ITunes Skipping When Surfing Web And Listening To Music

I am running Vista SP2 and iTunes If I am listening to music and open my Safari Web Browser the song I am listening to will skip, it does return to normal play, but as I continue to browse it will continue to skip. My sound card is a Creative Sound Blaster, not sure of exact model. I have 4GB of Ram and I am running the 32 bit version of iTunes. It's a Pentium D processor(double core)not C2D and 2.8 ghz. Didn't have this problem prior to that I noticed. May be something with my machine, but everything else seems ok. I do have iTunes installed on my C Drive 250 GB internal while all my Music/Movies etc sits on a 1 TB internal drive. Would / Should this cause this problem...? Both drives are esata and as far as I know I have all updates ... any help would be appreciated...

I've been having similar issues when i do a bunch of 'Preview All" in the store. Once and a while It will skip and buffer.

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