Is it possible to tell the resolution of images in a PDF?

I'm curious if there's a way to figure out what resolution the photographs in a PDF are saved at. I receive lots of ads from different designers. Occasionally some designer has used a low-res image in an ad, but I don't find this out until I get the prepress report. Is there another way to tell? My little desktop printer isn't too reliable for figuring out this kind of stuff, and I can't always tell from the filesize in a PDF (like I could with a JPEG).
Thanks, Phyllis

Pretty complicated stuff. Where do I look for the image resolution? I thought the Display Alerts would show that, but it doesn't seem to be the case. I have a long list of Preflight Profiles I can mess with, but it doesn't seem to say much about resolution. Any tips? Know any tutorials or anything on this?
Thanks, Phyllis

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  • In Lightroom 4, is it possible to change the resolution when exporting to Facebook?

    Is it possible to change the resolution when exporting a photo to Facebook using either the regular plugin or Jeffrey Friedl's plugin?  I can't seem to do it; I only have control over the image dimensions, not the resolution and the dimensions, as you can see in the screen shots below:
    I have control over both when I export to my hard drive (or a flash drive, etc.), as you can see below:
    I can't find the option to control the resolution when I try to export to Facebook.  Before I got Lightroom 4, I would create whole new low-resolution files of images I wanted to post online using Photoshop.  The image size settings I would use are a longest edge of 10 inches at 72ppi, and I would like to continue doing this.  If I can only set the longest side to 720 pixels (I can't even seem to set the longest edge to an inches value - I can only choose a pixels value) and not change the resolution from 300ppi to 72ppi, then my photos' longest edge will only be less than 3 inches long (right?).  Thus, I really want to be able to upload low-resolution photos to Facebook via Lightroom with the ability to change both the resolution and the image dimensions.  Any idea how to do it without having to export to my hard drive first?  Thanks!

    Rob Cole wrote:
    I'd be inclined to set it to zero so it obviously doesn't mean anything
    You can set it to whatever you like, and it makes no difference. Most of the time (depending on how you saved it), it will still open as "72".
    When you save an image for web, the resolution is usually stripped from the file. It's simply not there anymore. That's probably what happens in the Lr facebook module, and that's why there's no entry for it.
    But when you open that image somewhere else, that default of 72 ppi is assigned. Most apps need to know what to do with a file if asked to print it out. So there is a default, and that's usually 72, mostly by convention. With that default ppi, it prints out at a comparable size to what you see on screen at 1:1 display.
    And when people see that, they think "hey, web images are 72 ppi". But they're not - that figure is just inserted there by the opening application.

  • Is possible to enhance the resolution of a FLV

    I have downloaded some FLV videos from many sources like Youtube, Vimeo and Daily Motion.
    Is it possible to enhance the resolution of this videos to be watched in a HD television?
    I have tried the video conversion using flv converter to pass from flv to formats like avi, but the quality is not good.
    I think that maybe if i mantain the video fromat is it possible to enhance the resolution and get a better image.
    Is there a tool or a flash player that can enhance the resolution of a video downloaded from the web?

    Without the original FLA file or video (AVI, WMV etc.) it was created from the answer is... to put it bluntly... no.
    One drawback of YouTube downloaders is they are WYSIWYG. They download videos in a FLV format with whatever resolution they are on the site, which is, to keep from taxing bandwidth, low res, and small size. 460 x 320 usually at the most.
    Blowing those up to the size of a TV screen blurs them terribly.
    By example:
    A standard def DVD is 4.3 gigs
    An HD DVD is around 7.6 gigs
    A "ripped" DVD (AVI) as anywhere from 700Mb to over a gig and a quarter.
    A high quality MPEG is about 100MB per minute.
    The average FLV downloaded through a YouTube downloader is about 4Mb.
    1 Mb per minute vs 100.
    The compression that goes into making a video suitable for a site that has billions of views of millions of videos hourly, degrades the qualtiy tremendously to accomodate streaming bandwidth. They have to be made for a 5 inch by 3 inch viewer.

  • How do I tell the resolution of a photo in a PDF?

    Newbie question: when I'm viewing a PDF, how do I tell the resolution of a photo? My current strategy is to open the PDF in PhotoShop, crop out the photo, and view the resolution. How do you do this in Acrobat? Thanks.

    You can use Acrobat Pro's Preflight tool to give you that information. It's under the Advanced menu, it can also be found on the Prepress toolbar.
    In the Preflight dialog there are several built-in profiles including one called "List all images" (expand the category called PDF Analysis). Double click that profile or select it from the list and click the execute button. In the results window, you can expand the item that says "Resolution of color and gray scale images is higher than 0". A list of all the color and grayscale images will be displayed as well as information about it. This includes the page it is on, dimensions, resolution, and colorspace. The profile name "List all bitmaps" will give you that info for bitmaps. There are several other profiles that will list images below a certain resolution, you can create your own profiles to customize it further.
    Please note: depending on your document, you may need to increase the number of results so that all images will be listed. To do this, click on options in the Preflight dialog and select Preflight Preferences.

