How to give Common Background color for all JPanels in My Swing application

Hi All,
I am developing a swing application using The Swing Application Framework(SAF)(JSR 296). I this application i have multiple JPanel's embedded in a JTabbedPane. In this way i have three JTabbedPane embedded in a JFrame.
Now is there any way to set a common background color for the all the JPanel's available in the application??
I have tried using UIManager.put("Panel.background",new Color.PINK);. But it did not work.
Also let me know if SAF has some inbuilt method or way to do this.
Your inputs are valuable.
Thanks in Advance,

It is not the fault of NetBeans' GUI builder, JPanels are opaque by default, I mean whether you use Netbeans or not.Thank you!
I stand corrected (which is short for +"I jumped red-eyed on my feet and rushed to create an SSCCE to demonstrate that JPanels are... mmm... oh well, they are opaque by default... ;-[]"+)
NetBeans's definitely innocent then, and indeed using it would be an advantage (ctrl-click all JPanels in a form and edit the common opaque property to false) over manually coding
To handle this it would be better idea to make a subclass of JPanel and override isOpaque() to return false. Then use this 'Trasparent Panel' for all the panels where ever transparency is required.I beg to differ. From a design standpoint, I'd find it terrible (in the pejorative sense of the word) to design a subclass to inconsistently override a getter whereas the standard API already exposes the property (both get and set) for what it's meant: specify whether the panel is opaque.
Leveraging this subclass would mean changing all lines where a would-be-transparent JPanel is currently instantiated, and instantiate the subclass instead.
If you're editing all such lines anyway, you might as well change the explicit new JPanel() for a call to a factory method createTransparentJPanel(); this latter could, at the programmer's discretion, implement transparency whichever way makes the programmer's life easier (subclass if he pleases, although that makes me shudder, or simply call thePanel.setOpaque(false) before returning the panel). That way the "transparency" code is centralized in a single easy to maintain location.
I had to read the code for that latter's UI classes to find out the keys to use (+Panel.background+, Label.foreground, etc.), as I happened to not find this info in an authoritative document - I see that you seem to know thoses keys, may I ask you where you got them from?
One of best utilities I got from this forum, written by camickr makes getting these keys and their values very easy. You can get it from his blog [(->link)|]
Definitely. I bit a pair of knucles off when discovered it monthes after cumbersomely traversing the BasicL&F code...
Still, it is a matter-of-fact approach (and this time I don't mean that to sound pejorative), that works if you can test the result for a given JDK version and L&F, but doesn't guarantee that these keys are there to stand - an observation, but not a specification.
Thanks TBM for highlighting this blog entry, that's the best keys list device I have found so far, but the questions still holds as to what specifies the keys.
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    This is my first time writing a GUI, and I'm pretty new to Swing and Java. I just recently switched from C++, and so far Java seems to be doing a nice job =)
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                 AND (EffEndDt IS NULL )
    1. Which is the best place in ViewObject class, where I will be able to create common view criteria, include it with existing criterias.
    Thanks in Advance.

    No it is not working. I've tested. When i test your implementation in my sample using AM tester, it is not at all going inside getCriteriaItemClause(ViewCriteriaItem pViewCriteriaItem). For example when i say, AM.findViewObject(String ViewObjectName), followed by getEstimatedRowCount(), it should apply common filter criteria and give me the result.
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    1     Hr          1-Jan-2010     
    2     Purchasing     1-Jan-2010     31-Dec-2010
    3     Shipping             1-Jan-2010     31-Dec-2055
    4     Sales          1-Jan-2010     
    Common criteria to be applied (Programatically) : :bind_current_date between StartDate and EndDate or :bind_current_date >= StartDate and EndDate is null
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              It should give me 3 records (Hr, Shipping, Sales)
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             a. DeptView = AM.findViewObject("DepartmentVO")
             b. Apply 'NotSalesDeptVC' to the default row set, followed by executeQuery
             c. DeptView.getEstimatedRowCount()
              It should give me 2 records. (Hr, Shipping)
    Case 4:
             a. DeptView = AM.findViewObject("DepartmentVO")
             b. Unapply the applied 'NotSalesDeptVC', followed by executeQuery
             c. DeptView.getEstimatedRowcount()
              It should give me 3 records (Hr, Shipping, Sales)Essence is at any point of time, User should always work with active records. He no need to write extra logic to retrieve only the active records but the base Viewobject impl should have. Note, All of my view objects are custom java data source implemented and not query based. Similarly it does not meant that all of my VOs will be having some business specific View criteria. Some VOs may have. Some VOs may not have. However basic active records criteria is applicable for all VOs

