does not anymore. I cannot change the passwords already stored and I cannot add new ones.
    == This happened ==
    Every time Firefox opened
    == Don't know, few weeks ago.

    See (Troubleshooting)
    If you see passwords in the Password Manager (Tools > Options > Security: Passwords: "Saved Passwords" > "Show Passwords") then you can use the Password Exporter extension to create a backup of the passwords.
    * Password Exporter:
    Check that the exported (xml) file has all the names and passwords.

  • How to add password on 5230

    hii i have been trying to set password on my 5230 following proper steps
    menu > settings>phone >phone mgmt.>security> phone and sim card> lock code
    entered default code 12345 and entered a new code got the message code accepted but when i lock the phone and unlock it it doesnt ask me the code plz help whats the issue

    Hi nileshm5230,
    It may be worth you trying a soft reset to make sure it isn't something within your settings. 
    Soft Reset - this will not delete and data off your device.
    Enter *#7780# into your phone's keypad and when prompted, enter 12345 (default code)
    If there are not too much data on your device and you have made a backup, you can go for the hard reset option below.
    Hard Reset - this will wipe all data off your device, so a backup is recommeded before doing this.
    Enter *#7370# into your phone's keypad and when prompted, enter 12345 (default code)
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    If it also solves your problem, clicking ACCEPT AS SOLUTION below it will benefit other users!

  • Use CF add password to excel

    Use poi how to add password to excel file.
    I am use this component for read and write excel
    * Application: Excel workbook Component 0.1
    * File Name: CFWorkbook.cfc
    * CFC Component Name: CFWorkbook
    * Created By: Wayne Deng
    * Created: 2006-3-5
    * Description: A excel workbook component based on
    <cfcomponent name="CFWorkbook">
    this.HSSFWorkbook = "";
    this.WorkSheets = ArrayNew(1);
    <cffunction name="init" access="public" output="false">
    <cfset this.HSSFWorkbook =
    <cfreturn this />
    <cffunction name="createSheet" access="public"
    <cfargument name="sheetName" type="string"
    required="false" default="">
    <cfset var workSheet =
    <cfset workSheet.sheetNumber =
    <cfset this.WorkSheets[ArrayLen(this.WorkSheets)+1] =
    <cfif arguments.sheetName neq ''>
    <cfset setSheetName(workSheet.sheetNumber,
    <cfreturn workSheet>
    <cffunction name="setSheetName" access="public"
    <cfargument name="sheetNum" type="numeric"
    <cfargument name="sheetName" type="string"
    arguments.sheetName, this.HSSFWorkbook.encoding_utf_16)/>
    <cffunction name="saveToFile" access="public"
    <cfargument name="filePath" type="string"
    <cfset var fileOutStream =
    <cfset this.HSSFWorkbook.write(fileOutStream)/>
    <cfset fileOutStream.close()/>
    <cffunction name="loadFile" access="public"
    <cfargument name="filePath" type="string"
    <cfset var fileIn =
    <cfset var fs =
    <cfset var i = 0>
    <cfset var workSheet = "">
    <cfset this.HSSFWorkbook =
    <cfset this.WorkSheets = ArrayNew(1)>
    <cfloop from="0"
    to="#this.HSSFWorkbook.getNumberOfSheets()#" index="i">
    <cfset workSheet =
    <cfset workSheet.sheetNumber = i>
    <cfset workSheet.HSSFWorksheet =
    <cfset this.WorkSheets[i+1] = workSheet>
    <cffunction name="getColorIndex" access="public"
    <cfargument name="ColorName" required="true" type="string"
    <cfif arguments.ColorName neq ''>
    createObject("java","org.apache.poi.hssf.util.HSSFColor$#ucase(arguments.ColorName)#").ge tIndex()
    <cfreturn 0>

    You would have to get into the VBA programming in order to do
    this. Why don't you just have a login function for the page with
    these CFCs? That would restrict access to the Excel file.

  • How to add a password to network

    5 years ago, I setup a home network. Did not put in any password security because a number of family use this network. Now have "busy" neighbors.
    How do I go back and add password security to a network I have already created?

    Lil Tippy wrote:
    How do I go back and add password security to a network I have already created?
    you do that in *airport utility* (applications/utilities). enter +manual setup+ for your extreme and go to airport > wireless.
    be sure to choose WPA2 in connection with a long, non-dictionary password made of letters and numbers. also, you should password protect your extreme.

