Log for Table changes

Hi Experts,
Is there any standard table in XI  that maintains the log  if I Changes some enttries in my custom table?
Sugata B

Kindly check the list of tables here [https://wiki.sdn.sap.com/wiki/display/XI/XI+Tables]

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  • Doubt on logging the table change

    For the logging the table changes, we have to check log data changes in the technical setting of a table. But came to know that it is not enogh to log the table changes. There is some parameter rec/client, that we need to take into consideration for logging the table changes. Can anyone please help me where exactly can i find that parameter and what changes do i need to make there.

    The logging flag defines whether changes to the data records of a table should be logged. If logging is activated, every change (with UPDATE, DELETE) to an existing data record by a user or an application program is recorded in a log table in the database.
    It has a Dependency:
    Logging only takes place if parameter rec/client in the system profile is set correctly.
    Now rec/client is a system parameter which i think you see in sytem profile but I am not sure how do we go about it.
    Some BASIS consultant can help you on this.
    Mayank Verdia
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  • Log for document change details

    I am able to get the document change date in BKPF. But I am looking for detail log for document change. In which table i can get this.

    check tables CDHDR and CDPOS, maybe you find what you are looking for.
    BR Christian

  • Audit logs for tables

    Dear all,
    I have a requirement of implementing audit logs for tables to insert,update,delete operations. Is there any way to achieve this since triggers are present only for insert,update and delete ?
    I am using database
    thanks in advance.

    After I turn on audit trail on the database sever and issue DML statment. I have found nothing in the audit table.
    1) Set "audit_trial" = true in teh init.ora file
    2) Run the $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/cataudit.sql
    3) Connect sys/password by sysdba and issue the following command:
    Do I need to re-set the database after step 1? or I have made some wrong.

  • Logging of table changes

    Hi All,
              We are working on ERP 6.0. Recently Basis team has been asked to activate the table changes logs in Production system. Accordingly we activated the rec/client parameter for Production system client. We are also required to click the log changes tab in the table for which the logs are to be activated.This is to be done through t code SE13. While trying to do so, I have found that our Production system is not allowing to make changes directly as it is configured in non modifiable stage. I have also tried to make changes in devp clinet and then transport it to quality an Production,however it is not working.
    Kindly let me know the exact method by which I can activate the tab in the table.
    Prasad Thakur

    Hello Prasad,
    This is strange. It is understandable that the table content changes is not getting recorded in case rec/client (in default profile) is not set along with recclient="XXX" (in transport profile) but  table logging activation not getting reflected in QA is a bit weird.
    Are you sure that the transport carried correct contents. Can you list the contents of the transport. It should have an entry related to DD09L.
    Is the table showing as activated ? Just try to activate/generate it.
    For more info on recording please check OSS notes 1916 and 84052.
    With Regards.
    Ruchit Khushu.

  • Log for Release changes in PO

    Hi All,
    From which table i can get details of approval log for release stratergy in PO.
    My requirement is that i want to know  release changes history in Po From where i can get these details.

    Refer table EKKO or Check audit log using t.code AUT10 for ME29N.

  • Dml error logging for tables in

    Hi experts,
    I have problems loading error records into the shadow table specified in the configuration window for tables. Upon executing the mapping, the execution results show warnings with the error records but these records were not moved to the shadow/error table.
    The actual scenario is: I specified a non-null data rule on the supplier_code column in the supplier table. Inside the mapping where I used this supplier table, I choose the option "Move to error" for this non-null data rule. Upon executing, it seems that owb treats these as warnings and not errors and thus did not propagate them to the error table. Anyone has any suggestion as to how to make use of the error tables in owb?

    DML error logging is generated for set-based PL/SQL mappings if the following conditions are satisfied:
    1. the Error table name property is set for the operator (table/view/mv)
    2. the PL/SQL Generated Mode of the module that contains the mapping is set to 10gR2 and above or Default.
    If the value is set to Default, ensure that location associated with the module has the Version set to 10.2 or above.
    When you use a data object in a mapping, the Error Table Name property for this data object is derived from the shadow table name property of the data object . If you modify the error table name of a data object (using the shadow table name property), you must synchronize all the operators bound to this data object.
    If you are still facing the issue then provide your email and I can send a simple example of data rule mapping in OWB

  • Rec/client paramater for logging of table changes

    Hello all,
    I know that it was asked many times on many forums how to activate the log of a specific tables and most of the answers were about disabling every table activated by default through DD09L table and then use SE13 to enable the ones we want.
    But on the documentation on SPRO, there is this mention about "rec/client" parameter :
    Set the rec/client profile parameter to one of the following values :
    -- mmm,nnn,ppp,...: logs client-specific tables in the named clients
    If I understand well, using this value I can focus the logs on a specific table, am I right ?
    If so, how do I use it ?
    I guess "nnn" is the client number. So what does "mmm", "nnn", "ppp" means ?
    Thanks & regards,

    Thank you for your answer.
    Never mind my question, I misread the description, didn't notice the "s" on "in the named clients". I should have changed the language to my native language
    I misunderstood and thought that we could actually put the name of a table directly in this parameter.
    So then, my question is, how would do to actually activate the logs only on a specific table because looking at my production server, I can see that there is about 30 000 tables activated by default to be logged.

