How to set the servlet context path manually in Tomcat web server.

I tested some servlets by putting them in the folder , which the tomcats examples application uses (ie Tomcat 4.1\webapps\examples\WEB-INF\classes\) and it appeared to be working fine.
I was calling the servlet like this : http://localhost:2006/examples/servlet/TestServlet
But when I installed my own WAR file in the server , the servlet is not working now. now the new location of my servlets is : Tomcat 4.1\webapps\MyApp\WEB-INF\classes\
and I'm trying to call the servlet like this : http://localhost:2006/MyApp/servlet/TestServlet
The error , what i'm getting is :
description :The requested resource (/MyApp/servlet/TestServlet) is not available.
Some body please tell where I'm making the mistake ? I believe this may have something to do with the servlet context path setting. If anybody has any idea , how to set the path..will be much appreciated.

Thanx for your reply , at first I was not using any web.xml(since not mandatory) but even after using the web.xml file the error is coming . Please have a look into the contents of the web.xml file and let me know if you find any problem...
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<!DOCTYPE web-app
PUBLIC "-//Sun Microsystems, Inc.//DTD Web Application 2.3//EN"
one more thing I would like to tell you here. I was just looking into the configuration of Iplanet web server..I found that , there are options to set the servlet container path (like : - Prefix: /servlet
Servlet Directory: /ecomm/iplanet/nes60/product/docs/container )
so from here I came to know that "container " is the folder where we should put our servlets and it has URI as "servlet" but yet I'm not able to find any option in the Tomcat Web server to set the servlet container to any different directory.
If you have any idea please let me know.

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    Email: [email protected]
    hope this help!!! java tutor style :D

  • How to set the Context path to AAA/BBB in Weblogic 5.1?

    Hi folks,
              I want to deploy a web application and set the servlet context as:
              AAA/BBB. Put more simply, my application should be accessible via the
              where http://localhost:7001/AAA/BBB maps to my document root.
              One work around is to set the context to AAA:
              And in the deployment descriptor (web.xml) to register all servlets
              with a BBB/ prepended to the desired alias:
              But this solution does not work for me. Parts of the application refer
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    What you have done for changing the context root to "/" is all fine but it is important to know that there is a ROOT.war in the deploy folder of JBoss which by default gets bound to "/" context. You must be getting the error message like "Web mapping already exists for deployment" when you would be starting your JBoss server after changing your context root to "/". So either you can completely remove the ROOT.war from the deploy folder or change the context-root of ROOT.war by updating its web.xml like:
    <display-name>Welcome to JBoss</display-name>
    Welcome to JBoss
    <servlet-name>Status Servlet</servlet-name>
    and also update the jboss-web.xml of ROOT.war:
    I hope this serves your purpose.
    There can be a workaround also by modifying the index.html of ROOT.war in the deploy folder of your server and redirect request to your web application using meta refresh like:
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    By default, RMAN automatically names control file backups and stores them in the flashrecovery area.
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    Ensure that RMAN retains all backups needed to recover the database to any point in time in the last 7 days:
    Retain three backups of each datafile:
    Delete backups no longer required by the retention policy:
    To override the configured retention policy for individual backups - use BACKUP.. KEEP (or CHANGE.. KEEP)
    Configure backups to run in parallel by assigning two sbt channels:
    Reset any CONFIGURE setting to its default by running the command with the CLEAR option
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    If you need to access EJB components that are residing in a remote system other than the system where the application client is being developed, set the values for the Java Virtual Machine startup options:
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    java -Dorg.omg.CORBA.ORBInitialHost=${ORBhost} -Dorg.omg.CORBA.ORBInitialPort=${ORBport} <the main class>
    That should do it..

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    11:23:54 Error: ORA-29532: Java call terminated by uncaught Java exception: oracle.xml.sql.OracleXMLSQLException: Start of root element expected.
    ORA-06512: at "SYS.DBMS_XMLSAVE", line 65
    ORA-06512: at "SCOTT.INSPROC", line 8
    ORA-06512: at line 2
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    Hi, I am doing the code likthis,please give the solution.
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    2 insCtx DBMS_XMLSave.ctxType;
    3 l_ctx dbms_xmlsave.ctxtype;
    4 rows number;
    5 begin
    6 insCtx := DBMS_XMLSave.newContext(tableName); -- get the context handle
    7 rows := DBMS_XMLSave.insertXML(insCtx,xmlDoc); -- this inserts the document
    8 DBMS_XMLSave.closeContext(insCtx); -- this closes the handle
    9 end;
    10 /
    Procedure created.
    SQL> begin
    2 insProc('/usr/tmp/ROWSET.xml', 'emp');
    3 end;
    4 /
    ERROR at line 1:
    ORA-29532: Java call terminated by uncaught Java exception: oracle.xml.sql.OracleXMLSQLException:
    Start of root element expected.
    ORA-06512: at "SYS.DBMS_XMLSAVE", line 65
    ORA-06512: at "SCOTT.INSPROC", line 7
    ORA-06512: at line 2
    Kishore B

