More info on using drag and drop in AS3?

I have coded a basic drag and drop using a rope .jpg saved as an mc. the idea is to have the user drag the rope from left to right using the mouse down and up functions. I was able to do this but I'm trying to add to the functionality by doing the following:
dragging limited to a certain amount per drag
no dragging up or down just left to right
set boundries within the screensize
I've looked and could only find as2 and basic tutes on this
here is what I have so far
any help?
ropeclip_mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, ropedrag);
ropeclip_mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP, ropedrop);
function ropedrag(e:MouseEvent):void
function ropedrop(e:MouseEvent):void

Along with your code add this code to specify the dragging limited.
var sbound:Rectangle = new Rectangle(x,y,width,height);
x  states x position of the drag object starts.
y  states y position of the drag object starts.
width states width of the drag object.
height states height of the drag object
Try this.

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    Mona ! First tell your problem in brief ..Actually what you want
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    Hi Pavithra,
    >> As of now i use StartDrag and StopDrag using specific points, which is not correct when it runs in many other screens.
    To really understanding this issue, could you share us what you mean by ”which is not correct”? It would be much helpful if you could share us a screen shoot about your UI and your issue.
    >> Could you please let me know, is there way to slide the control (to set window display size to viewable) without using  drag and drop action using points
    Do you mean that the control of the WPF is invisible and you want to set the window display size to make it visible? If so, I think you could use the Mouse.MoveScrollWheel Method to change the windows view until the control is visible. The link below might
    be useful to you:
    # CodedUI cann't find the controls outside the screen view, Mouse.MoveScrollWheel doesn't work too
    If I misunderstood you, please feel free to let me know.
    Best Regards,
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  • I have been backing up iMovie 08 files to my external drive, but for some reason I can't open these files in iMovie.  I used drag and drop to copy them.

    I have been backing up iMovie 08 files to my external drive, but for some reason I can't open these files in iMovie.  I used drag and drop to copy them.

    You really should be doing backups with an actual backup application, especially one that will work automatically, and, if your external HD is large enough, back up your entire system.  These can automatically back up only what's changed since the  previous backup, and some will keep "archive" copies of things you've changed or deleted, also.
    Too many things can go wrong, such as your internal HD failing, and you'll have a major project to reinstall everything.
    You already have Time Machine, built-in to OSX.  You might want to review the Time Machine Tutorial, and perhaps browse Time Machine - Frequently Asked Questions.
    #27 in the second link mentions some alternatives, too.

  • Images resizing when using drag and drop

    We just recently got PS Elements 7. I have a blank image that is sized at 600 x 1662 pixels. When I want to put a photo into that blank, I make sure that the photo is 600 pixels high. With 6, what I used drag and drop from the bin, the photo fit perfectly. With 7 it is apparently resizing the photo and I have to stretch it to fit. Is this something that I have set wrong?  If I am making sure that both items should fit together based on number of pixels, why is one changing size? Something has to be changing size or the items would fit together. I am assuming that something is set wrong, because this just does not strike me a something that should happen, or the program is not a very efficient photo editor. If necessary I will go back to 5.0, although there are things that I like better in 7.
    jean @ buffaloworks

    I'm frankly surprised you had success with this in PSE 6, since the past two versions create a special kind of smart object from images dragged up from the bin. You can use copy/paste to create a regular layer, or you can drag down to a thumbnail in the bin from an open image, but the project bin doesn't let you drag up anymore, by design.
    Did you mean to say PSE 5 rather than 6? It worked normally there.

  • When moving a file using drag and drop, as I hover over the destination folder it no longer opens, so I can't drop the file into the folder.  Why?

    When moving a file using drag and drop, as I hover over the destination folder it no longer opens, so I can't drop the file into the folder.  Why?  I have a heirarchical embedded folder structure under \Documents.  Usually, as I drag the file to be moved over the various folders, they will blink twice, then expand/open to reveal contents (in Finder).  Now, when the file to be moved is held (hovering) over the destination folder, it will not blink or expand, so there's no place to drop the file.  If I release the mouse button, the file image disappears, showing that it is "going back to the place it came from", a.k.a. was not moved.  This just started happening.  I noticed it after upgrading to Mavericks.  Is this a bug or could anything else be causing this?

    As of today, Apple Support discovered during a remote support session with me that the same thing happens on their own system.  It is isolated to "Column View"; the Icon and List views in Finder behave correctly.  Issue is being escalated to engineering, and Apple will call to report status in a couple days.  In all likelihood, this is a bug that will need to be addressed in a future update.

  • Transfering files using drag and drop to Nano P

    I havent installed the supplied disks that came with my Nano Plus but am transfering files using drag and drop from "my music" folder on my computer to the Nano. These files are stored on my computer as the Name of the Artist as the folder name with a sub folder named the CD title (default setting when using Windows media to rip) with the individual track files in that folder.
    When I drag the main folder over to my Nano it just displays the Album title on the screen but not by artist and there is no way to select by artist (you can just switch "folders" on the Nano which will then display the CD title. If I used the supplied software with my Nano to transfer the files will I be able to choose by artist, CD, Genre, etc or is this not a function of the Nano?
    Is it best to just select the individual song tracks and throw them in one large group on the Nano and then it can figure out which artist, album, genre they belong to?

