How to get rid of the main text box in the back of the page AND move things

I usually work in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign, but am creating two newsletter templates in Pages for a colleague, since it will be easier for her. But, for the life of me, I can't figure out how to get rid of the main text box in the back of the page that is driving me crazy. I just want a nice blank page that I can do whatever I want with. AND, I can't figure out how to select things so that I can move them, like shapes and text boxes. Some things seem to move fine, then other things just sit there. I am at the end of my rope!!!

Hi, Dylan. Welcome to Discussions.
If you're referring to the area where you just start typing when you open a new blank document, you can't get rid of it. But you also don't have to use it. You can insert text boxes and size and position them as you desire. Just be sure they're defined as Fixed on Page. When one is full and you want to continue it to another page (or to the side), click in the blank blue box on the lower right side of the text box. That will create another box and your overflow text will flow into it. Then position it where needed.
Also, you can create a text box the width of the page and then set it for 2 or more columns.
When you want to send something to the back and you may want to access it again later, just use the send backward command. If you send it all the way to the back, it will be behind the main text layer (where it will be safe from acvcidental movement) but you will have to click outside the work area and then drag the pointer to the object to select it.
Hope this helps to get you started.

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    I would get free EasyFind (Spotlight will be a total waste of time), and search for caremefile and If it comes up with anything, right-click and select move to trash, or just destroy. Since you didn't install anything, shouldn't be necessary to authenticate with the admin password before it will move to trash. Could also click on reveal in finder, which will allow you to see the actual location. Set it up as per the screenshot below.

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    Hi All,
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    According to your post, my understanding is that you wanted to get peoplepicker multiple value in text box.
    You can set the default value of the text box to:
    eval(eval(Person, 'concat(pc:DisplayName, "; ")'), "..")
    Or change XPath (advanced) to
    xdMath:Eval(xdMath:Eval(../my:group/pc:Person, 'concat(pc:DisplayName, "; ")'), "..")
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    Best Regards,
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    Linda Li
    TechNet Community Support

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    Have you ever created a user dictionary? You have to manually create one, AppleWorks won't do for you. The user dictionary & any other dictionaries belong in the AppleWorks Essentials folder which belongs in the AppleWorks 6 folder in Applications.
    Deleting & reinstalling AppleWorks from the original disk will not delete your files unless you have saved them in the application folder. The Mac OS creates a separate Documents folder for your files & that is where the documents you created should be.
    Unless all of your documents are AppleWorks 6 word processing documents, Pages alone is not sufficient. The iWork applications - Keynote, Pages & Numbers - can only open AppleWorks 6 presentation, word processing & spreadsheet documents, respectively. They will not open any other type of AppleWorks 6 files or any AppleWorks 5 or any version of ClarisWorks files.

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    I read in the discussion items that you should not bother with meta tags but just wirte the title in your main text box on each page with the word image in the beginning. Where in the main text box? The first one on the page? That has my web page title. Help. Judy

    iWeb uses the textbox in the Header layer of an iWeb page as the title in the browserwindow.
    Do not remove the original textbox, as you cannot replace it other than by selecting another theme and then change it back to the original theme again. Ruining the layout in the process.
    If the textbox in the Header is missing, iWeb uses a textbox down the page in the Content layer. If that textbox is also missing, it uses another textbox. If that fails it uses the pagename in the Sidebar.
    Sometimes you may want a different text in the titlebar and not display it on the page itself. Or not display it at all.
    So use that textbox in the Header layer. Type your text. Then select the textbox. In the Inspector choose T, click a color to open the color palette and drag the opacity slider to 0 (zero).
    Do Command-T to open the font palette and make the font smaller. (Or do Command--(minus)) Also use a font that doesn't change to an image. Arial is a good font. Perhaps do it first before making the text invisble.
    Resize the textbox. You may want to change the height of the Header layer.
    Do Command-Shift-B to move the textbox to the back, possibly behind other objects.
    Next add a optional second textbox to the Header layer and use that one to display text on the page.
    If you want to move the textbox to the front again to make changes, but can't remember the location on the page, drag the area with the mouse to select the objects.
    Deselect objects you do not want to move forward by Command-dragging the mouse over these objects.
    Next do Command-Shift-F to move the textbox to the front. Repeat the steps in reverse order to make the text visible.

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    Turn Settings > General > Accessibility > Zoom to ON.

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    You can't.  That's the new security feature of iOS7 that users (and others) requested to prevent stolen devices from being restored by theives and reused.  Contact the "store" you purchased your phone from and see what they say.

