Mozilla crashed yesterday and now bookmarks are not showing along the left side of page as they did before. They are on the menu bar but hubby does not like this location. Anyway I can get it back to the left side of the page?

This spring we changed from IE to Mozilla after upgrading to Win 7. Everything has been fine with Firefox until yesterday when it crashed when I attempted to open an email. Since then the bookmarks (or favorites as my husband calls them) have not been in their usual place which was along the left side of the page. They are located in the Bookmarks bar at the top of the page but husband prefers the old IE way which we had until yesterday PM. Is there any way that we can get them back to the left side of the page other than going back to IE? Now that I have gotten used to Firefox I like it just fine.

*You can open the Bookmarks in the sidebar via View > Sidebar > Bookmarks (Ctrl+B)
*You can open the History in the sidebar via View > Sidebar > History (Ctrl+H)
Press F10 or tap the Alt key to bring up the "Menu Bar" temporarily.
You can find toolbar buttons to open the bookmarks (star) and the history (clock) in the sidebar in the toolbar palette and drag them on a toolbar.<br />
Firefox 4 versions and later have two bookmark buttons with a star in the Customize window.<br />
One star button has a drop marker that open a Bookmark menu.<br />
The other star button without the drop marker opens the bookmarks in the sidebar.<br />

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