How to sync Address book with iphone on 10.5, while iphone synced with iCloud?

My mac runs leopard 10.5.8. Meanwhile iPhone is updated to 5.1. and synced with iCloud. As we know, OS X 10.5 can not be synced with iCloud. How to sync Address book with iphone? My Address Book on my mac has almost all contacts that can be found on my iPhone. Even with pictures from FB and extra info such as twitter accounts, etc.
The question is - how can I manage my contacts? Now I have added several new entries to my iPhone, but they won't appear on mac's address book. In iTunes the contacts sync box is unchecked due to the fact that iPhone syncs with iCloud. But then I'm wondering where did Address Book get all the contact updates that were made on iPhone?
I'd like to control this whole thing. And is there such thing as one data base, that could used by all devices and would change entries on all of them, if I change or add something on my iPhone?
Or I just have to get Lion and let the iCloud do the magic?

I just synced my new iPhone (iOS 5.0.1) with the Address Book on my Mac which runs 10.5.8 and iTunes 10.5.2. I launched iTunes and then I connected the iPhone to the Mac. It appeared on the DEVICES list in the left column in iTunes. I selected it and then the Summary screen appeared in the right part of the iTunes window.
In the Backup section of the Summary you can choose whether to 'Back up to iCloud' or 'Back up to this computer'. Even if you have 'Back up to iCloud' selected, there is a 'Sync' button in the bottom right hand corner of the iTUnes window where you can manually initiate a sync with the Mac.
Hope this helps,

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  • Syncing Address book and iCal on 2 computers and iPhone

    I am trying to sync my iPhone with my laptop, but also with my desktop at work. Is there a way to do this without a .mac account. Is there a way to do this. I have my own server and ftp accounts, so it doesn`t make sense for me to get a .mac account.
    My old Treo gave me the ability to update whichever software I was syncing to. But the iPhone seems to just wipe out the old stuff for the new.

    You can synchronize .Mac data types—with the exception of keychains, which are not supported—using SyncTogether from Mark/Space.
    Synchronizing .Mac data types is a much more complicated process than simply having a server which runs FTP, WebDAV or other services.

  • Syncing Address Book to IPod Classic

    Problem: Syncing Address Book to my iPod Classic 80 (using iMac, bought new Dec. 2007)
    I have tried again and again to sync my Address Book to the iPod; with always the same weird results.
    1. When I sync my iPod to the Address Book, only seven contacts of 166 appear on the iPod - THIS is the problem.
    2. On the iTunes Contacts page I have checked; ‘Sync Address Book’ and ‘All Contacts’.
    3. During syncing the window states that it is syncing contacts.
    4. In the list of ‘Selected Groups’ (I always have ‘All Contacts’ checked) groups appear that I have deleted in Address Book.
    5. I used Bento in the past, and didn’t like it; I have moved Bento from the application folder to the Trash. Could Bento be interfering somehow?
    6. On Preferences I have tried vCard 3.1 and 2.0, neither worked - 3.1 is currently selected.
    7. In Address Book, I did an archive backup. And then restored with the archive, no difference, with the sync. The restore worked fine in Address Book.
    8. As a test, in Address Book I deleted one of the seven contacts, that do appear on the iPod (see 1. above); then synced; it still appears on my iPod - the contact that won’t die.
    9. Syncing of Calendars works fine.
    10. I have tried resetting the iPod. Still no difference after syncing, still only seven contacts appear, including the deleted one.
    11. Where is the data for the Address Book stored on the computer? If I deleted all the data files in Address Book, would that help? Would the files rebuild themselves with the restore archive?
    12. The iPod software is up to date.
    13. Resetting the iPod did not change anything.
    14. I did the sync manually - syncing only Contacts, still only seven contacts.
    What can I do? Any ideas would be appreciated. Using the iPod for contacts would very useful - I really do not want to buy another device or a cell phone (PDA) that also stores addresses.
    Thanks, Diane

    OK - Now we have some progress. I did as suggested and 'Reset Sync History', The seven contacts on the iPod are gone! However, it still is not syncing up my contacts. I reset the iPod, tried manually, restarted the computer, etc. - it didn't help. Thank you for the suggestion.
    Thank You, Diane

  • How to sync Address book with iphone(iOS 6) and 10.7.4?

