Newly created ringtone doesn't show up

I recently created a ringtone for my iPhone but it's not showing up except in iTunes.  it's in m4r format and appeares to work just fine.  Any reson why it would show up in iTunes but NOT on my phone?

Rebuild the PO database.
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  • Newly created library doesn't show up in client

    Hi everyone, i'm in the process of doing a migration from netware to linux, GW7.02 HP2.
    I'm at the stage of moving library documents, so have created 2 new libraries in the new PO, the docs are stored in the PO.
    I created the new library object in ConsoleOne, but it refuses to show up in my groupwise client so I can do the mass document operation to move the docs. I've restarted both PO's, done a groupwise sync and made default access as all rights. I've set myself as the librarian on both the new PO and old PO.
    What have I missed out on doing here that would cause this, or is it some kind of GW replication that happens on a schedule that I just need to wait for?

    Rebuild the PO database.
    Novell Support Connection Volunteer SysOp
    Please don't send me support related e-mail unless I ask you to do so.

  • Newly created layout profile not showing up in Select Profile window

    Dear experts,
    Background information - NetWeaver 7.0 SP15
    I'm learning customizing KM layout and have created a new layout profile, which is based upon a layout set with a HTML Collection Renderer. However, when I tried to test it by assigning it to a subfolder that I created in BIUserhome folder, I can't find the new profile listed in the Select Profile window. It shows up in selection list, though, if I try to set default layout profile. Can anybody be so kind to enlighten me on this? Would I need to restart the instance in order to see the new profile?
    Thank you very much in advance!

    Hi Patricio,
    Thank you for your reply. My post did not elicit any response until now.
    As I could not have the layout profile coming up, I next tried the HTML Collection Renderer with layout sets. When I tried preview a path with the layout set, the layout set was not used as expected due to some error. Instead, the default layout set took over. I have a follow-up post that describes the issue ( in case you may have an idea about the cause.
    Later these issues kind of went away for reasons I'm not aware of. I haven't gone back to set up another profile again yet. But newly-created layout sets are showing up in the dropdown now.
    Thank you for your other advice on using layout sets and layout profiles. I appreciate your input.

  • Newly created Web repository not showing up in explorer

    I'm trying to create an index which would finally enable me to search the 'CNN' website (following the 'how to' document : 'HOW TO SET UP A WEB REPOSITORY AND CRAWLING IT FOR INDEXING'). I'm unable to assign the web repository which I  created in an earlier step to the index because it doesn't show up in the repository/folder listing. I can't even see it under 'Content Administration -> KM Content -> Repositories'.
    What exactly am I doing wrong?!

    Hi Karsten,
    - We're on EP6 SP2.
    - Yes, I'm referring to the document you mentioned.
    - Yes, the repository does show up with a green light under KM -> Component Monitor.
    BTW, I was able to bring up the web repository now that I've specified under 'System Admin ® System Config ® Service Config ® Applications ® ® Services ® proxy ® HTTP-Bypass Proxy Servers' that everything under '' must be bypassed. I'd originally specified the proxy set up in the TREX configuration, which runs on another (physical) server than the portal.
    I don't really get the connection, but essentially took the cue from the earlier reply I got.
    So, in short, I think the problem is solved at least for the moment.
    Thanks again for your help.

  • Newly created task does NOT show up at SOLMAN project

    We have CHARM configured.
    However, the newly created task cannot be seen at SOLAMN's project. The existing tasks showed without issues.
    What could be the reason?  Thanks!!

    Hi Christy,
    Please refer to the spro configuration at following path:
    Scenario specific setting --> change request management -->extended config --> schedule manager
    Also refer to SAP note 927124.
    Hope this helps!
    Thanks & Regards,
    Kriti Bhalla

  • How to move newly created ringtones on itunes with extension mr4 to ringtones

    I have created ringtones using i tunes. I had no problem creating them, they play well and appear under music in iTunes. One thing that I am unable to solve, is that i can't move the ringtone from music to ringtone tab on the right. I tried dragging it, didn't work. And I also made sure the tones were checked in preferrences. Does anybody can help me or guide me with the issue, will appreciate that.

    Chris, you are incredible! Can't tell you how much happier and grateful to you. I was struggling last evening for hours and so frustrated.
    It worked. And you explained so well each step.
    You will be my first choice to ask something if I need.
    I wish I could give you one million points for that.

