New hard drive; can't play songs purchased while under old (changed) login!

My hard drive died and had to be replaced. Fortunately, I had backed up my library, but after importing my library again, I am unable to play any songs purchased under an old email/password. We changed internet providers and then I switched from PC to Mac, so I have changed my email/password twice and am now on my third login for this account. When I go into INFO I can see that the songs I am having problems with are linked to the old logins still. When I am asked to login to authorize these songs, of course, the account no longer exists, because it's the same account! I love music of all kinds, so we are talking about a lot of songs here - there has to be an answer to this problem. I'm sure I'm not the only person who's had to deal with this issue. Any help?

Too many changes - hard drive failures, email address changes, ISP changes and OS changes - unable to solve this issue.

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  • HT1420 My songs that I purchased on my itunes account from my dad's computer will not play on my new computer, I have access to my entire account but can only play songs purchased using my new computer. Does anyone have any ideas?

    My songs that I purchased on my itunes account from my dad's computer will not play on my new computer, I have access to my entire account but can only play songs purchased using my new computer. Does anyone have any ideas?

    Hi Kevin,
    Have you authorized the Computer to your Apple ID?
    If not, sign on to iTunes.
    Then got to the Store menu option at the top of the screen (CTL+B if it is not showing), and click on it to display the dropdown, and select Authorize this computer.
    If that doesn't work, then sign on your Dad's iTunes ID and repeat the Authorization process.

  • After installing a new hard drive can I install snow leopard directly from snow leopard disc

    After installing a new hard drive can I install snow leopard directly from snow leopard disc. Or do I have to install previous versions first. iMac 7.1 (2007) 2.8ghz

    You can install directly, assuming the disk is newer than your computer and not designed for a different Mac, but doing so won't install iLife.

  • MacBook Pro 2010: Flashing folder w/? on not responding to startup keys & I'm trying to install a new hard drive, can anyone help?

    MacBook Pro 2010: Flashing folder w/? on not responding to startup keys & I'm trying to install a new hard drive, can anyone help?

    Thanks. It started up com that disk but when I went to install it had an error message (didn't get to write out what it said). So I attempted to restore from time machine but it said there was no space, even though it's a new (replacement under warranty) HGST 1TB HD,  so I did what  I think was right and tried to partition the disk but it now says 'Partition faild...POSIX report...cannot allocate memory'.  im not sure what to do, and I'm trying to remember how the previous hd was installed and formatted for use but that was over a year ago now. Should have erased the hd first or something?

  • I see that i have a problem after installing my new hard drive on my macbook pro mid 2009 version. I put a new hard drive, with all of my information from my old drive installed on it, into the computer. but now have the blinking question mark folder

    i see that i have a problem after installing my new hard drive on my macbook pro mid 2009 version. I put a new hard drive, with all of my information from my old drive installed on it, into the computer. but now have the blinking question mark folder. I see that it means that it isn't reading the new hard drive.
    did i miss a step between transferring all of my information from my old hard drive to the new hard drive and installing the new hard drive into the computer. I believe that i installed properly. it was quite easy.
    thanks for your help

    It means there is no bootable system on the drive. If you still have access to the old drive, then I suggest you boot from it then clone it to the new internal drive. Use OPTION boot to boot from the Recovery HD on the old drive:
    Boot to the Recovery HD:
    Restart the computer and after the chime press and hold down the OPTION key until the boot manager screen appears. Select the Recovery HD and click on the downward pointing arrow button.
         1. Select Disk Utility from the main menu then press the Continue
         2. Select the destination volume from the left side list.
         3. Click on the Restore tab in the DU main window.
         4. Select the destination volume from the left side list and drag it
             to the Destination entry field.
         5. Select the source volume from the left side list and drag it to
             the Source entry field.
         6. Double-check you got it right, then click on the Restore button.
    Source means the external old drive. Destination means the new internal drive.

