Locked Account due to change of name details on ne...

As my current credit card expired i registered my new one, which had slightly different name details. Same account,s ame bank, but name added to reflect my married status. i did not ask the credit card to do this. they jsut did it. As a result Skype locked my account. I then had a lengthy on line chat with support who said that to protect my security, they would have to check it all out.  Fair enough! I gave them every bit of informattion i could think of and have heard nothing for 10 days. I am so **bleep** frustrated as i need the account when I travel to make business calls on the go and to call my family overseas. Has anyone had a similar problem or can suggest what I should do now- other than taking out a full page add in the FT abusing Skype!

I am in the same situation. I need to change the last name on my account. The only way to do it is to take your original Marriage Certificate to the closest Comcast store along with your official picture ID that shows your new name. They require as much or more documentation and inconvenience than Social Security or DMV! I could change all my credit cards and other accounts by mail, email, or fax. NOT COMCAST!

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  • I cannot retrieve sync data to my newly updated firefox 4.0 browser. I have tried resetting my account password and changing computer name.

    Hi, I am having trouble getting sync to work on my ff4.0 updated browser.
    After the upgrade, I noticed that the history was not working. Therefore I disabled the device and set it up again. I even changed account's password. But I left the sync key in tact.
    After setting up the sync options, it sent me to a page that tells me that it was set up successfully for second time. I repeatedly clicked on "Sync now" but I was unable to get my sync data.(without any error message) Afterwards, I restarted my browser and tried "sync now" repeatedly again to no avail. Does anyone know what went wrong? Thanks in advance

    It sounds like to me you're trying to sync using the computer.
    Try these things and see if it helps before you try your next syncing session. If none of the things below work then you might consider trying to sync using iCloud only.
    Try a Restart. 
    Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds until the red "slide to power off" slider appears, and then slide the slider. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears.
     Resetting your settings
    You can also try resetting all settings. Settings>General>Reset>Reset All Settings. You will have to enter all of your device settings again.... All of the settings in the settings app will have to be re-entered. You won't lose any data, but it takes time to enter all of the settings again.
    Resetting your device
    Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button together for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears. Apple recommends this only if you are unable to restart it.
    Or if this doesn't work and nobody else on the blog doesn't have a better idea you can contact Apple. 
    Here is a link to their contacts with most of the information below. 

  • Changed server name, lost all local folders

    Recently my hosting company migrated me to a new server. Thing is, not only is a new server, but also new name. This AM I figured I had to finally address the issue so I made what I've come to learn is a mistake - I went into Tools -> Account Settings and changed the name of the server from "A" to "B". Oops. The account is an IMAP account, and has been for years.
    This probably wouldn't be a big deal, but at the same time, something very odd happened - all of my LOCAL folders disappeared. So figured ok, something screwy happened I'll just go find the files. Not that easy...
    - If I search my hard drive for the name of a folder that was in the local folders, the search turns up empty. The folders appear to just be gone. Checked recycling bin, nothing there.
    - I went into Thunderbird to see where local folders are kept. Easy enough: D:\xxxxx\Mail\Local Folders. Went looking there. Mostly empty. What IS there has 0kB. Considering I have (well... had?) about 15-20 years of email stored, this isn't likely.
    - I even scanned the drives with both Recuva and VirtualLabs Data Recovery. Both turned up nothing for the missing folders.
    I tried looking through the support sites, and tried a few of the "obvious" solutions:
    - View has both "messages" and "threads" set to "all".
    - I've restored a pref.js file from a few days ago
    So I'm stumped. Am I missing somewhere that I should be looking? Am I missing a solution?
    Version of Thunderbird is 31.6.0.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Hi Matt,
    Thanks for the quick response. I agree that it would seem like two different issues, but... coincidence?
    The server migration in question was supposed to be seamless. I believe the servers were mirrored for a time, and then the original server was shut down. This is supported by the fact that my mailboxes on the "B" server were all in tact, including the entire IMAP folder tree (about 20-30 sub folders within the inbox). Those folder did not disappear with the migration/server name change.
    As for the "local folders"... I was/am very certain they were indeed local, but I tried to find some evidence. I was intermittently using Mailstore Home to run mail backups, and looking in there, I see all the missing folders, and they are indeed "local folders". Not IMAP subfolders.
    Thanks again!

  • I want to change the name that recipients see when I send them an email, but it's not happening.

