Movement Type used for How many users

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I need to check how many users having authorization of "311" Movement Type. How i can check it?
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These are the authorisation object which consists of authorisation field BWART(Movement type)
M_MRES_BWA Reservations: Movement Type
M_MSEG_BMB Material Documents: Movement Type
M_MSEG_BWA Goods Movements: Movement Type
M_MSEG_BWE Goods Receipt for Purchase Order: Movement Type
M_MSEG_BWF Goods Receipt for Production Order: Movement Type
You can run t-code SE16> Goto Table AGR_1251> In Field textbox enter BWART-->Low textbox Enter the value(311).
You will get list of roles. Copy those role and then Goto se16>AGR_USERS>In AGR_name textbox Multiple selection paste these role names.
You will get list of user having access to those roles.
Do let me know if this brings the data what is required.

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    How to find a Function module is used for how many times since it is created.. we went through the Tcode STAT , ST03, STAD, STATTRACE but in ST03 we can find it for Program but we could not find it for Function module , So can any one please suggest us . we are using ECC 6.0 version.
    Thanks and Regards,

    Hi Chaithu,
    Go to SE37,enter your function module, click on where used list button on the application bar.
    All the program used your function module used is displayed.

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    database version
    OBIEE machine:
    - Operating system name and version
    - CPU-s
    - RAM
    haw many dashboards
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    Best regards

    The links provided in above post gives you high level.go through them.....but as im working on 11g my view or suggestions.
    database versionOracle DataBase 11g R2 is very compatable (32-bit)
    OBIEE machine:
    - Operating system name and version
    - CPU-s
    - RAMWindows 2003 Server SP2 or Windows 2008 Server SP2 both 32 bit supports very much or windows XP also you need to look into documents.Even Linux supported
    Coming to RAM and Hard Disk.....if your installing on windows then 30 gb of hard disk and 3 or more gb of ram is required for single user.So depends on how many users you want to calculate it or go through these documents.
    Hope it helps you.Promptly award points

  • Movement type used for ISSUE.

    Hello all,
      I need to create report,where i need to list out all the  movment type used for ISSUE(Consumption).
      How to list out all movement type used only for ISSUE(consumption).Is there any logic can be used here?
    Useful answer will be appreciated...

    go to MB51 and enter the movent types shown below for issues or consumption, then you  will get list of all documents related to consuptions.
    201-consumption for cost centrer
    221-consumption for project
    231-consumption for sales order
    241-consumption for assest
    251-consumption for sales
    261-consumption for order
    281-consumption for network
    291-consumption for all account assignments.
    you have to remember the movement types, i think there is no special logic to get these movement types separetly.

  • In Physical Inventory Check_Which movement type used for stock difference.

    In Case of Physical Inventory we are getting the stock differences after count results, Help me in doing the transaction thru which the stock is adjusted and which Movement types are used for the difference posting, What all documents are created in the process.
    The system has Warehouse Management in place, so please answer in reference to WM.
    How the Bin is identified in that case if there is stock addition.
    Thanks in Advance

    Check for your ware house  physical inventory process in spro whether it is done through continuous inventory process or Through annual inventory process.
    SproLogistics execution-WM>Activities->Physical inventory--> Define types per storage type
    PZ-Continous inv

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    If you want more, contact your local Adobe reseller and look into a volume license or check out Creative Cloud for teams.

  • How to know a transaction code is used for how many times?

    I have a requirement that is somewhat unusual for me. We have some Z reports and we want to know the worthiness of these reports if they are being used or not, if they are being used, by whom and how many times are being used.
    Your help is greatly appreciated.

    As said you can have an discussion with your BASIS they can help just try in
    tode =STAD    or   program name= RSSTAT26
    SM20 you can get all the details like
    user name
    termial number
    programme etc

  • Which movement type use for return stock form one plant to other plant  in

    HI friends i am working on STO PROCESS
    i need to transfer return stock from one plant to other plant as a return stock i am using Mvt type 455
    but system shows  following error
    Update control of movement type is incorrect (entry 455 X X _ L)
    Message no. M7226
    The system could not find entry 455 X X _ L in any of the movement type control tables.
    Cancel current processing.
    Contact your system administrator.
    Action to be taken by the system administrator
    Check in Customizing for Inventory Management under Copy, Change Movement Types whether the entry is contained in the Update control view for the movement type.
    If the entry is missing, proceed as follows:
    For standard movement types, this means that the given process is not supported using the present data combination. Do not create any entries without prior arrangement with your SAP consultant. Otherwise, incorrect postings may result.
    For customer-defined movement types (beginning with 9, X, Y, or Z), this may mean that they have not been fully defined. Delete the movement type and re-create it by copying a standard movement type.
    thanks in advance

