Looking for a good music player app

I have a problem. i'm looking for a good music player app for my new iphone (which i will buy my next month) in terms of playing music. after having 3 phones in the last 9 months i'm still unhappy.
Had a Samsung Galaxy Ace. sound was above average but due to underpowered processor + RAM (and Samsung stating they won't update the software anymore) i had to sell it.
Than had a Sony Ericcson Xperia Neo but felt the sound was "flat" and bland" and left me disappointed and uninspired coming from a well-known phone maker know for its audio & visual expertise.
Now, i currently have the HTC Desire S. umm although the sound was "Ok" with its usual pre-set equalizers (common among Android phones) and SRS sound enhancement it felt me wanting more and although i have the phone for a week now i would say "so far-so good."
but i heard the best music phones out there are those with either Beats Audio (which are very brand new) or the ones with Dolby Mobile.
had an iPod touch (4th-gen) and i was amazed and impressed by the sound quality.
so, if i can get away with a good music player app that recreates surround sound, has good preset EQ's along with customisable ones and one with Dolby-like support which app would you recommend?
Thank you.

Stock lock screen does not normally support 3rd party widgets so you wont find any third party players that allows you access while on lock screen..  As for the player I perfer Meridian Media Player Revolute from https://market.android.com/details?id=org.iii.romulus.meridian&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsIm9yZy5paWkucm9tdWx1cy5tZXJpZGlhbiJd

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  • Looking for a good music player application........

    Hey everyone,
    I am still looking for a great music player app for the Bionic and wonder if anyone could provide some good suggestions. The apps I have tried have all had something wrong with it
    1) The bionic stock app is ok, but  the lock screen widget is very small and a pain when driving and have to be precise when hitting the skip button, otherwise, it dissapears
    2) Google music app doesnt have a lock screen widget, wth?
    3) Power Amp is probably my favorite, but has 2 big bugs...ill be listening to music thru my ear buds and when i get any sort of notification, the music goes thru the phone speaker, and i listen to my music very loud. Also, when listening to music and having navigation going at the same time, the music still plays when the navigation voice kicks in, on other apps, the music stops
    4) MixZing doesnt have an option that allows you to go to the home screen from the lock widget, it only allows you to go the device lock screen making you have to unlock the phone twice
    As you can tell, the lock widget is a big deal since I listen to music in my car often while having the navigation going. Any suggestions? I may just trash this phone with the data issues and drop another 300 for the Rezound since the reviews have been good (so far) but until then, was wondering if there is an all out good music app out there.
    Thanks everyone!

    Stock lock screen does not normally support 3rd party widgets so you wont find any third party players that allows you access while on lock screen..  As for the player I perfer Meridian Media Player Revolute from https://market.android.com/details?id=org.iii.romulus.meridian&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsIm9yZy5paWkucm9tdWx1cy5tZXJpZGlhbiJd

  • Looking for a good method or APP to have client sign a form in a text box

    I am looking for a good method or App to take an existing form/Document and have a client sign, date etc.  I will want to create the text boxes in a stationary location.  Possibly to also take a picture to add to form.
    Has anyone used any apps to accomplish this?
    Apps I have tried.
    Sign PDF
    Sign Easy
    Sign Easy is about the best except the signatures (text boxes, dates, etc) are free floating and confuse people where to add them on form each time.  Clients have no clue how to use it.
    Any suggestions would be helpful.  I may be over complicating this also, as there could just be a PDF app that I utilize.

    Maybe more than you need...
    PDF readers
    PDF Expert – the PDF handling app for the iPad. "It allows you to markup documents with highlights and handwriting, insert text and stamps, sign and even merge PDFs."
    https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pdf-expert-5-fill-forms-annotate/id743974925?mt= 8
    iAnnotate – turns your tablet into a world-class productivity tool for reading, marking up, and sharing PDFs, Word documents, PowerPoint files, and images.  Has a secure document edition designed for corporations.

  • Looking for a good note taking app: Are there new features for the Notes app in iOS6?

