Import from scanner give error message "This file already exists in this catalogue"

I can import from the scanner occasionally, but often times get this error message.  " this file already exists in this catalogue" and the scanned picture is discarded.
    I see others have had it as well, but no solutions were posted. I'm running Photoshop elements 11 with all current updates.

Thanks for the reply. My Image wasn't in a version set however.   I scanned a new photo which was successsful. I then scanned a second photo different from the first, which failed.  I think possibly the software for my HP scanner is at fault, since it always names the scans as image1.jpg. It doesn't give an option to increment successive scans to a different name which probably caused the problem.

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    Keep getting error message "FCE" can't install on this disk.  A newer version of this software already exists on this disk.  Have remove all FCE elements with no success.

  • Importing from Lexar card - error message

    This has happened twice on two cards - one 4gb and the other 2gb, so not the same card but same camera (Nikon D2x). Get the error message " ICA download error -9919) occurred ...
    Anyone any ideas if this Camera vs Leopard, Lexar vs Leopard or Aperture vs Leopard. As this never happened before Leopard and Aperture update.
    Images are rescued from card via Lexar software, but it is a worry.

    Hello, I've just upgraded computers, and as Leopard is on the new machine, gone from 10.4.10 to 10.5.1, and I'm now getting this ICA download error - 9919 while trying to import as well.
    I'm using a Sandisk Extreme III 2gb card, and Aperture version 1.5.6. Storing the files in the Aperture library.
    I've tried to change the permissions settings as indicated in this thread and the blog post at Inside Aperture, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything for me. And the permissions don't seem to be any different for the folders/files as they were in 10.4.10 (where everything was working fine).
    The odd thing is, the card I'm trying to import from has both jpg and raw files on it, and Aperture will import all the jpg files no problem - it doesn't give me the error until it gets into the raw ones. So it seems like if it actually was a permissions issue, this wouldn't be the case (?)...
    I went back to my old computer running 10.4.10 and tried it there, and everything works fine. So it seems to somehow be related to the switch to 10.5.1. I have the library in the same place, and haven't changed any other settings. I'm able to access all my existing photos on the new computer, so I believe everything's in the right place.
    Anyone else having this issue where the permissions fix didn't resolve it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  • Printing from Preview produces error message "The file couldn't be opened".

    Ever since the upgrade to OS X 10.8, I get the error message "The file couldn't be opened" each time I want to print from Preview. I just have to click "OK" and then everything prints fine, but if anyone knows how to get rid of this message, it would be even better!
    I have run "Verify disk permissions" without success.
    The system is on an SSD volume whereas my home volume is on an internal HD. But other users with (smaller) accounts residing on the system volume have the same problem.
    Each time I open the print dialog, the following message appears in the logs:[2159]: Failure to de-serialize bookmark data file.
    I removed  files related to Preview in ~/Library/Preferences/
    There is no *.plist file in ~/Library/Application Support/Preview

    Pages 5.2 Mac OSX 10.9.2
    Start Pages app
    Create a blank document
    File > Save or <Command>+S
    Select Mac Device and find your user folder or favorite, Desktop (not iCloud)
    Error: the file "Untitled.pages" couldn't be opened!?!
    Repeat giving the document a different name and it works
    Since when do we write error messages with "n't"?
    Usually a well written error message offers a suggestion as to what you might do about it?
    Since it says opened and I clicked on Save, there is a bug in there somewhere.
    All I was trying to do today was copy and paste some text from a website into numbers spreadsheet
    Both Edit > Paste options but the text in one cell so I tried to save it as a text file first to try and import the data
    Text Edit does not have a text only export format so before loading Terminal and starting vi or emacs, I tried pages. I'll go try XCode's editor or my Windows 7 vm with notepad and openoffice
    I miss the old Pages with the Appleworks importer, this one needs more Quality Assurance Testing IMHO
    WWSJD "What Would Steve Jobs do?"

  • Installatiion error message :Oracle SID already exists. Specify another SID

    Hi all,
    I had Oracle 9idatabase installed on my system.I had to reinstall the Windows 2000 operating system on my computer. I used the Oracle 9i cd to deinstall evrything ,but when i try reinstalling it, i specify 'Oracle 9i' as SID and i get the message 'Oracle SID already exists. Specify another SID'.
    What do i do? Can anyone guide me?
    Thanks in advance,

    Yes, probably You're trying to reinstall the same database / sample database.
    This should be the message that You receive when Oradim utility try to create a NEW sid as a service.
    To remove the old one, look at the services list. You should find a service called OracleService<NAME>. The <NAME> part of the service is Your SID.
    Then, from command prompt, positioned in $ORACLE_HOME/bin directory, if not in the path, issue the follwing command:
    oradim - DELETE -SID <NAME>
    This should remove the service. If I'm right, in some versions of W2K server, I've found that it was impossible to recreate the SID with the same name without a reboot of the server.
    May be this is Your problem
    Hope this helps

