I have a form that i need to convert to a pdf with fields

i am working on a form that will be used for registration. I created it in Publisher then saved it as a jpeg.  In order to be more efficient with collecting information, i need to save this form as a pdf with fields so it can be filled out online and perhaps saved and emailed back to me. Please help!!

I am not sure Publisher was the best approach as there is no conversion from Publisher directly to the PDF format as there is with Word.
You will Acrobat Standard or Professional to create PDF forms. There is a 30 day free trial of Acrobat Professional and after that period you need to either buy a copy of Professional or subscribe tot he cloud product. You could also uninstall the Professional version and buy or subscribe to the Standard version.
Entire books have been written about creating forms with Acrobat.
Once you acquire Acrobat, I would print the Publisher document to the Adobe PDF printer and then use Acrobat to add the form fields.
You are also going to need to review how various computer systems work with PDF forms, which browsers work well with PDF forms, how the older versions or Acrobat/Reader work with forms, and email, and if any mobile device will be used how the different apps work or do not work with PDF forms.

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