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    Hi everybody, I've written a small class extending the default JTextArea, intended to provide the functionality of a small, descriptive item in JPanels.
    import java.awt.*;
    import javax.swing.*;
    public class JInfoTextArea extends JTextArea{
         public JInfoTextArea(String text){
    //          setBackground(contentPane.getBackground());
    }As you can see, there formerly used to be a third parameter, namely contentPane, which contained a reference to the parent Container in order to set the TextArea's background color appropriately for transparency.
    Now, is there ANY way to retrieve the background color without either passing a dedicated parameter or doing something like
    setBackground((new JPanel()).getBackground());Any help is greatly appreciated!
    Yours, Stefanie

    To answer your original question the UIManager contains properties of the various components. In case your interested the following program has a fancy GUI display of all the components:

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    basically in the input textbox its storing all the lookup values as "ID|value "in choices attribute (I saw this in browser dev tools)
    I tried to set the textbox color everytime it loses focus using blur,however its always returning the previous value instead of current selected value.
    Is there any way we can achieve this,Any solutions/thoughts
    Thanks everyone..

    hi i bet you need to amend your jquery script to get onclick values and put it with like append HTML if you want to use Jquery.
    Also did you know you could use javascript in calculated column with type number?
    Imposible is nothing

  • How to set cell background color for JCheckBox renderer in JTable?

    I need to display table one row with white color and another row with customized color.
    But Boolean column cannot set color background color.
    Here is my codes.
    import javax.swing.*;
    import javax.swing.border.*;
    import javax.swing.table.*;
    import javax.swing.event.*;
    import java.awt.*;
    import java.awt.event.*;
    import java.util.TreeSet;
    public class BooleanTable extends JFrame
        Object[][] data = {{Boolean.TRUE},{Boolean.TRUE},{Boolean.TRUE},{Boolean.TRUE},{Boolean.TRUE},{Boolean.TRUE}};
        String[] header = {"CheckBoxes"};
        public BooleanTable()
            setDefaultCloseOperation( EXIT_ON_CLOSE );
            TableModel model = new AbstractTableModel()
                public String getColumnName(int column)
                    return header[column].toString();
                public int getRowCount()
                    return data.length;
                public int getColumnCount()
                    return header.length;
                public Class getColumnClass(int columnIndex)
                    return( data[0][columnIndex].getClass() );
                public Object getValueAt(int row, int col)
                    return data[row][col];
                public boolean isCellEditable(int row, int column)
                    return true;
                public void setValueAt(Object value, int row, int col)
                    data[row][col] = value;
                    fireTableCellUpdated(row, col);
            JTable table = new JTable(model);
            table.setDefaultRenderer( Boolean.class, new MyCellRenderer() );
            getContentPane().add( new JScrollPane( table ) );
            setLocationRelativeTo( null );
            setVisible( true );
        public static void main( String[] a )
            catch( Exception e )
            new BooleanTable();
        private class MyCellRenderer extends JCheckBox implements TableCellRenderer
            public MyCellRenderer()
            public Component getTableCellRendererComponent(JTable
                                                           table, Object value, boolean isSelected, boolean
                                                           hasFocus, int row, int column)
                if (isSelected) {
                } else {
                   if (row % 2 == 0) {
                   } else {
                      setBackground(new Color(239, 245, 217));
                setSelected( Boolean.valueOf( value.toString() ).booleanValue() );
             return this;

    Instead of extending JCheckBox, extend JPanel... put a checkbox in it. (border layout center).
    Or better yet, don't extend any gui component. This keeps things very clean. Don't extend a gui component unless you have no other choice.
    private class MyCellRenderer implements TableCellRenderer {
        private JPanel    _panel = null;
        private JCheckBox _checkBox = null;
        public MyCellRenderer() {
            //  Create & configure the gui components we need
            _panel = new JPanel( new BorderLayout() );
            _checkBox = new JCheckBox();
            _checkBox.setHorizontalAlignment( SwingConstants.CENTER );
            // Layout the gui
            _panel.add( _checkBox, BorderLayout.CENTER );
        public Component getTableCellRendererComponent(JTable table, Object value,
            boolean isSelected, boolean hasFocus, int row, int column) {
            if( isSelected ) {
            } else {
               if( row % 2 == 0 ) {
               } else {
                  _panel.setBackground(new Color(239, 245, 217));
            _checkBox.setSelected( Boolean.valueOf( value.toString() ).booleanValue() );
            return _panel;

  • How can I change background color for a text field

    Hi I tried this
    working fine in IE
    but not working in Netscape.. any other way to set the background color?

