How to suppress zero values in EVDRE Report?

In my EVDRE Report I need zero values to be suppressed.
But SAP BPC NW 7.0 Help says that
The system does not suppress rows or columns returning a zero (where a zero amount is stored in the database)
So how can I suppress zero values?
P.S. In SAP BPC 7.0 for Microsoft platform "Suppress" parameter suppresses both zero and NULL values just like I need.

I have next options in EVDRE ExpandRange:
ExpandIn     COL     ROW
Dimension     TIME     P_ACTIVITY
MemberSet     DEP     BASMEMBERS
Suppress          Y
And my result is
     2009.JAN     2009.FEB     2009.MAR
EMPL1     1,00       1,00       1,00 
EMPL2     1,00       1,00       1,00 
EMPL3     1,00       1,00       1,00 
PC     1,00       1,00       1,00 
SQM     1,00       1,00       1,00 
LABMAN     0,00       0,00       0,00 
LABPRD     0,00       0,00       0,00 
MACHRS     0,00       0,00       0,00 
MAINT     0,00       0,00       0,00 
NONE     0,00       0,00       0,00 
MACH1     0,00       0,00       0,00 
MACH2     0,00       0,00       0,00 
MACH3     0,00       0,00       0,00
As you can see zero rows present.
I'm on SAP BPC 7.0 NW SP7.

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    Hi Alebet,
    With reporting services to pass values from sub report in to main report is not supported directly.
    But there are some workarounds through which you can get this .
    There are two ways to get this.
    1- Put your sub report query into some table. i mean to say through the subreport query get some temporary table.
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    Menu>Formatting>Report Layout and then tab Rows. Check if setting under 'Treatment of zero rows' helps.

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    Hi Gurus,
    When I tried to suppress zeroes localy in the query report, its throwing an error message
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    The error is not only for suppression of zero values, but for all the tabular fns in the query properties when we click after the query execution

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        by default, i am getting the initial values (zeros 0.00 for qty. fields) for the fields that am displaying in table to suppress the zeroes (fields for which no values are there) in table control? any option like we have in alv (no_zeros) avbl? thanks all

    u are getting 0.00  bcos these are the field properties , so u have to create a new field for ur requirement.
    check the field attributes in SE51,
    DICT = DEC Format.
    Program = No Check for leading ZEROS.
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            Prabhu Peram

  • Suppressing NuLL values in Crystal Report

    I m facing a problem,i use and  I have designed a Crystal Report.I had to place Text Objects in the the details section along with the corresponding Records from Database as per the Reports Design needed. Now i want that the NULL values in the report should be suppressed and should be disappeared  along with the static Text Objects. Like as it happens in Grid view in ASP .net
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    Thank you

    I think i have been able to do it with little compliated suppress logic.
    When i design the report this is how it looks in design mode:
    Line1  Field1
    Line2  Field2
    Line3  Field3
    and when Field 2 is null or contains a blank string the output should look like:
    Line1  Field1
    Line3  Field3
    1. Initially just design the text fields and db fields without any suppress.
    2. Check Suppress for Line 2 and use the formula: isnull({Table.Field2}) . Do nothing to Field2. This should suppress Line2 when Field2 is null, you can also add StrCmp({Table.Field2}, "") = 0 for checking blank strings.
    3. Now copy Object Line3 and Field3 and place on top of Line2 and Field2 respectively so that their positions match. Let these newly copied objects be Line3_1 and Field3_1 respectively.
    4. Line3_1 and Field3_1 should be suppressed if Field2 contains a non null value. So for both of them Click Suppress checkbox and add the following in the format formula editor not isnull({Table.Field2})
    5. If Line3_1 and Field3_1 are visible = Field2 is null\empty -> Line3 and Field3 should be suppressed or the output would be like:
    Line1 Field1
    Line3 Field3
    Line3 Field3
    So to remove the duplicate:
    For both of them Click Suppress checkbox and add the following in the format formula editor isnull({Table.Field2})
    Hope this helps. I will see if I can attach a sample report based on xtreme here.

  • Suppress zero values for data labels in a stacked bar chart.

