One again, "can I use CC on two computers at the same time?" - in practice.

I know this has been asked before and all those threads are locked. Many asked the question, but I haven't found a satisfying answer yet.
Can I multi task with CC?
I want to have my laptop next to my desktop. And while I render, export or whatever my newly shot documentary on the laptop I want to work with a music video project on my desktop. Then when the render is finished I render the music video and go back to the laptop and continue on the documentary. Or maybe I just work 5 minutes on the desktop music video, then come up with something brilliant for the project on the laptop and switch. Back and forth. Will that kind of activity result in any kind of limitation, usage-wise?
So, working on Premiere on my two computers at the same time.. is it possible? Technically? I know the EULA says "only one person". But will it let one person mutli task?
I need to know this before I buy. sorry for asking this again, please bless me with a clear answer

Hi Jimmy Crim,
Yes in case of Creative cloud subscription you are allowed to install and use the cc apps in any two machines.
Even if you want you care allowed to use these apps together in both the machines.

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  • Can you use sync on multiple computers at the same time? ie have someone else logged into your firefox account for you whilst you are also logged in

    I am trying to sign up to something but there is only a short window so was going to ask a friend to sign in at the same time using my account to try to sign up (with my password being saved into my firefox account)

    Hi. Yes, you can use Sync on multiple devices at the same time. I use it to keep my bookmarks in sync across my desktop and Android versions of Firefox.

  • Can we use Badi BBP_SOURCING_BADI and BBP_DETERMINE_LOGSYS at the same time

    Hi everyone,
    We need you help. We are working in SRM 7 and ECC 6 EhP 4. We have a doubt. Can we use badis BBP_SOURCING_BADI and BBP_DETERMINE_LOGSYS at the same time in a classic scenario?
    We want to create the contract in ECC, and then we want to return the SC in SoCo in order to create the PO with the SC and the contract.
    We activate both, but the SC is not returned in SoCo.

    Hi Ivan
    You can use both badi to change srm standard behavior.
    but one shopping cart item and it can have only one follow on document either Contract or Purchase order.
    i presumed that you want to use same sc for two purposes to create both SC and PO but it is not possible.
    for example
    shopping cart item has follow on document created  as a contract But you need to create a another shopping cart to create a Purchase order  w.r.t that contract .
    Once follow on documents are created sourcing flag will be removed .- rule
    BBP_SOURCING_BADI - you can write your custom logic and make way to cockpit .
    BBP_DETERMINE_LOGSYS - Determine your logical system.

  • Can I use my creative cloud account at the same time for my iMac and my MacBook?

    Can I use my creative cloud account at the same time for my iMac and my MacBook?

    Thank you Sheena!!
    Op 2-jan.-2015, om 12:16 heeft Sheena Kaul <[email protected]> het volgende geschreven:
    Can I use my creative cloud account at the same time for my iMac and my MacBook?
    created by Sheena Kaul <> in Adobe Creative Cloud - View the full discussion <>
    Hi Guy Heyligen,
    Absolutely. You can use the creative cloud account on two machines.
    You may also refer to the link below:
    Creative Cloud Help | Creative Cloud / Common Questions <>
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  • "you can not use multiple instance of Program at the same time"

    Hello @ all,
    I have a Problem, after the installing from Acrobat Testversion and acrobat reader in version in "all Combination" 8 an 9.
    I get this misstake information "you can not use multiple instance of Program at the same time" if I want open more then 1 .pdf.
    If I have no pdf open, but acrobat/reader so i can´t open with the same Misstake.
    I have deinstalled and installed, Allways I bekame the same information. I tryed all things to clean and know i don`t know forward.
    Important: by Drag an Drop in the Acrobat Reader it is going, but by direct click on the pdf i get mistake.
    Maybe, you know what I can do!
    Thanks for help!

    Installation of both Acrobat and Reader in the same Windows machine is not advisable. If I were you, I would remove both completely and then reinstall the one you want to keep.

