New movement types required for Consignment

Hi Friends,
Need help related to Consignment Movement Type:
in Fill up Process KB/CF my client wants the goods to be in 'Transit' and then next step to Fillup.
Similarly in returns, we wanted the goods to be first to be reflected in 'QI' (MMBE/MB58) and then to be moved to consignment stock.
unline 631/634..are there any movement types that can fix this issue?..if we have to create a new movement type what type can be copied and stored for my client specific requirement.
Thank you

1)  my client wants the goods to be in 'Transit'
2)  WE used standard process
If the second comment cited above fulfills the first one, can you please let me know how you have achieved this.  To the best of my knowledge, in consignment fillup process, we cannot see the "Stock in Transit".  Once fillup delivery is made via 631 movement type, the unrestricted stock moves to "Cust.consignment".
G. Lakshmipathi

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  • 542 movement type copy to new movement type

    Hai Experts,
    I have one issue. As per standard SAP, Material return from sub-contracting vendor will go to unrestricted use only. as per client requirement stock should go to quality so i thought to create new movement type.
    For creating new movement type, i have copied 542 MOVEMENT TYPE.. but there i couldn't be able to put  " Movement Type/Update Control/Inspection Lot Origin " With out this control for that movement type. stock willnot move to quality
    please suggest me how to solve this problem
    answers will be rewarded.

    542 movemnt will not allow you to post to inspections stock.
    Even copying the same & creating new one will not help you.
    Better transfer the Stock using movment 322 O in transaction MB1B
    this will transfer the stock from Vendor Unrestricted use to QI stock.
    Now perform the 542 movment this will transfer the Stock into QI stock in the Plant.
    If you need to do this using 542 or a copy of 542 then its not possible as The inspection lot origin for a movement type is defined by SAP and cannot be changed.
    Thanks & Regards

  • New Movement type for Customer consignment Pick Up

    Hi Friends,
    I am an SD consultant and working on consignment sales scenario.
    In consignment pick up I do PGR (POst goods receipt). The standard movement type used is 632. It reduces customer consignment stock and increases Unrestricted stock.
    I need a new movement type which will reduces customer consignment stock and increase Quality Inspection stock.
    Please advise.
    Rajesh S.

    Hi Rajesh,
    Use tcode OMJJ and in the change screen select ur mov type 632 and presss F6 (copy as) and give ur new mov type it will copy all the properties of 632 mov type
    And changing unrest to qly, check in Update control / WM movement types column whihch is ava on the left and also Deactivate QM inspection / delivery category..  here check ur req..
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  • New Movement type for Goods Issue to Customer

    Dear All
    I have a scenario. I need to Issue Material to customer internally.
    I have created a new movement type by copying Movement type 201.
    I have made all the settings as required. But when i go to Transaction code MIGO, and use my new movement i am not able to get the customer data fielld.
    I have made the following settings for the new movement type.
    1. I hAve activated customer field for the new movement type. in "Field Selection Enjoy Transaction"

    Please check whether you have added MIGO in ALLOWED TRANSACTION session
    V V

  • Accounting Document for New Movement Type

    Good day!
    Here's the scenario: I have created a new movement type in SPRO. I just copied from the existing movement type closely related to what I wanted to create. I executed the transaction in MB1C and it went well and generated a Material Document number. When I viewed the Material Document number in MB03, it has no Accounting Document number. Is there any config that i missed? How can I relate this transaction to accounting?
    Thank you for your assistance.

    first check which movement type u have copied .
    now check is ur material is valuated for the plant
    now in OMJJ go to ur movemnttype  and in update control u should have value and quantity update entry
    also check if u have used the po as free or if it is initial entry then check ur material master price
    hope it hellp

  • Creation of new movement type for Goods Receipt

    Is it possible to create a new movement type same as 101 (goods receipt)?  We need to create a separate movement type of 101 for the purpose of separating G/L account to be used for local and importation purchases.  Or is there any other way to separate the G/L account for GR of local and importation purchases without creating a new movement type?