  • ABAP Access Key for Table change mode MCVKUSR & MCVBAPUSR in SE11

    Dear All,
    I'm using SAP ECC6.0. I want to create a new database table in the dictionary to be used in my programs. I proceed in the following way:
    1.  I run the SE11 transaction
    2.  At the first entry I write the name of the table to be Change created ( Display mode Showing )
    3.  I click on the change button.
    4. It will ask for Access Key
    But then the system asks me an Access Key , where can I get this?
    I have SAP License Key.
    Please Let me know
    Thanks in advance,

    Dear ,
    I go to Service market Place site, from SSCR Tab then I have to select a object from the list is TABL.
    and enter the Particular Object & Table Name . Now I got it Access key for Particular Object.
    Thank you for your quick Response.
    Once again Thank u.
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  • Transport request for table changes is asked only for first row changed

    We have created a maintenance dialog connected to a custom table.
    In the Table Maintenance Diagog, the <i>Dialog Data Transport Details</i> is set to <i>Standard Recording Routine</i>.
    In the "Maintenance Objects" screen, the transport is set to "Automatic transport".
    Two questions:
    1. Now can I only change the table's entry through SM30? I do not see the "pencil" icon in SM11 or SM16 anymore. Is there a way to change the table's rows in both ways?
    2. When I change a row in my table through SM30, the system only asks for the CR number the FIRST time that I savea changed row. When I change other rows and save them, it does not ask for any CR that I want to use for transport. Does it mean that the system automatically knows where to put the transported rows? or that the configuration is wrong and the other changed rows will not be taken into consideration? What if I want to change the CR for only some of the changed rows?
    Thank you very much every expert here

    The table should be Customizeed table, i mean in the Attributes of the tabl eput it as C,
    1) We can change/Insert the records from SM30, we can not ahve the pencil icon in SE11 or SM16
    2) If you put the table type C, then for every entry it should ask the CR, if not then it is moving to the same request automatically

  • Is there any change log for query change in BIW?

    Hi Buddies,
    Could you please tell me if there is a change log in BIW to record all changes made to query and workbook? Since yesterday, I found a very important query had been deleted from our BI system, but I did not who had done this.
    Thanks in advanced.
    best regards

    Unfortunately there isn't. Check if you have the query in another system (test, development) and transport it again. You could also check if there is still an entry in RSRREPDIR but I don't think so.
    Best regards

  • How to find out log for table entry deletion.

    Hi Guys,
    Somebody has deleted entire MARC in one of our systems. Is there any way to find out who deleted the entries?

    Use CDPOS and CDHDR to know who changed/deleted
    from CDPOS .. get the  OBJECTCLAS   OBJECTID     and
    CHANGENR     passing  TABNAME    as MARC
    Pass the above OBJECTCLAS   OBJECTID     and

  • Activate change logs for the table V_T007K

    Change log check box is activated in table and change logs is activated in system. But still I am not able to view any change logs recorded for the table V_T007K using SCU3 transaction.
    I tried by changing some data and than checked the SCu3 transaction. nothing is recorded against the table.
    Please let me know what needs to be done to capture the change logs for the changes done to the data in the table V_T007k table.
    Thanks in Advance.
    Thanks & Regards,

    The table u mentioned V_T007k  is not a transparent table
    .its a view only for views u cant track changes.
    But only for transparent tables u can only track changes thru SCU3
    Also u can find the changes in a table from SAP TABLE
    CDHDR and CDPOS.
    if helpful reward me points.
    Manas Ranjan Panda

  • Change Logs for customer master data in 3.1 H version

    Hello All
    Are they any existing reports or change logs for viewing changes to customer master data in 3.1h version.  I want to be able to report based on changes made to customer master.
    I know there is a good report in 6.0 version for this- S_ALR_87012182.
    If I have to develop a custom program for this in 3.1h. Which table I should use? KNA1 or CDPOS.
    Any ideas will be appreciated.

    Please check the filter settings maintained for the adapter object CUSTOMER in R3AC1. The same filter settings can be referred in tables Table: CRMFILTAB (R/3) and SMOFFILTAB(CRM) as per srinivas's reply.
    Check the sales area of the customer maintained (Sales Area, Division, Distribution Channel etc.) and see if the current filter settings are restricting the customer from getting replicated in CRM. If everything is maintained fine then check for any failure Bdocs in SMW01 or SMW02.

  • Log for changes done before posting LIV in Tcode MIRO

    By default data will be fetched from PO/GR for LIV however our users are changing few details such as payment terms, tax code, vendor code, vendor invoice amount etc., before posting LIV in tcode MIRO. We don't have any log for these changes done by our users.
    We want to know what are fields which have been changed by our users at the time of doing LIV (i.e. before posting LIV).
    Can any one help us in this regard.
    P Karthikeyan

    If you know those fields, you can find the differences for those field in table EKKO and EKPO for PO, the similar value will be available for IR in table RBKP and RSEG.
    Like as payment term, The payment term is saved in table RBKP - ZTERM for MIRO.
    The same will be available in table EKKO - ZTERM for PO.
    If the value for both fields are same, then user has not changed the field at the time of MIRO.
    If the value mismatched, then user has changes the value in MIRO.
    In this way, you can find the differences for other fields.

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