How to get PST from OST

OST is the offline copy of what's on your Exchange server.  If you delete it, a new one (with all the same stuff) will be created the next time you open Outlook.
If you want a PST file go to File, Export and select PST.
Why do you want a PST file though?

The new person came to work. Should open his .ost file
with the old mail in Microsoft Outlook 2003. From matching programs found only
AER3 but it did not give the desired result.. Can someone tell me - what else
can Ost file to convert to pst? Tell me who's using what and how you do it if you don't have access to email?
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    How to get pst from exchange server 2007 & 2010.

    Do you want to export mailboxes to a .pst file in Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010?
    If so, to export mailbox to a .pst file in Exchange 2007, we can use the Export-Mailbox cmdlet. You can refer to the following article.
    How to Export Mailbox Data
    To export mailbox to a .pst file in Exchange 2010, we can use the New-MailboxExportRequest cmdlet. For more details about this command, please see the article below.
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    Belinda Ma
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    Make sure Settings > iCloud > Photos > iCloud Photo Library (Beta) = "Off"
    Then sync your iPhone using iTunes and make sure your sync settings for photos are set correctly in iTunes.

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    You need to transfer the iTunes folder from the old computer to the new one.
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    Plug the stick and/or card into the appropriate slots on the side of your Air. Do you see icons for the devices appear on the desktop? Click into them to see what files are there.

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    You may want to contact the developer of the device for the API and DLL.

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    i created on link and i gave one server path to select file from server but while clickinng on link it no displaying any thing.
    following is the Destination url that i gave for the item.
    please tell me how to get file from server while click on link.

    Ok I got your requirement now.
    If you are getting file names from view attribute then you should not be adding destination URI property for the link.
    Instead you can use OADataBoundValueViewObject API.
    Try below code in your controller processRequest method:
    I am assuming that you are using classic table.
    Also in below example it considers OAMessageStyleText and you can replace it with link item if you want.
    OATableBean tableBean =
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    OADataBoundValueViewObject tip1 = new OADataBoundValueViewObject(m, "/u08/app/appvis/xxex/inst/xxex_apps/xxrbe/logs/appl/conc/log/"+"<vo attr name which stores file name for each row>");
    m.setAttributeValue(oracle.cabo.ui.UIConstants.DESTINATION_ATTR, tip1);
    Sandeep M.

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    Hi all,
    How to get value from list item?
    I have a problem with the List Item object
    in the Oracle forms.
    How can I retrieve the selected item from
    a list ?
    I didn't find any function like 'list.GET_

    You get the value as for any other Forms item:
    :value := :block.list_tem ;Francois

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    does anyone know how to get filename from a file path for example
    FILE PATH: C:\Project\uploadbean\web\uploads\Button.txt
    FILENAME: Button.txt

    ust for a reference cause i'm new in JSP This has nothing to do with JSP, but with basic knowledge of an essential API. I have given you the link to the File API. Are you saying that you refused to read the API documentation, which clearly explains you how to use the File and shows which methods are all available to you undereach the straightforward getName() method, and expecting that the others may chew the answers for you? Loser.

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    PDF forms can send data in url like GET or POST method. Is it possible to get data from url, like in PHP http://sever/file.php?item1=value1&item2=value2&item3=value3
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    Best Regards,

    The APEX URL syntax is detailed here
    How to get it from PDF is another matter...
    I'm working on an app that downloads PDFs with a Large amount of data as a blob, takes that blob and changes it to XML, then goes through the xml to validate each section of data and then add it into the schema that my apex app is referencing....
    I didn't write the original code but I do know that it isn't a quick thing to implement and includes using some uploading some java jar files to your schema and writing some custom java code.
    Someone else may be able to help with grabbing PDF data into the URL for the amounts of data you want to pass to apex.
    REWARDS: Please remember to mark helpful or correct posts on the forum, not just for my answers but for everyone!
    Edited by: Gussay on Sep 21, 2009 5:52 PM

  • How to get Position from EmployeeInfo in DIAPI

    I am using DIAPI(JCO) for SAP B1. According to one or my reuirement i am in need of Position from the EmployeesInfo. But there  seems no option or method for getting position from that. Can anyone guide me how to get that from EmployeesInfo ? Any help is appreciated..

    Looking at the DI API properties vs. DB fields mapping documentation in the SAP Business One developer area (
    it seems that this field is not exposed (yet).
    I.e. you could only run a SQL statement to get this information.

  • How to get songs from computer to iphone

    how to get songs from computer (I tunes) to iphone?

    Have you read the User Guide?
    Syncing iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch with iTunes
    Syncing music to iPod or iPhone

  • How to get videos from touch, in full resolution?

    How to get videos from touch, in full resolution?
    I tried email, but that compresses them.

    Import them as you would from any digital camera.

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    how to get resultset from oracle procedure use ejb3
    i know oracle procedure should like this
    Create or replace PROCEDURE resultset_test(
    aaa IN NUMBER,
    bbb OUT sys_refcursor) ....
    but what s the ejb3 scripts looks like? please give me an example or link~

    - there are no EJB3 scripts, only compiled application code
    - the part of the EJB spec that deals with databases is called the Java Persistence API, but likely you are just looking for the JDBC API.
    Now you should know what to Google to get your "example script": "java jdbc oracle procedure"

  • How  to get  response from such a  function

    How  to get  response from such a  function (in MODULE USER_COMMAND_0010 INPUT I get "ODGOVOR" 'X'
    ""Local Interface:
    DATA ok_code LIKE sy-ucomm.
    DATA: test like mseg-kzear.
    call screen 10.
    test = ODGOVOR.
    *&      Module  CLEAR_OK_CODE  OUTPUT
    MODULE clear_ok_code OUTPUT.
      CLEAR ok_code.
    ENDMODULE.                 " CLEAR_OK_CODE  OUTPUT
    *&      Module  USER_COMMAND_0010  INPUT
    DATA odgovor LIKE mseg-KZEAR.
    CASE ok_code.
        WHEN 'DA'.
        ODGOVOR = 'X'.
    ENDMODULE.                 " USER_COMMAND_0010  INPUT

    You need to declare the ODGOVOR variable in the TOP include, then you will get the value

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