I have a new computer and I can't access my Itunes account.  The message says that I am allowed to have only 5 authorized computers on this account.  I do not have 5 authorized computers on my account.  What can I do?

I have a new computer and I can't access my Itunes account.  The message says I can't have more than 5 computers on this account and I don't.  What can I do?

First of all you should really post this in Itunes forums cause you might get more hits on it.. Anyway.. You can only authorize up to 5 comps on one itunes account.. This does not include iOS devices. Those you can have 10.
So to fix this issue, open itunes, hit store on the left side, click log in (or your e-mail address if you are already logged in) in the top right hard corner of the page. One you log into your account you will see a a little area where it says you authorized 5 out of 5 comps. Below it should be a button to clear all those out.  Itunes will de-authorize all computers on the account then you need to go back Store tab in the menu bar and select authorize this computer.
Remember it will deauthorize all your computers, so you need to re-authorize any other computers you have.

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