    How to sync Address book with iphone(iOS 6) and 10.7.4

    i'm having this issue too.  it's a bit more complex though i think so i'll give the details:
    a few days ago i added some people to my contacts using my phone. the thing they have in common is they're all new contacts.
    they synced over to my macbook address book ok.
    then a few days later i had to do a full restore of my iphone for various reasons (the new one, already!) which i did. when i then looked in my iphone contacts, these contacts were no longer there. they WERE however, still in my macbook address book.
    so i figured i'd switch icloud syncing off for contacts and then resync to get them back on my phone. it didn't work. so i then turned off icloud sync and tried a good old manual sync via itunes, making sure to check the box for syncing contacts.  it still didn't work.
    now i'm at that odd place where the contacts are in my macbook address book but not in my phone and i can't seem to get them onto my phone (which is frustrating as ultimately they are phone numbers and in my phone is the best place for them!)
    any ideas?

  • Maverick won't permit syncing Address Book or Calendar by USB to iPhone or iPad and permits only syncing by iCloud, which I don't want to use.  Any ideas on how to sync without using iCloud?

    Maverick won't permit syncing Address Book or Calendar by USB cable from my MacBook Air to my iPhone and iPad and permits  syncing only by iCloud.  Mountain Lion permitted this via the Info tab on iTunes.  I don't want to use iCloud.  Any ideas with Maverick on how to sync Address Book and Calendar from computer to iPhone and iPad without using iCloud?

    ymcneil - thanks for the work around. But isn't it amazing Apple forces us to do this to maintain our privacy.
    I live in Australia where there are good privacy laws protecting  citizens. I do not want to be forced to use iCloud when the data sits in  the USA with weaker privacy laws and also able to be seen by the US  Government under the Patriot Act. Further I suspect Apple will  interrogate my contacts and calendar for commercial purposes and I do  not want that either.
    I  chose to synch my calendar and contacts with my iphone and ipad. I have  relied for years on carrying around my phone with my diary on it. I can  no longer do that.
    Whoever  made this decision at Apple has to be someone who knows little about  the world. I can actually see EU regulators getting very annoyed by  this.
    I too woud like the itunes mac to iphone/ipad local backup given back.
    In the meantime - thanks for the work around

  • How can I sync address book to iPhone 3?

    How can I sync address book from mac book pro to iPhone 3?

    Have you tried this article: iOS: Syncing with iTunes - Support - Apple
    Go to the Info Tab in iTunes

  • My MacBook Pro will not sync address book changes with my IPhone.  Why?  It used to.

    My MacBook Pro will not sync address book changes with my IPhone.  Why?  It used to.

    Then you may have to try manually resetting the syncservices folder by following Julian Write's post (from
    Ok, as you can't reset SyncServices in the "normal" way, you'll have to resort to the "other" way:
    Although it's not advised to do so in normal circumstances, you'll need to manually delete the SyncServices folder.
    Before doing so, you MUST make a backup of both your Contacts and Calendars:
    In Address Book, choose *Export > Address Book Archive...* from the File menu.
    In iCal, choose *Back up iCal...* from the File menu.
    Then, make a backup of the SyncServices folder located at:
    ~/Library/Application Support/SyncServices
    By backing everything up first, you don't risk losing anything.
    Finally delete the aforementioned SyncServices folder and restart the Mac. This will force Mac OS X to recreate the SyncServices folder, and hopefully fix your problem.
    I believe in Snow Leopard you can back up your calendar in File>Export>iCal Archive rather than File>Back up iCal as posted above.

  • I bought an iphone 4. I have a MacBook Core Duo running 10.4. My husband has a Core Duo 2 running 10.5.8. Is there a way to move my ical and address book info. to his computer so I can sync with my new iphone?

    I bought an iphone 4. I have a MacBook Core Duo running 10.4. My husband has a Core Duo 2 running 10.5.8. Is there a way to move my ical and address book info. to his computer so I can sync with my new iphone without upgrading software.

    Hello hbell,
    is there any reason that you do not want
    to upgrade to v10.5.? Suggest you call
    1-800-275-2273 Apple Support. Automated call
    yet if you call back you can get in touch with an
    Apple Software Specialist. They may be able to ship
    you Leopard so that you can synch your new iPhone
    to you own computer. Have the serial numbers of your
    Mac and iPhone written down and ready for them.
    As far as transferring data to your husbands MacBook
    so that you can sync your iPhone on it I am really not
    sure. Seems like a lot of trouble to get your data onto
    your iPhone.
    Good Luck,

  • How to sync Address Book and iCal with Samsung GT-S5670 (Galaxy Fit) with Android 2.2 running?

