How to create a new field for Q3 - QM notification in Header and item level

Dear All,
           Sub: How to create a new field for Q3 - QM notification in Header and item level
Ref. the link --> Quality Notification
We want to create a new field in header level and item level.
As per the thread the solution is given below.
In the IMG Config: Quality Management -> Quality Notification -> Notification Types -> Define screen areas for notification types Then Choose 'Define screen areas' Then Click on 'New entries' button Now, select the relevant Notification Type and click in 'Enter'. Select the 'Iten Cases' register and remember to setup the Tabstrip Header, Icon, etc. Set the 'Tabstrip active' flag. Then Save.
Quality Notification -> Notification Types -> Define screen areas for notification types
Please help.
Question No. 2 :
We want to hide the field in Q3 - QM Notification
In header --> Reference tab --> Item (sub heading) --> "DEFECT LOCATION" FIELD TO BE ELIMINATED (HIDE)
Ref the link --> Quality notification
The solutiion is given below.
Hi Sami,
We can hide the collumns using the Transaction OQM1 and Program Name SAPLIQS0.
Lets say Defect location need to be hidden, the field TXTCDOT need to have the radio button HIDE.
Hope this will suffice your requirement.
Kindly ask me if you need any other details.
Thanks & Regards,
Hi Sami,
We can hide the collumns using the Transaction OQM1 and Program Name SAPLIQS0.
Lets say Defect location need to be hidden, the field TXTCDOT need to have the radio button HIDE.
Hope this will suffice your requirement.
Kindly ask me if you need any other details.
Thanks & Regards,
Plese do the needful.
We are using ECC6.0 Ehp3 and Ehp4.
With Best Regards,
Raghu Sharma

Dear Pushpa,
Transaction Code :SHD0 is working fine.
Please accept my sincere thanks for your sharing your Knowledge.
I am able to fulfill my
Regarding the enhancement, I have not tried.
Once I will complete, I will award the fulll marks to you.
With Best Regards,
Raghu Sharma

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    Follow the documentation of Logistics - General->Material Master->Configuring the Material Master->Create Program for Customized Subscreens  to add the new field in material master.
    Create Program for Customized Subscreens
    In this IMG activity, you can create a function group of your own by copying function group MGD1 (for industry) or function group MGD2 (for retail). The subscreens are not copied, except for two subscreens which are copied for technical reasons. You can use this copy to create subscreens of your own which you can assign to a data screen in the activity Define Structure of Data Screens for Each Screen Sequence.
    Be sure to read the program documentation first.
    1. Create a function group of your own by choosing Execute.
    2. Enter a name containing up to 25 characters, beginning with the letter Y or Z, and choose Save.
    3. Access the Object Navigator.
    You do this from the SAP standard menu by choosing Tools -> ABAP Workbench, and then Object Navigator.
    4. Display either program SAPLMGD1 (industry) or SAPLMGD2 (retail) as required.
    5. Copy the subscreens as required, ensuring that they already contain as many as possible of the field names you want to use in your function group. You do this as follows:
    a) Choose Screens, position the cursor on the corresponding subscreen, and choose Copy in the context menu.
    b) Enter the program to which you want to copy the subscreen, prefixing it with SAPL, and enter a screen number. Use the screen number of the original subscreen where possible. If the F1 help is specific to a particular subscreen, this ensures that this context-specific help continues to be displayed.
    You have called your function group YENTERPRISE, to which you want to copy subscreen SAPLMGD1 2301. Enter SAPLYENTERPRISE as the program to which the subscreen is to be copied, and enter (preferably) 2301 as the screen number.
    6. Return to the initial screen of the Object Navigator and display your program. In the example above, you would enter SAPLYENTERPRISE.
    7. Choose Update object list.
    8. Select the subscreen you have copied and activate it by choosing Activate in the context menu.
    Using the Screen Painter, you can remove fields you do not require on the subscreen or include additional fields from other subscreens (see the ABAP Dictionary). For information on the Screen Painter, see the SAP library documentation BC ABAP Workbench Tools.
    Points to consider when removing or adding fields
    Make sure that a field statement exists for each field on the subscreen since data may not otherwise be transported correctly. You can use subscreen SAPLMGD1 2002 as an example.
    For the fields you have added, include any check modules and modules for self-programmed F4 help that are called up for these fields on the original subscreen. You can do this by displaying the flow logic for the original subscreen and searching for such modules. They normally have the same names as the fields themselves. When you find a module, copy the corresponding module call to your subscreen.
    If you change the order in which fields are transported that are checked together in the flow logic (such as the safety stock and minimum safety stock), you must deactivate the check module for the first field and activate it for the second. The system would otherwise transport the first field, and carry out the check before the second field is transported.
    Any error messages that fields are unknown when activating the subscreen are due to the fields still being included in checks, even though you have removed the fields from the subscreen. Search for the fields in the source code and make the lines in which they appear comment lines. Then reactivate the screen.
    9. Assign the subscreen to a data screen as required.
    Note on transport
    Use the Workbench Organizer to transport the copy you have created.

