ITunes library on one computer - Play sound on another?

I'm needing to free up space on my MBPro and thought I'd move my library to my wife's MB since she has more hard drive space available. Then I thought I'd delete the library from my machine to free up that 20-25GB of space.
The only problem with that is now I can't listen to iTunes on my machine if I'm doing work and need some music. We have the machines on the same network (can connect to each machine from the other and move files).
Is there a good way for me to listen to my library that's on her machine from my machine? I'm thinking point my MBPro to the library on her machine, but I'm wondering if that will work with both machines connected to a Time Capsule via Wi-Fi. Is there some option to stream sound from a MB to a MBPro and just use my MBPro as remote speakers, so to speak?
Hope this includes all necessary details and makes sense.

Enable Music Sharing on your wife's computer. Open iTunes, select Preferences. Click on the Sharing icon at the top of the new window. Tick the boxes "Look for shared libraries" and "Share my library on my local network" -then click in the circle for "Share entire library".
Next, on your computer open iTunes, select Preferences, click on the Sharing icon, and check the box "Look for shared libraries".
For this to work, your wife's computer must be left on, and the iTunes application must be open. On your computer you open iTunes, and in the source window on the left part of your iTunes screen you will see your wife's library and playlists. Double-click on them to play. This will not cause the files to play on your wife's computer -only yours. If her computer is shut down or goes to sleep you will lose your access to the music.

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    jamie171 wrote:
    My question is since I have imported them into my iTunes library from one computer why can't I access them from my iTunes library from another computer that I have authorized to access whats in my library?  Is there no way to import songs only once into the library and then access them from all my authorized computers?
    Only if you have iTunes Match or of the computers are on the same local network.

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    I am in the process of trying to transfer my iTunes library from one computer to another. Some of the music/film info has been edited (by me) in my library (using get info). When put onto new computer (following apple's instructions- using an external hard drive) the info has gone back to how it was before i edited it.. Help!?

    I would recommend taking a look at the article below for more information about migrating your iTunes library.
    iTunes for Windows: Moving your iTunes Media folder
    -Griff W.

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    I am having great difficulty in changing my external iTunes library from my old MBP laptop to my new iMac 5k.
    My entire iTunes library is stored on an external drive and can be accessed directly with my MBP. When I started up iTunes on my new iMac, it created a new empty library in the MUSIC folder. What I want to do is connect my new iMac to the external library directly. I can see it when I turn on HOME SHARING but only when iTunes is running on my MBP, which is useless since my MBP will now be seldom used. I have of course on the iMac, changed the library location in the advanced preferences to the external location, to no avail. I do not want to keep any media files on the iMac for capacity reasons.
    To compound the problem, I cannot seem to sync my new iPhone 6+ to the original external library, only the new empty one!
    Surely this ought to be a simple job, transferring an external iTunes library from one computer to another! Am I missing something obvious here?

    Wow, what a quick response! Thanks, Limnos. I guess it was bleeding' obvious, and I should have thought of it before. Such a simple solution!
    On a related matter, I also have just realised that the iTunes iOS backups are saved on the internal computer drive in a folder called MOBILESYNC rather than on an external drive, thus chewing up a lot of capacity on my SSD. Others reading this response may be interested to know that it is easy to have iTunes save the iOS backups to any external drive using a symbolic link in this directory. Go to ps-on-an-Alternate-Location
    for the details.
    However, note that iBooks will NOT let you use this work-around, pathetic app that it is.

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    My DeDuper script is designed to help clean up. See this thread for background.

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    Moved iTunes library from old computer (PC Windows 7) to new (PC Window 8) using external hard drive.  Library listing shows all music but can only play a fraction of it.  On the ones it cannot play it asks to locate, then refers to an archived version (an .itl file), and still cannot play them.  Do I just need to copy the archived .itl over, or is that not where the actual media are (do the actual media files even exist on the new computer?)?  Any advice or information on this would be helpful.

    * there any way I can filter out all the tracks with the ! so I can delete the unplaying copies as they're taking up room in my iTunes? I know how to find duplicates, but then I have to go and delete each one individually...*
    *Thank you!*

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    My old computer is infected with spyware and is no longer usable. My question is: how do I get the iTunes library from that computer to my new computer that I have now? Is this even possible?

