MRP-Delivery Schedule for Sales order is not updating in Production order

Dear Experts,
I have created Sales order and maintained delivery scheduling, Then Run MRP through MD50,
We received Planned order then through this we have converted to Prodcution order.
When we observe the delivery schedule for sales order under assignment Tab in Produciton order which is showing zero instead showing line item of Delivery schedule.
I am able to see Sales order and Line item but i am not abel to get any delivery schedule line item.
Please suggest where settings are missing.
Thanks in advance

Dear Experts,
Please provide me solution.
after Running MD50 transaction against Sales order.
If I maintained different Scheduling Line Item for First Line item of Sales order.
The Respective Scheduling Lines should update against Each Production order which has converted from Planned order.
Thanks in advance.

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    Hi All,
    I am facing one problem, that actual price for activities are not updating in production order while plan price are updated. Earlier both plan and activity prices were getting upadated but now actual price is not updating for any material. I have tried at the same material also but it is not getting updated. Actual hours are updated in confirmation of production order but not price. If somebody could suggest the reason it will be great.

    Dear Nitin,
    Thanx to all for valuable input. Problem is solved.
    Nice to see That your problem is solved
    But Can you let the Forum Members know
    where was the exact problem & how it is solved
    Madhu Kumar

  • Sales order number not exposed in Production Order DTW Template

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    Sales order number field(ie., OrginNum) is not exposed in dtw template of oProductionOrder,
    As we need to update sales order number manually linked with production order after uploading prodn .orders thru DTW.
    We are using DTW Version 2005.0.18 API Version 6.80.320
    Whether this issue is solved in latest 2005 B versions ?

    After analysis,We should enter sales order DocEntry on field ProductionOrderOriginEntry.

  • Sales Order Assignment not seen in Production order after MRP Run

    I am running a Scenario with Strat 50.
    I am maintaining Strat 50 thru MRP Group in MRP 1 View.
    Creating Production Order through Sales Order.
    When i am running MRP thru MD02 I am able to convert it to Planned Order but when i convert Planed Order to Production Order, i am not able to get Sales Order assignment in production order
    Please guide me,
    Thanks in advance,

    Dear Harris,
    Sales order planning is done via MD50 not MD02.Hence,please execute the MRP run via MD50.
    This will copy the requirement from SO and the appropriate procurement proposal will be generated,say planned order.
    Here we will be able to view the sales order assignment.
    Joseph Charles Vaikathussery
    Edited by: Joseph  Charles on Nov 3, 2010 4:26 PM

  • Changes in poduction order,routing not updating in product cost estimate

    Dear SAP Gurus,
    i had done mto thru sale order and done some changes in production order,routing,and not updated the standard costestimate  of newly updated can anybody tell me the procedure of updating the routings and production  orders after production order released .
    pls help me the standard cost estimate how to get updated while changing the routing,production order.
    muralidhar putta

    Hi Muralidhar,
    Could you please share with us how your problem was resolved. It may help others too.

  • Actual Cost is not updating in Production Order & WIP

    Dear All,
    I have issue in production order and Work in Process not getting Target Actual cost in costing view CO03 & KKAY.
    Is there any settings or transaction missed out? Please guide me how to sovle the issue.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Please check,
    For Target cost
    1. Your std cost must be released before Goods Receipt
    2. There must be goods receipt posted on the prod order
    3. You must calculate variances in KKS1/2
    For Actual Cost
    1. Post Goods receipt and Goods issues
    2. See if any mat movements are pending in COGI
    3. Ensure that operation is confirmed in PP and no entry is lying in COFC
    Also in CO03GotoCost-Analysis--Here change the lay out and check it.

  • Target cost Not updated in Production order

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    when I save & release the production order system is not showing tgt cost. But once GR thas been done it is showing target Cost.
    How can system should will show target cost without doing GR.

    Dear Sainath,
    It is the standard behaviour of SAP,that only making a GR for a production order you will be able to see the target cost in CO03 -
    -->Goto >Cost-> Analysis.
    IF the order is only created or released you will be able to see the data under cost --->itemization or else cost component
    Under Analysis you will not be able to see any can see the data's after making GR.I dont think some option to make the
    data's visible before this.
    Correct me if I'm wrong.

