Modification in TCode S_ALR_87012082 !!

Hiii All,
We need to add a one more field on selection screen in standard program i.e. Business Place(BUPLA) .
Program Name - RFKSLD00.
What should we do for the same, Please suggest feasiblity...!!
Nitin Garg

Hi Nitin
I have seen some threads with the same query.I tried to add the same selection but it is not added.I will suggest you go a for a custom one.

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  • Enhancement TCode S_ALR_87012082 !!

    Dear Friends,
    We have a requirement to add a field Business Place (BUPLA) on the Selection Screen.
    TCode - S_ALR_87012082, Program Name - RFKSLD00
    I have copied this program, Please suggest me for the same soon.
    Nitin Garg
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    Hii Madhurao,
    okay Please give brief idea how can i add Business Place(BUPLA) in the standard program on the selection screen..
    Nitin Garg

  • Modification in Tcode f.19

    Hi Experts,
    I am doing modification on f.19 ( just to add vendor name ).
    Note: I have copied the entire program and doing it in zprogram with out disturbing the original
    Please advice.

    * narrow table, because it may be a lot of items
    DATA: BEGIN OF list_item OCCURS 100,
          bukrs  LIKE bseg-bukrs,
          hkont  LIKE bsis-hkont,
          ebeln  LIKE bseg-ebeln,
    * Log 001
          ernam  LIKE  ekko-ernam,
    * Log 001
          ebelp  LIKE bseg-ebelp,
          ktosl LIKE t030u-ktosl,   "used for posting
    * hier kommen die Belege
          waers LIKE ekko-waers,    "bestellwaerhugn
          blart LIKE bkpf-blart,
          belnr LIKE bseg-belnr,
    * Log 001
          usnam  LIKE bkpf-usnam,
    * Log 001
          buzei LIKE bseg-buzei,
          wrbtr(12) TYPE p,
          dmbtr(12) TYPE p,
          mwsts(12) TYPE p,
          mwskz LIKE bseg-mwskz,
          gjahr LIKE bkpf-gjahr,
          vbund  LIKE lfa1-vbund,
          lifnr LIKE bseg-lifnr,
    * Log 001
          name1 LIKE lfa1-name1,
    * Log 001
          akont LIKE lfb1-akont,
          budat LIKE bkpf-budat,
          gsber LIKE bseg-gsber.
    * variabler teil
            INCLUDE STRUCTURE sl_incl.
          hwaer      LIKE tcurd-hwaer,
          dmbe2(12) TYPE p,
          hwae2   LIKE x001-hwae2,
          dmbe3(12) TYPE p,
          hwae3   LIKE x001-hwae3,
          selkey      LIKE sy-tabix,
      END OF list_item.
    * perform log_time using text-004.
      IF p_aqtax = 'X'.
        PERFORM aqtax00.
      PERFORM gr_ir_main.
    * Log 001
      PERFORM fetch_reqd.
    * Log 001
      PERFORM posting.
    * perform log_time using text-005.
      PERFORM schedman_start_stop USING 'STOP'.
      PERFORM liste.
    *  perform log_time using 'LISTE'.
      SET PF-STATUS '     '.
    *&      Form  FETCH_REQD
    *       text
    *  -->  p1        text
    *  <--  p2        text
    FORM fetch_reqd .
      SORT list_item BY ebeln.
      LOOP AT list_item.
        ON CHANGE OF list_item-ebeln.
          SELECT SINGLE * FROM ekko WHERE ebeln = list_item-ebeln.
          IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
            list_item-ernam = ekko-ernam.
          SELECT SINGLE * FROM lfa1 WHERE lifnr = list_item-lifnr.
          IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
            list_item-name1 = lfa1-name1.
        list_item-ernam = ekko-ernam.
        list_item-name1 = lfa1-name1.
        SELECT SINGLE * FROM bkpf WHERE bukrs = list_item-bukrs
                                    AND belnr = list_item-belnr
                                    AND gjahr = list_item-gjahr.
        IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
          list_item-usnam = bkpf-usnam.
        MODIFY list_item.
    ENDFORM.                    " FETCH_REQD

  • Problem in dynamic selection in vendor balance report  tcode S_ALR_87012082

    Hello Friends,
    After upgrading from 4.7 to ecc 6.0 we are facing the below mentioned problem.
    In a Vendor Balances report, the document selection is not available in the dynamic selections and hence i am not able to select the business area to suit the requirement. We have only, vendor master and company code in the dynamic selections.
    Is there any customization tht needs to be set???

    Hi Vas,
    I am not sure..... but you can view the details in "S_ALR_87012079", you need to chnage the layout....
    If the hint is useful… Say thanks by reward….
    Prabhu Rajesh

  • Deletion of Purchase requisition thru tcode MEMASSRQ

    Hi experts,
    In table MASSFLDLST I have done the following modification thru tcode sm30
    Create : -
    object type = BUS2105
    Table name = EBAN
    field name = LOEKZ
    The field LOEKZ is now appearing in the tcode MEMASSRQ.  But when we execute it, the square box for selecting mass PRs is not appearing.
    Please clarify.
    ( Rajneesh Gulati )

    Hello Pankaj,
    In status tab deletion indicator is not shown.  In fact it is not shown on the Line item as well. 
    For closing PRs as suggested by you, I have configured field EBAKZ in table MassfldLST. But still it is not showing in the tcode MEMASSRQ.
    Please suggest.
    ( Rajneesh Gulati )

  • MM integration with FI

    I have these doubts in MM and FI integration
    a) the relation between valuation class, movement type and transaction key in automatic postings of MM in FI
    b) What are CNS and valuation string, Accout modif in tcode OMWN and how these are related to FI ?