  • InDesign - newly installed panel doesn't show up under extensions

    Installed Adobe Exchange panel for Indesign CS6, searched for SuperOverlay creator, installed it with no errors, restarted InDesign but the panel menu item doesn't show up under Window > Extensions. Am I doing this correctly? I've reinstalled the extension a number of times and restarted InDesign many times with no success.
    Any help is much appreciated.

    Hey Jonathan—Yeah it's weird, but it's newer software so some bugs are understandable. No worries, happy to help resolve a more core problem if I can.
    Yes, it has been showing up in My Stuff on the AE panel the whole time. I opened my Extension Manager and uninstalled the SuperOverlay Creator, went back to InDesign, installed the panel again, restarted InDesign, still no dice under Window > Extensions.
    Throwing some screenshots up here for you, please let me know if you see anything wrong that I should be changing.

  • OBIEE : Newly created rpd file not showing in the online mode in Admin tool

    I have recently installed OBIEE and Oracle XE databse in a Windows XP (Professional version 2002 Service Pack 3) virtual machine on my Windows 7 machine.
    1) I have create an rpd file in Admin tool (all three layers). But I can only load this rpd file in offline mode, not in online mode.
    a)Saved the file sanjay1.rpd in c:\OracleBI\server\Repository directory
    b)Updated the c:\OracleBI\server\config\NQSConfig.ini (commented out the existing Star entry and replaced it with Star = sanjay1.rpd, DEFAULT;),
    c)Modified the C:\OracleBIData\web\config\instanceconfig.xml and made change to the CatalogPath entry (<CatalogPath>C:/OracleBIData/web/catalog/sanjay1</CatalogPath>)
    d)Stopped and restarted OC4J, “Oracle BI Presentation Server” and “Oracle BI Server” services.
    But I am still not able to load sanjay1.rpd in the Admin tool in the online mode. It is showing up only in the offline mode. What do I need to do load the file in the online mode.
    2)The existing Start entry in NQSConfig.ini was Star = samplesales.rpd, DEFAULT before I updated it. But samplesales.rpd is not showing up in online mode either. When I am selecting File/Open/Online a popup is coming up with title "Open Online AnalyticsWeb" and prompting to enter Administrator password. I would like to know why samplesales.rpd was not showing up in online mode and where is AnalyticsWeb coming from.

    Dear Muram,
    Is did not work.
    1)Wihile the servers were running I opened the rpd in offline mode. It displayed the message the file can only be opened in the Read-Only mode. I accepted the message, opened the file and clsoed it and exited from Admin tool. I stopped the 2 services “Oracle BI Presentation Server” and “Oracle BI Server” in that order, and restrated them in the reverse order. In the admin tool it is still showing in the offline mode only
    2)I have as such no interest in AnalyticsWeb that is showing in the online mode. I did not create it, it must have been installed along with OBIEE. But I am curious where it is coming from. Because A)There is no rpd file for AnalyticsWeb in the Repository Directory B)Before I edited the NQSConfig.ini the default setting was samplesales.rpd. So AnalyticsWeb was never included in the NQSConfig.ini file C) samplesales.rpd was included in the NQSConfig.ini once, but it never showed up online.

  • Problem with newly created CM Repository NOT showing in Repositories Link

    I am new to the Portal and this is the first time that I have created a CM Respository that is reaching out to a network drive (on a different domain and different server, our Platform is Windows).  Here is what I have done so far...
    1.  Created a Windows file share
    2.  Configured a new CM Respository Manager (Persistence Mode FSDB)
    I did the setup via System Administration, System Configuration, Knowledge Management, Content Management, Repository Managers, CM Repository.
    It said it was created successfully but when I go into System Administration, System Configuration, Knowledge Management and then click on the link for "Repositories" (in the 3rd level navigation) it does not show up?
    I restarted the service and still no luck...
    How do I troubleshoot this???  I am not sure where to begin.  Please be very detailed as this stuff is new to me.

    I tried that and still no luck.  Here is the interesting thing:
    - If I change the DataBase mode to "DB", I get a green light in the monitor and it shows up properly within the Repository.
    - If I change the Database mode to "FSDB, I get a Red light in the monitor and it shows and incorrect path
          "Startup Error: could not create directory:
          My actual path for "Root Directory" is "//172.xx.x.xx/folders/Root"
          The IP address is correct but where is the rest of this path coming from???
    - If I change the Database mode to DBFS, I get a Red light in the monitor and it shows an incorrect path
          "Startup Error: folder
    172.xx.x.xx\folders\Root does not exist"
          My actual path for "Root Directory" is "//172.xx.x.xx/folders/Root"
          The folder does actually exist.
    So confused...

