MackBook Pro (13inch, Late 2011) Battery is not charging

I went through all the suggested troubleshooting techniques for this particular issue but with no luck. I put it to sleep, restart, shutdown, Reset the SMC...nothing. I also tried the Diagnostic test and it turned out all good (hardware). Here is the specs:
MacBook Pro (13-inch, Late 2011)
Processor 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5
Memory 4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
Graphics Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB
Serial C02HCNSCDV13
Battery Information:
  Model Information:
        Serial Number: 9G2090HNFD3NC
        Manufacturer: DP
        Device Name: bq20z451
        Pack Lot Code: 0
        PCB Lot Code: 0
        Firmware Version: 201
        Hardware Revision: 2
        Cell Revision: 164
  Charge Information:
        Charge Remaining (mAh): 113
        Fully Charged: No
        Charging: No
        Full Charge Capacity (mAh): 4870
  Health Information:
        Cycle Count: 313
        Condition: Normal
  Battery Installed: Yes
  Amperage (mA): 0
  Voltage (mV): 11092
System Power Settings:
  AC Power:
   System Sleep Timer (Minutes): 10
   Disk Sleep Timer (Minutes): 10
   Display Sleep Timer (Minutes): 10
   Wake on AC Change: No
   Wake on Clamshell Open: Yes
   Wake on LAN: Yes
    Current Power Source: Yes
   Display Sleep Uses Dim: Yes
   PrioritizeNetworkReachabilityOverSleep: 0
   Standby Delay: 4200
   Standby Enabled: 0
  Battery Power:
    System Sleep Timer (Minutes): 10
   Disk Sleep Timer (Minutes): 10
   Display Sleep Timer (Minutes): 2
   Wake on AC Change: No
   Wake on Clamshell Open: Yes
   Display Sleep Uses Dim: Yes
   Reduce Brightness: Yes
   Standby Delay: 4200
   Standby Enabled: 0
Hardware Configuration:
  UPS Installed: No
AC Charger Information:
   Connected: Yes
   ID: 0x0100
   Wattage (W): 60
   Revision: 0x0000
   Family: 0x00ba
   Serial Number: 0x00b1aac8
   Charging: No
Your tips and insights are highly appreciated!

If the MBP operates while the charger is connected, the charger then is not the problem.  The data that you originally posted from System information>Power indicates that the battery is functional (normal).  That then indicates that there is a problem in the charging circuit.  
You might open the MBP and disconnect and reconnect the battery.  You have to be careful not to short circuit the battery.
The best option is a trip to the Apple store genius bar.  This appears to be a hardware issue.

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    It's this normal? How do I increase my battery health?
    Can I change my battery?

    When did you buy it?
    Do you run it down to near zero % before recharging? Which is a bad thing to do.
    Do you charge it to 100% before you take it off the charger?
    Do you always disconnect the charger once it reaches 100% even if you are right next to an AC outlet. Which is a bad idea.
    Batteries only last so long. Over use it and it will go bad sooner.

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    You may try a PRAM reset.  If that does not resolve the issue, make an appointment at the Apple store Genius bar.

  • Macbook Pro 17inch late 2011 keyboard backlight not working

    Recently near the end of sum me 2014 I only noticed the backlight keyboard not working at all. I have done the following to try and rectify;
    1. Reset SMC
    2. Rest NVRAM
    3. Disconnected battery and the above
    4. hardware test online, result showing no issues found.
    with all outcomes proving nil. Pressing Fn + F5 or F6 does show the brightness either increasing or decreasing but with no light. I then opened her up and disconnected a cable that was to the LHS of the RAM boards but this only powers the White Sleep LED and not the backlight keyboard on this 17inch model. My next step is to remove the mother board and find the actual cable that does power the backlight LEDs and ensure that it is connected. Similarly around the same time I noticed this with the backlights the fans were running fast. However the weather has gotten cooler and the mbp is not running fans as it was when it was in the warmer months.
    Do I have to remove the motherboard and actually make sure that the connector for the backlights hasn't been dislodged?
    Anyone out there with a 17inch mbp late 2011 that has had this problem please help.
    2.5Ghz Intel Core i7
    8GB Ram
    OSX 10.7.5
    SMC Veresion 1.70f5

