My web cam is not working

sir i  have problem  related to web cam .after clicking on web cam icon there is no process  ,so that is not working is doc, what will help you will basic t/s for the issue....
If the above does not help, What I would like to know is if the issue is with multiple application? What happens when you try and use the webcam using those applications....
Although I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP.
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  • Help, web cam is not working properly with win vista

    Hii.. my web cam is not working properly with win vista..even if the icon appears bt it does nt start.. its
    lenovo easy capture if u cud suggest me anything...
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    re-install drivers and try again. ( also easy capture )

  • My integrated web cam is not working

    I Am using hp pavilion p001tx laptop. My web cam is not working
    It shows a warning
    No web cam detected. Try to plugging in a webcam into your computer now. If you are using an integrated camera, Make sure that it is turned on.
    Help me please.
    My laptop serial number is [Personal Information Removed]

    Check if the drivers are installed or not.
    Try to update the camera drivers and restart the system.
    You can also go to device manager setting and see if the webcam is disabled or not.
    If everything fails try system resore or run OS recovery.

  • HP Compaq web cam is not working

    I have Hp Compaq  Notebook 620. The devices have 2MP Web Cam but the Web Cam is not working. When i try to make it on, its shows error
    "No webcam detected. HP Webcam will now Close"
     Please suggest the solution of the problem.

    Hello Manishshakya,
    I see that you are having problems with the webcam on your computer. The unit you have is a HP commercial unit.
    I would suggest posting your problem in the HP Commercial Forum as well. There are more users with the computer you have on this board and it is specific to your computer.
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  • My HP-Pavilion dv6 web cam is not working properly, fluctuating always

    My HP-Pavilion dv6 web cam is not working properly, it is fluctuating always

    re-install drivers and try again. ( also easy capture )

  • Web-Cam does not work on Lenovo G480, PLEAS HELP!!

    I have a Lenovo G480 (20165), and my built-in Web-Cam is not working.
    When I enable it by pressing Fn+Esc the little light by the Web-Cam turns on, then shuts off after a second.
    So I downloaded the Lenovo Easy Capture, and when I open the software, I get a message saying "Failed To Open Camera".
    And when I turn on my laptop, the little light comes on for a short moment, then the light shuts off.
    I don't know what to do, It's a brand-new laptop and I've never been able to get the Web-Cam to work, not even on Skype.
    I would REALLY appreciate the help. Thank you!

    Have you installed camera drivers from the us support site? Try reinstalling them
    Win 7
    Win 8
    Ishaan Ideapad Y560(i3 330m), Hp Elitebook 8460p!(i5-2520M) Hp Pavilion n208tx(i5-4200u)
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  • My tx is so slow, the web cam is not working, the screen freezes and got color distortions

    - My tx is so slow, and heats up very fast... so i think that the advance is not working properly
    - the web cam is not working, since the 3th time iused... when i try to use it with my msn... got freezed, then y try ending the process and doesnt work, y     have to restart it but it stay just on logging off... and do nothing more... so i have to switch off directly from the power button
    - The screen freezes... some thimes the screen got freezed... and got color distortions too... so i have to to switch off again directly from the power button
    i was thinking that it was a software problem... but i restore my lap and it doesnt work cuz it still being with the same problems... so lately im thinking that its a hardware problem... i call to technical support from mexico... but they can do nothing for me cuz i bought my lap at circuitcity from el paso... and that store close a few months ago... so i need help before de warrantie expires...
    This is the second time that my lap gives me problems, last time I made the change at the store but this time it will be impossible cuz is now closed...
    that is why I seek your help...
    i will be grateful if you answer in Spanish because my English is not very good...
    thankyou so much...

    If your warranty has not yet run out get it serviced, now!  All of the comments seem to indicate that it is the motherboard>

  • Hp TrueVision HD web cam does not work. The light will come on but no image appears in the window.

     I have an HP Pavilion dv7 6178us Entertainment PC I just bought it last week. My operating system is Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 64 bits.
    The problem I have is that yesterday I install Skype in the computer and realized that the HP TrueVision HD web cam does not work. The light right next to the web cam will light up but no image will appear on the screen.
    I have checked the software that  I have in the computer for the webcam and the program is CyberLink YouCam BE version 3.5.
    But the web cam does not work. The light right next to it will turn on when I activate Cyberlink, Skype or Messenger but no actual image will come out in computer screen. The computer is fully updated BIOS, Windows 7 and HP.
    But the web cam is not working. Could you help me fix this problem?
    Best regards:

    I have a pavilion dv6 notepad. it's about a year old.
    about a month ago internal webcam truevision hd stop working.
    Called hp tech. they sent a box for me to ship the laptop.
    they hp tech attempted to correct the problem via internet
    did not work.
    wanted me to do a restore to factory setting i stopped him there.
    Webcam detected in device manager.
    the webcam light come on but no image.
    I actually see the back drop through the image space.
    running windows 7, fully updated.
    I found many comments on the web about the webcam connector disconnecting.
    But if it was the case with my computer, the webcam would not be detected.
    Many other comments suggests to do a restore to factory setting but \i read also that
    does not work often.
    I read many comments where disappointed clients believe hp should update
    the software but the driver is actually microsoft dating back to june 2006.
    Is it possible it's  a hardware problem, ie webcam is burned out.
    I have received a box to sent it and know they will do a system restore.
    Don't feel to go that way.
    Many comments refers to hp making an effort to get a driver update.
    ps I decided to purchase a logitech webcam, works perfectly.
    What else can I do to fix this problem.
    Can hp send me another internal webcam.