  • Material Cost Not Shown in Production Order if planned with MD50

    We have run MRP MD50 for a sale order item ie FERT material which has BOM Items. All the stock of the BOM items is tranfered from Unrestricted Stock to Sales order stock. FERT ITEM planned order is converted to Production Order and all the BOM items sales order stock is issued against PO & Sales order no with Movement Type 261E.
    After confirmation and goods receipt stock of FERT is shown under sales order Stock of Fert Material.
    We can see the cost of operations but cost of materials consumed against the Production order is not displayed in Production order Cost analysis..How material cost can be displayed????
    If i create PO with out refering the sale order that is normal process i can see the cost of materials triggering in Production Order.
    Can we settle the varience when we are planning against sale order???
    Some one Pl help us.

    Check your variant which showes the cost. See the following report
    KKAC - For Sales Order with Assigned Orders  or
    KKBC_KUN - For Sales Order or
    KOB1 - Actual Costs

  • Target cost and actual cost not picking in production order

    The target cost and actual cost is not updating in production order when I display it in CO03 in cost analysis.
    Even though we have maintained planned price in KP26.
    Please suggest how it can be populated.
    Best Regards,

    Hi Tapan
    For Target cost
    1. Your std cost must be released before Goods Receipt
    2. There must be goods receipt posted on the prod order
    3. You must calculate variances in KKS1/2
    For Actual Cost
    1. Post Goods receipt and Goods issues
    2. See if any mat movements are pending in COGI
    3. Ensure that operation is confirmed in PP and no entry is lying in COFC
    Ajay M

  • 101 movement not happening when production order got backflushed.

    HI SAP Gurus,
    For SKU 101 movement not happening when production order got backflushed, but 261 movement successfully happened. Please let us know any settings need to check?
    Thanks and Regards,

    Hi Sharan,
    A 101 movement for the production order takes place when
    - You receive the production order via MB31
    - Confirm the last operation which has PP03 control key
    A backflush is done only for the components called by the production order & not for the header material.
    Hope the above answers your query.

  • Delivery schedule line number in sales order is not populated in production

    Hi all,
    i am doing make to order scenario with 20 strategy group. In sales order we r defining the different delivery schedule lines.when i run the MRP and getting the plan orders for all the FG material and semifinished material, the sale order number and sale order item number is getting updated in production order . Beside these two , delivery schedule line number is not populated in production order.
    please give your valuable suggestion .
    i would be highly thankful to u
    Will reward points.

    Hi Kumar,
    Some changes done in your PRD server.If yes then contact abap consultant regarding the same.
    Because these type of problem comes when you do transport or changes done in the system.

  • Route is not considering in delivery scheduling for Third party order proce

    Hi All
    Advance thanks for your inputs
    We need to consider the route in the delivery scheduling for third party order processing..
    i have standard order (document type OR)  when i have item cat TAN its considering the route for ariving the material availability date, if it has TAS(third party) then its not considering the route......
    But we want to consider the route in deliver scheduling in case of third party order...
    kindlly pls advice..

    Hi Viven.,
                        Routes they come under normal order as we deliver the goods,but here in TAS,third party sale we are not delivering the goods,Just there is logical moment i.e MIGO,So i dont think we do routes for TAS
    Thanks & Regards

  • Post order processing for sales document is not yet complete

    sap gurus,
    i am facing the error while saving the sales order and this ticket is unique and it is saying that
    "post order processing for sales document is not yet complete".
    please help me in this regard.
    and it is blocking the order for further processing.

    I dont think this is a standard error message.  Some exit is applied for sale order to meet some requirements.  You need to check with your ABAPer.
    In fact, you can conclude yourself based on the error message number.  If it starts with Z, then the above holds good.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • How to get the pricing hierarchy based on the delivery date for sales order

    How to get the pricing hierarchy based on the delivery date for sales order other than system date.
    My requirement is to get the Pricing hierarchy based on the delivery date other than system date.
    Waiting for kind response.
    Best Regards,

    HI Sai,
    please refer teh document already how to write FM based extration on generic extractors.
    and here  the logic to find the latest records values:-
    -> get the data in an internal table
    ->Sort the internal table data based from date descending
    -> Using READ statement , we can read the first record of the table which is nothign but your latest record.

  • Delivery Schedule for Samples

    Hi All,,
    Samples are sold over a delivery schedule.
    i.e Can we have delivery schedules for Samples.
    with regards

    First of all, I am not sure how you do you differentiate normal sales from sample sales.  In normal circumstances, either we differentiate by document type or item category.
    Moreover, I am not clear on your comments
    Samples are sold over a delivery schedule
    What do you mean by delivery schedule ??  Do you mean scehdule line date in sale order ??
    G. Lakshmipathi

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