  • Can't play songs purchased under old AOL account after upgrade to Apple ID

    I guess I've been abandoned by the iTunesStoreSupport. They basically told me what caused my problem and now will not return any of my emails.
    This message is mostly to inform anyone who "upgrades" an old AOL iTunes account to an Apple ID to be sure to use the same credit card for the new Apple account that you used for your AOL account.
    About 2 years ago I "upgraded" my AOL iTunes Store account to be an APPLE ID. When I did that, I used a different credit card for my Apple ID than I had been using for my old AOL account. Big mistake. At the time I had no idea it would cause problems later. I don't remember seeing anything at all warning me about the importance of that at the time. Now, according to Shwetha at iTunesStoreSupport it is "important to use the same credit card for a successful conversion".
    Everything worked fine with iTunes for the past 2 years, but a month ago I upgraded my hard drive in my computer and promptly recycled my old hard drive. Another mistake on my part.
    A few days later when I went to play a song purchased under the old AOL account I got stuck in that endless loop where I get the prompt "This computer is not authorized to play __. Would you like to authorize it?" Then it asks me to Upgrade my AOL account, but I already did that 2 years ago. I went ahead and attempted to upgrade the AOL account again, but I was still stuck in the endless loop. (note: I did successfully authorize the computer for my Apple ID with no problems.)
    I followed every step in the Troubleshooting Guide "" including the step where I delete the SC Info folder, but I was still stuck in that endless loop of authorizing / deauthorizing.
    Shwetha was very professional and did work with me pretty quickly through 3 rounds of emails and various troubleshooting attempts. But as soon as we realized that I had used a different credit card when upgrading the AOL account to an Apple account and that the conversion was not successful, they stopped replying to my emails. I guess I'm a lost cause.

    I repeat here a post I made elsewhere: I hope that it helps you, and, if it does, please post the info elsewhere.
    You can get this problem solved!
    I encountered this problem yesterday, when I tried to play some songs in my ITunes library on a new computer; this is an ITunes library that I had moved from my old computer.
    I called Apple Support, and the excellent Tech person began looking into the problem.
    Meanwhile, while I was waiting for him, I Googled the problem (which I should have done first): lots and lots of people (I discovered) have bumped into this same frustrating problem.
    Yes: the problem arises when you move to a new computer with an ITunes library that includes songs you bought, way back when, using an AOL ID.
    Apple Support contacted ITunes. And ITunes tracked down my AOL account, and then issued me (that is, me and Apple Support) a new Apple ID. There are two or three additional steps; they are not hard, but you need the combo of help from Apple Support and ITunes. The key thing is getting the new Apple ID, which you must have, and which, once it has done its work, you then can ignore..
    I can now listen to everything--and I am signed in to ITunes using my current, usual Apple ID.
    Note: All of this would be easier and simpler for us if we could actually speak to someone at ITunes; the only way we can get to a "live" person there is by contacting someone at Apple Support.

  • New hard drive...transfer songs?

    Hi! I had to get a new hard drive on my computer, which wiped off all my songs from iTunes. Is there a way to transfer the songs from my iPod into my iTunes? Thanks!

    You can't sync or drag your music back directly from an iPod to iTunes, the transfer of music is designed by default to be one way from iTunes to iPod. However there is a manual method of accessing the iPod's hard drive and copying songs but not playlists back to iTunes on Windows posted in this thread: MacMuse - iPod to iTunes
    If you prefer something more automated then there are a number of third party utilities that you can use to retrieve the music files and playlists from your iPod, this is just a selection. Have a look at the web pages and documentation for these, they are generally quite straightforward.
    iPod Access Mac and Windows Versions
    YamiPod Mac and Windows Versions
    PodUtil Mac and Windows Versions
    iPodCopy Mac and Windows Versions
    PodPlayer Windows Only
    iGadget Windows Only
    If you haven't already done so, change the update setting for your iPod to manual. If you are using the iPod in manual update mode, your iPod is safe from being accidentally erased when you connect to an empty iTunes after reinstalling your operating system. However if your iPod is set to automatically update you will get a message that your iPod is linked to a different library and asking if you want to link to this one and replace all your songs etc, press *No*. Pressing "Yes" will irretrievably remove all songs from your iPod. Your iPod should appear in the iTunes source list from where you can change the update setting to manual.
    You can use a keyboard command to prevent your iPod auto-syncing with iTunes. While connecting the iPod to the computer on Windows hold down the Shift + Ctrl keys (on a Mac hold down the Option and Command (⌥ and ⌘) keys). This will stop the iPod from auto-syncing with iTunes and the iPod will appear in the source list. Wait until you are sure the iPod has mounted, and that it will not auto sync and then you can let the keys go. This may take between 20 to 30 seconds depending on your computer. Then go to Preferences>iPod and check the "Manually manage songs and playlists" box: Managing Your Songs Manually
    Whichever of these retrieval methods you choose, keep your iPod in manual mode until you have reloaded your iTunes and you are happy with your playlists etc then it will be safe to return it auto-sync again.