  • My web cam is not working, I downloaded a update of the web cam it was a 15 day trial, I dec ided I

    I downloaded a updated version of the web cam installed on my laptop, it was a version 5, this is what I was told that would come with the laptop, is was a 15 day trial, I decided I didn't want to purchase it, and now my web cam is not working

    You may have a virus on your PC.  Review this NBC Nightly news article.
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  • My web cam is not working no video

    Hi ,
      My web cam on my hp laptop G72_257CL is not working.Please help me.

    just pry (pull) up the frame around the top and sides. You do not need to pry out the bottom of the frame. Use your
    fingernails under the inside edge of the frame, they have some double sided tape, so it might be a little tough to pry. Pry it
    slowly so the tape can separate on its own. Don't force it quickly or you might damage it. Make sure you're not prying the
    silver metal frame of the lcd screen, only the black plastic frame. There are some plastic hooks that will make a snap
    sound when you pry the frame out, it'll take some force, so don't be afraid if you hear the snap sounds, it should be able
    to snap back together if you did it correctly, otherwise you might have to use some tape to tape the frame back, 
    Once you've pryed out the top of the frame and have access to the webcam module, you
    should see the cable going into it from the bottom, push the cable into the webcam, then see if the problem is solved,
    the cable most likely just came loose. If that solved the problem, I suggest using something you can remove, like hot
    glue to hold it together, just in case the webcam really needs to be replaced, you can melt the glue off and swap it out.
    webcam itself somehow got damaged?, which is very unlikely

  • Satellite L500 - Web Cam is not working

    My notebook have a built in camera, and this camera thos not inicialize,
    I ave done a HDD recovery, and after that the web camera software was not installed. I downloaded de this software an the camera drivers and instaled it in the laptop, but the camera, but the camera doesn't work any way.
    There are some way to fix it?
    Thank you.

    The question is: is cam hardware recognized and detected by the system or not?
    Can you see it in device manager?

  • Satellite T210 - web camera is not working - cloud image appears

    My web camera (it is incorporated on my computer) is not working.
    When I turn it on it appears a blue light (informing that it is connected) but it is not taking pictures or videos regardless I am using skype or I am just using the webcam without being on a specific program. Only appears a image with clouds!
    Any suggestions?

    Use please option effect in Web camera applications and click on tab called screen cover.
    Be sure there is enabled option ON.
    Please check it and post some feedback.

  • Re: Web Camera is not working on Satellite T130

    I have a Satellite T130 and the web camera has just stopped working.
    Can anyone tell me how to get this going again please?

    Also check the BIOS, on some models there is an option to disable the Webcam in the BIOS.
    And also ensure Skype, Messenger, or other programs that use the webcam are not running, only one application can use the webcam at a time.

  • Web Cam does not work for yahoo messenger

    I down loaded a s/w MacCleanse, it kinda deleted a lot of files from my mac book air after which the web cam stopped working on yahoo messenger. I checked Ichat the cam works perfectly but does'nt with messenger. Does any one have a clue on how to fix this..

    from my experience, attempting to use two programs that allow the use of the camera will render it unusable on the second program attempting to use it. So, if you started iChat first, then forgot to quit the program, and are now trying to use Yahoo Messenger, then you must quit iChat first and it should work.
    Not unless your cam is really broken?

  • Having installed lion i find the built in web cam  does not work

    After having installed lion i find the built in web cam (on my mac book pro) does not work, it maybe it just does not work anymore and it is a coincedence that i was changing the OS at the time . Are there any issues with this? i have looked at the discussions but no one seems to have this problem.

    After having installed lion i find the built in web cam (on my mac book pro) does not work, it maybe it just does not work anymore and it is a coincedence that i was changing the OS at the time . Are there any issues with this? i have looked at the discussions but no one seems to have this problem.

  • Touch Pad and Web Cam are not working after installing drivers also

    Synaptic Touch pad drivers are not working like not detecting the hardware so please help me on this
    Webcam is not working like its not detecting even after installing cyberlink software given in the hp web site
    please help me regarding this problems

    1.Download hp support assistant.
    2.Run it and go to the tab updates and tune-ups.
    3.Click in the button check for updates. It will find you the updates. 
    4.Click in the button Download and Install.
    5.When it finish restart your computer.
    Also if it doesnt' work , you can also try :
    1.Right click to the computer. 
    2.Click to the manage option.
    3.Then select the device manager.
    4.After that go to imagine devices and select your camera, then right click on it and select the option update the driver software do the same in the touchpad.
    If and this doesn' t work unistall the drivers and install them again.

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