New XmlDatabaseError issue

I am running 2.4.11 on Windows Server 2003, using the Python API for building a read-only database from XML documents edited before insertion into the database. The resulting database is queried via a simple Python CGI script. The dbxml container is rebuilt periodically from the same XML sources and, after a test query to check all is well, the dbxml file copied over to where the CGI script can see it, overwriting the old dbxml file. I am not using transactions so I don't create an environment when recreating the container each time -- which I presume means it's safe to move the file around. All this is not very sophisticated but it's all been working without problems for months.
But today I got an XMLDatabaseError from the CGI script and can't solve the problem. I've now wrapped the problem code in an exception (the original script didn't have this) and this is the resulting message:
<class 'dbxml.XmlContainerClosed'>: XmlException 2, Error: Cannot resolve container: qv.dbxml. Container not open and auto-open is not enabled. Container may not exist.
args = ()
exceptionCode = 2
getexceptionCode = <bound method XmlContainerClosed.getexceptionCode of XmlContainerClosed()>
message = ''
what = 'Error: Cannot resolve container: qv.dbxml. is not enabled. Container may not exist.'
If I put the following in the CGI script Python reports that it does find the file:
...if os.path.exists(containerName):
     print containerName + " exists"
     container = mgr.openContainer(containerName)
except XmlException, instance:
     print "XmlException (", instance.exceptionCode, "): ", instance.what
But I still get the exception from the openContainer() call.
When I open the dbxml container directly in the dbxml shell I have no problems, and can run queries without errors.
One thing I did notice on rare occasions was that the large size of the resulting dbxml file caused odd problems with the OS -- sometimes it had to be copied a second time for the CGI script to work (the dbxml file is 330MB, because I have a lot of indices -- the source XML is 55MB). But if I create a much smaller container (22MB dbxml file with same indices) I get the same error from the CGI script.
Can anyone help? I'm not sure what to look for next.
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Edited by: timvn on Sep 30, 2008 8:14 AM

This turned out to be a Windows permissions issue -- Apache's startup user had been changed without my realising this and since there were no clues from Python or from Apache's error logs, it simply took a bit of digging in progressively more obvious places...

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    Ned Murphy wrote:
    Select the textfield that is inside the movieclip and in the properties panel you should see a dropdown for selecting the type of textfield.  If you select Dynamic and then assign an instance name to the textfield you can use that instance name in your code to assign the text when the file runs.  If you were to name the textfield "tField", then the code you would use inside an instance of your movieclip named "mClip1" would be...
    mClip1.tField.text = "your text";
    So, if I have multiple buttons, using your example, would the code read
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    mClip1.tField2.text = "your text2";
    mClip1.tField3.text = "your text3";
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    And my buttons are built inside movieclips, ie
    Main Timeline > aboutButton_mc > aboutText_mc > "about"
                        > contactsButton_mc > contactsText_mc > "contacts"
    can the code be put at any level, or does it need to reside on the Main Timeline to access all the movie clips' text fields?
    Just in case this may be too complex to get into via this forum, if you know of any good tutorials, that would be awesome too!
    I tried doing a search, but it's so hard to tell if they might be in AS2, or AS3, and if they would apply to newer versions of Adobe Flash (I have CS5)

  • New format issues

    I guess these might be issues with incomplete migration to the new format but I'll post them here nevertheless:
    Incorrect post count - The "total number of posts" in the user information seems to reflect the total number of posts online at the time of the transition instead of total number of posts to date
    Joined date changed - the "date joined" in the user info seems to have changed for me - no biggy but this might point to other problems
    Incorrect migration of old formats - the old discussions had the editor shortcuts "ii " at the beginning of a new line to create italic text - all these post now display "i " at the start of such lines (with the text not being in bold)
    Level info missing - according to the help file, a user should be able to see his/her level per topic as well as overall - I was not able to find this information at all
    But then, I am happy to see that you are keeping to make improvements to this forum and I thank all of you for your work - I am especially happy about the new "Preview" button for new messages!

    Another items is:
    Email Notification do not use subject of topic -
    In old system the email notifications showed for example "New Formatting issues", or "Re: New Formatting issues". On new system email notifications so as example:"Apple Discussions forum "Feedback about New Discussions" has been updated by Andreas Amann", or "Apple Discussions forum "Feedback about New Discussions" has been updated by John Smith", and so on. Makes it impossible to thread post by topics because all notifications only change if the post is from another group.

  • New DVR Issues (First Run, Channel Switching, etc.)