  • Opatch Error - Subdirectory or file already exists

    I'm trying to apply the JAN 2006 critical patch to a Oracle 9i database server. When patching I get the errror message:
    A subdirectory or file -p already exists.
    Error occured while processing -p.
    OPatch encounters the following issues during file patching:
    The following files had problems with being patched:
    Then it lists all the files (14 in all) it is trying to copy from the patch directory to the Oracle bin directory.
    When it asks me if I want to stop and I reply 'Y' I get the message:
    ERROR: OPatch failed during patching, possibly due to missing files.
    I am logged in as Administrator on the machine, so I don't think this is a permissions problem.
    Also, I have run this patch on other Oracle 9i servers without any problems. It is only this server that is giving me problems.
    Any suggestions? Thanks!

    This error seems like OPatch was trying to create some directory. Btw on what platform your are invoking this and what is the version of OPatch?
    My memory says there was some issue with "mkdir -p" on windows and it was fixed in latest OPatch. Please check if you using the latest If not, download it from metalink under bug 2617419.
    Else raise a bug against OPatch.

  • TS3694 My iPad 2 (16GB, WiFi only) went into recover mode and will not allow restoration from iTunes.  Error message 3014.  Anyone come across this and a possible solution?

    Error code 3014 question.  iPad 2 (WiFi only, 16GB) went into recover mode.  I am not able to restore from iTunes.  iPad had the latest software & iMac is latest as well.  iPad has very few applications... < 6GB used prior to this.
    Any help.

    Sorry but that was a completely pointless post.

  • ORA-27038: created file already exists

    Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production
    PL/SQL Release - Production
    CORE Production
    TNS for IBM/AIX RISC System/6000: Version - Production
    NLSRTL Version - Production
    RMAN-03009: failure of backup command on t1 channel at 01/06/2013 21:24:49
    ORA-19504: failed to create file "/oradbs/disk_bakup/amx53s/amx53s_arch_060113_1747"
    ORA-27038: created file already exists
    export ORACLE_HOME
    export ORACLE_SID
    date=`date '+%d%m%y_%H%M`
    $ORACLE_HOME/bin/rman target / NOCATALOG log "$JOBLOG" <<EOF
    run {
    allocate channel t1 type disk;
    format '/oradbs/disk_bakup/amx53s/amx53s_offline_$date'
    format '/oradbs/disk_bakup/amx53s/amx53s_arch_$date'
    archivelog all delete input ;
    backup current controlfile format '/oradbs/disk_bakup/amx53s/amx53s_Ctl_$date';
    crosscheck backup;
    release channel t1;

    format '/oradbs/disk_bakup/amx53s/amx53s_offline_$date'Can you modify output file format to amx53s_offline_%p_%s_$date to add piece number set number to make the outpfile name unique? Because here RMAN is creating a backup set with the name you are providing, and then for next backup set, it uses same name and thats why returns you error message of "file already exists". If you second backup set is created on next minute, file name will be different, but if in the same minute, file name will be same and this error will come.

  • Contract is already exist for this vendor

    My client requirement is that system should display the warning/error message (Contract is already exist for this vendor ) while creating the contract by using t-code Me31k.
    Thanks and Regards

    How is the process in most companies regarding to contracts?
    In companies I have been, a buyer monitors the contracts in his responsibility, if the are close to the end of their life cycle, either close to the end date of the agreement, or that the total quantity/ value is close to be reached soon.
    The he talks with a sales man from the vendor, negotiate new prices and other conditions. And when they reached an agreement, this agreement is entered into SAP and send to the vendor as an official document for this negotiated agreement.
    So the entry into SAP is the final step. And you want an error in this step if there is already an agreement?  I hope you will always have a still running agreement when you negotiate the next agreement that replaces the old agreement after its end is reached.
    So instead of having an error message "contract already exists" you should issue a information message " good job, you negotiated a new contract at the right time"

  • Epson all in one printer - compatible with 10.9.5? Cannot import from scanner in Preview

    Got a new Epson printer. Set up is fine; wirelessly connected.  Downloaded and updated all drivers. Still cannot import from scanner into Preview. Anyone else? Seems like this was a problem in 2013 as far as I can see from other forum discussions. Any advice?  Scanner works manually so it's the set up, compatibility or...?

    What do you mean "import from scanner to Preview?"
    Does the scanner actually scan, if so what file format (jpg, pdf, tiff, etc...) are you scanning in? Once you have successfully scanned simply open Preview and open the file. Another method is selecting the scanned file, right click and select Open With and select Preview.