    I have gone into account settings and changed my name from "Front Desk" to my business name, but when I send an email out the recipient is still seeing Front Desk. Have I missed something basic?

    Thunderbird Menu > Tools > Account Settings
    *Choose the Email
    **Dafault Identity > Your Name (Change it)
    Check the attached image
    For more

  • Is there change credit card details- URL link in manage my account missing

    someone on this forum that has more brains than the online chat support do?
    I have been trying for 4 days to get someone to find out why the change credit card details URL link is missing from my manage account area. I keep getting told the same thing over and over again...below is an example of the most recent conversation i had this morning...this is absolutely flaming useless...i should have ended the conversation before he got past the first line...
    Patel: Thank you for contacting Adobe.  We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Goodbye!
    Rahni Verey: Hi Patel,
    Patel: I am sorry for the typo error.
    Patel: Hello! Welcome to Adobe Customer Service.
    Patel: Hi Rahni.
    Patel: We are facing down time error due to which the applications are not responding . Hence  we will be unable to check anything, I request you to contact us after few hours.
    Rahni Verey: I need to update my credit card information, but have not been able to due to site maintenace
    Patel: We are facing down time error due to which the applications are not responding . Hence  we will be unable to check anything, I request you to contact us after few hours.
    Patel: I could have helped you, but we are facing internal application outage due to Server/System Maintenance and Updates. I kindly request you to Please Contact us back on 2-3 hours, We sincerely regret for the inconvenience  caused and the loss you are facing with.
    Rahni Verey: i have been trying to do this since Friday...its now Monday here in Sydney! How long is this going to take?
    Patel: Request you to please wait for few more minutes, and the applications will start working fine again.
    Rahni Verey: i am not having any problems with my applications...i want to change my monthly billing subsciption credit card details!
    Patel: I do understand Rahni, in order to update the credit card details, you will have to go through the process of using adobe applications.
    Patel: I have provide you with the steps, however if the steps do not work, you will have to wait for applications to work fine.
    Patel: I will provide you the steps to update your credit card information.
    Patel: .
    Patel: 1. Sign in to www.adobe.com
    Patel: 2. In the navigation pane or pop-up menu, click Manage Account. [ You may be prompted to enter your password to verify your identity. ]
    Patel: 3. Under Plans & Products, click Manage Plan.
    Patel: 4. Under Payment details, click Edit payment details.
    Patel: 5. Make appropriate changes in the Edit Payment Method pop-up and then click Save.
    Patel: .
    Patel: .
    Patel: You can use the below link to know how it's done page by page.
    Patel: https://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/policy-pricing/membership-subscription-troubleshooting -creative-cloud.html
    Rahni Verey: i say again, there is nothing wrong with the applications. Its your bloody server that is playing up...there is no option in account management for me to update my credit card details. i already know exactly how to do it!
    Patel: Rahni, I can help with the credit card update, however to do that , I need to check with your subscription under our server, as I am not able to check any services, I am not able to help you currently.
    Rahni Verey: is there someone there who can directly access my account and see what i am talking about. Its plainly obvious if you go directly into my account and try to change credit card details. The URL link for this function is missing!
    Patel: No.
    Patel: To help you on this, the applications must working fine.
    Patel: I am sorry for the situation that you facing currently.
    Patel: Request you to please try after some time.

    Is this the link you have been using? Credit card https://helpx.adobe.com/utilities/credit-card.html

  • My iCloud account shows my wife's name, How do I change it to my name?

    I am trying to set my Mail under my iCloud to ON. Same with Notes. I get a message that tells me to set up a @me.com account also. When I enter in the name that I used to initiate an account when I first got the iPhone and iPad, I get a message that tells me that account is taken.
    Do I need an @me.com account to turn ON Mail and Notes under my existing iCloud account?
    And how do I change the name on my account to reflect me and not my wife? She has her own iCloud account and @me.com account.

    Had the same problem
    Go to this webpage:
    Sign in with your iCloud ID and you should be able to edit your details -  including your name

  • I received a refurbished MBA today.  I have my original files on Time Machine from my first computer with 2 accounts/profiles/users.  I want to make migration of those files easy, but change the name of one of the profiles on the MBA.Things I should know?

    I have not set up the New-to-me MBA yet.