  • Do I need a new hard drive & can I use Leopard?

    I have a PowerBook G4 17" 1.5Ghz with OS X 10.3.9 on the original 80GB hard drive, I've been getting a lot of problems with the computer acting very slowly and getting 'hung up' with the color wheel spinning endlessly, during which nothing responds, I can't force quit, the only thing I can do is force a shut by holding down the power key. Sometimes it takes a long time to start up. I've tried re-installing the OS but still the same problems. I ran the Apple Hardware Test which gave this error code "2STF/4/3:ATA-100 ata-6-MASTER".
    Does this all mean that my hard drive is going down and I need a new one?
    Can I use any size hard drive e.g. a 250GB one?
    Also - If I put a new hard drive in can I then install Leopard?
    All info received with many thanks.

    Welcome to the Apple discussions.
    That code means there are problems with your hard drive. If you look at Disk utility (on your hard disk in applications/utilities) you may see that the S.M.A.R.T. status shows a problem. Or if you have SMARTreporter installed, it may not be green.
    You can certainly use up to a 160GB hard drive. There was a discussion recently suggesting a BIOS (basic input output services) limit to 160GB ... I don't know if that's real or not.
    If you do replace your hard drive, you might consider the slight price premium for a 7200rpm drive. You'll appreciate the extra snapiness in response time. And yes, you can install Leopard on it. After installing the new hard drive, boot from the DVD drive and use disk utility to format the hard drive in mac os extended (journaled) format. Then you can install Leopard.

  • I have a new hard drive, can I pull my contacts and ical from my iphone?

    I have a new hard drive and I would like to pull my ical and contacts from my iphone to replace what I lost but when I sync my phone it doesn't bring the data onto my computer and if I choose sync calendar and contacts it seems to want to erase the phone and replace with the blank computer data. Any ideas?

    If you are running OSX Lion and iOS 5, you can sync via iCloud.
    What versions of OSX and iOS are you running?

  • My WD External Hard drive can be read and edited on my old macbook but not on my new

    My WD 1TB hard rive can be read, edited and have files saved on it from my OLD Macbook Pro. I have recently got a NEW laptop and it can read the files on my hard drive but it cannot edit any of the files, change folders or move files in to different folders. The operating systems are the same on both laptops. I have tried this with other MacBooks and iMacs and there is the same issue.
    My old laptop also very resently has stopped being able see my external hard drive at all now. I am not sure if my external hard drive is locked to my old laptop or if my new and other macs have a setting which stops them editing this external hard drive.

    Go to the WD site - they have both support questions and answers and a users group that can help you with questions.

  • If I install new hard drive can I still restore from time machine?

    I'm planning on updating the hard drive in my macbook to a 320gb drive. I currently have a drive with around 120gb of space. I know there are programs available to back up the entire hard drive. But, I've been having issue with my computer lately and I would rather just start over and just back up microsoft office because I don't have the key anymore and my iTunes library. Can I do all this from just my Time Machine back-ups and reinstall everything else? Or is the best way to make a bootable back up to my new drive and then install the hardware in my mac book.
    Message was edited by: dsheppard20

    I did this just a few weeks ago. I replaced my 80g hd with a 320g hd. I used time machine to backup my computer. All I had to do was swap hard drives. Use the install dvd to start computer. i then used disk utility to properly format the new hard drive (mac journaled). Then I used the restore option. That was all I had to do. Everything from my old hard drive was put on my new one in about one hour. Time Machine backs up your entire hard drive unless you excluded anything. So you can have a clean install of everything just the way it was on your old hard drive just by using Time Machine.

