Info about Japanese iPlanet Directory server

I am evaluating Japanese localized version of directory server.
I am not able to find any document which can tell me about the
localization of this product.
I have following questions:
1. What level of localization is done. Has console localized ?
Does log messages localized.
2. What env variables I need to set to see console GUI in Japanese
3. Do I need to set some env variables (like $LANG) before running the start script.
It is urgent for me, if somebody can answer these or point me to some good doc, it will great
help to me
- Bharat

Info about japanese iPlanet directory Server.
Gateway is localized for English, Japanese, French, Spanish, and German. You can configure the gateway to support additional locales.
Language files are stored in /usr/iplanet/servers/dsgw/html/lang and /usr/iplanet/servers/dsgw/config/lang, where lang is defined in RFC1766.
For example, language files for Japanese are stored in /usr/iplanet/servers/dsgw/html/ja and /usr/iplanet/servers/dsgw/config/ja[true]).
Support for the character sets necessary to render a particular locale (language) must be available in the browser's configuration.

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  • Solaris 8 and iPlanet Directory Server 5.1: Help

    Could anyone help with advice or where to find documentation of how to setup a Solaris 8 client machine to authenticate against iPlanet Directory Server 5.1? The only documentation (eg books, BluePrint articles) I can find cover iPlanet Directory 4.11 or 4.12 and a Solaris 8 client. Even the tools from the BluePrint Tools area at Sun only talk about using iPlanet Directory Server 4.11/12. Quite a lot seems to have change from iDS 4.12 to iDS5.1.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Steven, I suppose that this question is identical to your other question: " Topic: solaris 8 client setup with solaris 9 ldap".
    So the answer will be the same.
    You may find what you are looking for in the following technical note:
    It is called: "Cookbook for Solaris 8 client with Directory Server 5.1/Solaris 9"
    Cheers / Damien.

  • Last Logon Time in Iplanet Directory Server 4.1

    It would be great help if any one of you could let me know the attribute in Iplanet Directory Server 4.1 to get the Last Logon Time of a particular account.
    The Directory Server is on solaris.

    You can try to find it from the logfiles.
    I actually designed a plugin for this type of thing, but it's not yet implemented. It would simply write a timestamp to a user's entry after every successful bind, among other things which I won't go into detail about now...
    Oletko suomessa?

  • Oracle Portal for LDAP Authentication using Iplanet directory server

    I have oracle portal on solaries machine and Iplanet directory server 5.1 on windows NT,
    Can i user portal user authentication Iplanet LDAP.

    Yes You can. You have to provide the necessary info while running the ssoldap.sql.
    Vinodh R.

  • Linux version of iPlanet Directory Server 5.0 planned?

    I'm wondering if there are plans to release a Linux version of iPlanet
    Directory Server 5.0?
    If so, any estimation on when it might be released?

    I asked the same question and was told .....
    Subject: Re: iDS 5.0 is officially released
    Date: Tue, 15 May 2001 06:00:09 -0600
    From: Richard Megginson <[email protected]>
    To: [email protected]
    All I can say at the moment about Linux support is that we are
    evaluating our options.
    Peter Allmaker wrote:
    Swell. And the Linux version will release when???------------------
    Jonathan Eric Miller wrote:
    I'm wondering if there are plans to release a Linux version of iPlanet
    Directory Server 5.0?
    If so, any estimation on when it might be released?
    Peter Allmaker
    MCLA Computer Science 413-662-5592
    Computer Support Services 413-662-5510

  • Connect IPlanet Directory Server(5.0) with ADSI

    Has anyone ever had to connect to a iPlanet Directory Server 5.0 with ADSI?
    I can retrieve the entries(user's information), but I can't add the
    user-defined objClass and attributes to entries(user).
    If you know, please kindly to give me some hints about this.
    Many Thanks,

    Make sure the user-defined schema is present on the server before you try to use it. Also you will need appropriate permissions for updating and will very likely need to bind before you try to update.

  • Is there any hardware requirement guideline for iPlanet Directory Server?