    I've spent the last 30 minutes trying to find answers through the search with no luck, so sorry if I missed something.
    I recently switched to FIOS from RCN cable in New York.  I've gone through trying to setup my DVR and am running into issues and was hoping for some answers.
    1.  I setup two programs to record at 8PM, I was watching another channel at the time and only half paying attention.  Around 8:02 I noticed a message had popped up asking if I would like to switch channels to start recording.  I was expecting it to force it to switch like my old DVR, but in this case it didn't switch and I missed the first two minutes of one of the shows.  I typically leave my DVR on all day and just turn off the TV, this dual show handling will cause issues with that if I forget to turn off the DVR.  Is there a setting I can change that will force the DVR to choose one of the recording channels?
    2.  I setup all my recordings for "First Run" because I only want to see the new episodes.  One show I setup was The Daily Show on comedy central, which is shown weeknights at 11pm and repeated 3-4 times throughout the day.  My scheduled recordings is showing all these as planned recordings even though only the 11pm show is really "new".  Most of the shows I've setup are once a week so they aren't a problem, but this seems like it will quickly fill my DVR.  Any fixes?
    Thanks for the help.
    Go to Solution.

    I came from RCN about a year ago.  Fios is different in several ways, not all of them desirable.  Here are several ways to get--and fix--unwanted recordings from a series recording setup.
    Some general principles. 
    Saving changes.  When you originally create a series with options, or if you go back to edit the options for an existing series, You MUST save the Series Options changes.  Pretty much everywhere else in the user interface, when you change an option, the change takes effect immediately--but not in Series Options.  Look at the Series Options window.  Look at the far right side.  There is a vertical "Save" bar, which you must navigate to and click OK on to actually save your changes.  Exiting the Series Options window without having first saved your changes loses all your attempted changes--immediately.
    Default Series Options.  This is accessed  from [Menu]--DVR--Settings--Default Series Options.  This will bring up the series options that will automatically be applied to the creation of a NEW series. The options for every previously created series will not be affected by a subsequent modification of the Default Series Options.  You should set these options to the way you would like them to be for the majority of series recordings that you are likely to create.  Be sure to SAVE your changes.  This is what you will get when you select "Create Series Recording" from the Guide.  When creating a new series recording where you think that you may want options different from the default, select "Create Series with Options" instead.  Series Options can always be changed for any individual series set up later--but not for all series at once.
    Non-series recordings.  With Fios you have no directly available options for these.  With RCN and most other DVRs, you can change the start and end times for individual episodes, including individual episodes that are also in a series.  With Fios, your workarounds are to create a series with options for a single program, then delete the series later;  change the series options if the program is already in a series, then undo the changes you made to the series options later; or schedule recordings of the preceding and/or following shows as needed.
    And now, to the unwanted repeats. 
    First, make sure your series options for the specific series in question--and not just the series default options--include "First Run Only".  If not, fix that and SAVE.  Then check you results by viewing the current options using the Series Manager app under the DVR menu.
    Second, and most annoying, the Guide can have repeat programs on your channel tagged as "New".  It happens.  Set the series option "Air Time" to "Selected Time".  To make this work correctly, you must have set up the original series recording after selecting the program in the Guide at the exact time of a first run showing (11pm, in your case), and not on a repeat entry in the Guide.  Then, even it The Daily Show is tagged as New for repeat showings, these will be ignored. 
    Third, another channel may air reruns of the program in your series recording, and the first showing of a rerun episode on the other channel may be tagged as "New".  These can be ignored in your series if you set the series option "Channel" to "Selected Channel".  Related to this, if there is both an SD and HD channel broadcasting you series program, you will record them both if the series option "Duplicates" is set to "Yes".  However, when the Channel option is set to "Selected Channel", the Duplicates Option is always effectively "No", regardless of what shows up on the options screen.  
    As for you missing two minutes,  I have sereral instances in which two programs start recording at the same time.  To the best of my recollection, whenever the warning message has appeared, ignoring it has not caused a loss of recording time.  You might have an older software version.  Newest is v.1.8.  Look at Menu--Settings--System Info.  Or, I might not have noticed the loss of minutes.  I regularly see up to a minute of previous programming at the start of a recording, or a few missing seconds at the beginning or end of a recording.  There are a lot of possibilities for that, but the DVR clock being incorrect is not one of them.  With RCN, the DVR clocks occasionally drifted off by as much as a minute and a half.

  • New iMovie '08 problems -- FireWire or new device issues?