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    I want to add a new field in the detail section ( row area ) of a Production Document, and save it to database and read it back when the document is opened.
    Syed Waqar Khurshid

  • How to create a new Condition for tax as VAT ( 4 % )  in SAP ? .

    Dear All ,
                           Pl guide that " How to create a new Condition for tax as VAT ( 4 % )  in SAP ? . What are all necessary requirements to do so , I need to have all steps so that i should feel very confident . For example what data is to be ticked in Control tab during cond. creation , in the same way how to put this cond. in Pricing procedure ? pl write all necessary thing which are required during this process .
    Thanx & deep regrads to all in adv.

    In tax we can configure taxprocedure two types i.e., taxinn and tainj. If you adopt taxinn procedure if  it is other than VAT condition first you have to create the condition type and then you have to go to FTXP and assign the tax required VAT percentage to the repective % to ded or non ded VAT condion type. In second step you have to assign this tax code to respective company code.
    If you adopt taxinj procedure you have to a create tax code with FTXP T-code by assigning the values to the respective and save conditions.

  • How to create a new row for a VO based on values from another VO?

    Hi, experts.
    in jdev,
    How to create a new row for VO1 based on values from another VO2 in the same page?
    and in my use case it's preferable to do this from the UI rather than from business logic layer(EO).
    Also I have read Frank Nimphius' following blog,but in his example the source VO and the destination VO are the same.
    How-to declaratively create new table rows based on existing row content (20-NOV-2008)
    I have tried:
    1.VO1(id,amount,remark1) and VO2(id,amount,remark2) are based on different EO,but render in same page,
    2.Drag and drop a Createwithparams button for VO1(id,amount,remark),
    3.add: Create insertinside Createwithparams->Nameddata(amount),
    4.set NDName:amount, NDValue:#{bindings.VO2.children.Amount}, NDtype:oracle.jbo.domain.Number.
    On running,when press button Createwithparams, cannot create a new row for VO1, and get error msg:
    <Utils> <buildFacesMessage> ADF: Adding the following JSF error message: For input string: "Amount"
    java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "Amount"
         at java.lang.NumberFormatException.forInputString(
    Can anyone give some suggestions?
    Thanks in advance.
    Edited by: user6715237 on 2013-4-19 下午9:29

    I'm really very appreciated for your quick reply! You know, today is Saturday, it's not a day for everyone at work.
    My principal requirement is as follows: some rows from VO2, and for each selection create a new row with some attributes from VO2 as default values for VO1's corresponding attributes, and during this process the user may be cancel/uncheck or redo some of the selections.
    --so it's better to implement it in UI rather than in EO.'s better to implement this function with declarative way as in Frank Nimphius' blog.
    --little Jave/JS coding, the better. I only have experience in ORACLE FORMS, little experience in JAVA/JS.
    In order to get full information for the requirements of my use case, can take a check at:
    How to set default value for a VO query bind variable in a jspx page?
    (the end half of the thread: I have a more realworld requirement similar to the above requirement is:
    Manage bank transactions for clients. and give invoices to clients according to their transaction records. One invoice can contain one or many transactions records. and one transaction records can be split into many invoices.
    Edited by: user6715237 on 2013-4-19 下午11:18

