More than one join condition for 2 tables in obiee

I am using obiee 11g.
There are 2 tables tableA and tableB where the join condition is like (tableA.col1=tableB.col1) or (tableA.col1 is null and tableB.col1 is null)
where should i do these type of joins.
I tried putting in physcial layer->f(x) but giving error like here only columns an d opertaors are allowed.

ok here it goes.
I have a tableA with columns col1(pk),col2 and other columns
I have tableB with columns col1(pk),col2..Only these 2 columns.
Now distinct tableA.col2 values are put in tableB.col2. For those distinct values i have put the tableB.col1 values.
Now tableA.col2 as well as tableB.col2 can be null beacuse there may be null values in tableA.col2.
Now in tableB i have added one more row which has col1 as value and col2 as null.
Now when in physical layer when i do tableA.col2=tableB.col2 i dont get the null values.
What i want is whenever the tableA.col2 and tableB.col2 is null then take tableB.col1 for those vales.
So when i query i do
select * from tableA,tableB where
((tableA.col2=tableB.col2) or (tableA.col2 is null and tableB.col2 is null))
What i want is when i do a join i should be able to give this OR condition in rpd thats it.
because when i do in where clause of content tab it goes like a AND condition and not OR.
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    Preeetam Narkhede.

    Hi Preetam!
    I hope I understand your request proberly, since this is more about Java and less about WebDynpro, but if I'm wrong, just follow up on this.
    Supposed you have some collection of your original table data stored in variable "origin". Populate a Hashtable using the values from column "B" (let's assume it's Strings) as keys and an ArrayList of whatever "C" is (let's assume String instances, too) as value (there's a lot of ways to iterate over whatever your datasource is, and since we do not know what your datasource is, maybe you'll have to follow another approach to get b and c vaues,but the principle should remain the same):
    // Declare a private variable for your Data at the appropriate place in your code
    private Hashtable temp = new Hashtable<String, ArrayList<String>>();
    // Then, in the method you use to retrieve backend data and populate the dropdown,
    // populate the Hashtable, too
    Iterator<TableData> a = origin.iterator();
    while (a.hasNext()) {
         TableData current =;
         String b = current.getB();
         String c = current.getC();
         ArrayList<String> values = this.temp.get(b);
         if (values == null) {
              values = new ArrayList<String>();
         this.temp.put(b, values);
    So after this, you'll have a Hashtable with the B values als keys and collections of C values of this particular B as value:
    VID --> (911256, 811256)
    SONY --> (11256)
    to populate your dropdown.
    After the user selects an entry from the dropdown (let's say stored in variable selectedB), you will be able to retrieve the collection of c's from your Hashtable
    // In the metod you handle the selection event with, get the c value collection
    //and use it to select from your other table
    ArrayList<String> selectedCs = this.temp.get(selectedB);
    // now iterate over the selectedCs items and use each of these
    //to continue retrieving whatever data you need...
    for (String oneC : selectedCs) {
         // Select Data from backend using oneC in the where-Clause or whatever...
    Hope that helps

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    Dear Yaniv,
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    Take a look at this add-on.

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    However when I examine the JBoss JMX Console, Global JNDI Namespace only one remote interface is listed, and indeed it is the first one defined in the SessionBean.
    Considering I use a String similar to (MyApp/MyBean/remote) to do the JNDI lookup, this would indicate that it is not possible to have more than one remote interface.
    1. Is this a JBoss specific limitation?
    2. Is there another way of performing the JNDI lookup?

    Thanks for prompt response! I tried the suggestion in my application, and the output from JBoss JMX Console was
    +- XXXBean (class: org.jnp.interfaces.NamingContext)
      |   |   +- remote (proxy: $Proxy291 implements No ClassLoaders found for: (no security manager: RMI class loader disabled))Again only displaying the remote interface that is first in the @remote ({ Remote1.class , Remote2.class}) list. This would lead me to believe that JBoss does not support this.
    Can anyone confirm this?

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    = More than one row found in a DB with the "unique" key supplied...
    Your method is returning an object where it should return a collection ?

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    Creation of a wsdl file
    N:1 seemz he was refering to multimapping scenario.

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    Take a look at this to see if the solution provided would work for you:
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    You can use the User Exit: CONFPP07  Single Screen Entry: Inclusion of User-Defined Subscreens
    for this purpose..
    Take help from the ABAPer for this enhancement..

  • How to retrive more than one row value from table

      I had create one table if i entered value in more than one row, the second row override the first row value and while printing it in flat file i am getting the second value entered twice.
      i created one context for each column.
        plz provide me a solution..........
           very urgent..........

    Create seperate element for each row and then set values.
    for(int i=0;i<4;i++)
    IPrivate<view name>.I<node name>Element element = wdContext.node<node name>().create<node name>Element();
    wdContext.node<node name>().addElement(element);
    to retrive:
    int s=wdContext.node<node name>.size();
    for(int j=0;j<s;J++){
    Check this link about tables
    Vijayakhanna Raman

  • More than One root in Tree Table

    Hi all
    I am Using Jdev version of 10.1.3 . I am using tree table component .
    I am not able to display more than one root at the same time. It usually displays one root and children underneath it if there are multiple roots it has navigation.
    But i require to display more than one root at the same time without any navigation. If it is not possible in jdev 10.1.3 how can i acheive the result , i am bound to use jdev 10.1.3 and i need to have a table which has parent and child and all the parents to be displayed at same time, Should i try with any custom renderer.
    PleaseAny light on this would be helpful.

    i can select them from different parents that depends on what i want to select Like:
    for ex: i wana choose Sam , Sandra & David to view thier times and OT on selecting them

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