    Not sure if this is an iMovie '08 problem or an OS X problem. Here's the story --
    Prior camcorder was a Panasonic, MiniDV format. Hooks up nicely with iMovie, via FireWire (400). I also have a WD My Book (500 GB) device to store the raw data (Event Library), which connects via FireWire (800). In the past, all three devices (Panasonic, My Book and MacBook Pro) all played nicely together.
    Fast forward to now. Bought a new camcorder (problems with the Panasonic). It's a Canon ZR950 (MiniDV). With iMovie running, I first connect the WD device which is successfully mounted. I then hookup the new Canon and within a few seconds I get an error about a "device not cleanly shut down" (or words to that effect). Odd .... and when I try to connect to my new camcorder, I get a "no camera connected" error.
    Rebooted, retried .... same issues. Another time I first connected the Canon and this time, iMovie successfully sees it. I go to connect the My Book and then the camcorder drops out.
    So, it seems I can have only one FireWire device connected at a time, which is odd since I didn't have this issue with the old Panasonic.

    Interesting that you based your purchase on CR magazine because I too use it like a bible. However, when it comes to video cameras, I think they are way off base when not considering the editing side of video making that goes along with any camcorder. Who shoots video simply to plug it into a TV for playback?? If they were doing responsible reporting on this particular subject, they would also include computer capture and editing details in the reviews. Lots of the new format cams don't even work with Macs and the ones that do generally give lesser quality after conversion than what you can still get with tape. At least you made the right decision there!

  • Opening a form in a new window issue

    I have this requirement where I have this page(say XYZPG.xml) which contains a table which is auto populated based on a particular setWhereClause and all this happens in the processRequest as the page loads.
    This page opens on clicking a button in a previous page from where all the parameters for the setWhereClause is sent using fireAction.
    Each Row in the results table in XYZPG has a "detail" button which opens another page in a new window using _blank in the Target Frame.
    The issue is that when Iam clicking the "detail" button,the new form opens in the new window and after closing the form that opened in the new window when I start to perform any action in XYZPG a null pointer is encountered in the processRequest while trying to fetch the setWhereClause parameters.
    Please help in this issue.Its urgent.

    That's because when you close the child window, control returns back to parent form's processRequest. Which version of EBS you are working on? OAF has in-built popup windows feature supported on latest EBS versions which is very useful on many occasions as it has good features like popup closing automatically when a submit button is clicked etc. Check JDev user guide and see if you can use popup windows for your project. If not, you have to capture the event in processRequest and perform required actions again.

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    We are facing the following issue in ECC 5.0 with New GL Active
    When a journal entry is created, the current time is captured (EST) at the header level of the document and is available in the BKPF table. The same document is also updated in FAGLFLEXA table. However, in this table the current EST time is not shown as the time at which the document posted. It is showing corresponding GMT time.
    So for example if the document is created at 13:00:00 EST, in BKPF the time shown is 13:00:00. However in the FAGLFLEXA table, for the same document, the time stamp is 18:00:00. (which happens to be GMT time).
    This is resulting in inconsistencies with respect to BW extraction.
    All the configuration relating to time zone at the general settings level are set to EST.
    If any of you have faced this issue and resolved it, please inform as to how you had resolved it.
    Kiran I

    Use the safety interval (lower limit) as a buffer.
    Safety interval = Difference ( EST - GMT) + Actual safety interval (example 1800 s).
    Hope this helps.
    Kind Regards,

  • New iTunes Issues

    I share my iTunes Account with my family, we all have our own computers with libraries so this has never been an issue.  However when iTuens updated the new verison has ALL of our music on my libary page, and it comes up in shuffle.  How do i Remove their music from my library?

    Have you tried this?
    1) Press and hold the button marked Menu then, whilst holding this button down -
    2) Press and hold the white 'select' button (in the middle) for about six seconds until a grey Apple Logo appears on screen.
    Wait for a few seconds more until the screen lights up again and/or your playlist appears once more.
    Hope this helps

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    I recently installed the WRT54GL.  This a new installation.  I currently have two problems.  The first issue is the router is not allowing the local PC to connect to the internet even though the router is directly connected to the PC.   How do I connect to the internet via the local PC?  The second one is that the laptop will connect and it shows the connection is secure but the login screen never appears.  Should a login screen appear?  Also, how do I verify that no authorized users connect to my system?
    Thank you,

    Who is your internet service provider ?
    When you connect the modem directly to the computer are you able to go online ?
    What's Internet ip address are you getting on the status page of the router ?

  • 10g-cvs update/import new files issue

    Hi all,
    when I update a folder in jdev 10g, it doesn't open the new checked in files in the environment
    in the old 9i I used to click on 'update folder' and the tool prompted me 'open the new files in the active project?'
    now if I update a folder, it just update the already opened files,without importing the new ones
    any workaround?
    thanks in advance

    Due to a customer support request, the behavior of prompting to open newly checked out files in the active project was removed when performing CVS update on a folder. If the project file is version controlled and gets updated at the same time, the changes are very difficult to consolidate. For the best CVS experience, we recommend using projects which scan source paths to determine their contents (see Project Properties / Input Paths), and manually refreshing the navigator when new files may have resulted from an update operation.
    This issue is being tracked, and we'll keep it in mind.
    Paul. JDev Team

  • Help Cloning Old iPhone 3g to new iPhone4 issue

    A friend has given me her new iphone 4 and asked if I can sync her old iphone's content over to the new handset. (contacts, apps,music, etc)
    However, she has already tried herself and so the iphone4 is already recognised by itunes. Is there any way to reset this, so that I get the option to sync her iphone 3 details when I plug it in?