  • New hard drive - can't back up to time capsule

    I recently replaced the hard drive in my imac. I successfully migrated all my data etc to the new hard drive. However, i can't back up to the original "backup" on time capsule. Time machined trys to set up a completely new backup for which there is insufficient space. Thus, I need to know how to back up to the existing backup, or. preferably, format the timecapsule disk to creat space and do a completely new backup. Please assist.

    plectical, welcome to the discussions!
    Time Machine / Time Capsule "sees" the new drive on your iMac as a new computer, so that is why it is attempting to back up the entire contents of the drive.
    I don't believe there is a way to tell Time Machine to continue with your current backups, but you might want to check with Apple to confirm.
    If there is not, the best option you have is to erase the current contents of the Time Capsule and start over with a new, complete backup of your iMac.
    To do this, you would go Hard Drive > Applications > Utilities > AirPort Utility > Manual Setup > Disks Icon (top of pane) > Disks Tab (just below icons)> Erase Disk.
    Once complete, you would need to set up Time Machine again by opening System Preferences > Time Machine and selecting your Time Capsule as the destination for backups and start the process again.
    Allow plenty of time (overnight, maybe longer depending on much data you have to backup) for the first backup and use an ethernet cable from one of the LAN <-> ports on the Time Capsule directly to your computer if at all possible. Ethernet will be much faster than wireless and there will be less chance of errors on the large initial backup.
    Once the initial backup is completed, you can use wireless for subsequent backups since they will be much quicker.

  • Installing a new hard drive--can I use target drive?

    I'm about to put a new hard drive in my Pismo, and I'd like to do it this way:
    a) back up my current hard drive to a G5 iMac using Ethernet and Carbon Copy Cloner
    b) install the new hard drive in the Pismo
    c) move the old data back to the new drive by setting the new drive as a "target" drive and using CCC to transfer the data back via Ethernet.
    Am I missing anything? And in step C, will I have to/can I format the new drive using the iMac and Ethernet?
    Any suggestions and/or cautions would be appreciated.
    Pismo 500 MHz, 1 GB RAM, 40 GB   Mac OS X (10.3.9)  

    You need to use a FireWire cable and FireWire Target Disk mode to do what you describe. Mac OS X cannot be installed over an Ethernet connection unless one of the two machines is running Mac OS X Server or there is a Mac OS X installation on the target computer in addition to the one you will be cloning. The cloning operation will not erase the destination drive, so it may need to be reformatted first; a Mac OS X installation can only exist on a disk which is formatted as Mac OS Extended or UNIX filesystem, and UFS should only be used if you have a specific reason to do so.

  • New hard drive, can't install OS

    I had a new hard drive installed for my iMac and am now trying to install my OS so I can restore from a backup.
    I tried verifying the HD and repairing the HD but messages I get in the disk utility are "Error: Filesystem verify or repair failed" both times.
    Any ideas?
    The hard drive was installed by a certified repair technician so the hard drive is compatible for the machine.

    You will need to reset both the Partition Map Scheme (to GUID) and Format (to Mac OS Extended) before you can install OS X and use it to boot an Intel iMac.
    1. Boot from your install DVD or Bootable Clone and open Disk Utility.
    2. Highlight the new HD in the list of drives and select the Partition tab.
    3. Under Volume Scheme select 1 Partition and click on the Options... button.
    4. Select GUID Partition Table in the drop down window and click OK.
    5. Set the Format to Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and click the Apply button.
    6. Once thats done then you can do a clean Install, Restore from TM or a Bootable Clone.
    At this point it is unnecessary and safe to stop the current Erase job so that you can Partition and Format the new drive.

  • New Hard drive - Can't install OS X

    I have a fairly old macbook (unsure what make etc) I bought it as a restored one in 2012.
    Recently I got the grey screen of death with the folder and flashing question mark. I took the macbook into apple where i was told that the harddrive was dead, the kind gentleman told me I needed to order a new one - which I did - The HDD Scorpio BLU 500GB 2.5 SATA 6Gbs 8MB.
    I fitted the new hard drive fairly easily - however i still got the flashing ? in the folder. Again I went back into Apple and they said I needed to reinstall OS X onto the new drive. Now as I don't have the disk I managed to borrow it from a friend - it takes about 5 minutes but finally gets to the select a language screen which i do and then it goes to "Install Mac OSX" and the title below it says "Select the disk where you want to install Mac OS X" only there's no disk to select!?
    Is this because I've bought the wrong hard drive? Not fitted it properly (somehow!?) Am installing the wrong operating system or is the machine just dead?
    I have another appointment with apple next week but wondered if anyone could offer any advice?

    How is it formatted?
    In order to install OS X, it must be formatted as Mac OS Extended and GUID partition mapping.

Maybe you are looking for