    You can create new Mvt type by copying Mvt type in OMJJ trxn ..
    Please follow the following steps
    Check whether you can use the preset movement types.
    If not, define new movement types as follows:
    1.  Once you have carried out the activity, the system displays a dialog
        box for field selection. In this, you can restrict the movement
        types you work with to various fields. To copy a movement type,
        select the field  Movement type and choose Continue. The dialog box
        Define work area appears.
    2.  In the dialog box Define work area, enter the movement type you want
        to copy in the From: field. In the To: field, enter the name of the
        new movement type you want to create. To go to the overview of the
        selected movement types, choose Continue.
    3.  Select the movement type you want to copy, and choose Edit -> Copy
        Overwrite the selected movement type with the new movement type
        (beginning with 9, X, Y, or Z) and copy all dependent entries.
        The system copies all control indicators from the reference movement
        type to the new movement type.
    4.  Check all views for the new movement type and, if necessary, change
        the control indicators. Please note that some views have a detail
    5.  Copy the reversal movement type and enter it in the view
        Reversal/follow-on movement types.
    6.  Save your settings.

  • How to set up an inspection lot for new movement type

    Hi All,
             I would like to know, how to trigger / set up an inspection lot for a new movement type (ex,Z11) ?

    Navigation path:
    SPRO --> Quality Management --> Quality Inspection --> Inspection Lot Creation --> Inspection for Goods Movements
    For more information refer following link:
    [How to create new movement type which move matieral into QI stock?]
    Hope this helps.


    Hello Experts,
    Can you please tell me the purpose of creating a new movement type with the description.
    Thanks and Regards
    Nilu S.

    Movement type determines the treatment of any Stock in terms of Qty & Value. SAP has provided the standard MVt type for use in  different business scenario.
    How a Mvt Type Works  is important to understand the requirement of new Mvt type -
    a. in material master we are assigning the Val. Class, We are assigning the GL a/c  with Valuation class in combination with General account modifier in OBYC like GBB >> VBR>> ValClass>> GL A/c.
    b. Each valuation class is linked to multiple General account modifier Key and GL a/c (as per our business requirement).
    c. Each movement type is assigned with Account modifier key in IMG Customising.
    So when ever we enter a material & Mvt type in any transaction system determine the GL A/c to be for Automatic posting through Account modifer Key (From OMJJ & OBYC).
    So you can see, there is limitation of GL assignment for automatic posting in OBYCfor each business scenario.
    if requirement of diff. accounting arises for a material with same valuation class, we need to Create new Mvt type & Account modifier key. This new Account modifier key will be linked to New GL in combination with Val. Class.
    Hope  above explanation satisfy your query.
    Ranjan Kumar

  • How to created a new movement type?

    Hi friends,
    We have a scenario which require stock moved from Return to Unrestriced. However, I haven't found any one step movement type to accomplish the job. I have to use two steps transfer, first Return to QI (457) then QI to unrestricted (321), My question is : If it's possible for me to configure a new movement type to transfer stock from return to unrestricted directly. If yes, how to do it?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Dear Linda,
    1) i have never Created new movement type
    2) just i am suggesting this, go to OMJJ
    3) Now system will ask for movement type, tick it & eneter
    4) Next screen do not give anything just enter
    5) Now you will get all Movement types
    6) just copy existing one & give required number
    Coming to other parameters just check with MM experts
    Plz wait for experts replies

  • Reg. New material type and New movement type

    dear Friends
    For what reason we need to create new material type and movement type ? this quesition is frequently asked by interviewer,but my answer is not exactly correct. Please tell me, why we are create newly. already I posted this quesition and got reply but no satisfaction with that.
    Thanks in advance
    *Note : Interview questions were not allowed in forum,Search forum before posting,lot of answered
    threads already available*
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    New Material type is required to meet various business functionalities of client. Depending on user department views required by client, field selection key required, wheather quanity and value updation is required or not and if so under which valuation area its required, wheather the business wants to have default value of price control  in material master, number range intervals to be used and wheather its internal/external, account determination process etc are some controlling functions which may force a business to create customised or new material type.
    Similarly new movement types can be created when the controlling features of the existing movement type do not match the requirement like wheather any movement type is required to move goods from GR valuated stock ( as an illustration), wheather auto PO/Auto storage location needs to be decided automatically, new account grouping and field selection procedure to be used etc are some controlling functions. As an illustration in earlier version of ECC 6.0 there was no movt type like 107,109 etc but since most of the business wanted to valuate stock when goods movement will occur from GR valuated stock , the above movt types was introduced in ECC 6.0. Thus business justification and understanding should be concrete to create new movt type.