    If you upgrade from a previous iPhone model (ie: 3G or 3GS) and use the option to restore from backup you will lose FaceTime as it isn't accessible to previous models. To ensure proper configuration for a user of a new iPhone 4 do the following:
    *First time activating iPhone 4:*
    1. First sync older iPhone 3G/3GS in iTunes if applicable. This will backup any apps downloaded from the iPhone as well contacts from the address book and messages. The iPhone must be synced to the iTunes account that was originally sync, not from a different user computer as this will wipe the iPhone information.
    2. Then disconnect previous model and connect new iPhone 4.
    3. Choose set-up option for new iPhone, not restore from backup.
    4. Once iPhone 4 activated select options you want to sync from iTunes.
    5. Mail will need to be manually configured for email accounts and visual voicemail. Do not restore from a backup as this will corrupt the iOS due to it will believe it's an older model thus exclude FaceTime and cause issues with Visual Voicemail.
    6. After syncing the new iPhone 4 if you run into issues later and want to do a restore from backup choose the one for iPhone 4 not backups done from previous models.
    *Fixing an iPhone 4 after choosing to restore from backup from an iPhone 3G/3GS:*
    1. Sync your iPhone 4 to ensure all apps and contacts are backed up in iTunes.
    2. Select "Restore" (don't choose to restore from backup).
    3. Select "set-up new iPhone" instead of restoring from a previous backup.
    4. Once iPhone 4 activated select options you want to sync from iTunes.
    5. Manually set-up your email and visual voicemail.
    6. You should now see FaceTime as an option when you are on a call.
    7. If you ever need to restore from a backup ensure to select the one for the iPhone 4, not previous versions which do not support FaceTime.

  • TS2570 Brand new iMac issues?

    And if you have this issue with a brand new (one week old) iMac? Do you also have to do al these things trying to fix it? Or does Apple take back the 'old' iMac and immediately changes this for a new one?

    You have 14 days from the date of purchase to return a Mac w/no questions asked. 

  • New StartUp Issue

    My new MacBook Pro 17" has been having startup issues recently. After I shut down, leave, and come back, the startup issue occurs.
    After pressing the power button, fans will go on, proccessing noises occur, HOWEVER, it just boots to a white/grey screen W/OUT the apple logo or round loading bar. The keyboard does not initialize either.
    The only thing that I have found to 'fix' it, is just to leave it powered off for an extended period of time. It will then boot up.
    I have tried many non-software related 'cures', and my compuer is completely up to date on all OsX software.
    Any ideas guys??

    you can try to boot to safe mode ( restart holding Shift )
    - you can attempt to boot to install disc and disk utility
    - you can boot to AHT ( apple hardware test ) to see what component is failing ( insert disc, restart holding D )
    - chances are, this is a hardware issue though. you will probably need repairs.

  • New GL Issue

    Hello experts!
    I have the following issue in my client which have kept me going in circles for a couple of days now. The scenario goes like this: The user is paying a couple of invoices through T.code F-58 and the resulting document looks like this on the entry view:
    25 Vendor number                                      2000
    39 Vendor number (SGL=A)                     -1000
    50 Bank - Check                                       -1000
    Everything looks fine on this view, but when I look at General Ledger View the document looks like this:
          Vendor GL / account                                        2000
    39 Vendor GL / account   (SGL=A)                     -1000
          Bank - Check                                                  -2000
    50 Bank - Check                                                  -1000
    As you can see there are a couple of things wrong, firstly, the amount on the the account "Bank - Check" is wrong, it should be -1000... Why it repeats the same amount as the vendor lines is beyond me.... Secondly, I have no clue as to why there are lines without Posting keys.
    We have New Ledger Activated on this company, and document splitting if that helps.
    Hoping you can help me understand this
    Best Regards,

    Hello M Madhu
    Thanks for your answer, i'll look into those notes you pointed out, that solves part of my question, but I still don't understand why would the system post two lines that doesn't have anything to do with the actual check amount. We never use T.code F-54 like you pointed out in your answer... Do you think that could be the reason? I still would like to know why...
    I hope I'm explaining myself correctly since english is not my first language, but if what i'm asking doesn't sound logical please tell me and I will try to elaborate my case a little better.
    Thanks again

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