Is there a way to show two angles at the same time in the final edit rather than switch between them with Multicam?

Can I show two angles at the same time in the final edit rather than alternate with Multicam?

Stack two clips on top of each other and reduce the sizes. I think that's what you want.

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  • Is there a way to add multiple search bars visible at the same time (Amazon, Ebay, etc.) rather than clicking through them?

    Like, instead of clicking to pick the one you want, have 3 or 4 available on the toolbar all the time. I saw something called Thinger that does it, but that was from Firefox 3.

    Is there a way to choose the contacts you want to include in a send field in ONE step like we used to be able to do in the last version of this app?
    No. You can kind of do it by dragging from the Contacts app, but the default address (first in list, I think) will be used. I you have contacts with multiple email addresses, you’d have to go to each in the address field and select the correct one.

  • Is there a way I can stream video from my 2012 AirMac to the Apple TV using airplay and at the same time stream the audio to an air speaker?

    Is there a way stream video from a 2012 MacBook Air to a TV using Apple TV and at the same time steam the audio to an air speaker. Also the same question but using an ipad

    You can try one thing. Follow these steps:
    1. On your Mac, turn on AirPlay Mirroring and connect it to the Apple TV, so audio and video will stream from the Apple TV.
    2. Turn off the sound of the TV where you have connected the Apple TV.
    3. Then, make sure that you have turned on the AirPlay speakers. Then, open System Preferences > Sound > Output, and choose the external speakers, so sound will stream from these external speakers.
    This should work correctly

  • I have two printers of the same model registed in eprintcenter and can't differentiate between them.

    I have two printers of the same model registed in eprintcenter and can't differentiate between them.
    I've tried change varios names in each printer's settings but they still show up in eprintcenter with the model name. What can I do to change the name so I can diffentiate the two prineters?

    Hi mptpro, the way to differentiate between your two printers within your ePrintCenter account is by their email address. The model name is automatically detected when you add the printer to your account and is not configurable but you can set the email address is. By giving each printer a distinctively different and meaningful email address you'll be able to differentiate between the two.
    To change a printer's email address: 
    log in to your ePrintCenter account
    click on the Printers tab
    select one of the printers and you will see the current email address for that printer just above the job history table
    click the Change button to the right of the address and enter the desired name in the dialog box that opens
    repeat for the second printer
    Hope this helps answer your question
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  • Every time i play a song in my i-tune 10.6, about up to half way mark, i-tune will automatically skip to the next track and playing it (next track) at the same time as the current track.

    Every time i play a song in my i-tune 10.6, about up to half way mark, i-tune will automatically skip to the next track and playing it (next track) at the same time as the current track. i don't know if anyone has the same problem, but i haven't sync my ipod touch 4 gen to my i-tune playlist for the longest time, cus i was afraid to transfer the problem to it since i have a pc (win 7) but not MAC.

    i am sorry, guys, but  I really really really need you guys' help. if u know ANYTHING...

  • Can i run two widgets at the same time on the same page?

    Can i run two widgets at the same time on the same page?
    I have created and published 4 free ibooks and i would to run two widgets
    - a countdown clock
    - a review test
    at the same time on the page. Can i do that?
    Thanks in advance

    thanks for your answer. Yes indeed HTML widgets run only full screen (snif snif). I consider this as a "distinguishing treatment".
    One solution  i read !!!!! was to create through keynote a countdown clock, to export to quicktime move and to imported at iBA predefined widgets. of course this is not the solution i need.
    So, in order to have at the same widget and run together a count down clock and a preview test (20 questions)  i must
    1)"hack" the preview widget and insert a countdown clock
    2) create a preview test using iAD.....
    thanks again

  • I have been trying for two days to download the new icloud 4 that was offered at the same time as the new iTunes just prior to iOS8 release.

    I have been trying for two days to download the new icloud 4 that was offered at the same time as the new iTunes just prior to iOS8 release.
    I keep getting installer package error messages, I uninstalled the previous version to see if that was the problem to now find that I cant reinstall it as the new version is the only one available.
    Im using Windows 7, I'm assuming Im not the only one with this problem.
    Would a complete uninstall and reinstall of Apple software be of any benefit or is that just a cure all solution when nobody has an answer?

    I am so sorry to hear of your experience with purchasing your new Samsung Galaxy Note 3!  This definitely should have been resolved in your first call to us.  I would be glad to review your account and ensure the Edge Agreement is corrected.  Please accept my "Follow" request and send me a direct message so I can further assist.  Thanks!
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  • Is there a way to delete multiple pictures at the same time from the iphone4s?