         I think there is a standard STO movement type you can use. But I can't remember. Why don't you try to find it and test if it fit your requirement?
         There are some information for your reference. Please check on website:
    Using STO without delivery: 
      doc.type: UB
      GI:351, GR:101
      STO with delivery:
      GI:641, GR:101
      delivery type:NL
      STO with delivery and billing:
      GI:643, GR:101
      delivery type:NLCC , billing type:IV
         And if you want to use the way to return the goods replenishment, try to flag the return checkbox while you create purchase order item. Of course, corresponding configuration is required.

  • Blocking Movement type 309 for perticular user ID

    We want to block Movement Type '309' for perticular user ID.
    How this can be achieved?

    You can do it through autherization  control ,
    For Object
    M_MSEG_BMB     Material Documents: Movement Type
    M_MSEG_BWA     Goods Movements: Movement Type
    M_MSEG_LGO     Goods Movements: Storage Location
    Revove the Movement type 309 , for the particular user.

  • How many users on Mac Mini Server?

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    Apple's recent changes to the Mac Mini line have thrown a wrench in a project plan I've been working. One part of the project needs a quad-core computer (FileMaker Server) and so I'm having to either search for an older model or switch up to a Mac Pro.
    The other part of the project involves bringing a Mac-based server in for directory and user services, including mail.  I had planned to use the high-end Mac Mini Server but that option was removed. The office I'm supporting is about 15 people (usually a little less on the network) and most of their work will actually be done against the other computer running the FileMaker Server-based application. I was not expecting a big load against the Mac Mini Server. But these changes got me wondering, what are others' experiences with Mac Mini as a server for 12-15 people? I'm happy with qualitative and quantitative data, but I would like to know which is which. In general:
         For how many users have you provided directory and user services (built in to the OS) using a single Mac Mini?
         What were the specs of the Mac Mini (year or model, speed, CPU config, RAM)?
         Other thoughts?
    In essence, I need to understand if people have successfully used dual core processors as Mac Mini servers in environments of 12-15 people. I've done it using a 2012 Mac Mini Server with 5-6 and the loading seems to support further growth, but would like real-world experience.

    Dutch Apple employee told me that Mac OS X 10.6 Server has also Windows Terminal Services equivalent.
    But this is not !
    Not yet (?) available in Snow Leopard Server.

  • How many users for remote connection can I  create, from support SAP

    Dear all
    I have a doubt with how many users can be created in my system ERP 6.0 for the remote connection, for the error product  messages on the marketplace SAP,without this counts as user license.
    I have not found any notes or documents from SAP to explain this.
    I appreciate your help.
    Best Regards,

    Ok...I will reply to myself. I can use more than 10 simultaneous connection, using vnc.

  • Need to find out how many users are using Siebel Application

    Hello all,
    I need to find out how many users are using Siebel Application?
    Is there a way I can find out?

    Read the following:
    For full information about server status and statistics red:

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    User Profile Services:How get to know how many user are using my site.
    Recently i have done migration sharepoint 2010 to sharepoint 2013,I did not migrate USer profile services because less user are using user profile here,but i need to know how many few uer are using my site for data store.
    Is any why we can get to know  user name who are using my site document library and other things.
    Hasan Jamal Siddiqui(MCTS,MCPD,[email protected]),Sharepoint and EPM Consultant,TCS
    | Twitter

    Fallowing command shows only count of my site user ,I need to know how many upload data on my site
    Hasan Jamal Siddiqui(MCTS,MCPD,[email protected]),Sharepoint and EPM Consultant,TCS
    | Twitter

  • How to know how many users uses Report Designer?

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    Somebody knows if it's possible to know how many users have made look ups in Report Designer on one period or how many modifications?
    Thanks in advance.

    If the cube is checked for Statistics, there is a option settings for BI Statistics under tools, then all the user related info is stored in Techincal Content Cubes. Based on TCT(technical Content Cubes), you need to create a report based on the requirement. From then we can know user log info for the particular queries.
    Hope this helped you

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    Currently only one person. A lot of users want to be able to FT multiple users.
    Send feedback to Apple requesting it. Maybe in a future iOS update or iPad it will be available.
     Cheers, Tom

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