    Netscape 4.x does not support this feature. Only Netscape 6.x does.

  • How can I select a smaller font for all components of a Swing application?

    The default size of font in Java Look and Feel is 12, how can I change it to 10 globally for my Swing application ?
    Thanks for your help.

    It is not very simple because all components don't use the same fonts and if you don't want to subclass the l&f you can do this :
    after setting the l&f (in the main for example)
    Font f = new Font("dialog", Font.PLAIN, 11);
    UIManager.put("MenuItem.font", f);
    UIManager.put("Menu.font", f);
    UIManager.put("MenuItem.acceleratorFont", new Font("dialog", Font.PLAIN, 10));
    UIManager.put("Label.font", f);
    UIManager.put("Button.font", f);
    UIManager.put("ToggleButton.font", f);
    UIManager.put("ToolTip.font", f);
    UIManager.put("List.font", f);
    UIManager.put("Table.font", f);
    UIManager.put("TextField.font", f);
    UIManager.put("ComboBox.font", f);
    UIManager.put("RadioButton.font", f);
    UIManager.put("CheckBox.font", f);
    UIManager.put("RadioButtonMenuItem.font", f);
    UIManager.put("CheckBoxMenuItem.font", f);
    UIManager.put("TableHeader.font", f);
    UIManager.put("Spinner.font", f);
    UIManager.put("Panel.font", f);etc...

  • How to call common error pages for all the exceptions

    Hi All
    I have created the common ErrorPage in my application. In case of any error whether SQL,IO or JBO I want that error page be displayed. In the page definition I have given the errorpage name and also defined the error page as IS_ERROR_PAGE = true.But it is throwing Jbo exception at the top of the page itself.No redirection to the error page is done.
    Though I have gone through various threads in this forum but still its not clear how to get the things working.
    Can anyone please help me out in this regard?

    I assume you mean that you set the error page in the web.xml file. Note that exceptions are handled first by the JSF framework. Please have a look at the developer guide

  • How to giv diff varible values for all the queries in a Workbook?

    Hello BI Gurus,
              I have an issue with the variable in a the workbook,
    I have a workbook in which 4 queries are inserted in the same sheet one below the other and all these queries has same hierarchy variable (same technical name). In all these queries uses different hierarchies but same selection variable.
              Now the issue is , when I refresh the workbook the first queryu2019s variable pops up selection option for the hier variable and when I enter the value this first query runs fine but it carries the same value to another query and fails as the 2nd query uses diff hier.
    All I need is, is there any way by which these queries pop up selection screen separately for every query in workbook?
    Thanks a lot..! have a great day!

    You should open workbook settings and remove tick for display dubplicate veriables omly once.

  • Background color for column heading

    I have 5 columns in my report and I would like to have different background color for column headings. How can I do this in report templates?
    I was looking at Column heading section-
    <th class="t10ReportHeader"#ALIGNMENT# id="#COLUMN_HEADER_NAME#">#COLUMN_HEADER#</th>
    How can I specify backgrund colors for all columns here?
    Thanks in advance

    G'day Karen,
    Thanks for ur reply.
    I have seen this note before, its not that the header colors have changed after latest SP was applied in our systems. Also the ABAP and JAVA stacks are in sync.
    Scenario is that we are trying to set up a new Portal theme for Enterprise Reporting with some specific color codes (hex codes).
    What i have observed is Characterstics Header background color is set up using the element "Background Color of Level 1 Column Heading ".
    While the Background color for Key Figures header is using element "Background Color of Level 2 Column Heading ".
    But the problem is element "Background Color of Level 2 Column Heading " is also used as the Background color for Standard Characterstics cell, so if we make it same the whole report of the same color, which we dont want.
    Requirement is to get the same Background color for Header cells (both Char. and Key Figure headers).
    Any further suggestions will be appreciated.

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