  • New Movement type

    Hi all
    I created 901 movement type by copying 201
    I also created 902 movement type by copying 202
    i maintained 202, in reversal movement type for 201
    i maintenance diff account grouping to post to diff accounts for 201&901
    I went to MIGO_GI and tried to select 901 movement type, it is giving error like "Movement type 951 is not planned for this operation"
    I tried MB1A, again "You have entered a movement type that has not been defined for this transaction/event."
    After seeing these i understood like i though i have to maintain these new movement types in MIGO through SPRO>Settings for enjoy transactions>settings for transaction and reference documents
    There for each For each reference documents  like PO, reservation, other only one movement is allowed
    For PO it is 201, i like to add 901 here too,
    Can some 1 help me in this regard

    Hi sasi,
    Follow the steps creat a new mvt type
    Creation of new movement types is not recommended. SAP has given all the movement types which are required. If they is a genuine requirement then you can go for it.
    If you still want to create a new movement type.
    Tcode: SPRO -- Materials Management -- Inventory management and phy. inv -- Movement types -- Copy, Change Movement Types.
    Then select the relevant from the field selection list for that movement type.
    Then give the reference movement type in 'from' field and 'to' field will be ur new material number.
    Then everything will be copied from the reference mvt type, if anything is to be changed, change and save.
    Go thru this link, to get additional info.
    Hope this clarifies.

  • New Movement types (Urgent)

    Hi Gurus,
    Why do we need new movement types? Could you give few examples?
    Helpful answers will be rewarded accordingly.

    new movement types are normally required for accounting reasons and not normally for MM reasons.
    One example is the write-off movement type. The standard movement type is linked to the GL that is used by the account modifier allocated to that movement type and so whenever we use the standard write-off (scrap) movement for a material at a plant it will ALWAYS post to the same account (as long as the material and plant are the same).
    But what if we want to use a different account for the same material plant combination, depending on WHY we are writing it off?
    For example, if we drop the item during the process and damage it ourselves then we want to use a "loss account" that will capture the cost of this accident. But if we open the box and find that the item has been stolen, or was damaged by the vendor, we would wnat to write it off to a different account.
    So we could add two new movement types, Write-off (stolen), Write-off (vendors defect) etc.
    So basically wherever we want to have extra flexibility over which GL is used in standard situations we can use additional movement types (linked to different account modifiers) to achieve this.
    I have not really ever seen a GENUINE need for a totally new movement type for anything other than financial reasons. After all you will not suddenly have a different type of movement in MM, they haev all been covered byu the standard (and if they haven't, then this is probably deliberate).
    I did once have to generate a new movement type that would update "in-transit" stock but this was for a very special purpose and it is not one that I would ever recommend.
    I hope this helps a bit?
    Steve B


           I have a query regarding creation of a new Movement Type.
    Is there any specific rule to start creating new Movement Type only with numbers starting with digit 9 or we can consider numbers starting with any digits.
    Please clarify this as soon as possible.
    Thanks in advance.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Srinivasa M.S

    You can create Movement Type  with numbers starting with digit 9 or beginning with Z or  X or  Y alphabet  folllowd by number ( for example: Z01,Z02,Z09 etc)which you can differentiate  standard Movement Type   with customised Movement Type  .
    For more check the link:
    Biju K

  • Error during creation of new movement types

    hi frnds,
        while creating a new movement type for 311 with help text is showing an error..
    " Entry HULIST does not exist in TSTC (check entry) " do i resolve this.

    Hey while copying the movement type to another use OMJJ
    If any table entry is missing that can be maintained in SM30
    Check it out

  • What we need creation of new movement type ? when will be used?

    Dear guru,
    pls clarity

    Hi Sai,
                  Many a times you want to post value of some transactions to different G/L account for the same material depending on scrap generated at x process...scrap generated at y process etc..
    So this will be done through creating new movement types

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