    Thanks Ogelthorpe, I found an excellent video (not in english but it didnt matter) .
    What I found was that the keyboard backlight is intergrated into the black plastic cover that is between the motherboard and the back of the keys/LEDS and its all one piece back to the connector that connects to the motherboard under the LHS fan. I need more details to find out if the LEDS are controlled by a chip or what, but it seems to me that I need to visit an apple store/repairer, however this will be really difficult for me as Im in an isolated location. If there are further tests that I can conduct on my own, I would be grateful. Even if there are tests that Apple themselves conduct to find out what the problem is

  • I have a Macbook pro 4,1 My Battery would not charge after only 23 cycles. I tried the battery update now my macbook will not boot. it has a kernel panic Unable to find driver for this platform:

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    Running Snow Leopard
    the Battery was not working after only 23 cycles
    I tried the Battery update and now it will not boot at all
    I really do not want to loose my data on the drive
    panic message is
    Unable to find driver for this platform: "ACPI".\n"@/SourceCache/xnu/xnu-1228/iokit/Kernel/IOPlatformExpert.cpp:1378
    Please help

    Panic Message
    panic(cpu 0 caller 0x000x563ebd) : Unable to find driver for this platform:
    Debugger called: <panic>
    Backtrace (CPU 0), Format - Frame : Return Address (4 potential args on stack)
    (7 lines of hex)
    BSD Process name corresponding to current thread: Unkonwn
    Kernel version:
    Darwin Kernel Version 10.8.0" todays date ; root:xnu-1504.15.3~1/release_I386
    I tried to boot from CD can, but i dont want to loose any information.
    Tried disk tools
    Hardware test
    Tried to check if it was memory sticks failing or battery , nothing else plugged in
    if i boot holding Apple key and S
    I get additional warnings about AppleACPIPlatform and not being able to load Kext

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    Mine was working and then minutes later it just stopped connecting and hasn't connected in two days to any network, including ones that I have never had trouble with before.

  • My mackbook pro is late 2011 version, which suddenly shutdown down and no longer be able to be turned on again. How can it be fixed??

    My computer cannot be turned on.
    How can Ifix???????urgent

    Try a SMC reset:
    If no success, make an appointment at an Apple store genus bar for a FREE evaluation.

  • MBP 13" Retina Late 2013 - Battery Died (Not Charging)

    MY MBP is only 6 months old and all of sudden it has stopped charging, what should i do? has anyone else faced similar issue with the battery????
    Any help would be appreciated. I have pasted battery information of my system
    Battery Information:
      Model Information:
      Serial Number: ***********************
      Manufacturer: SMP
      Device Name: bq2**451
      Pack Lot Code: 0
      PCB Lot Code: 0
      Firmware Version: 702
      Hardware Revision: 3
      Cell Revision: 379
      Charge Information:
      Charge Remaining (mAh): 1739
      Fully Charged: No
      Charging: No
      Full Charge Capacity (mAh): 6469
      Health Information:
      Cycle Count: 29
      Condition: Replace Now
      Battery Installed: Yes
      Amperage (mA): 0
      Voltage (mV): 11212

    AppleMalt wrote:
    , what should i do?
    Contact AppleCare: Contact Us

  • MacBook Pro late 2011 Battery Performance drop dramatically

    MacBook Pro late 2011 Battery Performance drop dramatically
    9 months 94 cycles and its health is now at 89%

    Does the system still run off the battery only? Does it run for a few hours off the battery only? Then No it is not defective and no Apple will do nothing for you and No Applecare does not cover Consumable items which the battery is one of those.
    The only time Apple MAY, and that is BIG MAY, replace the battery is within the first year and only if Apple Deems the battery to be defective. Fat chance of that as long as the system runs off the battery for any length of time.

  • I have the new macbook pro from late 2011. when i try plugging my cannon gl2 into the mac via firewire 800 it does not show up in iMovie as an option to import from. i even have gone into my settings on the camera and changed it to vcr.

    I have the new MacBook Pro from late 2011. "the one before the new ritina display" i have a cannon gl2 video camera which is mini dv. when i plug it into my mac via firwire 800 it does not show up in the iMovie. i have set the settings on the camera to vcr mode and changed it to av->dv out. when i click on the import from camera on imovie it doesnt even show my camera in it. it just gives me the option to import video from my facetime camera. the camera is turned on the wires are connected i know for fact that its a firewire and not a usb. i know what they each look like. i bought the firewire cable and it was marked down cause it was an opened and used item. would it be possible that it could be deffected and if that is not the reason what other options do i have?