    The player will only show directories that contain music files.
    The behaviour you want is common on players that manage their content with a database (typically HD-based devices), but Creative's flash players don't work that way (and the software used on the host computer doesn't have any influence on this - the user interface is controlled by the player's firmware).

  • Programatic Generation and positioning of  components using Drag and Drop

    I am relatively new to ADF and UI Designing. Im trying to generate a flowchart using drag and drop feature in ADF. This involves creation of dragging images such as start,decision .. etc from one panel to another and dynamically creating a flowchart.
    Up to now i have managed to drag images from panel1 to panel2 and create them dynamically in the bean class. However im stuck at this point .. Im not able to position the draggable components on the desired position in the panelGroup. They either appear horizontally or vertically.
    Is there any way to achieve this. Also is it possible to assign a dropTarget to a a target component which is created dynamically ?
    Thanks in anticipation ....

    Hi Lyle,
    I am too only 4 months old to adf ,i use jdeveloper 10g.
    In 10g for the components to be placed at desired locations i think is somewhat possible. While you can arrange them by using spaces which causes
    f:verbatim tag to appear or you can use ADF Faces Core items like Object Spacer and Object Seperator where you can set their length and width to space objects on page...

  • Help with this ... using drag and drop

    Hi guys,
    I'm an intermediate user of Flash, but I'm stuck ... I'm
    trying to see if I can recreate this page in Flash for a friend
    (it's an awful site!):
    There are two ways I thought I could do this ... as they've
    done it, you cycle through the items, click on an item and it will
    appear in a hierarchy on the mannequin ... or as I've tried to
    attempt it, by dragging the item onto the mannequin.
    This is EXTREMELY rough as I just wanted to see if it could
    be done before designing it all, so it's stick men I'm afraid! I've
    got two movieclips on the stage, one is the console and one is the
    mannequin. The console contains items of clothing which are each
    movieclips placed in their own frame, back and forward buttons and
    an add button (ignore that button).
    I've managed to set it up so that the item of clothing
    duplicates and you can drag it onto the mannequin. I have two
    problems ... the mannequin goes back to normal when I go through
    the items in the console and the items in the console appear on top
    of each other as you flick through (probably because of the
    duplicatemovie command).
    I want to be able to drag each item, establish a hierarchy on
    the mannequin (e.g. so a jacket will go over a top) ... I've
    searched this forum for drag and drop info and have seen references
    to specifying a target, but I'm stuck. I've got a feeling I'm on
    the right lines, but I've either laid it out wrong on the stage or
    I'm missing a vital piece of actionscript ... Please can anyone
    advise??? Thanks
    Test Mannequin
    Flash File

    It would help if you could give some more details:
    - what are you trying to do (drag and drop a whole component, drag an item within a tree, or a table, drag an item from one component to another?)
    - have you found the modules you need in the unbound modules?
    - have you read the documentation about the drag and drop actions? can you say which parts you're having problems with? The documentation is here. You'll have to select the component you are interested in and locate the action "drag" and the action "drop" to read about the parameters required.
    Best regards,

  • Start Workflow when Upload File using drag and drop

    I am working with SharePoint 2013.
    I have a workflow needed to be started and run only once after a document is uploaded into the document library. The document library has
    required custom columns with default values. If I set workflow starting option as 'On Created', when user got redirected to the edit form and click 'Save', there would be error as
    "The <filename> has been modified by <user> on <datetime>". Besides the unwanted error dialog, the metadata entered by users are not reflected. I understand the issue is because the workflow had already started before
    the edit form showed and it modified the file.
    So I changed the starting option to 'On Changed", created an additional column to record if the workflow has been run or not to avoid running the whole workflow more than once. This works fine for normal upload. However on drag and drop, the
    event 'On Changed' is not triggered and the workflow is not started. I checked the version of the file but in both normal upload and drag and drop, there is another version after the first version. But
    only the version of normal upload triggers the workflow.
    I read an article about some Mode = Upload on the edit form.
    It seems that the Mode = Upload is not there anymore for normal upload, but it's still there for drag and drop. Not sure about this
    Is there a solution for my case. Basically I want to start the workflow only once when the document is uploaded normally or via drag and drop. For normal upload, user can
    edit the custom metadata right after they browse the file. For drag and drop, the
    metadata will be set as default values.
    Thank you.