  • File already exists in catalog error message

    When trying to scan a photo into the PSE 8 Organizer, I get the message "The file already exists in the catalog".  It indicates the file c:/users/user/AppData/Local/Temp/PSAlbumImport/2014-02-23-1315-04/Image1.jpg.  This file contains the image that I scanned in but it won't import into the Organizer.  I now have several scanned photos with this problem, all in different directories.  How can I fix this?

    My scanner software requires me to scan to photo software when scanning slides or negatives so the folder suggestion does not work.
    I have found a work around . I now scan into the organizer of my PSE 5 program which then shows up in the browser as new files when I open PSE 9.
    The PSE 5 program will scan all 4 slides without any problems. This didn't fix the problem in PSE 9 but I can get my scans done.
    I just wish Adobe support would get off their *** and respond to problems. I emailed them a week ago and have not received any response.
    Thanks for your response.

  • Playing mp4 audio gives error message "Video can't be played because the file is corrupt"

    Playing a particular mp4 audio file directly from a website link gives error message "Video can't be played because the file is corrupt". However other mp4 audio files from this same website do work correctly. What can I do to get all the the mp4 audio files to play directly from the same website? I must have the correct plugins, etc. since the other files play. This file is not playing from YouTube, is it on the website.
    Thank you for your help.

    What is the link to the site and file in question?
    MP4 files should be handled by Firefox itself, not a plug-in.
    # Click the ≡ Menu Button and choose Add-ons.
    # Click Plugins.
    # Set every plug-in to "Never Activate".
    # Try loading the file again. Is there any difference?
    You have two versions of Flash Player installed. Perform a clean installation of Flash Player as follows.
    # From the following page, save the uninstaller somewhere handy, like the desktop.
    #* [ Uninstall Flash Player for Windows | Adobe Support]
    # From the following page, save the installer for other browsers. If you also use Flash Player in Internet Explorer, also save the ActiveX version.
    #* [ Direct downloads of Flash Player for Windows | Adobe Support]
    # Exit all applications.
    # Run the uninstaller.
    # In Windows Explorer, try to open the following folders. If they still exist, delete them manually.
    #* <pre>C:\Windows\system32\Macromed\Flash\</pre>
    #* <pre>C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash\</pre>
    #* <pre>%AppData%\Adobe\Flash Player\</pre>
    #* <pre>%AppData%\Macromedia\Flash Player\</pre>
    # Restart your computer.
    # Run the installer for other browsers.
    # Run the ActiveX installer if you downloaded it.

  • I HAVE COMPLETED SEVERAL IMOVIES AND FINALIZED JUST FINE.  NOW I GET THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE FROM MY LATEST PROJECT.  "The project could not be prepared for publishing because an error occurred.  (File already open with write permission)"!  What is going on

    I HAVE COMPLETED SEVERAL IMOVIES AND FINALIZED JUST FINE.  NOW I GET THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE FROM MY LATEST PROJECT.  "The project could not be prepared for publishing because an error occurred.  (File already open with write permission)"!  What is going on?

    Error -49 opWrErr  File already open with write permission
    Trash the preference files while application is NOT Running.
    Easiest way to find out if this is the problem is by:
    • Create a new User-Account
    • Log out of Your old one and into this
    • Re-try iMovie
    If it now works OK - then 99.9% the problem is iMovie pref. file that needs to be trashed.
    from Karsten Schlüter
    Some users notice on exporting larger projects from within iMovie that this operation is aborted with an 'error -49'
    This issue occurs only on MacOs machines using 10.7x
    try switching-off the Local Mobile Backup
    in Terminal copy/paste
    sudo tmutil disablelocal
    Re-launch Mac
    Yours Bengt W

  • I have downloaded several times now,but i get the same error message 'corrupt file ' how do i fix this?

    i have downloaded and uninstalled firefox several times now,but i get the same error message 'corrupt file' How do i fix this and i also go to the home page to download as well as others,i have also tried downloading to my laptop the same amount of times and i get the same error message :( very unhappy

    Set Windows Defender off and try download again from here:
    If this does not help see here:
    [ Unable to download or save files]
    thank you
    Please mark "Solved" the answer that really solve the problem, to help others with a similar problem.

  • In iMovie I am getting this message...Unable to prepare project for publishing. The project could not be prepared for publishing because an error occurred.m file already open with write permission.

    In iMovie I am getting this message...Unable to prepare project for publishing.  The project could not be prepared for publishing because an error occurred. File already open with write permission. 
    How do I resolve this?

    Most often it helps by - Turning Off the TimeMachine application - during work in iMovie.
    Yours Bengt W

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  • Can't display my php files

    Hi, i know that a lot of people asked th same question but the answers didn't worked out for me. I'm trying to run a simple test.php file in my Sites folder, but when i try that's what i see i installed MysQl , apache 2, and i enabled my php 5 ( by d