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    yes  i can found the words's unicode form Cmaps where may be at the type of tounicde and another Cmaps table just like "Adobe-GB1-GBK-EUC" ,but when the word dont have either of them how can i do? when i write a chinese word "一",it just the winansi encoding ,  there is not Cmap for me to use to change the "G208f" to the word "一"'s unicode value.
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    I use JSP to generate a report, but it will take about 10 minutes to search.
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    It's not a matter of how long the servlet is running... it's the browser timing out because the servlet hasn't responded to its request.
    You have several options:
    1) "Browser Pinging"
    Your servlet sends some small data which can be either seen or unseen (html comments, hidden chars, etc) by the user at short intervals while your report is running. When the report is finished, the browser will not have timed out because it has been "snacking" on those small bits of data which tell the browser its original request was both heard and being handled. I don't think there is any timeout in IE as long as it receives data continually (or at least before its own timeout mark over and over again...)
    2) Multithreaded processing
    This would probably be a better approach. Have the report run in a separate thread running on the server. You'd want to store a reference to this executing report in the user's session. Instead of making the browser wait for the report to be finished, have the servlet check the user's session to see if a report exists and is running. If one does not exist, create one and start its execution. If one does exist, and is still running, print a "please wait" type of message OR an animation, etc... along with some javascript which will reload the page every few seconds. If the page reloads and the servlet sees that the report is finished, it can then display it to the user.
    Hope this helps,

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    I am trying to figure out how to set the report path in a process model plug-in. I can seem to figure out how to get access to it. It seems like this would be a reasonable thing to do since the plug-ins are for results processing. Does anyone know how to do this? We typically use the Sequential process model but I am trying to keep my plug-in as independent of that as possible. 
    Go to Solution.

    If I understand, you want your plug-in, when enabled, to alter the settings of any other instances of the NI report plug-in such that their reports share the same directory as your plug-in is configured to use.
    If so, your plug-in can access and modify the settings of all other plug-in instances. All instances are passed to all plug-in entries point in the plugins array sub-property of the ModelConfiguration parameter. You can iterate through this array. Any element of the array with a Base.SequenceFilename equal to "NI_ReportGenerator.seq" is an instance of the NI report plug-in. Its report options are stored in the element under PluginSpecific.Options.
    You can change the report options to what ever you want. Note that the ReportOptions model callback is called from the Initialize model-plugin entry point, so you might want to ensure that your changes are applied after that, so they aren't overwritten. To do that, you could make your changes in the the Initialize entry point of your plug-in, and ensure that your plugin runs last. To make it run last, you could set the FileGlobals.ModelPluginComponentDescription.Default.Base.RunOrder in your plug-in file to a value greater than 0, such as 1.0 (see TestStand Help>>Fundamentals>>Process Model Architecture>>Process Model Plug-in Architecture>>Structure of Plug-in Sequence Files>>Model Plug-in Entry Points>>Order of Entry Point Execution at Run Time).

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    Hi All,
    Im new to Indesign Plugin Development.Can any one help me out with my problem.
    What i want to do is to run a javascript using Plugin Code.When i went through this forum i was able to find out that i should use the IscriptRunner Class to automate this.I could also figure out that the Member Function to use is "CanHandleFile" &"RunFile".
    The first parameter in CanHandleFile & RunFile Member Function is to specify the path of the JavaScript File i suppose!I could also find out that IDFile has to used to set the file path Information.
    But im clueless how to set the Javascript FilePath using IDFile.Can any one help me how to do this?Any Code Snippets Please?
    Waiting for reply.

    Hi,  Andreas<br /><br />  Can you explain this in detail? I found it in your post before.<br /><br />  The content of elements are returned through the Characters callback function:<br /><br />From ISaxContentHandler.h:<br /><br />/**<br />        Receives character data<br /><br />The parser will call this method to report each chunk of<br />        character data. SAX parsers may return all contiguous<br />        character data in a single chunk, or they may split it into<br />        several chunks. But all characters in any single<br />        event must come from the same external entity so the<br />        Locator provides useful information.<br /><br />Note some parsers will report whitespace using the<br />        IgnorableWhitespace() method rather than this one (validating<br />        parsers must do so).<br /><br />@param Chars The characters from the XML document.<br />        */<br />virtual void Characters(const PMString& chars) = 0; <br /><br />  What i have done is implement my own SAXContentHandlerServiceBoss, and in my file XXXSAXContentHandler.cpp, I override the fonctions StartElement, EndElement, and Characters() like below: I add the PMString xmlData to collect the file content:<br /><br />class XXXSAXContentHandler : public CSAXContentHandler<br />{<br />void XXXSAXContentHandler::Characters(const WideString& chars)<br />{<br />xmlData.Append(chars);<br />}<br /><br />void XXXSAXContentHandler::StartElement(const WideString& uri, const WideString& localname, const WideString& qname, ISAXAttributes* attrs)<br />{<br />xmlData.Append("<"); xmlData.Append(localname); xmlData.Append(">");<br />}<br />void XXXSAXContentHandler::EndElement(const WideString& uri, const WideString& localname, const WideString& qname)<br />{<br />xmlData.Append("</"); xmlData.Append(localname); xmlData.Append(">");<br />}<br /><br />}<br /><br />and in my program, I use the code below to call the fonction I overrided, but I dont know how I can get the String xmlData I defined in the XXXSAXContentHandler.cpp<br /><br />InterfacePtr<IK2ServiceRegistry> serviceRegistry(gSession, UseDefaultIID());<br /><br />InterfacePtr<IK2ServiceProvider> xmlProvider(serviceRegistry->QueryServiceProviderByClassID(kXMLParserService, kXMLParserServiceBoss));<br /><br />InterfacePtr<ISAXServices> saxServices(xmlProvider, UseDefaultIID());<br />InterfacePtr<ISAXContentHandler> saxHandler(::CreateObject2<ISAXContentHandler>(kXXXSAXContentHandlerServiceBoss));<br />saxHandler->Register(saxServices);<br />bool16 parseFailed = saxServices->ParseStream(readStream, saxHandler);<br /><br />Can you give me any help?<br /><br />Thanks and regards!

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    Concatenate the field SY-SYSID, SY-UNAME and SY-DATUM for the file path

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