    I've read that the Notes app with Mountain Lion will be available for OS X as well, and I was wondering if there will be any significant updates to the Notes app coming in iOS 6?
    The Notes app in Mountain Lion supports, as far as I know, text formatting, images and attachments. The Notes app in iOS 5 does not have any of these features, yet still it is claimed that the OS X client will sync with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This means that there must be some rather significant updates coming for the Notes app in iOS 6 to match up with the features of its Mac counterpart. Still, no updates to the Notes app are listed in any of the iOS 6 feature lists I've seen so far.
    I'm looking for a good note taking app for OS X and iOS. I don't like how Springpad works, neither did Evernote work out for me, it's just too complex - I like Simplenote a lot though, it's just that its approach is too radical in my opinion. I was thinking that the Mountain Lion Notes app might be a good alternative because it combines simplicity with rich text formatting and attachments. I kind of hate the skeuomorphic user interface though.
    best, Ian

    You are only addressing other iPad users here & no Apple employees. We have no way of knowing, so you'll have to wait until iOS 6 is released.
    Here's some general info.
    Working with Notes and Documents on the iPad – Alternatives & Suggestions
    http://ipadacademy.com/2012/04/working-with-notes-and-documents-on-the-ipad-alte rnatives-suggestions
     Cheers, Tom

  • Looking for a good antivirus/antimalware app for iPhone 5 with iOS 8.1.2

    As the subject implies, I'm Looking for a good antivirus/antimalware app for iPhone 5 with iOS 8.1.2.  Don't care if it costs $$ just want something that works.  I've been searching around and installed a couple things but they don't seem to be what I was expecting.  Thought I'd find out what others are using.

    Htown Rush wrote:
    Thanks, the problem is I'm getting spam (spoofing) that is from me saying it was sent from my iPhone with my iPhone signature.  Ive reset my password on my mail, but that's pretty sketchy either way.  And it's being sent to my contacts as well.  Trying to eliminate all the possibilities and this is my first iPhone so I'm still a noob.
    Sadly, spoofing doesn't really require much hacking, All a spammer would need to use your email address for spoofing would be your email address. If it's also being sent to your contacts, your email account may well have been hacked. But that would have happened on the server level. Your phone wouldn't have been involved. Unfortunately, once the miscreants have your contact list, changing your password will not get that back. Changing the  password to something strong may help prevent future misuse.
    Best of luck.

  • Am looking for a good video player for IOS 4.1

    Hello all. Have an IPhone 3GS for which I am looking for a good (free) video player? Any recommendations?

    There certainly is... a video player has been included with every version of iOS.
    In iOS4 all media is accessed via the iPod app.  iOS5 and later seperates audio and video into two apps, "Music" and "Video".

  • Looking for a good music phone

    i am selling my Samsung Galaxy S as i am very disappointed with its poor battery life and various bugs that came along with it. even with Froyo 2.2 the only thing that would save its day would be an excellent battery life, a fully-optimised software with Google Android and a good network signal which in my case i don't have.  what i do want is is a phone that has a fairly good music player: 
    1. stereo sound (surround or otherwise) 
    2. ability to edit/make a playlist on-the-fly  
    3. add songs to the playlist on-the-fly 
    4. customisable and preset EQ settings 
    5. must have an FM radio 
    6. preferably a touchscreen (or anything!)
     Plus the usual "basic" apps like Twitter, Facebook, some dictionary or Wiki app, a weather app, London Tube app and not those fancy apps like Layar, etc. 
    the phones that springs to mind are the Nokia's, Sony Ericsson Walkman phones and Samsung with their patended 3.0 DnSE sound thingy. 
    max budget is a modest £150 to £200*.....  
    any sugestions guys...?
    *even slightly beyond my budget range  

    Stock lock screen does not normally support 3rd party widgets so you wont find any third party players that allows you access while on lock screen..  As for the player I perfer Meridian Media Player Revolute from https://market.android.com/details?id=org.iii.romulus.meridian&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsIm9yZy5paWkucm9tdWx1cy5tZXJpZGlhbiJd

  • Looking for a good movie maker app for iPad 1

    Hi Everybody-
      I am looking for a good Photo/Movie maker for the iPad 1. Something that I can add Photos/Movies together and add some songs and have editing capabilities for all of it and possiabily export it as well to my PC to burn to DVD/CD.
    So if anybody can give my recomondations, I'd really appriciate it.There some good ones, but not for the iPad 1. So I wanted to get all of your suggestions so I can narrow down my search. Please let me know if you need further information as well.
    Thanks so much for your time.
    Sincerely- Douglas

    There are no movie maker apps in the App Store that will work well on the iPad 1, it just doesn't have enough RAM. If you read the reviews for the Avid app in the App Store everyone with an iPad 1 is complaining about it. iMovie, as you probably already knew, does not have a version for the iPad 1.
    Wait for the iPad 3 and then set about making movies, the 1 (which I also have) just does not have the horsepower for what you want to do.

  • Looking for a good Password Manager App for the iPhone

    I'm looking for a good and reliable Password Manager App for the iPhone with sync capabilities on macs. I've read several reviews on several different apps on iTunes, and either they don't work properly, or they're a rip off, or they just don't sync or all of the above. Any recommendations?
    Thanks in advance.

