Licensing for this product has stopped working Error: 5

OK. Totally frustrated here.
Trying to start InDesign (installed with Master Collection CS4) on Powerbook Pro running 10.5.7 and consistently get the error above: "Licensing for this product has stopped working" and with error: 5.
I have attached a dump of the error screen.
I have been through Adobe's knowledge base and followed the steps there. I have:
1. Applied the licensing service update, and I also used the 0 option.
2. I have restarted the computer several times.
3. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the application (the whole Master Collection actually) using the uninstaller, with the remove preferences files option selected.
As far as I am aware I have the latest version because after reinstalling it the updater downloaded 1.1Gb of updates and installed those.
I have also nuked all font caches in case it was related to Apple's font cache bug.
No joy in any event. Still getting the error and no InDesign.
Any suggestions from the gurus here, please???

Thanks Peter,
As I said, have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but InDesign still doesn't work, all the other CS4 apps seem OK. Looked at the list you provided - much the same as the one I generated except there was one extra page I had not seen before at
Of course the series of steps described in that page are impossible to do because it says to :
1)      Set the computer clock back to May 31, 2009.
2)      Launch the affected product.
3)      Go to Help->Deactivate, select ERASE THIS SERIAL NUMBER.
4)      Quit the application.
5)      ...
The application will not start because the licensing has stopped working. So step 2 is not possible.
Apart from that the only other page that specifically addresses this problem is at
In this it says to do the things I said I have already done in my original post. None have worked.
Guess Adobe don't monitor this forum so I suppose I need to go back to Quark to do my work. InDesign appears fatally broken.

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    A Photoshop installation is tied to the machine it was installed on. Moving it to or from a hard drive breaks the licensing.
    The answer is easy: Reinstall CS4 from your disc. and apply all updates.

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    Thank you. I appreciate your tips. I tried solution 5 and it doesn't work.
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    PhotoDeb, I have the same problem with my CS4 suite. I get the 150:30 error, "licensing has stopped working."
    Fortunately, I'm subscribed to CC, so I can still open all CS4 files with CC apps.
    BUT, I DO want to get my CS4 working again.
    Have you been successful yet, in getting your CS4 back to working as it should?
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    "Migrating" and/or "transferring" an application is not just asking for trouble but demanding it!
    Always install an Adobe application from scratch, from the original media: CD or download.

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    Hi and thanks for your help. I've installed Director 11, but
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    it again, but it keep saying me the same error. I've already try
    the Adobe CS3 solution for this problem and the flexnet but
    nothing... How can i get Director 11 working?
    I have winVista HOmePremium, and cs3 master collection
    working fully.

    Reinstall the software properly.

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    On how many computers have you (or someone else) installed Photoshop and register with your license?1 i think..
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    Thanks Barbara.
    I've gone through this list earlier this morning and nothing has fixed the error.
    Do you suppose upgrading to Elements 12 would get rid of the issue at hand?

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    Has anyone encountered this error message?

    According to Google a couple of folks had this error.
    For instance here:
    Re: License is no longer working Error - 150:30 - CS4

  • "Licensing for this product has stopped working" error 148:3

    I have only just installed CS4 Production Premium, opened a CS3 Premiere project and saved it as a CS4 project, then run the updater for Premiere to 4.0.1. When I restarted I got the above message and cannot now use the program.
    Anyone know what I should do now?

    It seems that there might be some gremlin in the licensing module. The PS CS4 board has several similar instances. I do not know exactly what the problem is, but this should be an easy reset by Adobe. It has worked for the PS users and requires one free telephone call. I am with Harm on this. I doubt that many, if any, users can be of much help. The installation issues *used* to be simple and quick, but I have not had to make that call, since Illustrator 3. Have your S/N handy. If you purchased from the Adobe Store, a receipt # might come in handy too. Once your product has been verified, you'll probably be asked to enter a key, and away you go.
    Good luck,

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    Unfortunately when Adobe products are restored from backup, especial CS4 and especially Mac, it breaks licensing.
    There is a python script included in the license recovery kit that should work if you are familiar with Terminal.
    If not, you must reinstall your CS4 suite.  You don't need to delete your preferences, so it should be the same as before.
    Error "Licensing has stopped working" | Mac OS

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