How to save photos in a zip file in ios7

My wife's ipad2 is running ios 7.
She has zip files in her email containing photos.  Clicking on the zip file in Mail opens the photos.  Is this being done outside the Mail app?
Anyway, we want to save the photos to a photo roll in the Photo app.  Holding a finger to the photo brings up a "copy" option and nothing else.  Is it necessary to first unzip the attachment to save in the Photo app?  If so, how?

I researched this a little.  GoodReader for IOS 7 seems to be still a work in progress.
A recent article in MacWorld: s-in-mail-messages-with-quick-look.html
says that in IOS 7 you can unzip in Mail and
"You can then send individual files to the program of your choice with Open In, save images to your camera roll".
I have not been able to get an "Open In" choice by tapping anything.  Am I missing something?  Thanks,

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    Hi Sherrie L,
    Adobe Send is Adobe's current solution for sending large files. (It's Adobe SendNow that's retiring soon.) Can you tell us what trouble you were running into using Adobe Send?
    There isn't a special version of Zip files for Acrobat, but you could reduce the PDF file size if you have Acrobat. Or, in Windows, you can create a Zip file by choosing File > Send to > Compressed (Zipped) Folder.

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    Step 1. Connect Your Android Phone to Computer
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    Hi friends,
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    Praveen Reddy.J

    Heyy man, i think, u did not get my problem.
    all i have to do is:
    i have to create a zip file, and we should secure it with password when creating. and whenever the user wants to open that zip file he should provide correct passowrd otherwise he could not read that file. So, we should check for that also.
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  • How to save my emails and adressbook files from an old ibook?

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    A running MacBook
    External Screen (and cables to connect)
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    Don't know how helpful this will be but I often copy mail from one computer to another, I drag the mail from the mail window to the other computers drop box, then from the other computer double click it and mail asks me what I want to do with it, of course without a screen you'd need to use back to my mac.
    If you don't have back to my mac running, you could set up a second user account on the newer mac, import everything via target mode as suggested by c above, and then drag the mail to the first user account drop box.

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    thank you

    Do you really need an Excel file (binary) or a simple CSV?
    If you just need a CSV then search for DUMP_CSV at or at this forum
    If you need formatting and/or multiple worksheets then you can use free tools like or

  • How to save infopath form in XML file

    How to save InfoPath form in XML file.
    I want every new record in InfoPath form save in XML file and also retrieve these records from XML like databases

    Based on your description, my understanding is that you want to save InfoPath form in XML file.
    I have done a test in my SharePoint, Do the following steps:
    Create an form library and publish an InfoPath form into it, Then when we create new document into the form library, it is by default that InfoPath form is saved in XML file.
    Best Regards,
    Lisa Chen
    Lisa Chen
    TechNet Community Support

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    How to save photo from iPad to external memory card?

    It's very difficult.  I have read where some people have done this with much angst.  You can use the camera connection kit to load pictures to your iPad.  The reverse is not really supported.  A much simpler solution would be to email the photo to your home email account and then copy it to external memory. 

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    One of the simplest questions re Swing.
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    Yes, I have searched, searched and searched on the net, in vain.

    Assuming he's wanting to do the reasonable thing, I'm trying to do it too.
    linuxoid, I suspect he (and I) are looking for a way to save the contents. After all, a control that you can't get the information out of is pretty useless.
    Styled text is often just a BLOB to the rest of the app. It is in my case, and it probably is in his.
    I'm having the same trouble he is.
    I want to make a JTextPane, let the user edit it, then get some reasonably portable representation of it's current contents that I can serialize. A string representation of XML sounds dandy. Incomprehensible binary is acceptable. A representation in some markup language that I can insert in some other document and have it act like I'm inserting text in the editor would make me more than happy.
    Ideally, what I, and probably he, are looking for is something like
    JTextPane myPainIsGreat = new JTextPane();
    ... life goes on...the user writes poetry and turns the words tacky colors...
    String thisICanDealWith = myPainIsGreat.getStyledTextRepresentation();
    knowing better I'd settle for
    sadly, JTextPane's write just returns unstyled text

  • How to save photos from Facebook on Nokia Asha 210...

    Anyone know how to save photos from Facebook or from Facebook messenger on the Asha 210? Can't seem to find a way to save photos people post or send me to my phone.

    hi mate if there are no options within the Facebook app, the only other thing you can try is visiting the mobile version of the Facebook website thru the phone browser itself, and seeing if there is a save picture option in there..

  • How to save data into an excel file ?

    I am working on using computer to corol HP8510 Network Analyzer System. Firstlly, I save my data into a notepad.Now I want to save them directly into an excel file. Is there anybody can give me any clue?
    Attachments: ‏165 KB

    The attached zip file contains several VI's to read and write directly to Excel using ActiveX. There are several example VI showing how to use everything. This set is saved in LabVIEW 6.0.2.
    I suggest you unzip these to your user.lib directory so you'll be able to easily access them from the functions palette.
    I have not actually used these, but others that have say they have worked well for them.
    Good Luck
    Ed Dickens - Certified LabVIEW Architect - DISTek Integration, Inc. - NI Certified Alliance Partner
    Using the Abort button to stop your VI is like using a tree to stop your car. It works, but there may be consequences.
    Attachments: ‏898 KB

  • How to save photos from an external memory

    How do I save photos to my new MacBook Air from an external memory (StoreEdge)? And how do I know where the photos that I can view in Iphoto are stored? I thought I had copied a whole Iphoto library from StoreEdge to my MacBook, but when I try to remove the StoreEdge it says that it's not possible because it's being used.

    You can import the photos into iPhoto by using the iPhoto File menu "Import to Library."
    The default location for the iPhoto Library is username/Pictures/iPhoto Library
    You should only work with the library using iPhoto (i.e., don't attempt to open the library and work with the files inside directly from Finder).

  • How to save pictures with the config file "Write"

    hi all,
    On my front panel I've few controls pictures containing photos (JPG type) . The user can select the photo he wants using the classic file dialog box.
    Usally I use the config files VI's to save the control values from one run to another one. In the config files VIs, I use the polymorphic "write" wich accept only booean, I32, U32, path, and string dada type, but no picture !
    I've tried the "flatten to string" fonction (picture --> flatten to string --> , no broken wire but the conversion is very very too long and to heavy (20Mo a key!).
    another way, would be to write in a xml file, I've also tried but I've always get the 1104 error: No end tag was found for an XML start/end tag pair.
    can someone help me.
    what is the best way for  retrieving controls pictures with photos

    Hi GerdW
    Many thanks for your quick answer. Always happy to get advises from fellow programmers.
    You suggest to use the "path" input of the "write" (configuration file utilities) to retrieve photos that a user would have selected in a previous run. Could be a good solution in a number of applications but what I would like to do is like in a excel or word file. Once a photo has been embeded in one xls file for ex., I find it back each time i open this xls file, even if the original photo's file has been deleted or if my application runs on another computer.
    xml file looks interesting for that purpose (i mean used as config file). I can easily store in a xml file a labview picture (like a colored rectangle e.g.) but when i try with a photo (wich is a also a picture) labview returns always the error 1104.
    How to fixe this error, or maybe  there is another way to store photos in a config file without passing through xml,
    kind regards.

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