How to create a partner and header record using CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN?

Hi any one knows how to create a partner and header record using the function module CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN??
I tried to  create a record, but i only managed to create a header record and the partner record is not reflected in the transaction.  Why is that so? is there any indicator that i need to include?

Hi Jen!
I use this FM and it works perfectly.
Use this to create a partner:
  gs_partner-ref_handle    = '0000000001'.
  gs_partner-ref_kind      = 'A'.
  gs_partner-ref_partner_handle = '0001'.
  gs_partner-partner_fct   = '00000001'.
  gs_partner-partner_no    = NO_PARTNER. "number of the partner, bu_partner
  gs_partner-display_type  = 'BP'.
  gs_partner-no_type       = 'BP'.
  gs_partner-kind_of_entry = 'C'.
*  ls_partner_l-ref_handle    = '1'.
  gs_partner-ref_guid      = '00000000000000000000000000000000'.
  APPEND gs_partner  TO gT_partner .
  ls_input_field-ref_kind  = 'A'.
  ls_input_field-logical_key   = '0001'.
  ls_input_field-objectname  = 'PARTNER'.
  ls_input_field-ref_handle  = '0000000001'.
  ls_input_field_names-fieldname = 'DISPLAY_TYPE'.
  INSERT ls_input_field_names INTO TABLE ls_input_field-field_names.
  ls_input_field_names-fieldname = 'KIND_OF_ENTRY'.
  INSERT ls_input_field_names INTO TABLE ls_input_field-field_names.
  ls_input_field_names-fieldname = 'NO_TYPE'.
  INSERT ls_input_field_names INTO TABLE ls_input_field-field_names.
  ls_input_field_names-fieldname = 'PARTNER_FCT'.
  INSERT ls_input_field_names INTO TABLE ls_input_field-field_names.
  ls_input_field_names-fieldname = 'PARTNER_NO'.
  INSERT ls_input_field_names INTO TABLE ls_input_field-field_names.
  INSERT ls_input_field  INTO TABLE  gt_input_fields.
  clear ls_input_field-field_names[].
*    it_schedlin_i   = gt_schedlin_i_com
    it_partner      = gt_partner
*    it_sales        = gt_sales
*      it_orgman       = gt_orgman
*      it_appointment  = gt_appointment
*      it_ordprp_i     = gt_ordprp_i
*   it_product_i    = gt_product_i
*      it_activity_i   = gt_activity_i
*      it_pridoc       = gt_pridoc_com
    ct_orderadm_h   = gt_orderadm_h
*   ct_orderadm_i   = gt_orderadm_i
    ct_input_fields = gt_input_fields.
*      ct_doc_flow     = gt_doc_flow
*      cv_log_handle   = gv_log_handle.
Hope it helps u,

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       You can use the bapi 'BAPI_BUPA_CREATE_FROM_DATA' to create a business partner .
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