  • Hi All ,How to add a new  field for MEDRUCK if we havea ZMEDRUCK

    Hi All ,
            How to add a new  field for MEDRUCK if we have a ZMEDRUCK
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    In that we will have
    &ekko-waers&    &komkfkwrt&
    (currency)       (numerics)
    Pls send the Code to make these changes .Pls its urgent

    If that field which you wants to add is available in one of the structures like EKKO,EKPO then you can add that field just beside the other fields
    If that field is not there in the any of the structures then you can define a variable using define command
    /: DEFINE  &VAR&
    / &VAR&  = <some value>
    or you can write subroutines to fetch the data from outside tables and can use those fields data in the script
    <b>Reward points for useful Answers</b>

  • How to create a new field

    how to create a new field form se 38 and update it to the customized table in the se11. I have done modification insertion deletion and update of field values in se 38 and has updated to the table in se 11. I want to know how to create a table from se38 and update it to the table in se11.I dont know whether it is possible. Enlight me.
    with regards,

    have a look

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    How to create a new template for pages in iPad?

    In spite of the latest updates Pages for iPad does not support:
    1) User templates
    2) Headers
    3) Footers
    4) Page numbers
    and it is not compatible with Pages for OSX, a document cannot be edited alternatively on Mac and iPad without destroying headers and footers.
    - The Word export is far from perfect
    - Does not really support Page Layout mode (you cannot duplicate a page at least)
    - Does not have a multi-page overview
    - The spelling support of iOS and OSX is at the level of Apple Maps except 4-5 languages.
    - It takes a long time until it starts
    INSTEAD, according to the latest updates:
    - It can do change tracking
    - Lock and unlock objects
    - Add reflections to shapes
    Dear Apple, please understand:
    - We like iPad and we wish to use it for real work.
    - We wish to have user templates, headers, footers and page numbers.
    - We do not expect all the features of Pages for OSX, but we do expect real compatibility.
    - We do not wish to switch back to Word for Windows unless you force us.
    Please try to concentrate on real development not on unimportant changes like in the latest dissapointing update.

  • How to create a new account for Portal

    I just installed portal in my windows xp pc. Currently, I can log into the portal home page as a single sign-on user. (super user). I'm wondering how to create a new account for a portal user so that I don't have to sign on as an admin.
    Thank you so much for your reply,

    login into SSO and create an User
    1. Login into Portal -> Builder ->Administer click on User Management which takes you to oiddas were you can create the user
    or login into sso directly

  • Sales order condition change for Header and Item level..

    Hi Gurus,
    My requirement is as below..
    Business wants to create new sales order from reference.. While creating slaes order fron reference , need to populate header/Item level condition tab data from originally paid by the invoice for that refence sales order not from refence sales order condition price.
    I would like to how to bring this one, any user exit or copy control and any VOFm routine need to populate this kind of requirement.
    Any one have any idea please let me know.. It very urgent, give reward points for right solution..

    Here are the answers to your question
    > Is it possible to add/change condition types on the sales order (header and item level) for which invoice has been created already?
    I mean is it possible to add some surcharge condition to already invoiced order and than as result debit memo?
    The answer is No. You cannot add or change the condition once it is invoiced.
    > And one more question : Are there some time restrictions when debit/credit memo can be created? (I believe not, but I would like to have this confirmed, as I am not SD expert.)
    The answer is No again. There is no time restriction and you can create debit or credit memo immediately when the invoice is released to accounting.
    Hope this helps
    Mukund S

  • How can we revise the pricing both at header and item level of sales order?

    Dear All,
      Now there's one issue of the pricing to me. i want to revise the pricing both at header and item level of sales order. but after i finished the cutomize and tested it, it's more different as i thought. i found that the pricing can revise at the one side only,for example, if i revise the pricing at item level and it's grey and can't be revised at the header. on the other hand, it's the same result what's happened at item.
      So, in my opinion, we can't revise the pricing both at header and item, right? if not, please give me more advices and teach me how to solve the problem. thanks a lot.