    MM-FI integration details infirmation available this below links
    kindly refer i think its helpful to you
    see the below link for FI - MM configs.
    Hope this helps you

  • Difference of amount between Sub Accounting and General Accounting !

    i did not find the same amount in the general vendor account (e.g. Tcode : S_ALR_87012301) as in the sub vendor accounts (e.g. Tcode : S_ALR_87012082) ?!
    Please why did i have this difference ? how to resolve it ?
    i hope your help

    in S_ALR_87012082  you can also enter the recon account (this should be the G/L which you enter in the other transaction). So enter the recon. account as well and let run the report and compare again the result with S_ALR_87012277.
    -If the balances are the same, it means that the vendor has items on other recon. account as well (because of the recon. account change as it was pointed out already).
    -If there are still differences, than you have to check the items (on the selection screen you can go for detail list) and search for an item, which is contained in one list, but not in the other and analyse that one,why is not there in the other list.
    Also check if the reports are run for the same period! >ou also have to keep in mind that S_ALR_87012277 might contain items from other vendors as well (which use the same recon. account)!

  • Adding Field on Selection Screen in Standard program

    We have a requirement to add a field Business Place (BUPLA) on the Selection Screen.
    TCode - S_ALR_87012082, Program Name - RFKSLD00
    Please give me some idea, so that i can modify this program !!
    Nitin Garg

    Hii Klaus,
    Okay, If as per your aspects there is no need of modify logical database, so Plz let me know how can i enhance  RFKSLD00 to add Business Place.
    I try to find Badi for it, but i think there is no suitable Badi findings . Plz give solution soon .
    Nitin Garg
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  • Possibilty of Version Management for Tasklist

    I know we can track the Task list modification using TCode IA21 ( Tasklist change Document report).
    Can we have Task list version management in SAP EAM just like MIC?

    Just for information, if you are on ECC6 EHP4 you can activate LOG_EAM_CI_3 in SWF5 to have the action log (like on order) and see  the modification on task list

  • Mandatory/Optional field configuration for PD infotypes

    I need to make the country, city & postal code fields on infotype 1028 (address) as optional.
    These fields show up with Module Pool: MP102800 and Screen # 2300.
    However, I cannot find the way to go in to change this configuration.
    Does anyone know the screen modifications path/tcode for PD objects?
    Any leads would help.

    Hi Shivani,
    Trying to maintain a PD object using detail maintenance (transaction code PP01). You will get an error message saying u201Cu2026 cannot be maintained via u2026u201D.
    It is probable that the checkbox u201Cno maintenanceu201D has been ticked on table T77CD. Uncheck the tick. This table is specific to each infotype and each object type within the infotype.
    As an example, you may wish to modify qualifications in PP01. Double click on IT 1000 and then look at the entry for Q.
    Also look at table T777I. This holds details such as the no maintenance flag at the infotype level. So if IT 1000 is in this table with "no maintenance" ticked then this will apply to all objects on IT 1000.
    Reply back if this is the ans you are looking for and tell if it works

  • Movement 352 with BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE

    How to do 352 for material document number.
    I cannot use ''BAPI_GOODSMVT_CANCEL', since the reason for cancellation is mandatory.
    So, I tried 'BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE' with - XSTOB = '2' in the GOODSMVT_ITEM table and commenting move_type.
           ls_header-pstng_date = sy-datum.
            ls_header-doc_date = sy-datum.
            ls_header-REF_DOC_NO = ls_ztmm002-mblnr.
            ls_code-gm_code = '06'.
            ls_item-plant = ls_ztmm002-reswk.
            ls_item-stge_loc = ls_ztmm002-reslo.
            ls_item-move_reas = 0001.
           ls_item-move_type = '351'.
            ls_item-mvt_ind = ' '.
            ls_item-stck_type = ' '.
            ls_item-entry_qnt = ls_ztmm002-twqty.
            ls_item-entry_uom = ls_mseg_bapi-meins.
            ls_item-po_number = ls_ztmm002-ebeln.
            ls_item-po_item = ls_mseg_bapi-ebelp.
            ls_item-xstob = '2'.
            ls_item-matdoc_tr_cancel = ls_ztmm002-mblnr.
            ls_item-matitem_tr_cancel = 0001.
            ls_item-matyear_tr_cancel = ls_ztmm002-mjahr.
            APPEND ls_item TO lt_item.
            call function 'BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE'
              exporting goodsmvt_header  = ls_header
                        goodsmvt_code    = ls_code
                        TESTRUN          = 'X'
              importing materialdocument = lv_matdoc
                        matdocumentyear  = lv_matyr
              tables    goodsmvt_item    = lt_item
                        return           = lt_return.
    But, it gives out the error - 'Check table T156N: entry ST   does not exist'. I went to table - T156N and found
    Function Code - ST, BWART = 351 & BWART_NEXT = 352 & XSTOR = '2'... do exist! .
    Any information.
    Thanks In Advance.