    I've seen this question asked before, but I can't seem to find anyone who knows how to do this.  I've made a stacked bar chart from a crosstab result, and I don't want to show labels that have a zero value.  This seems like others would have this same issue as it can really clutter up a chart.  The link below shows my chart.  I am trying to remove the labels that say "On-PW 0"

    the steps below will work on a regular chart..not sure about stacked...
    1) in Preview mode of the report click on a Y axis value and go to Data Y Axis Options
    2) go to Scale and set  a Minimum Value of .001
    3) check the Don't Draw Out Of Scale Values

  • How to pass a value from the report to a form ( BIT OF URGENT ).

    I had created a "Form on a Table with Report" on the report I had remove the edit link and set one of the column feilds that functionality. Now I want to know how to pass that value that is clicked ( having hyper link ) on to the form where it runs a SQL query and then displays the reuslts on the form.
    Illustrating with an example.
    I am having these following columns on the report ( these are the results for the join statement )
    In the above JOBNUM is having Hyper link as I removed the edit image.
    Now this is area I am having problem. When the user clicked on the JOBNUM then on form it should display 20 other columns( pulled from 5 other tables ) which are related to that particualr JOBNUM.
    Anybody give me a solution in which area I have to include my SQL statement and how to pass that selected value to that SQL statement.

    Hi Ron,
    I am doing exaclty what you have suggested me but no luck. I started changing the DEMO_CUSTOMERS application to my requirements.The report is working fine and on the report I have created a page attribute to the Hyper linked column and linked that to the page 2 and assign that attribute with #JOBNUM#.
    I am able to pass that value on to form when I click on the JOBNUM. But the problem is I am not able to pass that value into the SQL query so that my query pulls 20+ columns on to the Form ( which is second page ).
    Small clarification... On the form region it is said FORM NAME and type is HTML is that is the way the APEX was designed or does it need to say region type as FORM.
    Thanks for your help in advance.

  • How to get the value from another report Customizes Form

    Dear all,
    I create a report such as
    select * from mytable.table1
    where field1 = :bind_variable
    I create a menu to run this Customized Form and user have to select the bind_variable values. So I have another report created which also want this bind_variable as it WHERE Clause. But I don't want my user to key the same bind variable twice. They can just same the Customized Form and run for both report.
    Could anybody know how to get the bind_variable on 1st report and used by the 2nd report.
    Thank you very much.
    Best Rgds,
    SL Voon

    are you on BI7.0? There you can create variables type replacement path and get the value out from a different variable without any coding.

  • How to add HEX values in a Report.

    I have a special requirement. I need to add hex values in a report. To be specific, the special HEX characters: 0D 0A 0C 0C, has to be added to TOP of PAGE event.
    Drawing What I want will be something like that:
    This is a Report that has to be send to the spool. Once in the spool will be converted to TXT file. I created a small code using print control function but still It is doesn’t working.
    I defined a print control ZPAGE as ‘0D 0A 0C 0C’.
    Any idea how to do this?.
    ** This report doesn’t include the Top-of Page event.
    ** Example Report.
    Data: String1(120) type c value 'ABCDEFHGIJKLMNOZVCXC'.
    WRITE : /.
    WRITE : string1.
    This is what I see in SP01 as HEX View

    If you download spool to file like that, you are still getting the spool in SAP format, it's not going to have the hex chars. You need to print the file by clicking on printer button. SAP generates file in printer readable format and send it to printer. I'm refering to that file.
    Ask your basis folks to write the spool output reqest file to a file instead of sending to the printer. Open that file in hex viewer.

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    how i want get one value from sub report to sub report..
    can i do this one...
    how can get the value.
    i know main report to sub report
    i tried that way but
    value is  0.00 is comming
    Any reasons.

    Hi Try this.
    Create a formula like this in subreport1 (from the report where you want to pass your value)
    Shared Numbervar x :={subreport1Value};
    Then go to 2nd sub report and Create a formula like this
    Shared Numbervar x ;
    Note :Your sub report1 should execute before sub report2 .That means sub report1 should be in the above section of sub report2

  • Suppressing Zero values in a column

    Hi Gurus,
    I am trying to suppress all values for Zero for just one column in a query. I want the column to display it as blank when the value is zero and show the value when it is not zero.
    Any suggestions please?

