Hows to remove clones/duplicates on iPhoto?

how to remove clones/duplicates on iPhoto?

Hi Larry,
I have not been importing photos for some time.  Literally, I open I Photo and pictures from my library are dupe'd, side by side - 2 - 3 even four side by side.  I deleted hundreds of faces pulled from photos that just appeared in the library.  Nope.  I don't use the FACES feature.  These simply appeared in my library.  Other photos that are not mine - look like they must be from web sites or something have appeared as well. 
When I was importing from my camera I always checked the box to not import any duplicates.  It appeared that was being done properly.
I shoot raw +jpeg now with a new camera and so two of each shot comes into the library but the dupes I'm talking about are pretty much happening throughout years of pictures.
Yesterday I met w/a tech at Apple and upgraded to the most current I Photo.  But, the comments I've seen seem to be happening on the later versions as well.

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  • How to remove a duplicate photo from an album.  Photo sweeper says there are no duplicates in photos

    how can I remove duplicate photos from albums,  I have removed 2000 duplicates from iphoto using photo sweeper.  still duplicates in my album.

    thanks, but in my albums trash is greyed out and hitting delete does nothing..
    Is your album a smart album? You can only remove photos from smart albums by changing the smart rules for the album.
    If I move the duplicate to another new album, can I then trash the new album?
    It is still not clear, what duplicates you are asking about. Photos in albums are not duplicates. Albums are showing you the same photos you are seeing in your events, just grouped differently for easy access. You can delete any album completely and will still have the same photos in your iPhoto library.
    If Photo sweeper says,"there are no duplicates", you probably really do not have duplicates in your iPhoto library.
    You only have duplicates, if you are seeing identical photos twice in events, but not, if you you are seeing the same photo once in an album and once in an event. You can check that, by ctrl-clicking any photo in an album and selecting "Show Event". Then you will see, what the event is, that is containing this particular photo.

  • How to remove corrupt image from iPhoto

    Somewhere in my photo library I have a photo that iPhoto really doesn't like! I want to know how to remove this image from my library, possibly by deleting it via Finder.
    When I scroll through my photos in iPhoto the software hangs momentarily, and then crashes completely, whenever it gets to this particular image. When I try to export my photos (for backup purposes) iPhoto always crashes when trying to export this same image.
    The problem has appeared with one of the recent updates to iPhoto, when I originally imported this image I could see and export the image just fine. The same issue is preventing me from migrating my photo library to the new Photos app - the import process that runs when I first launch Photos always crashes at the same point, presumably because of this same image file.
    I am unable to remove the image by deleting it via iPhoto because I can't get iPhoto to display the image without crashing, please can anyone suggest another way to get rid of it.

    I've been trying to post details from the crash report here, but the forum software tells me that the message contains 'an invalid character' - which character is invalid? Who knows...

  • How to remove a folder from iphoto?

    hi, i imported all my picture folders to iphoto and now trying to remove a folder from iphoto, just don't wanna see it there but i still want it in the system.
    any ideas?

    Ok, I am new too mac, so learning all this too but here is what i found to delete a folder out of iPhoto but not delete it from your HD.
    My scenerio. I importated all my pictures from the "Pictures" in the "Favorites" within Finder.  Unfortanutely, there were some iChat icons within the picture folder that i didn't want in iPhoto. What i found was that when i delete the pictures from iPhoto that they do not get deleted from the location on the mac hard drive...yipee!!! Here are some more details for deleting the folder but not deleting them from their location. 
    Selet the "Photos" in the left panel of the folder but not on the name, this will highlight all the photos, then open the folder and drag all the photos to the trash...empty the trash on the iphoto application...the folders will be moved to the mac trash...empty the mac trash to just clean up your mac trash if you want.  You can check the original location of your imported folder to make sure the pictures are still on the HD before empting the mac guess is they are. 
    Hope this helps,

  • How to remove the duplicate Columns in Multiple Rows?

