Itunes match in ipad 2

I keep trying to turn on itunes match on my ipad, but it keeps showing my old apple id and wants its password, but i have a new id.  how do i change it?

In Settings log put of the old ID then enter the new one.

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  • I downloaded music from iTunes onto my iPad. I enabled iTunes Match on my PC (where most of my music is stored). When I turned on iTunes Match on iPad it said the iPad music library would be replaced.How do I use iTunes Match without losing  iPad music.

    I bought music from iTunes and downloaded it to my iPad. I have enabled iTunes Match on my PC (where most of my music is stored). When I turned on iTunes Match on iPad it said "iTunes Match will replace the music library" on my iPad. All of my iPad music is saved on iCloud, and some of my PC music is on iCloud. If I use iTunes Match will the music previously downloaded on my iPad be lost?

    You need to either sync the iPad with iTunes so it will transfer the purchases to the iTunes library or download them from the purchase history. Then let iTM work on the "new" tracks in the library then all the music will be available on the iPad.

  • When I try to download a song onto my iPad from iTunes Match, my iPad says "Cannot connect to the iTunes Store" even though I have a perfect Internet connection.

    When I try to download a song onto my iPad from iTunes Match, my iPad says "Cannot connect to the iTunes Store" even though I have a perfect Internet connection.

    Try a power cycled of the iPad.

  • Is anyone having difficulties installing iTunes Match to iPad/iPhone with new ios7??

    Is anyone having difficulties installing iTunes Match to iPad/iPhone with new ios7??

    Thanks Diavonex.  This is confusing as I enter my account details before resetting it. I folloowed the apple steps:
    ~yet regardless how much I try, it still opens with "This iPhone is currently linked to an Apple ID *****".

  • ITunes Match and iPad syn

    Quite a bit of an issue here...
    After googling for a few hours, I am unable to fix my current issue. Hopefully someone with experience can assist with this one.
    I have around 4k tracks in my iTunes library in ALAC format and loaded artwork etc. Firstly, when I synchorise with my iPad Air via USB cable (genuine), after the first 1GB or so, iTunes will randomly quit, and thus the process will stop. I have tried this many times and have completely restore Mavericks (Macbook 2009). The tracks are stored locally. Secondly, after turning on and paying for iTunes Match (as iTunes Radio has arrived down under), iTunes would quit. This normally occurs in Step 2 and around 500ish/ 4000ish tracks.
    My best guest at the moment is that there is a track in my library that's causing the issue.
    Without having to rebuild the entire libary from scratch, ie. saving the tracks onto an external HDD and then adding them slowly, and running iTunes Match after adding 200 or so tracks.... is there a way to figure out which track is the issue?
    Any help here will be much appreicated.

    With the ipad, there is a new music app that came with iOS 5.0x.   New GUI, etc.  It also is buggy.  I often have it crash and have to restart while playing music, scrolling etc.
    With match, if you have a lot of songs (I had 13,000), it takes a long time when it is first turned on and the screen from what I recall was blank .  Long time being 10-20 minutes if not longer until it is complete.  For the first 10 minutes all I saw was the names of existing songs in the list (and they stayed since I matched them).  Then it updated the list but had not art.  And this was on a wifi N TimeCapsule with 30 down 5 up broadband connection.  You should see the little circle going in the status bar next to the signal strength.  As long as that is going, let it do its thing.  Also, about half way thru you will see artists/albums start to list but no art  Art seems to come last.  It's best to just let it sit and do its thing.   The art eventually does come down.   iPhone 4s also took some time (like 10 minutes) but from what I recall was a little faster than the iPad 1.    Do this plugged into the charger.
    Once it is complete, it works fine.  Downloads fast, plays the songs etc.  Some cover art goes missing at times for whatever reason but if your turn match off and on it comes back (and yes, it takes another 10-20 minutes to restart match - just leave it on).    I also get the typical music app crashes but I got those without match too.  Hoepfully it will stabilize with the next release of iOS.