  • Is it possible to tell the system asking the CI entry for particular account only?

    hi experts,
    through OBD4 (G/L Account Group - change field status) i have suppressed the Commitment item field status as well as in OBC4 (Field status variants) suppressed the commitment item field status.
    but when i tried to post accounting doc to other expense account which has the suppressed commitment item settings, system still asking for commitment item.
    the error message is "No commitment item entered in item 00001 xxxx xxxxxxxx"
    using FMDERIVE and maintain the account accordingly, no more error comes.
    - does it mean the commitment item (CI) check control designed at Company / Controlling area level?
    - is it possible to tell the system asking the CI entry for particular account only?
    kindly advise

    hi Eli,
    thanks for the input.
    with PSM-FM is activated along with its relevant settings, the posting to accounting transaction requires commitment item.
    hence, for non-budget relevant account i created separate commitment item (non budget purpose) with suitable Comm. Item Category & Finance Trans. and maintain the derivation.
    it gave me the expected result for checking budget in particular account.

  • Is it possible to delete the table of contents in a pdf but keep the bookmarks?

    Is it possible to delete the table of contents in a pdf but keep the bookmarks?

    If the TOC is located on certain pages, you can simply delete those (from the Pages panel).
    Make sure it doesn't screw up with how your bookmarks work, though...

  • Is it possible to export the page activity report to a pdf file?

    Is it possible to export the page activity report to a pdf file?and is there any api or samples to be reference

    Do you mean audit history?   One method would be similar to the following sample that you could extend to create a PDF from the data returned:
    BUT the method used above via JCR Query is an implementation detail.  For future proofing, you should use the ReplicationStatus status = page.adaptTo(ReplicationStatus.class in your code to get the audit logs for a particular page, rather than a straight JCR query. (recommended by Jörg Hoh @

  • Is it possible to extract the text and images using PHP

    Hi friends,
    Is it possible to extract the text and images using PHP, in the same order as it is in the PDF?
    Else is it possible extract the same as XML using PHP, or ASP
    I googled it but its in vain, any help is appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

    Dear Mike,
    Thanks for your quick reply,
    I mean is it possible to parse the PDF line by line using the PHP.
    I extracted the whole text but couldn't the images. Since the PDF's images are decoded using various methods like DCTDecode, JPXDecode, etc.
    The text is decoded with FlateDecode, which i breaked using a function in PHP.

  • How do I remove the target-like images from my pdf?

    How do I remove the target-like images from my pdf? There are four of them, one in the very top center, very bottom center, far left center, and far right center.

    Are you saying they haven't always been there? If they have been, they're likely registration marks.

  • Is it possible to tell the server to run a .cfm page at a set time?

    hey all,
    i'm trying to build an automatic email application that will
    send out mail to the people on its list at a convenient time for
    the server to avoid traffic. is it possible to somehow tell the
    server to run the application page automatically at a set time? i'm
    running in a cf6 linux environment.
    thanks for your help!

    Go into your CF Administrator and click on the "Scheduled
    Tasks" link.

  • How to set the resolution of images when saving Book as HTML

    How can I set a different resolution for images converted to *.GIF when I save a book as HTML? Why doesn't the conversion to JPG work?

    I am running a stand-alone version of Framemaket 10.I try to convert a documentation with a lot of screenshots in it. Regardless of the settings on the Reference pages of the first document of the book, Framemaker converts all graphic files to *.gif, and these are downsized so much that they become illegible. I would like to have them converted to JPG, with little resolution loss, so they are still readable.
    I think Robohelp is too expensive…
    Best regards
    Alexander Keller
    Tech Writer

  • Is it possible to change the automatically set image on the new iMovie Theater title screen?

    I made a few movies on the new iMovies 2013 then uploaded into iTheater. I love the software and its ease of use. However, I noticed iTheater automatically sets the title image. Similar to youtube, iTheater probably uses the video mid point image as default. Is it possible to change the set image on iTheater?

    Unfortunately, no.

  • How to find resolution of images in a PDF?

    I have Acrobat Pro 8, and was wondering if there was a way to find out what the resolution of the embedded images are?
    Seems like a simple thing but I for the life of me cannot find it.
    Thank you very much for any information regarding this!
    - MIke

    Use the Preflight tool. Advanced > Print Production > Preflight. Click the triangle beside PDF Analysis to open preflight profiles which check for certain conditions. Pick one of those like "List images below 300 ppi." You can also duplicate one of the profiles and edit it to choose whatever target resolution you want to check for.

  • Is it possible to change the resolution of indivdual channels in measurement and automation explorer using a VI

    I'm acquiring data on 8 analog input channels using a PCI-6052 E card. The data on channels 5 thru 8 is going to be between +1V and -1V. So for greater resolution I'm manually changing the range of these channels to +1V to -1V in the measurement and automation explorer. Is there a way by which I can make these changes directly using a VI ?

    Yes you can, but only if you use the "AI Config" VI. AI config allows different gains for different channels. The "channels" and "input limits" inputs of the VI accepts arrays. The first element of the input limits array corresponds to the first element of the channel array. Check the "cont acq&chart (buffered).vi" in the LV examples. There you see what I mean!

  • I get resolution warnings when I know the resolution and image size exceed

    I am using images that exceed the required resolution (300 dpi) for the size used (8 1/2" x 11"). Mostly these are on full page images. anyone run into these problems?

    Error -36 is I/O error, w/o specifying if the error is in the source or the target.
    So, first of all, verify your disk(s) with Disk Utility, just to make sure there's no problem there.
    If there isn't, then there's a problem with the download. Consult "EVE online" (whatever that might be) tech support and user forums.

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