    Is there a way to deleter multiple pictures at the same time, from my iphone4s? I know how to delete one at a time. Thanks

    Open your Photos App > Camera Roll > At the top right corner you will see a rectangle with a right arrow, select that. Now you can select as many photos as you want and you can hit the red Delete button on the bottom right.

  • ? - Is there a way to validate 1 XML record at a time, using the SAX or oth

    Before running into space problems, i generated an XML file from a 'pipe delimited' file and and then processed that XML file thru a SAXParser 'validator' and the data was correctly validated, using the RELAXNG Schema patterns as the validation criteria!
    But as feared, the XML file was huge! (12 billion XML recs. generated from 1 billion 'pipe' recs.) and i am now trying to find a way to process 1 'pipe' record at a time, (ie) read 1 record from the 'pipe delimited' file, convert that rec. to an XML rec. and then send that 1 XML rec. thru the SAXParser 'validator', avoiding the build of a huge temporary XML file!
    After testing this approach, its looks like the SAXParser 'validator' (sp.parse) is expecting only (1) StringBufferInputStream as input,and after opening, reading and closing just (1) of the returned StringBufferInputStream objects, the validator wants to close up operations!
    Where i have the "<<<<<" you can see where i'm calling the the object.method that creates the 'pipe>XML' records 'sb.createxml' and will be returning many occurances of the StringBufferInputStream object, where (1) StringBufferInputStream object represents (1) 'pipe>XML' record!
    So what i'm wondering, is if there is a form of 'inputStream' class that can be loaded and processed at the same time! ie instead of requiring that the 'inputStream' object be loaded in it's entirety, before going to validation?
    Or if there is another XML 'validator' that can validate 1 XML record at a time, without requiring that the entire XML file be built first?
    1. ---------------------------------class: (SX2) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    import ............
    public class SX2
    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception
    MyDefaultHandler dh = new MyDefaultHandler();
    SX1 sx = new SX1();
    SAXParser sp = sx.getParser(args[0]);
    stbuf1 sb = new stbuf1();
    sp.parse(sb.createxml(args[1]),dh); <<<<<< createxml( ) see <<<<<<< below
    class MyDefaultHandler extends DefaultHandler {
    public int errcnt;
    "" 87 lines, 2563 characters
    2. ----------------------------------class: (stbuf1) method: (createxml) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
    public stbuf1 () { }
    public StringBufferInputStream createxml( String inputFile ) <<<<<< createxml(
    BufferedReader textReader = null;
    if ( (inputFile == null) || (inputFile.length() <= 1) )
    {     throw new NullPointerException("Delimiter Input File does not exist");
    String ele = new String();
    try {
    ele = new String();
    textReader = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(inputFile));
    String line = null; String SEPARATOR = "\\|"; String sToken = null;
    String hdr1=("<?xml version=#1.0# encoding=#UTF-8#?>"); hdr1=hdr1.replace('#','"');
    String hdr2=("<hlp_data>");
    String hdr3=("</hlp_data>");
    String hdr4=("<"+TABLE_NAME+">");
    String hdr5=("</"+TABLE_NAME+">");
    while ( (line = textReader.readLine()) != null )
    String[] sa = line.split(SEPARATOR);
    String elel = new String();
    for (int i = 0; i < NUM_COLS; i++)
    if (i>(sa.length-1)) { sToken = new String(); } else { sToken = sa; }
    if (i==0) {
    if (i==NUM_COLS - 1) {
    else {
    catch (IOException e) {
    return (new StringBufferInputStream(ele));
    public static void main( String args[] ) {
    stbuf1 genxml_obj = new stbuf1 ();
    String ptxt=new String(args[0]);
    genxml_obj.createxml(ptxt); }}

    Well,i think you can use the streaming API for xml processing provided by weblogic.It is pull model,not push model like SAX.with it,you can select the events you want without having to react to every event,and you can filter the events out.
    Sun also provide such streaming API for xml processing,and i got an very simple introduction about it on the Chinese Sun developer site.but i couldn't find any other infomation about it elsewhere! If you have such materials,please send to my email:[email protected],and if I have it,i will be sure to post the links here.hope it helps more or less:)
    @[email protected]

  • IS there a way to load and purchase different photos from iPhoto and ship them at the same time? the only way that I can find is to purchase each photo (or multiple of one) at a time, which increases the cost of shipping, as I want to get one print of 20

    Is there a way to order multiple different prints in any quantity from Iphoto? it appears currently like I would have to ship each separately, even if only one print... is there a way around this so I can can get several DIFFERENT prints of any quantity and ship all at the same time?