    I plan to set up the iPlanet Directory server. I need to select the appropriate hardware platform for the DS capacity. e.g what CPU model, ram & hard disk size if entries is around 10000 etc.

    The upper limit for iDS 5.0 is 2G of RAM but for 100K users, expect about 80-85MB ldif file which correlates to about 290-300Mb importCacheSize. This means that you will need 64Mb+300Mb minimum.
    As far as network, 100BaseT is adequate but GBit or multiple 100BaseTs are better.
    SSL hardware is recommended if running securely.
    As far as processors, an Ultra60 1x440Mhz or a Dell PowerEdge 2400 1x776Mhz will work. Attaching 2x18G disk should be enough. Go with scsi over ide if possible.

  • Error while installing iplanet directory server 5.0

    Hi I am trying to install iPlanet directory server 5.0 on my local machine.My computer name doesnot contain any domain is simply like "ERT3210".
    While installing Directory server it is asking for the computer name and if i give the computer name without domain it is not accepting.And i am unable to rename my computer name suffixing domain name as it is not contained in any domain..Now How can i give the computer name to install directory server?.Its very urgent for me.It will be great help if any one give reply.

    Start/Stop Directory Server and Start/Stop Admin Server are usually present in My Computer/Manage/Services, just start or stop the service.
    Assuming the install root directory is %LDAP_ROOT%
    You could always create program icons for
    1) start/stop dirrectory server
    2) start/stop admin server
    3) SUN ONE Console (iPlanet Console)

  • IPlanet directory server can't start in a user account - A bug?

    I installed iplanet directory server 5.1 in Solaris 9. I am using typical install mode. I set UserA/GroupA to represent the directoy server that means the directory server instance running in this user account. After I input the user name and group name, it gives a very strange message, say "suffix must have a valid dn. Press any key to continue" After I press any key, it continue to do other setup. Once instllation done, if I try to login as that user account and start-slapd, it just give an error message, " iplanet/servers/bin/slapd/server do not have permission". I checked this directory, UserA do not have even read access to the directory.
    So is this a bug in this verion of directory server/

    It's very likely that you gave an Invalid DN for the Suffix of your directory instance...
    The setup should have asked again the DN... It looks like a problem with the setup command.

  • Question re how iPlanet Directory Server applies the Look Through Limit.

    I have a question on how iPlanet Directory Server applies the lookthrough limit...
    I am running an LDAP search on a 4.13 directory. The search filter is:
    rtrdaMaturityDate is an int, and indexed with pres,eq,sub
    There are 244680 entries where rtrdamaturityDate>=20020128
    383005 entries where rtrdaMaturityDate<=20020130
    484 entries which satisfy both conditions
    When the query is run as Directory Manager it just hangs (presumably it would complete eventually).
    When run as another user it gives a size limit error. The size limit and lookthrough limit on the directory are both 5000 . As the matching number of entries doesn't exceed the size limit, I think perhaps it is the lookthrough limit causing the problem...
    It looks as if it treats each part of the filter separately, building an candidate list for each, giving an error if both reach the look through limit. i.e. it does not realise that both parts of the filter could be treated together.
    Is this correct ?
    This theory is born out by the fact that if I change the value so the filter would logically return only the highest few values, the search works (i.e. as if the <= filter condition hit LTL, but the >= did not).
    Also, if I add another condition to give "(&(rtrdaIssuerBgNid=4403)(rtrdamaturityDate>=20020128)(rtrdaMaturityDate<=20020130))" then the search eventually correctly returns a single entry. (IssuerBgNid=4403 on its own gives 1004 entries).
    Can I therefore assume that a seach will only work if at least one condition in the filter gives a candidate list with less entries than the look through limit?
    Any advice on how to implement a range search like this would also be much appreciated.

    The lookthrough limit is reached when the resulting candidate list contains more entries than the limit...
    Lookthrough limit has been implemented specifically to for Range filters (and OR filters) to avoid consuming too many resources.
    For your particular problem, you can increase the lookthrough limit... but it will affect all users and searches.
    Note that iPlanet Directory Server 5.x does provide a per User LookThrough Limit (and other limits as well), therefore you could just increase the lookthrough limit for the specific users performing these searches.