    Yes, connect them on a network (I use my home's wireless netowrk) and set up windows file sharing

  • Possibility of Apple TV playing one Itunes Library while the computer plays a different library at the same time (Mac)

    The Apple TV is for my son's room to watch his videos, listen to music, etc. off his iTunes library I made for him on my Mac.  I want to be able to listen to my own library at the same time he has his. Apple TV only recognizes the current library open; unless I'm doing something wrong or the stars haven't aligned for me yet, is there a way to do this? I can't run two iTunes at the same time (wish I could). 
    *Note- to teach my son about computers, I bought an old green iMac which will be for his learning venture.  The iMac however does not have wifi (at least not yet).  Perhaps something for you Mac professionals can use to help me whip up a good setup, unfortunately the iMac is slow, not enough HD space, so I don't have the funds right now to open it up and do what can be done.  (If this helps)

    Hi All,
    Same issue here. Just upgraded (?) from the previous version of Apple TV, to the new Apple TV2. Like others here, my main problems seem to be with unreliable streaming from iTunes 10 on my PowerMac (Quad G5, Leopard OSX).
    My original AppleTV had no issues w/the wireless network, or synching w/my PowerMac.
    The network connection from the ATV2 are fine, and have no issues accessing the Apple Store (for movies, TV shows), or accessing Netflix. The access to the internet from my ATV2 is quite robust.
    My problems are with keeping a constant, reliable wireless connection to my PowerMac, via an Airport Extreme wireless router.
    I have tried multiple restarts, reboots, reset ATV2 to original settings, tried different wireless channels on the Airport Extreme, verified I have Home Sharing properly enabled in iTunes,etc, but no luck so far.
    What I'm seeing is when I access my iTunes on my computer, I can see my library, and then if I start to "shuffle songs" I may get 1 to 3 songs to play fine, but then the music stops, and I can no longer access the music/movies/etc in iTunes any longer. When I then go to my PowerMac, it has lost most bars of signal strength on the wireless network (although all other devices show strong signal strength), and I have to Turn AirPort Off, then Turn AirPort On and I then am reconnected to the wireless network with good signal.
    I then go back to the ATV2, connect to my iTunes, start my music, and then 1-2 songs later it again stops playing, and I go through this all over again.
    It seems as though there is something on the wireless network between the ATV2 and my PowerMac that causes it to lose connection, and I have to manually start again. The problem is that the connection is not robust, and only lasts a few minutes.
    Hope this gets solved soon.

  • Move itunes library from one computer to another while keeping data (e.g date added, play counts etc.)

    Hi guys,
    I'm really sorry if this question has been asked before but I just upgraded my computer and I want to move all of my itunes library from my old one while keeping all of my info.
    I tried copying the xml files but my new computer has a different location for the songs so they wont show up in the library.

    The following article(s) may help you.
    Moving your iTunes library to a new computer

  • Moving iTunes library from one computer to another

    I am new to this list, but hope someone can help.
    I had purchased quite a few songs from iTunes store and also had copied some from disks.
    I saved my whole iTunes Music folder onto a portable hard drive.
    I changed computers, so I deauthorized the 5 accounts I had and authorized just my one currently used computer. I thought I downloaded all the music from the portable HD to the library, but apparently not...
    Now, each time I try to play something in my library, it tells me it cannot locate the file. If I browse to the connected portable HD, I can find it and play it, but it seems that nothing transferred when I thought I moved the music to my iTunes account. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks, Gremblay

    Take a look on this article: -a-new-hard-drive
    My guess is that you just moved your iTunes folder to your new computer, and didn't consolidate the library (wich may have caused you this trouble). Maybe you should transfer your library again. Just make sure the original files are on your portable HD and don't erase them accidenatally)

  • How do I move my iTunes library from one computer to another?

    Is it accessaible online or how do I do it?

    These are two possible approaches that will normally work to move an existing library to a new computer.
    Method 1
    Backup the library with this User Tip.
    Deauthorize the old computer if you no longer want to access protected content on it.
    Restore the backup to your new computer using the same tool used to back it up.
    Keep your backup up-to-date in future.
    Method 2
    Connect the two computers to the same network. Share your <User's Music> folder from the old computer and copy the entire iTunes library folder into the <User's Music> folder on the new one. Again, deauthorize the old computer if no longer required.
    Both methods should give the new computer a working clone of the library that was on the old one. As far as iTunes is concerned this is still the "home" library for your devices so you shouldn't have any issues with iTunes wanting to erase and reload.
    I'd recommend method 1 since it establishes an ongoing backup for your library.
    If you do it properly there is no need to "import" anything on the new computer, you connect iTunes to a copy of the original library and it just works.

  • How do I sync my itunes library on one computer with my itunes library on another?

    I have bought music from iTunes on my home computer. When I open iTunes on my laptop, it has my entire library there shown, but I can only sync songs that I have bought from my laptop's itunes even though it shows my entire music library there. Any idea on how to sync up one itunes with another even if they are on the same account?

    You can only sync music and videos for an iTunes library other than the one you synced with normally if y use the manual method of syncing
    iTunes: Syncing media content to iOS devices and iPod        

  • Is there and FAQ for SHARING Itunes library on one computer?