    I've been very happy with 1Password, though I haven't used the iPhone component (not having an iPhone).
    Disclaimer: any product suggestion and link given is strictly for reference and represents my opinion only. No warranties express or implied. I get no personal benefit from the sale of any product I may recommend in any of my posts in the Discussions. Your mileage may vary. Void where prohibited. You must be this tall to ride. Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear. Preservatives added to improve freshness. No animals were harmed in the making of this post.

  • Looking for a decent music player

    I know there is a lot of similar topics on forum, but no one did not respond to my question.
    So far I have tried Exaile, Rhytmbox, Pragha, Decibel, Goggles, ... and so on.
    They are all good players but have some critical flaws.
    Exaile is maybe the best of them, but it is slow with large collections.
    Pragha is fast and light but does not support pulse and multimedia keys wont work with it.
    Decibel is next best thing after Exaile.
    Goggles is fast, but ugly, media keys wont work, no pulse support and its GUI is confusing.
    I have even tried mpd + GUI, but such option is just too complicated to setup for simple music player.
    Okay, this is my personal opinion. What do you think?
    I just need player with ease of use of Exaile but faster with large music collections.

    I'd suggest you buy a faster computer with lots of memory and keep using exaile.
    Regarding GMM:
    1) media keys: we try to grab the usual XF86AudioPlay multimedia keys. If they don't work, it usually means they're already grabbed by some other application or desktop environment (I noticed this with gnome on a ubuntu installation). In case of the desktop environment, remove the default keybindings for those specific keys. Another case it might fail if the multimedia keys don't have the usual XF86Audio* keycode assigned to them.
    2) For pulse support you need a pulseaudio plugin for xine. Either file a bugreport with Arch to enable the building of the plugin, or create your own custom xine package.
    3) I'm always happy to hear suggestions to make the GUI less confusing.

  • [Solved] Looking for a simple music player

    Hello there,
    I'm looking for a music player for a box I'm currently building. I only need it to have a GUI, playlist support and random playing. I've thought of xmms2, but the standard package comes without GUI and I haven't found any clients with random playing.
    Any ideas?
    Last edited by Surgat_ (2009-10-21 20:37:46)

    as simple as they get:
    xmms: (not xmms2!)
    audacious is a form of bmp, which is a fork of xmms... they're all basicly the same, audacious is more up to date though.

  • Looking for a new music player

    Hey guys. I just installed Arch and everything's looking great, but I haven't picked a music player yet.
    I want something extremely light and simple, using GTK+. I just want to make a playlist and play it. I don't want uber-advanced media collection management and iPod support and Audioscrobbling and whatnot. And no KDE/Qt apps either. Most importantly, I want it to be able to run completely from the tray.
    So, Archers: any ideas?

    Well, is controlling Audacious from the tray all that... needed?
    I use Global Hotkeys and have quite a few bindings set up. They work surprisingly well.
    The list as it appears in the hotkey editor window:
    Previous Track: Control + Alt + Prior (PgUp)
    Play: Control + Alt + Return
    Pause/Resume: Pause
    Stop: Control + Alt + End
    Next Tracks: Control + Alt + Next (PgDn)
    Forward 5 seconds: Control + Alt + Right
    Rewind 5 seconds: Control + Alt + Left
    Volume Up: Control + Alt + Up
    Volume Down: Control + Alt + Down
    Pause/Resume: Control + Alt + Insert
    Stop: Control + Shift + F11
    Pause/Resume: Control + Shift + F12
    Next Track: Control + Shift + F10
    Forward 5 seconds: Control + Shift + F6
    Rewind 5 seconds: Control + Shift + F5
    Previous Track: Control + Shift + F9
    Toggle Player Windows: Super + e

  • Looking for a good photo editing app!

    On an iPad, I want to be able to edit the background in a photo.  I am looking for an app that lets me select an area in a photo (say, the sky), select a color, and then the app will change the area to the new color.  I don't want to have to paint the area manually with my finger.  I want the app to be intelligent enough to determine the entire area of the sky and then change the entire sky to the new color.  I know I can do this with PhotoShop on a laptop, but are there iPad apps that can do this?

    Photoshop Touch

  • Looking for a Good Android Mail App

    Other than K-9
    Is there another good e-mail app that will allow me to access my
    and other e-mail?
    Victor Swindell
    Owner, PepperEyes.com

    I think Kaiten might do the trick for you. https://play.google.com/store/search?q=kaiten

  • Looking for a good group texting app. Any suggestions?

    i'm looking for an app that lets me create a group and then have a group conversation with everyone in that group where we can all see the comments of other people. For example, if i need to talk to the family in a group conversation I want to create a group and call it my "my family" And type in "my family" when I want to do a group message. I need it to work on both iOS and android. I welcome any suggestions. Thank you!


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