    Thanks so much for that article, however, I think that article is more confusing, since it says that there are 2 names, and then throughout the article refers to at least 4, and I am not 100% sure that was what I am after... So, maybe I am not asking correctly....  let me give more details here..
    I had a late 2008 Macbook with 2 "profiles" (work/home) (not sure which 'names' these would be) that was consistently backed up to an external HDD via Time Machine through my wifi network at home.  I had upgraded the OS to Mavericks and the "Latest" backup was backed up in Mavericks.  This computer was stolen a couple weeks back. I have now purchaed an Apple refurbished macbook air and received it recently and have not even taken it out of the packaging.  I assume that it is running Mavericks, but don't know that for sure.  Thus, I have not created any new accounts on the new device yet.  I want to migrate my backed up files from the external HDD and re-establish 2 'profiles', however, one of the "names" I'd like to change for the new machine.  So part of my issue is not knowing what the differences are between, "short names", "display names", "user account names", "profile names", and "home directory names".  I know that some of these refer to the same thing, but I am unsure which is which.
    What I remember about my old machine was this...  When I looked at the Users folder, there were three folders listed within it, "Shared", "work-name", "home-name".  I assume these are what's refered to as "home directory names" since they were all lowercase, all one word.  When I turned on the computer, the "profiles" that showed up for login had different words than these listed, let's say, "work" and "home".
    What I want is for the "work" profile and "work-name" directory to stay the same, and the "home" profile name to stay the same while the "home-name" directory name changes to something else.
    I've read many posts now, and haven't found the clear cut example of what I am attempting to do.  Some say to create a dummy admin account on the new machine, use Migration Assistance to bring the backed-up files over to the new-to-me MBA, with the two profile names as they existed.  In the dummy admin account somehow make changes to the one account I want to change, and then after restart, remove the dummy admin account.  I found numerous posts indicating that this may result in permissions problems, which I do not want to have to debug.  I'm a decent computer geek, but not a full on superuser.
    Other options I've read indicate to plug the external HDD directly into the new machine at first start up and use the Setup Assistant and transfer the info that way.  Again however, I then have the issue of one of the names, I'd like changed.
    While typing this I found.....
    Each user in Mac OS X has a full "Name" and a "Short Name" as defined in the Users pane of System Preferences. The short name can contain up to 255 lowercase characters with no spaces. This is the name used to create a user's home directory (also known as the user's Home or Home folder) in the Users folder. 
    This is from ealier versions of the OS, so I am not even sure if this is Mavericks friendly or not.

  • I changed the name of my imac to reflect it's new location, but inadvertently, it unchecked the box to allow the administrative user account to administer the machine.  I am trying to reinstall with a time machine backup and am unable

    I need a little help.  I changed the name of my imac to reflect it's new location, but inadvertently, when I saved the change, the system unchecked the "allow this account to administer the computer" so now I can't make any changes....  I tried to reinstall the OS, but it wants me to go online while installing and use my apple id, but this is not my iMAC, so I don't want to use my account.  Also, I am working in a building that will not allow me network access until I authenticate, which can't be done unless I open the browser first.  So I'm stuck at this point.  I can't even restore a time machine backup that I have because it gives the error message that the system encountered an error.  Any suggestions?

    Ask the admin/owner to sign in. 

  • How do I change the name of my Apple ID and iCloud account?

    I want to change my Apple ID to a @me.com or a @apple.com account cause right now it's an ugly hotmail account.
    I did read this page: http://support.apple.com/kb/HE40. But it is not helping me.
    When I change my e-mail to my @me account it gives an error. So what account should I use? Do I have to make a new one?

    I already got an iCloud account which is named the same as my Apple ID but I want to change the name of it to another e-mail account from Apple. So I need a new e-mail addres. Where can I make a new e-mail account? When I've got a new e-mail addres then I will use that in stead of my hotmail account.

  • Same question for the "2 iPhones in one account".....How do I change the name.  My iPhone is showing my wife's iPhone name when I am syncing it.  Why is that?  I know about using one iTunes account....But how do you change the name w/o erasing your data?

    Hi....How do you change the name?  When I sync my iPhone, it shows my wife's name on it?

    Unfortunately it is not doing it....
    Let me give more details..We have 3 iPods and 2 iPhone4....I recently purchased the iPhone4 and when we connected it..It was already reading my wife's iPhone4..We went to the Apple Store at the Grove today and was told to de-authorize the system and connect my iPhone4 back and I should be able to change the name.
    Nothing happened..Right now, I clicked on RESTORE settings...and it is uploading a new iPhone update. 