    Dear Lakshmipathi,
      Thanks a lot for your kindly and useful answer for me and I learn more for the pricing technology.
      I didn't notice the way that you reminded ago therefore I also saw the button at the condition tab. And your suggestion makes me know more.
      And I had tested the way that you said, I met with a question. Below is my opinion for my testing.
      I had created one SO and the pricing was $10, then I revised the pricing from 10 to 15 by VK11. It can't be updated automatically at SO and I must update it manually by clicking the "Update" button. This is OK for my testing, but I have another question to disturb you for the use of "Active" button. When I click the button and nothing is responsed, it's quite different what you said. So, please give more detail for the Active button. Thanks a lot.

  • How to find the header and item level status of a CRM contract ?

    Few questions
    A. How to find the header and item level status of a CRM contract ? My req is to select all the contract line items which are in CLOSED status.
    B. How to get the BPs associated with a contract ?
    Anyone have the list of CRM tables and the relation amongst them. Please mail me in [email protected]

    CRMD_ORDERADM_H     Contains the Header Information for a Business Transaction.
    1.     It doesn’t store the Business Partner
           responsible for the transaction. To 
           get the Partner No, link it with
    2.     This table can be used for search
           based on the Object Id(Business
           Transaction No). 
    CRMD_CUSTOMER_H     Additional Site Details at the Header Level of a Business Transaction
    CRMD_LINK     Transaction GUID set for all the Business Transactions
    CRMD_ORDER_INDEX     Contains Header as well as Item details for a Business Transaction.
    1.     It doesn’t store the Business 
          Transaction No (Object ID).
          To get the Business Transaction No  
          link the table with
    2.   This table can be used for search
          based on the Partner No
    CRMD_ORDERADM_I     Stores the Item information for a Business Transaction. The scenarios where we have a Contract Header and within contract we have Line Items for the contract, this table can be useful.
    E.g. Service Contracts
    CRMD_CUSTOMER_I     Additional Site Details at the Item Level of a Service Contract
    Pl.reward points.......

  • Crystal Reports XI - How  to create a new field using a formula field

    I'm quite new to CR, but have been learning quickly!
    I would like to know how to automatically create a new record/field based on another field in that row...
    I have a report showing the following data:
    Run Code     Start KM    Stop KM    Status 
    H2                 100            150           Partial
    H2                 150             155          Partial
    H2                 155             160          Partial
    S3                 120             150       Completed
    The status is generated by comparing the 'Start KM' and 'Stop KM' against fields in another table called 'Start Odo' and 'Stop Odo'
    In this example...
    H2 has 'Start Odo' and 'Stop Odo' values of 90 to 160, therefore there is still 90-100 to check.  The 'Start KM' and 'Stop KM'  is equal to the 'start Odo' and 'stop Odo' for S3, therefore it shows completed.
    My question is how do you create a formula field, which will add an entire row...displaying the values 90-100.
    I've been trying to use a conditional check in the 'Start KM' column, that sees if status is equal to partial than if start km is greater than start odo (Which is the reference km) then display the value of start odo in the new row. I'm stuck at how to create a new row.
    I want the final result to look like this...
    Run Code     Start KM    Stop KM    Status 
    H2                  90              100         Partial
    H2                 100             150          Partial
    H2                 150             155          Partial
    H2                 155             160          Partial
    S3                 120             150       Completed
    Any suggestions would be more than appreciated

    Hi Adi
    Looking at your examples it seems that you want to add a row to the existing recordset (rows fetched from the database).
    If it is the case (even if based on a formula) then you can not do it within crystal. Crystal is designed to display data and ideally it should not generate the new data.
    However, as per your requirement you can try to add this logic at database end. May be a command object within Crystal Reports can help you.
    Let me know if you do not understand anything.

  • How to create a new field in a PLD.

    We are trying to add some new fields in the collection report PLD.
    How can we add a new field called "Customer/ Vendor Ref No." in the repetitive area of the PLD.
    We need to mention all the PO numbers of the customer when sending the ageing report to them.
    Please advice.

    Hi Jyothi,
    I believe you want to create a new database field for one of the SAP's Standard report PLD. If so you can go to that reports PLD and create a new field but you can't display the value as PLD works on the basis of Active Screen, meaning it will only display values which are there in the Active Screen.
    So i would suggest you to go for Query and create a print layout for that, or XL Reporter or using Crystal Reports also it is possible.

Maybe you are looking for

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