    I know this has been discussed, but my SEARCH queries seem to be coming up short.
    There are two of us here, on one Imac. My wife and I. We both have itunes accounts and seperate logins. I have the itunes library in the SHARED folder on the imac.
    What I don't really see is the new music that I DL from itunes, when I login on her side of the computer.
    I want to be able to share this music, authorize it on the IMAC and on MY MBP.
    Where are MY playlists stored? Is that still in my users itunes folder?
    There is a bunch of music in MY itunes folder, it looks like Duplicates of a lot of stuff that is on the shared folder. Why would this be?
    Is this the best way to share an itunes library?

    See if this helps: iTunes: How to share music between different accounts on a single computer

  • ITunes library on one computer with multiple users

    Mom, Dad, and kids each have their own log-in to this computer. Mom is the main administrator and when we downloaded all the CDs to iTunes, it went to Mom's iTunes Library. Dad has logged in under his name and purchased items from iTunes store which are now in his library. We now have 2 separate iTunes Libraries. How can we make the iTunes library the same for both Mom and Dad?
    Dad just got iPhone and wants to be able to sync his apps to his computer login as well as having access to Mom's iTunes library - it would seem to me that the easiest way to do this is to copy the library from Mom to Dad or somehow be able to have Dad share the itunes library. Can't figure out how to do this. Any help would be appreciated.

    To share an iTunes library among multiple users, put the iTunes library in /Users/Shared/Music/iTunes, and for each user, make an alias from ~/Music/iTunes to /Users/Shared/Music/iTunes. Set permissions on /Users/Shared/Music/iTunes (and everything inside it) to give each user read and write permissions, and you're all set. My wife have been sharing our iTunes library this way since 2005, without a hitch.
    Also, you'll have to import the contents of one library into the other, to make one big library, which is an extra step, but there's no way to avoid this now that you have two libraries.
    Here are step by step instructions:
    1. Figure out which library is larger, and start with that one. I'm going to guess it's Mom's. Log in as Mom.
    2. In the Finder, make a folder called /Users/Shared/Music.
    3. Move the folder ~/Music/iTunes (that's your iTunes library) to /Users/Shared/Music/iTunes.
    4. Select the folder /Users/Shared/Music/iTunes, and make an alias of that folder. (In the Finder, click on File->Make Alias.) The alias will be called "/Users/Shared/Music/iTunes alias".
    5. Move "/Users/Shared/Music/iTunes alias" to "~/Music/iTunes alias". Rename the alias to ~/Music/iTunes.
    6. At this point, check your work: start iTunes while still logged in as Mom. Mom should see her iTunes library, just as before, as if it had never been moved.
    7. While still logged in as Mom, go to /Users/Shared, select the Music folder, and give Mom and Dad read and write permissions on that folder and all its contents.
    8. Log out as Mom, and log in as Dad. In the Finder, move Dad's iTunes library from ~/Music/iTunes to the Desktop.
    9. As Dad, repeat steps 4 and 5.
    10. Now Dad should check his work, by starting iTunes. Dad should now see Mom's library instead of his own.
    Congratulations! You now have a shared library. You not only share content, but all playlists, artwork, etc. As Dad, create a playlist, fill it with romantic music, and call the playlist "To My Beautiful Wife". Log out as Dad, and log in as Mom, and Mom will see the same playlist. Crack open a bottle of champagne.
    But Dad's content is still in ~/Desktop/iTunes. You'll have to add it to your shared libary:
    11. Log in as Dad, and in iTunes, turn on the preference iTunes->Preferences->Advanced->Copy files to iTunes Music folder when adding to library.
    12. Still in iTunes, choose File->Add to Library and start adding all the files in ~/Desktop/iTunes. They'll be copied from Dad's desktop into the shared library. Try importing a couple of tracks, and log in as Mom and confirm that both Mom and Dad see the imported content. (I myself have never done this, so I can't give you much guidance about importing, since I started our iTunes library as a single shared library from the very beginning. For all you know, you can just select every folder in ~/Desktop/iTunes and import everything at once. I would imagine you might have to futz around re-organizing everything nicely once you've imported all Dad's stuff, but once that's done, it's done.) Once everything is imported you can trash ~/Desktop/iTunes.
    That's it. Any content you add will be instantly available to both users without having to sync or copy anything ever, because both users are always looking at the same library. (If one user deletes something it's gone for both users too, so be careful!) The only trouble you could possibly have are permissions issues, depending on how your system and users are set up. On my computer, after setting it up once, we never had to think about it again. However, we set up a separate account to be the administrator, and neither my wife or I have admin privileges. Since Mom is an administrator and Dad is not, you might find that OS X treats you differently when you create new files in your library. You'll have to try it and see. Good luck!
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  • I need to share my Itunes library on one computer with two user accounts

    I have one computer with two IPODS. I would like to share the music I already have stored on one library with another user library. How do I do this?

    See if this helps: iTunes - How to share music between different accounts on a single computer
    There are a few different ways to use two iPods with one computer, have a look at this help page for suggestions: How to use multiple iPods with one computer

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