    I want to remove the duplicate columns in a Multiple Rows.
    For example:
    Now i'm getting the output like this
    S_NO Order_number Assy_item Assy_Desp Item_Number
    1     S3123 12345 TEST     *1245*
    2     S3123 12345 TEST     *1256*
    3     S3123 12345 TEST     *1289*
    4     S3123 12345 TEST     *1223*
    5     S4123 42345 SAMPLE *4568*
    6     S4123 42345 SAMPLE *5656*
    7     S4123 42345 SAMPLE *4558*
    the Original output should be like this
    S_NO Order_number Assy_item Assy_Desp Item_Number
    1     S3123 12345 TEST     *1245*
    2                         *1256*
    3                         *1289*
    4                         *1223*
    5     S4123 42345 SAMPLE *4568*
    6                         *5656*
    7                         *4558*
    note: Alignment Problem all the Bold Numbers are Item Number(Last Column)*
    i'm using XML and RTF template.
    RTF Template is a Basic Table like Structure
    i pasted the XML code below
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <dataTemplate name="items" version="1.0">
    <parameter name="P_DATE" dataType="date"/>
    <parameter name="P_DEPT_NO" dataType="varchar2"/>
    <sqlStatement name="ROW1">
    WHERE IMGR.DEMAND_TYPE IN ('Discrete job','Non-standard job')
    <group name="G_IGLOO_QA_FPI" source="ROW1">
    <element name="MACHINE_NO" value="MACHINE_NO"/>
    <element name="ORDER_NUMBER" value="ORDER_NUMBER"/>
    <element name="ASSY_ITEM_NUMBER" value="ASSY_ITEM_NUMBER"/>
    <element name="ITEM_NUMBER" value="ITEM_NUMBER"/>
    <element name="ITEM_DESCRIPTION" value="ITEM_DESCRIPTION"/>
    <element name="DEPT_NO" value="DEPT_NO"/>
    <element name="PLAN_DESCRIPTION" value="PLAN_DESCRIPTION"/>
    Please Share your ideas.

    hi Ananth,
    i tried the logic but its also not printing the First Line.
    I think this condition works fine if it is start from second line of the row.
    S_NO Order_number Assy_item Assy_Desp Item_Number
    1     12345 TEST     1245
    2     12345 TEST     1256
    No Order_number displayed.
    i hope you got my point. Please help me to get through it.

  • How to remove the duplicate HR record from per_all_people_f table

    Because of some mistake user has created two records for one employee one with start date 4th may 2010 and end date with 1st may 2011 and another with start date with 2nd may 2011 and end date is 31st of dec 2012.
    When I go to enter and maintain employee i found the record which starts with 4th may 2010 and end date with 1st may 2011.
    Please let me know how to remove the end date from this record.
    when I ran the query
    select * from PER_ALL_PEOPLE_F PAPF where upper(first_name)='UDAYA';
    i have first four column for this type.I want to remove the first row from here
    41246     02-MAY-11     31-DEC-12     81     1125
    41246     04-MAY-10     01-MAY-11     81     1125
    Please help.

    Okay, so you wish to just have one person record from the 4th May 2010 through to the 31st December 4712, right?
    In that case, do this:
    1) Query the person in the Enter & Maintain person form
    2) Hit Delete on the toolbar
    3) Select "Delete Next Change" from the date-track mode and save
    4) Re-query
    Now the date-track update from 2nd May is gone.

  • How to remove all duplicate values from a column

    For some reason when a user is adding a record, it duplicates it three times. Why is that happening?
    Since there is many how can I remove any records that contains a duplicate in a specific column?

    Is this happening for all lists in site collection or this is the only one?
    Check on the list if there is any workflow attached. If yes then open the workflow in designer and check its logic it might be written to copy list items.
    Investigate if there is an event receiver deployed in your site where it creates duplicate entries. There has to be some custom code running which is causing this duplication otherwise out of the box behavior of lists is never like this.
    Please remember to click 'Mark as Answer'
    if the reply answers your query or 'Upvote' if it helps you.

  • How do i find duplicates in iPhoto?

    i took a ton of photos while in Paris both with my Nikon D7000 and my iPhone  I imported them into iPhoto 11 and how they're all jumbled together but I think there are duplicates, how do i find them?

    Apply the two fixes below in order as needed:
    Fix #1
    1 - launch iPhoto with the Command+Option keys held down and rebuild the library.
    iPhoto 8 (09) and earlier- run the options indicated
    iPhoto 9 (11) and later- run  Option #4 to rebuild the database
    Fix #2
    Using iPhoto Library Manager  to Rebuild Your iPhoto Library
    1 - download iPhoto Library Manager (iPhoto 8 or earlier or IPhoto 11 and later) and launch.
    2 - click on the Add Library button and select the library you want to add in the selection window..
    3 - Now that the library is listed in the left hand pane of iPLM, click on your library and go to the
    File ➙ Rebuild Library (iPhoto 8 or earlier)
    Library ➙ Rebuild Library (iPhoto 9 or later)
    menu option to rebuild the library.
    4 - In the next  window name the new library and select the location you want it to be placed.
    5 - Click on the Create button.
    Note: This creates a new library based on the LIbraryData.xml file in the library and will recover Events, Albums, keywords, titles and comments.  However, books, calendars, cards and slideshows will be lost. The original library will be left untouched for further attempts at fixing the problem or in case the rebuilt library is not satisfactory.

  • How do I show duplicates in iPhoto?

    I have multiple copies of all my photos in iPhoto... I would like to delete all the duplicates. plz help!

    It might work to click View > Sort events > By title

  • How to remove a duplicate driver?

    i have a Leybold 23xxxx pressure meter. By accident there are two Leybold 23xxxx drivers in the system now and i get strange errors with my VIs.
    I have installed one driver via LV (this is a very old version)
    and there is another (newer)  Version i dont know where it came from and why NI did not install the latest version.
    How can i remove the unused drivers?
    There is a old unused 2009 LV version still installed, but i could not find a uninstaller. Will i have to remove it with some tricks, or can it stay?
    system: Win7 and debian stable
    Go to Solution.