  • HT204406 Although I have subscribed to ITunes Match my ipad setting only states under Settings Music, to subscribe to iTunes Match. But i have subscribed. i have played the downloaded songs from the icloud, too, and when i turn off my computer, the ipad m

    I subscribed to Music Match with iTunes and yet my ipad settings for Music only still has the option to subscribe, and therefore I cannot click on an option to Activagte iTunes Match, since it is not there. I have all the right number of songs from the icloud showing up in my ipad now, and I have played a few, but when I tried to turn off the computer, it showed a field stating that my ipad music would stop playing too, and it did. I thought this might have something to do with homesharing, but this I thought was something separate from iCloud.
    There is something wrong, but I don't understand what. It has just synced, but the problem persists.

    Home sharing is separate from iTunes Match.  Sounds like you were playing music using home sharing, which turned off when you turned off your computer.
    Open iTunes on your computer and go to the Store menu.  Confirm that there is a setting called Turn Off iTunes Match.  That will confirm that iTunes Match is enabled on your computer.  Then check to see what Apple ID you subscribed to iTunes Match with.  It will be the ID in Store>View Account (in parentheses).
    On your iPad, confirm that you are signed in with this same ID in Settings>iTunes & App Store (at the top).  If so, you should see an iTunes Match setting listed with an on/off slider.  Slide it on to enable iTunes Match on your iPad.

  • How to download music from iTunes match to iPad 2

    I'm going off the grid (temporarily) and traveling to an area without cell phone or wifi.  I would love to listen to music on my 32 gb iPad 2 (IOS 8) on those long nights.  My music is loaded on iTunes Match.  Can it be downloaded to the iPad so I can listen directly from the device?  Even better, can I select the albums I'd like to download without downloading everything?  Any tips would be appreciated!

    Yes, but you must turn off iTunes Match on your device and sync the music from iTunes on your computer.
    Managing content manually on iPhone, iPad, and iPod

  • Impossible to active itunes match on ipad

    I've subscribed to Itunes Match and have no problem on my Macbook pro. Nevetheless, i'am not able to activate the service on my Ipad 1 64go with IOS 5.01. I've an error message saying that I am not yet a subscriber to itunes match when i try to move the cursor Itunes Match to the activated position.
    Please Help

    Hi lauren,
    In your iPad's settings, go to the 'Store' tab and sign out. When you sign in, you should be able to turn the iTunes Match switch in music on without trouble.

  • No album Artwork using iTunes Match on iPad mini

    iTunes Match is enabled on my iPad mini (iOS 6.0.1), but no album artwork appears. My album artwork is synced with iTunes Match and appears on my iPhone 4S (iOS 6.0.1), but does not appear in the music app on my iPad. I have tried turning iTunes Match on and off, and have downloaded various albums successfully to my iPad, yet the artwork never appears. Does anyone know a solution to this problem? Thanks!

    Does this problem extend beyond Match users? I have been trying all kinds of ways to get our music onto my wife's Mini but the artwork just isn't coming across, for about 70% of the material in our iTunes library. We don't use Match.
    I lost an immense amount of "Album Artwork" in the transition to iTunes 11, and had to reimport all that art one album at a time. I thought I had everything squared away after that, but when the music is copied to the Mini, artwork disappears again, and I can't find a way to "get album artwork" on the Mini itself.

  • ITunes Match on iPad - Whole library is long empty playlists with 0:00 for every track

    I think this started when I updated to iOS 6. My Music library on my iPad (3rd Gen, iOS 6) is all properly labeled at the artist and album label, but there's not album art and the album playlists are much longer than they should be and every track is marked 0:00 for duration. I tried the usual stuff (turning off iTunes Match and turning it back on, resetting iPad). Nothing I do on the iPad seems to work.
    iTunes Match is working fine on my iPhone.

    I believe I have found a possible cure for this issue. I had the same problem as you i enabled iTunes match and could watch my battery life drain before my eyes. I took it off charge at 0700 and by 1900 with very little use it was dead.
    I tried the above entry of resetting the settings which didnt really work, however with a bit of experimenting i have discovered a cure which worked for me.
    1. Reset settings as above post
    2. Back up to iTunes (so that the new settings are in your backup file)
    3. Restore the phone to factory settings
    4. Restore from the backup you just made
    5. Turn off iTunes match so that iTunes puts across any music you had on the phone previously
    6. Turn iTunes match back on.
    This appears to have worked for me, i took my phone off charge at 1930 and at 0130 i still have 87% left and this is with some light surfing and some itunes match downloads.
    I know its a long winded process but hopefully this will work for you like it has me.