    Sure - easiest way is to make an album for photos you want to order and drag photos to it - when it is complete open the album, select all and order

  • If two people workig on document in office at the same time shall the document wil be updated to the last updater?

    I like to know if I am working on document in word or excel and somebody else is also working with the same document on netwerk which can be home netwerk or domain netwerk , shall be the document updated to the last updater?

    Which way do you want to share the Word and Excel file?  If we want to share Word and Excel file and allow multiple users to edit/save them at the same time, the Word and Excel has the different ways.
    Word: The file working with other users is based on the SharePoint. The following sections describe best practices when you are co-authoring with other users. 
    Co-authoring and the checking out of documents
    Co-authoring documents and versioning
    Co-authoring documents in a mixed Office version environment
    Excel: When you share a workbook, multiple users can't work in the same file at the same time. Instead, you merge changes from one or more copies of that workbook back into the one that you shared.
    The process works like this: You share a workbook, and as part of sharing, you save the workbook. Someone else then copies the shared workbook and adds their data to the copy. When they're done, you merge the data from the copy back into the original.
    George Zhao
    TechNet Community Support

  • Is there a way to connect two analog mics recording in stereo to the iPad for recording?

    I currently use an M-Audio Mobile Pre to connect two microphones to my MacBook Pro via USB. If I wanted to use my iPad (or even iPhone) instead, is there a way to get the stereo input into the iPad? Would the Line 6 Sonic Port sold via Apple work? Would it take 2 separate inputs and deliver stereo to Garage Band or another recording app? Or is there another way?

    Exactly that -- the procedure is described in the online Help: InDesign Help | Text variables
    Now every time you insert the variable named "# of potatoes", you'll see the text "50" appear (with a minimal rectangular marker to indicate it's a variable), and when you want another number of potatoes, all you have to do is adjust the text in the Variables dialog.

  • Is there a way of resizing the contents of multiple bounding boxes at the same time using the number fields in the tool bar?

    I'musing cs6 and need to resize an image and two text boxes to a specific pixel width.
    I try selecting all of the boxes and punching in 960 px in the resizing field in the tool bar but only the bounding boxes and not their contents get resized...

    Use the horizontal scale field (and include the units) rather than the width field.

  • Is there any way to copy/paste multiple markers at a time, keeping the same intervals?

    In Final Cut Pro X, I would like to copy many markers from a clip and paste them onto another clip with the same intervals, but I cannot find the way... Would it be possible?

    I think the way I would do it is to copy the section of the timeline that has the existing markers and paste it to where you want the new ones. Both the markers and the content will travel to the new position on your timeline. Then use the replace edit to insert the new content, The markers will remain in place.

  • Two cisco 1131AG at the same time crash the wlan network!

    Hi to all
    I have a strange problem and need help.
    Setup (constellation):
    2 Cisco Aironet 1131AG connected to a Zyxel DSL Router with integrated 4 Port Switch, both AP's have the same configuration (with exception IP Adress).
    If i patch only one AP it works fine, i see the SSID and i can connect, AP01 or AP02 does not matter, but if i connect/patch both AP's on the Zyxel DSL Router the Port from the AP02 goes down (no flashing) and the Port from AP01 flashing funny (flapp).
    No connection to the WebGui is possible and the WLAN SSID can not be found.
    Whats that for a strange Problem?!
    Thank you in advance for the help
    Attached the configuration files from AP01 and AP02.

    Assume that the AP is still power up. From my experience, there are two reason why you cannot access the console: low process memory or high CPU. If there is not enough process memory, you should get a message complaining low memory on the console.
    From the problem description, it sounds like that the APs are running at high CPU. Some packets are looped between the AP, IOS is designed to pump up the job priority for console once in a while; so that the console will be responsive once in a while; even though the AP is running at high CPU. I assume that the Zyxel does not have port mirroring/monitor session.
    I wonder if you can do the followings:
    1. console attach to the AP
    2. make sure terminal monitor or logging console is enable
    3. run debug fastethernet packet xmt or debug fastethernet packet re just before the second AP is powered up
    The AP should display the packets looped around. If you can collect the output of show process cpu | exclude 0.00, it will be even better.

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