  • Urgent: Newly configured system doesn't show up in Maintenance Optimizer

    Dear Experts,
    please, I need a quick aid on the following issue:
    I have just installed a brand new Java system with usage type Development Infrastructure.
    As the system urgently requires installing the latest SPS available, I defined it in our Solution
    Manager 7.1 SP10. I have installed the diagnostics agent, then I assigned it to the system,
    I made the entire managed system configuration and everything is fine! Just when I started
    the MOPZ, in order to calculate the stack, I found out, that the system isn't displayed anywhere!!
    In the first step of the managed system configuration, I have created a new logical component
    Z_NWDI. Reviewing transaction SMSY, I saw that this logical component is not assigned to the
    solution, so I assume that this might be the problem. But I didn't find a way how to make this
    logical component a part of our solution! I have checked all the setup in LMDB, and it all seems
    to be perfect, I compared things for which I wasn't sure, with another Java system, which is
    shown in MOPZ.
    Many thanks for your help!

    Hi Symon,
    check the whether SLD is having proper details.
    how you link the system using solution manager SLD or any other SLD. if you use other SLD also please update teh CR content.
    After the successful updation in SLD,
    transaction SE38 and run the report RLMDB_SYNC_TECHNICAL_SYSTEM
    .( it will delete the old data and re-synchronize from the SLD )
    and select the below option and execute it. so it will delete and re-create the latest details.
    once issue is solved. please close this thread.

  • Downloaded ringtone doesn't show

    Having downloaded a ringtone from the app store to my computer, and having converted it to the right format, I cannot get it to appear on my iphone as a ringtone, although it does appear on the list of music on the iphone

    Morning MichaelAWHendry,
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    For more information on this, take a look at this article:
    iPhone: Ringtones
    Best of luck,

  • 4.2 bug/issue: imported app is created but doesn't show up in builder

    Hi all,
    We are running into an issue in APEX 4.2 when importing an application.
    The issue is already explained in every detail several years ago on this forum but it wasn't answered:
    Any suggestions these days?

    That would be because the PXI 5124 is a digitizer not a analog input device.  You need to use the NI SCOPE driver not NI DAQmx

  • DVDStudioPro doesn't show graphic subtitles any more

    My DVD Studio Pro 4.2.2 has shown graphic subtitles (tifs) until kind of recently.
    Even earlier created projects doesn't show them any more.
    What happend. Has anybody else noticed this thing?
    How can I make them visible again?
    I'm on OSX 10.6.8

    There shouldn't be a need to mouse over the tab to see what the title is. The space is wasted otherwise, so why not display the title there whether or not the menu bar is also displayed?
    I attached a picture showing exactly what I'm talking about, excuse the quick ms paint job.

  • Why can I not see any newly created 'Groups' in 'Work Group Manager' on the client Mac at login?

    Hi. Now, this issue has not been resolved since 10.6 Server. I have now upgraded to Mountain Lion and the issue still persists. I used to easily create Workgroups/Groups in 'WGM' and they would appear at login for those users who were part of that group. As it stands the old created groups appear ok and can be accessed selected at the point of logging in. The newly created groups don't show up at all. They all look good to go when looking at WGM. I have tried removing the Users from the groups and adding them again but there is no change. It is getting me so frustrated!
    Why is this happening? Is there a quick fix for this?
    Any help will be gratefully appreciated.

    Hi. Now thats a hard one to pin point exactly.  I guess you mean Archiving the OD and exporting users and groups etc Yes this happened when we upgraded from 10.5.8 Server to 10.6 Server.
    How do I go about fixing this in Mac OS X Server 10.8.4?  Do I have to go through all that again?  Will I lose any settings in doing so?
    Thanks in advance.


    My newly purchased ringtones do not show up on my second phone

    How are you trying to get them onto it ? Ringtones are a one-time only download, so if you want them on it then you will need to connect the device that you downloaded them on to your computer's iTunes and do File > Devices > Transfer Purchases to copy them over to the Tones part of your computer's iTunes library, and you can then sync them to your other phone - is that how you're trying to do it ?

Maybe you are looking for

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    When trying to install Windows Azure SDK for .NET (VS 2013) - 2.3 from Web Platform Installer 4.6, the install fails because  Windows Azure Storage Emulator - 3.0 (Dependency) does not install successfully.   Possibly relevant lines from the install

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