  • How to add new attribute in product catalog?

    Hi All,
    Can anyone tell me how to add new field/attribute in product catalog?
    The requirement is to display product's new attribute on product catalog screen.
    Do I need to create any custom java class?
    Need suggestion!!

    Hello Rupali,
    I am assuming a CRM E-Commerce scenario for my help here.
    Can anyone tell me how to add new field/attribute in product catalog?
    You must start from defining the new Attribute in an exisiting or new Set Type. Use transaction code COMM_ATTRSET. Once you have the attribute / attribute set defined, you can assign this to your catalog - in the header data as the Basic characteristic List.
    to display product's new attribute on product catalog screen
    See catalog/ProductDetailISA.jsp for tips - search for catalog.isa.attribute. The catalog item WebCatItem has all the details available already.
    com.sapmarkets.isa.catalog.webcatalog.WebCatItem currentItem = webCatItem;
    If you want to show the details of attributes in the catalog page - say - catalog/ProductsISA.jsp, the instance of WebCatItem is already available. In this page look for
      <isa:iterate id="item"
    You can see that item is an instance of the WebCatItem and follow the code in the <isa:iterate> loop. Using the following code
    Iterator itemAttribute = item.getCatalogItemAttributes();
    will give you the attribute list. You can iterate over the list of attributes and do what you want.
    Easwar Ram

  • How to add a field VBKD-IHREZ to field catalog in Output determination?

    The requirement is maintaining the condition table using Sales Org/Sales Doc Type/Your reference in output determination process. But the field 'Your reference(VBKD-IHREZ)' is not in the field catalog. Can someone tell me how to add the VBKD-IHREZ to field catalog?
    Thanks in Advance.

    See SAP Note 21040 - Allowed Fields not appearing for condition table
    PD: I forgot, go to IMG and see the documentation in the path: SD/system modifications / create new fields  (using cond.tec) / new fields for output control and read the documentation. It tells us structures and how to populate (exits)
    Edited by: E_Hinojosa on May 6, 2011 5:48 PM

  • Ipad 2 safari - how to add back a deleted website to autosaved passwords

    I deleted a website from the list of websites in safari with autosaved passwords.   I can't find out how to add it back in.

    I may be interpreting your question incorrectly, so I have two suggestions.
    if the information is no longer in the settings for Safari, you should just be able to go back to the website, sign in again and you should be prompted to save the info in Keychain. Accept that option and it will be stored in your settings.
    If you never saved the website in the past, Go to Settings>Safari>Passwords & Autofill>Saved Passwords. Enter your passcode. Find the website/passcode that you didn't save and delete it via the Edit button. Then go back to the website that you want to use Autofill for, sign in again and then see if you get the option to save it again.

  • How to add a new password policy

    This must be simple, but appearantly nobady has conceeded:
    "how does one add a NEW password policy to the OID?"
    I need this functionality, because I want to enforce the following rules in my SSO application:
    - 99% of the users may have passwords that never expire
    - 1% (say 5 or 6) users must have passwords that do expire, because they are super users and we want to minimize the risk of their passwords getting in the wrong hands.
    I feel almost embarrased to post this question, but I really cannot find any example or documentation that shows me how to add a new password policy.
    Is their any way to do this in OID?

    Can you please provide exact steps those were used to create password policies for users.
    I opened a Tar with metalink on this , and they told me that this way is not supported by Oracle.
    So if you can please help me with this it will be great. See the details about the Tar as below:
    11-AUG-05 21:41:42 GMT
    How to create or add a password policy for users in OID according to forum 833683 ?
    - Re: How to add a new password policy
    - Oracle Internet Directory Administrator’s Guide Release 9.2 Chapter 17 "Password Policies"
    Oracle Technical Support does not support to create password policies for specific users. Orac
    le Internet Directory provides a Password Policy for each subscriber created (al
    so known as Realm) or for the entire DIT.
    eos (end of section)
    I talked with the customer and she agreed to close this TAR.
    Best Regards,
    Hector Viveros
    Oracle Identity Management

  • How can I add password protection to a Pages document on the iPad?

    Is there any way to add password protection to a Pages document on the iPad? 

    File->Export... and check the encrypt box
    (if you Export as PDF...., click: [Show Details]

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