  • HT5637 iTunes Match for iPad mini and iPhone 4

    I recently subscribed to iTunes Match via my iPad mini. I use iCloud for calendar, contacts and synching the iPad and my iPhone 4. I can't find iTunes Match on the phone. I thought the subscription would apply to both this incorrect?

    Thanks. I travel a lot and do not always have access to a good wifi connection, so I was wondering if the 2 devices will connect and sync ok so that I can synch photos as well as music etc when I'm not connected

  • I have mulitple copies appearing on my ipad after using icloud and itunes match, how do I get only 1 copy to appear?

    I am new to the Ipad, I just got the Ipad with retina display in and only have a 16gb memory. I wanted to use Icloud for my music and other items, but when I started using Icloud and Itunes match, my Ipad has up to 3 of the same song listed on the song list. and will repeat when I am listening to my music. I was wondering how I can get those multiple copies go away to just 1.

    Read this user tip Recover your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device
    Does it help?

  • I can't find iTunes match on my iPad to be able to delete songs from cloud

    i want to remove songs on iCloud from my iPad.i read somewhere that enabling iTunes match will help.but I can't find iTunes match on iPad. My Hat do I need to do?

    You can hide iTunes purchased songs from the cloud via your computer's iTunes : iTunes Store: Hiding and unhiding purchases - Apple Support
    iTunes Match isn't available in all countries, and you need iOS 7+ to be able to subscribe to it on an iPad - and you can only upload your own music to it from a computer's iTunes, not from the Music app on an iPad
    Subscribing to iTunes Match : Subscribe to iTunes Match - Apple Support
    About iTunes Match :

  • ITunes Match stuck in step 3 - but not uploading at all

    My iTunes Match is stuck in step 3 with exactly 2711 songs left, and in iTunes it has the swirling busy marks next to "iTunes Match," "My iPad," and "Genius Mixes."
    I cannot access the iTunes Store. I cannot update my apps. It will not show our other iPad or iPhone on the menu even if we plug them in.
    Basically, iTunes is stuck in an endless loop on Match, with no progress over 48 hours, and is preventing us from doing anything else.
    I've looked through the web and this discussion board, and other solutions are not working. In fact, I cannot even "turn off iTunes Match" because the button is grayed out. Force closing iTunes, restarting the computer - none of these things work.

    I thought my email from Apple would amuse, in it they imply I was unable to make it work. Not them. Note no apology whatsoever - it would imply guilt.
    They also threatened me with an effective year long ban if I get my money back. Here's the email:
    Hello David,
    I understand that you haven't been able to get Match working, so you'd like to see about receiving a refund. I can imagine you must be eager to get this sorted out. Edna wanted to make sure this gets resolved, so your case was escalated to me. My name is Adam and I'm an iTunes store senior advisor.
    Please keep in mind that if you cancel your iTunes Match subscription, you will no longer have access the Match features. In addition, if you receive a refund, you will not be able to subscribe to iTunes Match again until a year from the refund date.
    If you would still like to cancel, just reply to this email with the billing address and the last four digits of the credit card on the account. Upon receiving your response, Apple will verify your information, cancel your iTunes Match subscription and issue you a full refund. You will receive an email confirmation in regards to any refund.
    I'm looking forward to your reply and the chance to get this taken care of for you. Apple wants your iTunes experience to be as enjoyable as possible.
    iTunes Store/Mac App Store Senior Advisor

  • How can download all the songs from itunes match to an ipad 2?

    I activate itunes match in my Imac, the process of scan and identify the library songs is finished successfully, after that i activate the itunes match in my ipad,  I need download all the songs in the ipad, I select Music Icon and don't appear the (download all) button in the section of songs,  i have to push the cloud button in each song to download?
    I enter in the section of albums and playlist and in this section the button download all appears. How can i download all the songs to the device?

    I just found the answer by myself.  Instead of clicking Cloud icon one by one, highlight all the songs in Cloud (after sorting by Cloud status) and riight click, download.  Now I am getting all the songs back to my local machine.  I will sync my iOS devices tomorrow and just GET RID OF iTUNES MATCH.  To me, it was a disaster.  Worse than their map app.

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