    Hi Voodi,
    Thanks for ur response, I know abt going to the properties to do that,but it will suppress the value for all the columns and I am trying to suppress for just one column and not all the columns.
    Let me know if you have any other suggestion.

  • How to pass parameter values to a report befor schedule it?

    I tried to use Business Objects web service to schedule a report. But I failed to pass in any parameter values. The report was able to run successfully. But check all history from Infoview, all parameter are with NULL value. Does anybody encounter the same problem and has good resolution for this? Many thanks.
    Here's my code:
    // Logon Crystal Report Server
    // Find Report
    GetOptions oGetOptions = new GetOptions();
    oGetOptions.IncludeSecurity = false;
    ResponseHolder rh = _bipService.Get("cuid://<" + reportCuid + ">@SI_SCHEDULEINFO, SI_PROCESSINFO", oGetOptions);
    InfoObjects oInfoObjects = rh.InfoObjects;
    if (oInfoObjects == null || oInfoObjects.InfoObject == null) return;
    // Set Scheduling Info
    CrystalReport oReport = (CrystalReport)oInfoObjects.InfoObject[0];
    oReport.Name = oInfoObjects.InfoObject[0].Name;
    SchedulingInfo oSchedulingInfo = oReport.SchedulingInfo;
    oSchedulingInfo.RightNow = true;
    oSchedulingInfo.ScheduleType = (ScheduleTypeEnum.ONCE);
    oReport.SchedulingInfo = oSchedulingInfo; 
    // Set Format Info.
    ReportProcessingInfo procInfo = oReport.PluginProcessingInterface;
    CrystalReportFormatOptions repFormat = new CrystalReportFormatOptions();
    repFormat.Format = ReportFormatEnum.EXCEL;
    repFormat.FormatSpecified = true;
    repFormat.UseExportOptionsInReport = true;
    repFormat.UseExportOptionsInReportSpecified = true;
    procInfo.ReportFormatOptions = repFormat;
    // Get Report Parameters and Set their values
    // I don't know if the step has any problem. I copied from wssdk sample.
    ReportParameter[] repParams = procInfo.ReportParameters;           
    for (int i = 0; i < repParams.Length; i++)
        CurrentValues oCurrentValues = new CurrentValues();
        BusinessObjects.DSWS.BIPlatform.Desktop.PromptValue[] oPromptValue = new BusinessObjects.DSWS.BIPlatform.Desktop.PromptValue[1];
        oPromptValue[0] = new BusinessObjects.DSWS.BIPlatform.Desktop.PromptValue();
        oPromptValue[0].Data = "Test";
        oCurrentValues.CurrentValue = oPromptValue;
        repParams<i>.CurrentValues = oCurrentValues;
    procInfo.ReportParameters = repParams;       
    oReport.PluginProcessingInterface = procInfo;
    // Schedule run the report   
    InfoObjects infoObjects = _bipService.Schedule(oInfoObjects);
    //Get new instance id
    string instanceCuid = infoObjects.InfoObject[0].NewJobID;
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    Can you clarify your scenario? Which is the case you're talking about?
    1) You want to pass a parameter from OmniPortlet to a PL/SQL procedure.
    2) You want to pass a parameter from a PL/SQL procedure to OmniPortlet.
    In both cases the most obvious way of doing it is through request (URL) parameters.
    Render a link in your portlet (either in OmniPortlet or using PL/SQL) that invokes a portal page, containing the other portlet.
    Both OmniPortlet and PL/SQL allow you to wire and access page parameters.
    Take a look at the Using Parameter and Events section of the Portal User's Guide and the Parameters and Events section of the Portal Developer's Guide.
    Hope this helps,

  • How to create zero valued Schedule Agreement

    What is the config required for enabling the creation of zero valued Schedule Agreement?

    Kiran Bhattiprolu wrote:
    What is the config required for enabling the creation of zero valued Schedule Agreement?
    > Thanks,
    > Kiran
    Then you have to maintain info record for material and vendor in that inforecord you have to maintain value then  at the time of sheduling agreement sys will not ask the value it will be taken from info record automatically..
    Thanking you

  • How to remove unassigned(#) value in bex report in 04s

    Any help on hiding/ removing unassigned(#) value in bex report in 04s , the query is created on an infoset( left outer join).

    you can exclude # in your restriction...
    assign points if it helps

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