  • My mother used to be the bill payer on my iTunes account so now every time I send an email from my iCloud account it sent with her name, how can I change the settings so emails are sent from myself?

    My mother used to be the bill payer on my iTunes account so now every time I send an email from my iCloud account it sent with her name, how can I change the settings so emails are sent from myself?
    I've changed the bill payer to myself but it stills says on emails that I sent that its from my mother.

    In order for the "From" field to show you options on the "from" addresses available, you must set them up in the Preferences > Accounts first.
    I can't show you a screen shot of the from field because I currently only have one account, so the from address used is the default. However, when I had more than one, then options will show up in your compose/reply window.
    You'd need to add an account here:

  • Apple changed my Apple ID to the email address associated with my iTunes account. I now can no longer access my account because the old user name is no longer valid and has no password. I have been on the phone with tech support for hours trying to fix.

    Apple changed my Apple ID to the email address associated with my iTunes account. I now can no longer access my account because the old user name is no longer valid and has no password. I have been on the phone with tech support for hours trying to fix this. I can not update any of the apps associated with that user name.

    Is this itunes on the iPad or on my computer? Thank you for the reply.

  • Skype Account contact list and skype name changed

    I have been actively using my skype account again lately and one time last week when I signed in, I just cannot. My username and password are correct. And so what I did was to reset my password. I was able to reset my password through my email and when I signed in to Skype, I found out that my skype account was "hacked", I think. My skype name, profile photo and contact list changed into somebody else's account.
    I just want to ask what has happened to my account? Why did that happened? The username and contact list that appears to my account, I think, was leggit and not an act  of hacking. Could it be possibly that our accounts switched?

    Hi, DaisyrieDumali, and welcome to the Community,
    Your report reads to me like your account was compromised (hacked).  If you still have control of it, sign on to the account dashboard and change your account's registered e-mail address to something else, and then change the password. 
    Also, as a proactive measure, ensure your computer's software and patches are updated, and run your preferred anti-virus/malware/spyware program using the most recent virus signature files available.
    If you have lost access to your account, you may need to create a new account to use so you can contact Skype Customer Service in order to recover the first account.  Here is a link to the instruction on how to contact Skype Customer Service via their secure portal: Contact Customer Service
    Skype is aware of lingering problems with the website when contacting their customer service agents. If you experience difficulty reaching Skype Customer Service or find yourself redirected back to the Community, please try again using a different web browser and choosing a different path through the various drop-down menu options presented. Also, look to approve a pop-up dialogue box which would connect you to start an instant message chat with a customer service agent. If you have pop-ups blocked in your browser settings, this will also block reaching an agent.
    Was your question answered? Please click on the Accept as a Solution link so everyone can quickly find what works! Like a post or want to say, "Thank You" - ?? Click on the Kudos button!
    Trustworthy information: Brian Krebs: 3 Basic Rules for Online Safety and Consumer Reports: Guide to Internet Security Online Safety Tip: Change your passwords often!

  • How do I change the name that shows up for my email account . I don't want to change the email address, just my personal name that shows who the email is from.

    Hi There
    My apple account was in my partners name , I have now changed it to my name .
    The problem is my icloud email still shows up his name at the beginning of my email address. eg Jo Blogg ( [email protected] ) .
    When I open up Icloud in browser it shows in the top right my correct name , but when I go into Account settings on Mac in the Mail it shows up my
    partners name as the Full Name associated with the account . It doesn't give you the option of changing that name though.
    I hope I have explained this properly and someone can help ?

    Hey There I didn't need to change it as it shows my correct name in my icloud account. The problem is on my Mac where it still shows my Full name as my partners name.
    For eg. if I send an email from "Mail" on mac and I use my icloud account then the name that shows up is my partners name when the email is received. If I send an email from the Icloud Mail box that I log into on my browser then the name that shows up when the email is received is my name which is correct.
    When I go into preferences in "Mail" on my Mac to change my name, the name is ghosted out and doesn't allow me to change it ! ? It is here that it still show my partners name ?

  • How do I create a new account/change my card details to a new one?

    How do I change my card details to a new one? I want to change my credit card account to a different one to use iTunes etc

    iTunes Store: Changing Account Information
    Apple ID Support - Manage Account
     Cheers, Tom

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