    Instrument drivers are in the "LabVIEW\instr.lib" folder. Each driver should be in its own folder. To delete it, just delete the folder. You may need to update the palette menu to reflect the removal of the directory.
    Also, what do you mean by NI installing the driver? Are you referring to using the Help -> Find Instrument Driver? If so, what did you enter in the search criteria? Leybold isn't even in the list of manufacturers.

  • How to remove an audio from iphoto slidesshow?

    I'm trying to remove a soundtrack from my iphoto slidesshow, can't find any hint!

    Well, eh.... I managed to fix it...:-)
    Tahnks for answering

  • How do you delete duplicates from iPhoto import?

    I've noticed that when I imported my library from iPhoto, Aperture has imported all versions of images that I've edited over the years (the ones kept in the "original" folders.
    Is there a quick way of finding all duplicates ie. time and date for ALL of my images so I can cull the superseded versions imported from iPhoto?
    15" 1.67Ghz Powerbook 2GB RAM 100GB HDD   Mac OS X (10.4.3)   1GB Ipod Shuffle, 4GB Ipod Nano, 60GB Ipod Photo

    iPhoto will add the keyword "iPhoto Edited" to images that are edits, and "iPhoto Original" for the originals. So you can create a smart album that has that keyword.

  • How to remove the duplicate record in DART Extract

    Hi Guys,
    We are getting duplicate record when we do validate the DART extract file through DATA VIEWS for FI General Ledger Account Balances. If any one have experance on this, pls help us.
    Following are the steps we done to Validate the DART EXTRACT File for FI General Ledger Account Balances.
    1. We have run the DART extract program to extract the data from table to directory file by period vice in T.code FTW1A.
    2. When we do validate the data from DART extract file through DATA VIWE for FI General Ledger Account Balances in T.code FTWH, getting duplicate record.
    We unable to find out from where the duplicate records are coming out. will be great if any one can help us immediately.
    Thanks & Records,

    If the dup records are actually in the DART View versus the DART Extract, you could try OSS Note 1139619 DART: Eliminate duplicate records from DART view.
    Additional Note - 1332571 FTWH/FTWY - Performance for "Eliminate duplicate records
    Edited by: Colleen Geraghty on May 28, 2009 6:07 PM

  • How to removie a duplicate element of array

    i have this code so far can someone please help
    public static int [] remove(int[] a, int[] b){
    for(int i = 0; i < a.length; i++) {
    if(a[i] == b) {
    int[] newInt = new int[a.length - 1];
    return newInt; // We need something here
    return a;

    First, please use [ code] and [ code] tags to denote code; it makes it much more readable.
    Second, your arguments for the function don't make sense with relation to your subject. So, running on the asumption that I know what you mean through the subject, here goes:
    You probably want the arguments to be:
    (int[] a, int b)Whereby you want to remove the element that equals b . So, what you would want to do in such a situation is:
    for(i = 0 to a.length) {
    if(a[i] == b) {
      //You have reached the element to throw away.  Set a flag saying you have reached this point
    // If the flag is set, add a[i+1] to the new array; otherwise add a[i] to the new array.
    return a;

  • How to remove duplicates

    i am removing duplicate records while importing bulk data into the table...I am checking for some columns...when they are same, i am removing the old records...i have used the following code to remove duplicates...
    execute immediate 'DELETE FROM test1 WHERE ROWID IN (SELECT ROWID FROM (SELECT ROWID,ROW_NUMBER() OVER (PARTITION BY c1,c2 ORDER BY 1) row_no FROM test1)WHERE row_no > 1)';
    here i check c1 and c2 columns...if they are same the old records are to be deleted...but in this code, the new records are deleted..can anyone say how to remove old duplicate records?

    i am removing duplicate records while importing
    bulk data into the tableWhat you mean by using "while"?
    During the process of importing(read inserting) - you want to delete duplicate records?
    As you say in the following you have C1 and C2 - using both of them - you find duplicates.
    I deem you have other columns besides C1 and C2. And these columns have different fileds in NEW record and OLD record - then why don't you use UPDATE statement?
    ...I am checking for some
    columns...when they are same, i am removing the old
    records...i have used the following code to remove should clarify on what criteria you separate old records from new records and place this condition in your query.
    E.g. you have a field DATE_OF_ENTRY
    and the latest one is the new record which shouldn't be deleted
    then you would be able to put it into your delete statement:
    DELETE FROM test1
                       FROM (SELECT ROWID,
                                    ROW_NUMBER() OVER(PARTITION BY c1, c2 ORDER BY DATE_OF_ENTRY desc) row_no
                               FROM test1)
                      WHERE row_no > 1)

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