    Have you seen Note 407265 - Transfer parameter with BAPI BAPI_GOODSMVT_CANCEL? In the other hand, see Note 491921 - OMJJ Customizing change for Movement type and check if there are any modification in tcode OMJJ for this movements.
    I hope this helps you

  • Another modif  tcode clearing open item from MM without use F-51

    all Guru ,
    Please help. Is there any way for another new modif  tcode clearing open item from MM without use F-51. So i can use copy transparent from main table MM, for item like plant, vendor, material,price, oty, plus add new field for calculation method in order to post this result formula through FI posting without F-51 but also can clear open item dan clearing line item ? or only can clear open item ?'s oke. For line item can be done maybe can be run with F-03 ir F13E
    I am trying to observe table BSIK (open item) and relation with BSAK(clear item) it right way ?
    Case :
    i want to clear open item for GL account inv.of.promises from transaction MM, with jurnal :
    inv.of prom (Db)
             Inventory (Cr)
    Then this inv.of prom must be calculated again with raise price. And then this cummulate in the of month.
    After that we want to clear with posting FI by searching any open item for that GL with jurnal :
           Other receiv.(Db)
           Accrued exp (Db)
                      Inv.of.prom (Cr)

    Hi PK,
    1. Should we maintain OIM for all Excise G/Ls (BED, ECess, SHECess)?
    - Please DO NOT maintain OIM on BED, ECESS and HECESS, only to be maintained for Cenvat Clearing Account. Also note that clearing of Cenvat Clearing is not easy, as in standard SAP, the assignment field is not updated with the same information for the Dr. and cr. line items of Cenvat Clearing Account. You need to use an exit in Substitution for it to populate the P.O. no. and line item at the time of MIRO.
    2. How to clear the BED Excise GLs which is with OIM in our system, it is thru F.13 only?
    You can use F.13 only if the entries are matching not otherwise, else clear all of them manually if you have good control of your account balances.
    3. Can we activate or deactivate OIM any point of time, I mean can it be activated in case the G/L balance amount is not ZERO?
    OIM activation for a GL - Refer Note No.1356457.
    OIM Deactivation :  You can deactivate OIM after making the balance Zero on that Account and by changing the Message No. FH 190 to warning in OBA5.
    4. What is the use of T Code J2IUN, I have gone thru the SDN links, but I am not able to execute the screen. What parameter should we select while executing J2IUN, when we use Pay cenvat from ser tax cr and Pay ser tax from cenvat cr.
    J2IUN is to utllize Excise Duty. The liability of Excise duty is utilized from Excise balances of BED, PLA , Service tax etc.. as per business requirements.
    Hope this helps you.

  • Modification of the Work Order Program TCode IW31

    I need to do a modification to the work order program. Tcode IW31
    When creating a work order with reference to an old work order, we want to clear any PRT data that might be in any item of the operations tab of the old order.
    My question is:  Which method should I use to get this change done?
    I looked at the badi = IWO1_ORDER_BADI --> the method REFERENCE_ORDER_CHK, but I do not think this is the right one.
    Please help me...
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            Francisco Alonzo

    To check for the suitable badi, Go to transaction SE24 and give the Object type as CL_EXITHANDLER and click on Display button.
    Double click on method GET_INSTANCE, put a break point on case statement.
    Execute your transaction and look for variable EXIT_NAME at your scenario then It will show the available badi's.
    Reward if it is useful.

  • How to know if iam in tcode  creation or modif  inside abap  prog ?

    hello ,
    i  want  to  know if there  is any things  that can  help  me to know  if  iam  in tcode  of creation (ME21N) o  modification (ME22N/ME23N) for  PO,  without using  sy-tcode inside a program of smartforms edition.
    thanks ,

    karim sefiani sefiani wrote:
    > hello ,
    > i  want  to  know if there  is any things  that can  help  me to know  if  iam  in tcode  of creation (ME21N) o  modification (ME22N/ME23N) for  PO,  without using  sy-tcode inside a program of smartforms edition.
    >  thanks ,
    > karim
    Please check the value of the variable T180-TRTYP
    T180-TRTYP = H - Create - ME21N
    T180-TRTYP = V - Change - ME22N
    generally 'A' in case of display transactions, however the table T180 shows the value 'V' in case of ME23N also, kindly check

  • Tcode SPAU  Objects in the Without Modification Assistant

    Hey guys,
    I´m working with tcode SPAU, i have some objects with red traffic light, i checked and i can see the active objects, do you know me what can i do for disapear de red light?

    Dear Edson,
    if it is possible you can reset the object to the standard; in other hands you can manipulate it working using standard transaction (ex se38 for report). In this mode you can solve the custom modification and after this in SPAU transaction you can see it with correct traffic light.

Maybe you are looking for

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