    I would say that odds are high that you have a bad cable. Maybe that is why they returned it.
    I would suggest trying a different firewire cable.
    You can find Firewire cables inexpensively at You need a 4 pin to 9 pin firewire cable.
    Here is a link.
    Other things to check:
    Is your camera plugged in to wall power (not to batteries only). Must be hooked to an AC power source to import.

  • I have macbook pro 13 late 2011.  efi 2.7 not see on software update and if download from site say in not compatible. why? in not compatible. why?

    i have macbook pro 13 late 2011.  efi 2.7 not see on software update and if download from site say in not compatible. why?

    Because your MBP does not require it.

  • Battery refuses to work on Macbook Pro 15 " late 2011 model

    Hi my Macbook pro 15" late 2011 model is just over a year old. This morning it refuses to switch on. It works with the charger plugged to it and although a green light comes on the report states there there is no battery. The battery icon has an X in it. Pease could someone help. I have tried resetting and shutting down.
    Battery Information:
      Charge Information:
      Charge Remaining (mAh):          0
      Fully Charged:          No
      Charging:          No
      Full Charge Capacity (mAh):          0
      Health Information:
      Cycle Count:          0
      Battery Installed:          No
      Amperage (mA):          0
      Voltage (mV):          0

    Based on the information you show, the battery is totally discharged or dead, or the connection circuitry is broken.  A trip to an Apple store genius bar will be required for a definitive diagnosis.

  • Macbook Pro 13" (Late 2011) Bottom Plate Bulging

    Hello there,
    I own a Macbook Pro 13" (Late 2011). I have had it for sometime now.
    I noticed that the bottom plate (the piece of aluminum that can be removed) is slightly loose in the front. There is a slight retreat when I press down on it. This is not happening to my newer Late 2013 15" Macbook Pro.
    I heard that this can be caused by a swelling battery?! My battery has around 350 cycles on it.
    Should I be concerned? Is it necessary to take it to an Apple Store and have them take a look at it??
    Thanks for your answers in advance.

    That could be the case. It wouldn't hurt to have them evaluate it at an Apple Store as the appointment is free.

  • Macbook Pro 13" Late 2011 hard drive fails, how to replace hard drive?

    I have a Macbook Pro 13" Late 2011 (OS X Mountain Lion v 1.3.18 (352.4). I tried to install OS X Mavericks but it showed this error message:
    "This disk has S.M.A.R.T. errors. This disk has a hardware problem that can't be repaired. Back up as soon much data as possible and replace the disk."
    The laptop was still doing fine so I didn't do anything. Then it started to act funny: iPhoto stopped working, hangs when I watch video streaming, and it started to run really slow. I only use the laptop's basic features- internet, watching movies, editing using iMovies so it's really strange for me that the hard drive failed all of a sudden.
    I called Apple support and a kind fellow tried to troubleshoot it, thinking it was only a software problem. In the end, he said I need to bring my macbook to the service center and have the hard drive replaced. I know it will cost a lot so I want to replace the it myself.
    Here are my questions:
    1) Can this problem really be solved by just replacing the hard drive?
    2) Can I use SSD this time so my Macbook can run faster?
    3) What SSD is recommended for my late 2011 Macbook 13"?
    4) I don't have the installation disk, can I still install the OS X Mountain Lion? How?
    I am looking for other sites as well but I hope this community could share some tips too.
    Thanks a lot!

    I've switched out the hard drive on my Late 2011 model several times and I've never disconnected the battery cable.
    In my "Opinion" it is not necessary to do that. Not sure if it is or not recommended by Apple.
    I just looked at my User Manual, PDF I downloaded from Apple, and there is no mention of disconnecting the battery.
    Here's a link to the manual for my model. 2011.pdf

  • Notification center stops working on Macbook pro 17 late 2011

    I had several problems with Mountain Lion on Macbook pro 17 late 2011 model.
    #1 Notification center stopped updating
    #2 Worst battery backup had dropped significantly , it appears that the laptop needs to be plugged in to the socket at all time. Current backup is around 2 hours.
    Anyone else got similar issues ?

    85w apple charger stops charging the Mac
    I think your assumption that when the amber light goes out, the magsafe is malfunctioning is not correct.
    Some users have observed that if you push your Big MacBook Pro as hard as you can, it needs all the power from the power adapter (and possibly more from the battery) just to keep running. Thus, the charge indicator on the magsafe will go off Amber. This is weird, but is not a malfunction.

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