    How to sync Address Book and iCal with Samsung GT-S5670 (Galaxy Fit) with Android 2.2 running?
    Couldn't find any iSync Plug-in nor software for Samsung phones fitting ...
    Thanx for any help!

    if you need to sync your media files as well, you might want to have a look at FoneSync for Android. It features an iTunes like interface and syncs contacts, calendars, music and photos.
    Kind regards
    Jan Fuellemann
    Disclaimer: I work for nova media, but get no benefit or compansation from posting here

  • Sync Address Book with iPhone

    It does not work. Everything else works fine. I tried all combinations for sync address book from MacBook Pro to iPhone and I can not do it....
    I also so a cople of postings... asking if it works both ways... someone responded; Yes it works from iPhone to Mac & from Mac to iPhone...
    Anyone else having this problem? It should be a breeeeezzzzeeee, but I am not be ing successful... HELP

    One more thing to try:
    Reset your sync history.
    Go into Applications and launch iSync. Click the iSync menu and click Preferences. The Reset Sync History button is towards the bottom, underneath Advanced.
    After this, verify your settings are still set correctly, and sync again.

  • Syncing address book with iPad-2 and iPhone 4S.

    Since upgrading to IOS5.01 I have not been able to upload my address book to either my iPad-2 or iPhone 4S.
    Has anyone encountered this problem and successfully resolved it?

    Sorry, but I don't understand what "back end" (Exchange?) is.
    Yes, my mail and calendar appear to work just fine. (Slow when opening, but otherwise OK).

  • Sync address book with google

    Address book does not give me the option to sync with google like it says on the internet. It says for mobile me, exchange and yahoo only. How do I get the option for google.
    My address book version is 4.1.1(699).

    This is a problem I am having also. I don't think it has anything to do with having synchronized another device as I can and have my ipod and address book syncing well (no iphone yet).
    I'm at address book v 4.1.1 (is that most recent) yet there is no box to tick in address book/preferences to sync my address book with gmail. The options for yahoo, exchange and mobile me snycing are there.
    I just ran software update and the mac is fully up to date (or so it says), running osx 10.5.6.
    The only thing I can think of is that my address book has some how missed an update? is there a way to check, i.e. find skipped updates?
    Any suggestions? Thanks.

  • Sync Address Books w/o iphone

    Is it possible to sync address books on two computers (same OSX) without a .mac account nor an iphone? I also tried working through google. And although I have the sync with google option in pref of address book, when I click on it nothing happens after I log into my google account. Does it also need .mac?

    You don't need a MobileMe account for this.
    I'm running Snow Leopard on my Mac and via Address Book preferences there is an option to sync contacts with a Google account, and/or with a Yahoo account.

  • I have an iPhone 3g and it won't sync address book contacts.

    I have an iPhone 3g and it won't sync address book contacts. My iPad does it via the cloud but now my iPhone won't do it. Please help.

    Have you tried a "hard reset"? If so, I would take the phone to an Apple store. If not,
    1. Make sure the phone is OFF
    2. Hold the HOME button and then press the power button and HOLD IT.
    3. Hold both buttons until the phone comes ON, goes OFF and come ON again (about 45 seconds)
    4. Re-sync with iTunes.
    Hope this helps.

  • Sync Address Book with Yahoo Address book?

    Hi there,
    just wondering if its possible to some how sync Address Book with Yahoo Address book?
    That is... I have an elaborate Address Book setup on Yahoo, I'd like it so that if I use Yahoo Address Book and create/delete contacts that when I get home and use Address Book, Address Book syncs the contacts structure to the yahoo structure, without me manually intervening...
    Is this possible or is there a tool/widget that does this already?

    while looking for somehting else, i found something here in the discussions that might do the trick. it involves another web-based address book, but might work for you. try getting the plaxo address book plug-in, and then sync your yahoo contacts with plaxo, and then sync that with address book. i'm not sure of the order that would give you the best results, but i'm working on using plaxo as an online backup of my address book, as i will most-likely not be using plaxo otherwise.
    my concern for you would be whether one would write over the other, so back up your address book first, or even export the entire thing as a vcard file to your desktop, and then you can re-import and merge them... that way you can sync with your yahoo account, and then add whatever is already in your address book and merge whatever is necessary.
    search here in the discussions for the plaxo plug-in, and see if that sounds like it would work for you. the only issue i have right now is that it seems that the plaxo install has somehow affected my icalfix plug-in, but i'll look into fixing that this weekend, i'm sure i just need to move some plug-ins around.
    - jeremy

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