    I'm still researching your issue, but as an interesting note... This is an issue only when I use a 2013 style workflow. I do not get the error when using a 2010 style workflow.
    Mike Smith
    SharePoint 2007 2010 Customization for the Site Owner,
    SharePoint 2010 Security for the Site Owner

  • Using drag and drop in remote desktop on windows server 2008

    we running an application on windows server 2008 terminal services .. this application was support drag and drop functionality .. i understand that terminal services on windows 2008 is supported to drag and drop but is not happening !! even when i run remote desktop connection on this server the drag and the drop is not working !
    i need to enable the drag and drop for windows 2008 terminal services  ..
    Thanks in advance

    Hello Ayman,
    If your requirement is to drag and drop files between local and remote sessions, Danny is right. Drag-and-drop feature is not supported in Windows Server 2008-based Terminal Server, which is a by-design behavior hard-coded in the current version of the Remote Desktop Protocol.
    As a workaround, I recommend you to use copy-and-paste function instead of drag-and-drop. To enable the copy-and-paste between local and remote session, please enable the clipboard redirection in Windows Server 2008-based RDC. (In Windows Server 2003 environment, local drive redirection is needed.)
    Hope it helps. Thanks.
    Best Regards,
    Lionel Chen

  • Unable to use "drag and drop function" from outlook

    We are changing from Lotus to outlook and this has made a problem with getting pdf-files into OAWD directly .
    Procedure was like this in Lotus
    1. We get documents (FI, F-43, aso ) by email
    2. We use OAWD function "drag and drop" , document is attached to a document type and workflow is triggered
    3. We pick up documents from Business workplace , handle the document and send it to the approver (who earlier got it directly in their mailbox "lotus")
    so far so good , everything worked well
    Unfortunately we changed to outlook, non attached files can be "drag and dropped" into OAWD (I understand the part about outlook is showing links instead of "real" pdf and know this is part of the problem)
    My question, it can not be possible that we have to manually save the documents/attached files from outlook into "desktop" to later use the drag and drop function?
    I have read about the programms to solve problem , ex "inPuncto", but our experts says there will be problem with connector to workflow from OAWD.
    I have my greatest doubts about that because this must be really two diffrent moduls, one for converting from outlook and the other must be unchange (undependent of the earlier procedure). SAP can not know from what program the documents will be dragged? 
    Suggestion about some OAWD-adaptor ?
    Any suggestions about great solutions ?

    it seems there is no way.
    See note 1797073
    Is there someone with a better solution?

  • Use drag and drop to sort data in report

    I found a good description to sort data in a Tabular Form per drag and drop.

    Here is the url: Read Article - Drag &amp;amp; Drop tabular form rows
    It works fine if one follow the hint from Baki (For apex 4.2 one have to adapt a css class).
    Afterwards I tried the same with an Interactive Report. It nearly works.
    I once again had to adapt a css class.
    I used the
    class instead of the
    in the JavaScript for the Interactive Report.
    Everything went fine. Except the "Save the Thing to the DB" issiu did not work.
    The following code do not work (the "APEX_APPLICATION.G_FROWID.COUNT" is allways 0):
    UPDATE emp SET sort_order = i WHERE rowid = APEX_APPLICATION.G_FROWID(i);
    Does anybody know why?
    Best thanks,

  • Dragging Icons stops working after organizing using drag and drop. Why?

    On the newest MBA (2013)
    While organizing my music I was creating new folders within the artists' folder in order to seperate things into albums. sometimes when im dragging the songs into this newly created folder ( I drag them in  like groups of 10 , really depends on the length of the album) the ability to drag any icon is completely gone. I can still highlight folders and icons but I can no longer move them at all ( using the three finger move on the mouse pad or by holding the click and dragging  )
    It only happens when I select and drag a few songs over to the folder and drop them in without waiting for that folder to open up.
    This forces me to restart in order to be able to use OSX normally again.
    Does anyone have any insight? Do I need to just wait for a new update ?

    I found this by EvB on
    "Try this.
    Open a Terminal and type the following commands:
    cd /
    sudo rmdir tmp
    sudo ln -s tmp /private/tmp
    If your tmp directory is not already there then the second command will give an error - just proceed to the third command in this case.
    Once you have done this sequence, reboot the machine and see if your drag and drop is restored."
    Not sure if this fixed the problem or if rebooting temerally fixed it again.
         Nope did not fix it

  • Erratic zooming in and out using drag and drop to copy.

    While using the drag and drop to copy method in AI 18.0(and17) there is erratic zooming in and out behavior.
    I've called Adobe and Apple about this issue and it still remains. I've also tried the Hot Fix download but the problem still remains.
    I'm using an iMac with OS 10.9.4 and the Magic Mouse.
    Please help! Thanks in advance.
    Dennis, DB Signs

    When I click and hold on a selection then drag it holding down the option key to copy it, when I release the mouse where I want it to be copied it zooms in or out(radically) once or several times and usually copies the selected item to a different place then I wanted it to.
    Now I’ve noticed that if I don’t touch the side of the mouse(keeping only one finger on the top of the mouse) I don’t have the issue.
    Thank You, Dennis Burns, DB Signs
    Phone: 320-629-8919
    Fax: 844-269-8172
    Email: [email protected]

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