  • Store Print & File Server on iPlanet Directory Server?

    I've a NT 4.0 server which I'm using as both a Print & File Server. Would I be able to use iPlanet Directory Server to do the same thing?
    If I can, please explain how? or direct me to where I can know how?
    If it can't be done, is there any other way(s) I can do it?

    I don't understand. iDS is not a file and print server, it is a user data and user authentication server. Do you want to use iDS for your user authentication for file and print services instead of NT 4 domains? I don't think this is possible. What is possible is using iDS as your primary data store, and using iPlanet Meta Directory to sync changes from iDS to the NT 4 domain.

  • Installation Error with iPlanet Directory Server 5.1 SP1 and Windows 2000

    I'm having real trouble getting iPlanet Directory Server installed on a Windows 200 Server machine. Every time I install it, no matter what options I choose, I get this series of popup boxes at the end:
    - Setup is unable to store configuration data in the LDAP directory
    - Unable to create Administration Server configuration
    - Could not authenticate ldap connection, "Unknown error"
    - Unable to set ACI in Configuration Directory Server
    But searching on this forum, I have found a lot of post. I have tested the different solution proposed :
    * Add on the host file the short name and the long name of my machine with it's IP adress
    * When the installation process crash, uninstall the software, reboot the machine and then restart the installation
    With all this solution, the problem is always here.
    Could you help me ?

    Are you using Terminal Services. iPlanet DS will not install properly over Terminal Services. You have to install from the direct attached console.

  • Problem with iPlanet Directory server v5.1

    Hi all,
    We have upgraded (parallel) from Netscape Directory server v4.2 to iPlanet Directory Server v5.1
    Here are few issues that I�m experiencing.
    1. In the directory view, all accounts are displayed by the user ID rather then the Common Name like it used to be with the Netscape Directory Server.
    I can not find any options to change the view.
    2. When searching for the user, once user is found, i can not do the right click to be able to delete the user. (was able to in the older version).
    Any feedback will be greatly appreciated,

    I have a suggestion - try another means for administering your directory - use the console only for maintenance and tuning purposes. There are several products out there that are much better for day to day operations ...
    Otherwise - I think with 5.1 the view is based on the rdn of the entries - and I am not sure it is customizable. Additionally I know 5.2 solved your second issue - maybe the latest SP of 5.1 has solved it as well - though I don't really know ...
    -Chris Larivee

  • Where can I get iPlanet Directory Server 4.1.3 for Linux

    Hello everyone,
    we are developing IMPS solution. but we need to support legacy system. How can we get a iPlanet Directory Server 4.1.3 for Linux for evaluation?
    Many thanks
    Billiken Xie

    Why you want to have NDS 4.11? Any version of the NDS 4.1x will support Solaris 2.6 and 8. This version is nolonger available in iplanet's site. I suggest you to get NDS 4.13 or later version. At iplanet's web site, you will find the latest version, 4.16. Also, you will find 4.13 from Solaris 8's CD ording from Sun's reseller.

  • Are there any known issues concerning using DIGEST-MD5 SASL authentication with iPlanet Directory Server 5.0 on Windows NT 4.0?

    I am developing support for the DIGEST-MD5 sasl mechnism on a c-ldap client. I am using the evaluation version of the iPlanet Directory Server 5.0 which lists DIGEST-MD5 as a supported SASL mechanism. The server is running on NT 4.0 After installing the Directory Server with the test database, a changed the passwordStorageScheme from the default of SSHA to clear text. I then added my test user. When I run my test I always get back a resultCode of 49 (invalidCredentials). The digest-challenge I receive from the server and my digest-response are shown below. I have satisfied myself that the calculation of the response directive in the digest response is correct. Does anyone see any problems in the digest response or have any other suggestions? Is there a known problem with the iPlanet Directory Server 5.0?

    Found the answer. When the username is an LDAP DN it needs to be proceeded by "dn:".
    example: username="dn:uid=bgbrown,ou=people,dc=siroe,dc=com"
    The server also accepts a simple uid value.
    example: username="bgbrown"

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