  • Can you be logged into two macs at the same time?

    can you be logged into two macs at the same time?

    Basically, yes. If there's some kind of issue, please describe it a little.

  • Can I use both cs and cc at the same time?

    Can I use both cs and cc at the same time after upgrade to Adobe Creative Cloud?

    Yep. I have CC and CS installed and they both work. However, I don't see why I should use cs.

  • Can I be connected to two networks at the same time?

    Hi there
    I have an imac desktop with 10.5.8 running. I have a wireless network with my timecapsule and a printer connected to it. We have two mac computers in the house
    that print wirelessly via this network. I also have the internet coming in via a wireless modem/wifi which both computers use to go online. The trouble is everytime I want to print from either computer I have to change back and forth from the internet/network to the timecapsule/printer network. This is really fumbly and I wind up having to restart all the time because the printer gets locked up. It's just a big hassle. Is there any way I can be on both of these networks at the same time or is there some other way I can configure this?

    Is there any way I can be on both of these networks at the same time or is there some other way I can configure this?
    Yes, you can reconfigure the Time Capsule (TC) to "Join a wireless network." In this case the wireless network would be the one created by the other wireless Internet router. In this configuration, the TC can still share its internal (and external) hard drive and a printer attached to the USB port. However, note that this would disable the TC as a router and an Ethernet switch so basically it will perform as a wireless client.

  • Can we use both INSERT and UPDATE at the same time in JDBC Receiver

    Hi All,
    I would like to know is it possible to use both INSERT and UPDATE at the same time in one interface because I have a requirement in which I have to perform both the task.
    user send the file which contains both new and old record and I need to save those in MS SQL database.
    If the record exist then use UPDATE otherwise use INSERT.
    I looked on sdn but didn't find any blog which perform both the things at the same time.
    Interface Requirement
    FILE -
    > PI -
    I am thinking to use JDBC Lookup but not sure if it good to use for bulk record.
    Can somebody please suggest me something or send me the link of any blog or anything to solve this problem.

    Hi ,
              If I have understood properly the scenario properly,you are not performing insert and update together. As you posted
    "If the record exist then use UPDATE otherwise use INSERT."
    Thus you are performing either an insert or an update which depends on outcome of a search if the records already exist in database or not. Obviously to search the tables you need " select * from ...  where ...." query. If your query returns some results you proceed with update since this means there are some old records already in database. If your query returns no rows  you proceed with "insert into tablename....." since there are no old records present in database.
      Now perhaps the best method to do the searching, taking a decision to insert or update, and finally insert or update operation is to be done by a stored procedure in MS SQL database.  A stored procedure is a subroutine available to applications accessing a relational database system. Here the application is PI server.   If you need further help on how to write and call stored procedure in MS SQL you can look into these links
    [ This part you can ignore, Since its not sure that you will face this situation
        Still you might face some problems while your scenario runs. Lets consider this scenario, after the stored procedure searches the database it found no rows. Thus you proceed with an insert operation. If your database table is being accessed by multiple applications (or users) other than yours then it is very well possible that after the search operation completed with a null result, an insert/update operation has been performed by some other application with the same primary key. Now when you are trying to insert another row with same primary key you get an error message like "duplicate entry not possible for same primary key value". Thus you need to be careful in this respect. MS SQL has a feature called "exclusive locks ". Look into these links for more details on the subject
        There must be other methods to avoid this problem. But the point is you need to be sure that all access to database for insert/update operations are isolated.

  • Can i use Firewire 800 and 400 at the same time?

    I have a HD connected to my 800 port works fine and a GL-2 camera on the 400 and final cut pro won't see the camera. Can I have 2 devices hooked up at the same time?

    Yes. But you did not say whether the camera works alone or not at all. In the latter case it could be the camera isn't compatible.
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  • Can I upgrade my membership to use it with 4 computers at the same time?

    I have an Adobe membership and I am using it fine on my computer
    Now more people are joining and I am thinking of upgrading my membership to be used on 4 computers at the same time.
    Kindly advice if that is possible and how to do it.