  • How do I disconnect text in left margin from the main text box

    I’ve used a template that has a graphic and text in a wide margin on the left side of the page. The margin is set at 2.75, where a a single column text box resides, containing much more descriptive text. It seems the material inside the left margin is not accessible. When I click on it text in the large text box highlights. What is connecting these two boxes and how can I disconnect them? I want to use the left side of the document to contain, among other things, hypertext links to other websites. At first I thought it might be a matter of layers, sending objects to the back or front, perhaps grouping or ungrouping but that hasn’t helped.
    Anyone got any thoughts on what might be creating this connection?

    Ah, that did it. Kind of strange place to hid that command don’t you think? I still don’t know what will happen when I convert it to a .doc. While I much prefer creating this stuff in Pages if the creation doesn’t survive the conversion and others can’t open the links it doesn’t do me much good. If it doesn’t survive the conversion to Word I’ll let you know.
    thanks for your help.

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    Turn off VoiceOver in the Universal Access or Accessibility pane of System Preferences.

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    Good afternoon!  I'm glad I can be here to help with this error. In the device this application is identified only as 'Talk', so that be more familiar to you. First I recommend opening the 'Market' app on your phone, then Menu>My Apps to see if this application requires an update. It will display a list on top of all applications that need to be updated. If nothing exists, tap 'Home' and go into 'Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>Talk, then tap 'Clear Cache' and 'Clear Data' to remove the history of that application and stop the notifications.  The app will remain on your phone for future use, if you desire to take advantage of it. Read more about Google Talk here
    Thank you!
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    I have several applications and I am working on making some kind of APEX "SSO".
    An user is authentified in one application. Then he may go to another application. The cookie has the same name from one application to another. The session ID is preserved from one application to another : i use this kind of URL : "f?p=109:1:&SESSION.:"
    I have seen that I need to authentify automatically the user when he swap to another application. For that i have a process in the welcome page that authentify the user, using the :app_user and the password, a PL/SQL after header:
        P_UNAME       => :APP_USER,
        P_PASSWORD    => :P1_PASSWORD,
        P_SESSION_ID  => v('APP_SESSION'),
        P_FLOW_PAGE   => :APP_ID||':1'
        );So far so good. User is authenticated. The problem I face is that this message appears :
    Content-type: text/html; charset=UTF-8 Set-Cookie: TELEGESTION_AUTH=-1; path=/; Location: /pls/apex/f?p=109:1How to get rid of this message ?
    Thank you for your kind help !
    PS: My question has not been answered... I hope somebody could help me on this topic.
    Edited by: Christian from France on Mar 4, 2010 2:02 AM

    Have you tried using "f?p=109:1:&APP_SESSION.:" instead of "f?p=109:1:&SESSION.:".
    I don't see why you need to reauthenticate if they're in the same workspace?

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    OK ..fixed the problem (after spending an hour with tech support with no luck, I posted a note on Juliiane Kost's Facebook page and got a response from Adobe which works great). Anyway, go to this blog post from Adobe's Jeffrey Tranberry .. l . Essentially when you get asked to purchase after the trial ends, click the license button and enter your original serial number from your purchased version of Photoshop. Then you will once again be in Photoshop, run the update and you are good to go.

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    Hey there pcnetmd,
    It sounds like you're opening websites on browsers on your phone, and the screen keeps zooming in and bringing up the keyboard. I would start by troubleshooting the software on the device:
    iOS: Force an app to close
    Double-click the Home button.
    Swipe left or right until you have located the app you wish to close.
    Swipe the app up to close it.
    When you have done that restart the device and test the issue again:
    iOS: Turning off and on (restarting) and resetting
    If it persists, I would next backup your device to iTunes with this article:
    iOS: How to back up and restore your content
    And restore it from your backup with this article:
    Use iTunes to restore your iOS device to factory settings
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    All the best,

  • How do get rid of an addon when it's not listed in the Addons? It's a video capture app and (small red circle on the bar) . Help!

    I can't remember the name of the addon, it looks like a small red dot on my toolbar. I know that you need to install CSHelper extension in order for the video capture to work.
    I don't want to software but as I stated before the addon isn't listed in the Addon section and if it is I don't see it.
    I really don't want to have to uninstall it Firefox and reinstall it but I will as a last resort. :(
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Could be "Download Helper" (Video Download Helper). It has a screen capture option and that option requires CSHelper.
    *Info about the screen capture option of this add-on here -

  • There is a black box that appears to be displaying my actions and i can't get rid of it. It also takes me back to the top of the screen when i scroll. How to i get rid of it?

    here is a picture (i hope you like the wallpaper)

    Go to System Preferences > Accessabiltiy > Voice Over and uncheck mark it.

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