    Hi Issam
    Each user needs to have their own membership so they would each need to sign up using an unique Adobe ID.
    We also have Teams membership which provides additional storage and central management of the licenses -
    Kind regards

  • How can I use OnBoard+Aditional audio cards at the same time? !!! BIOS PROBLEM !!!

    I want use both audio cards. The On-board audio + SoundBlaster Audigy. Because I have mp3 player mp3tunes ( from ) that is able play on both audiocards at the same time. It is good for DJ. One audiocard is for pre-listen.
     But in BIOS is possible set only disable or auto-detect.   When I set autodetect, then OnBoard audiocard is automaticaly disabled if there is another audiocard.  Please tell me, what can I do for enable both audiocards ?

    It's been awhile but as I promised here is my update:
    I purchased an E-MU 1820m Pro Audio interface several months ago and ran it in my system for some time with the onboard audio disabled. Since this audio system is mainly for mid/high end audio production making use of low latency and up to 192mhz sample rates & 20/18 i/o then it is a bit of an overkill for using it for general multimedia & games so I thought I would place my c-media pci card back in and enable the onboard setting & see if the two systems would run ok together.
    I first made sure that I uninstalled the e-mu card & then put the onboard card back in & installed the drivers. I then installed the E-MU, making sure that it wasn't sharing an IRQ with my 9600 pro like it originaly did on the first slot. So after installing that and the IRQ's were looking good I tested it all out and the results after two weeks have been perfect. I use the C-Media audio with the WDM drivers and use it for general audio & multimedia while I use the E-MU card with the E-MU ASIO 2 drivers and I use this with my audio production programs like Sonar, FL Studio & native Instruments Battery & Traktor.
    Conclusion: Yes you can run a pro audio system as well as the onboard sound card with the MSI 865 Neo2 FIS2R.

  • Can i use 2 channel of USRP at the same time to receive a signal?

    Hi everyone,
    i want to do an implementation of time difference of arrival estimation between two receivers (antenna). I have an USRP  kit, daughterboards and two antennas. There is only one source signal ( it is transmitted in anywhere it doesnt matter).
    Can i use two channel of USRP at the same time to receive  a signal ?
    I need the original source signal and time-shifted version of this signal. 
    Many thanks for your help.
    Sincerely yours,
    Go to Solution.

    I found this forum post which may be helpful to you.  It looks like you can't receive from the two antennae in the way that you describe.  I think this would require a two USRP setup.
    Jon F.
    Applications Engineer
    National Instruments

  • Can you listen to iTunes on two computers at the same time?

    If I've got iTunes playing on one computer, is it possible to listen on another computer on the same network what's playing on the first computer? I've often got two computers on the go over two floors and it would be smart if they were playing the same music at the same time. Thanks for your help.

    Hi Andy, if you want to listen through remote speakers connected to an AirPort Express you can choose the remote speakers (or computer) from the pop-up menu at the bottom of the iTunes window
    However, to the best of my knowledge you can only listen to iTunes through one set of speakers at a time.

  • MacBook Pro Freezes while using more than two applications at the same time

    Over the last two weeks my MBP has been freezing every time i use two or more applications at the same time. For e.g. my whole system freezes from time to time when i use itunes and safari at the same time. This problem never existed before and has just started recently and is really annoying. What can i do to fix it?

    Rather than re-installing Safari have you tried simply "Resetting" it (head to "Reset safari" under the "Safari" menu). It is possible that something in your user folder that supports Safari is really the cause of the problem. Re-installing Safari won't deal with this, but re-setting it can.
    In fact the first thing you should try is simply choosing "Empty cache..". If your cache files are corrupted then this in itself could explain the behaviour.
    If you choose to do the Reset first try it with just "Empty cache" and "remove all website icons" selected. This will reduce the amount that you will "lose" in the process. (Cookies, history, etc). Add in additional options if the first attempt doesn't fix it.

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